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Friday News: Social media identity theft on the rise; bundling taking...

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The article goes on to detail how this was a hacking contest and Gary Darnell was actually engaged in a live demonstration of his ability to obtain “make and version numbers of the computer’s operating system, Web browser and antivirus software” as well as other pertinent company information.

This is a fascinating story about social media identity theft (and dovetails well with the first article)  but it touches on the concept of fair play. There was a Wall Street survey taken and the vast majority of bankers agreed that they had to do underhanded and possibly shady things to get ahead. In the self publishing world, we see these sorts of actions all the time as some engage in free riding at best and sneaky, underhanded behavior at worst. In this case, people are buying twitter followers by the thousands. What’s the point of doing something ethically? I wish the way it worked was that ethical behavior was rewarded at a higher level than unethical behavior.

 I’ve never understood bundling but it’s obviously popular with others.

Advancements in inkjet technology sounds funny to me but I hope that they can apply those advancements to black and white printing so as to bring down the cost of long form print books as well.

This is a fun list of classic authors’ favorite books culled from news articles and anecdotes. Unsure of how accurate it is.

 Interestingly eBay does not collect sales tax per state and it has been Amazon’s position on tax that they would accept taxable consequences when the internet retailing landscape was even. Wonder if a B&N sale through eBay is taxable?

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  1. Brian
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 08:36:14

    Wonder if a B&N sale through eBay is taxable?

    Yes, it’s taxable in any state B&N does business with a physical location. Yes, B&N collects sales tax on eBay sales.

    Of course most (all?) states have places on your tax return for claiming and paying sales tax on items you bought over the internet where sales tax wasn’t collected so you can pay it.

  2. Julia
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 08:41:49

    I took a computer security class in college and the textbook was The Art of Deception by the hacker Kevin Mitnick. One of the thing it talks about talks about and gives examples of how he social engineered his way into a ton of information. People are the biggest security breach. It’s a good book if you are interested in the subject.

  3. Amber
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:53:27

    Those storefronts on eBay aren’t new. Major retailers have had storefronts for years. There was a huge dust up over it, as many were lured to eBay with zero insertion fees and negotiated Final Value Fees. Most regular, small time eBay sellers felt disadvantaged since they were still paying the full fees.

    Here’s an article from 2008:

  4. Castiron
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 15:29:14

    I’m definitely excited about the color printing advances and looking forward to seeing what the quality is; I don’t expect it to be good enough for art books, but the pricing makes POD books with color sections or color illustrations *feasible*, without having to charge $50 to cover costs on a 250-page paperback.

    I’m not holding my breath for the b&w POD printing prices to drop any time soon, though. One-offs are always going to be expensive compared to printing a thousand books.

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