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Oh those Arrows


Image from DC Comics Arrow, shown on CW Network

Image from DC Comics Arrow, shown on CW Network

SPOILER NOTE:  In lieu of an AM review, I present to you everything you wanted to know about the Arrows in Nalini Singh’s Psy / Changeling series. This post will contains spoilers up to “Heart of Obsidian.”+ (If you want to read Heart of Obsidian spoilers Nalini has a two chapter excerpt at her site.).  You may also want to read why I think Kaleb and the Ghost are one and the same.

The Arrows

Executions are sometimes unavoidable. – Caressed by Ice

The Arrows are an elite military squad in the PsyNet also known as the Death Squad.  “One Arrow was worth dozens of ordinary soldiers.” (Play of Passion)  Many in the PsyNet believe that they “are a myth, a legend, their existence or nonexistence debated endlessly in the PsyNet.” (Caressed by Ice)  Faith, an F-Psy, in “Visions of Heat” came across rumors of them in her research but nothing definitive.  She refers to them as “a secret squad…one allegedly used to permanently silence the Council’s critics.”

The truth is that the Arrow Squad was formed “on the heels of the implementation process” or rather the institution of the Silence Protocol (Caressed by Ice).  They are an independent force led initially by Ming LeBon in contemporary times because he was a senior Arrow before ascending to the Council, a body that implements rules for all the Psy.  (Caressed by Ice)  Currently there are one hundred and sixty active Arrows but there are never more than two hundred. (Blaze of Memory)

The first Arrow was created by Catherine and Arif Adelajas who lost their twin sons, Tendaji and Naeem, to madness.  The parents had attempted to institute a preSilence form of emotional coldness called Mercury but the twins succumbed in a murder suicide leaving behind a note:

We are an abomination, a plague that will kill our people from within. Silence must never take root, must never infiltrate the PsyNet. Forgive us.  (Caressed by Ice)

The Adelajas believed that the Silence, however, was simply not perfect enough and turned to Zaid, their eldest.  Zaid was a cardinal telepath with previously unforeseen power in mental combat.  As Zaid began to enforce the Silence Protocol by weeding out the “weak” he also began recruiting others who were “loners, unknown shadows, darker than the darkness, men and women whose sole aim was to eliminate anything that might threaten the successful realization of Catherine and Arif’s lifelong dream.” (Caressed by Ice)

Silence, or the suppression of emotion, was instituted to combat mental breakdowns and brutality enacted against others.  In “Blaze of Memory”, a young boy who is part of the Shadow Net kills his dog.  He literally is willing himself to death and the leaders conclude that perhaps Silence is the answer:

“Silence is an answer,” his cousin whispered, but there was a weariness to him. “I wish it wasn’t, but it is.”

Meeting that familiar gaze, Dev knew what he had to say, what he had to decide. “And if it is the only answer, then we’ll find a way to teach William to be Silent.”

(Blaze of Memory)  In “Kiss of Snow”, Alice Eldridge (aka the popsicle) studies young XPsy.  One of them is named George and is a telepath who tells Alice that “sometimes he wishes the voices would be silent. My Xs are all in favor of it, and I can’t say I’m surprised.”  (Kiss of Snow).  Zaid’s own experience lead him to kill others who broke away from the Silence Protocol:

The Protocol had given him peace from the demons of his mind and he wanted to spread that gift of peace, to quiet the torment of his people, So he began cleaning up the mistakes, wiping away those who broke under the experimental versions of Silence, burying their lives as efficiently as he buried their bodies.  (Caressed by Ice)

Arrows are taken from their families at a young age and ” subjected to the most excruciating pain and then been taught to block it” because [a] good Psy felt nothing. A good Arrow felt even less.”  (Caressed by Ice)  Another Arrow by the name of Abbot says “We cannot survive without Silence.”  (Kiss of Snow)  Even Judd initially believes that he would have chosen the Silence protocol if the choice was given to him.   (Caressed by Ice)

The Arrow squad is fracturing internally.  All believe in the importance of Silence but they are split on how to enforce it. The faction of PurePsy are supposedly trying to preserve the integrity of the Silence but at all costs, including Zaid-like actions which include the killing of those who are imperfect, implanting a chip that could invoke Silence, and rehabilitation (which basically means turning the Psy into mindless zombies)

Ming’s use of the Arrows as his personal hit squad has led to more questions and doubts about their existence and purpose.  Judd speaks with Aden in “Kiss of Snow” when Aden is dispatched to assassinate Judd.

“Silence is falling.” No change in the tone of his voice, nothing to betray the scale of what he was talking about. “We will watch, wait, and fight the war when it comes.”

Judd didn’t ask on which side Aden and the Arrows would stand. He knew.

(Kiss of Snow)  Of course, what side is a bit ambiguous. In “Blaze of Memory, Judd says that the first loyalty of an Arrow is to maintain Silence and the integrity of the ‘Net.  “They’ll do nothing to undermine the stability of the Net.” Judd tells the Ghost. (Blaze of Memory)  They want peace, however, and in “Tangled of Need” a full scale plan of defection is revealed to Judd, as a last resort.

They are the keeper of the PsyNet’s darkest truths. (Blaze of Memory)


The Main Arrow Books

Caressed by Ice (pub date 2007)introduces us to Zaid as the Founding Father of the Arrows.  Judd is a former Arrow but while he had defected from the PsyNet he still considers himself aligned with the Arrows and would do nothing to imperil his brothers at arms.  Much of the original myth of the Arrows is explained in this book.

Blaze of Memory (pub date 2009) marks the first antipathy the Arrows have for their current situation.  Vasic and Aden’s friendship is shown for the first time as well as the desire to off Ming LeBon.

Kiss of Snow (pub date 2010).  Despite being a book about Hawk and Sienna, the theory of the Arrows features prominently in “Kiss of Snow.” It is in this book we learn about Alice Eldridge’s study of the X Psy. I believe that Kaleb and the Ghost are one, a Cardinal X. The Ghost tells Judd at one point that the Cardinal X does not exist, that it is a fable, but that is merely subterfuge on Ghost/Kaleb’s part.  Aden and Vasic have important roles in this book as well.

Based on this book, it could be assumed that the Arrows are all of the X designation. They all have differing abilities and most are inaccurately charted.  In order for the Arrows to be the deadliest force, they must be swifter, stronger, more Psy than the ordinary Psy.  Sienna was recruited to be an Arrow and she is a confirmed X designation.

Alice Eldridge suggests that the X cling to Silence because of the overwhelming nature of their psychic powers.  This would be in line with the deaths of the Adelajas brothers.

Tangle of Need (pub date 2011).  This is an Arrow heavy book as it is revealed that Vasic and Aden are attempting to free the Arrows from the control of the Psy Council and save the children who are currently undergoing training, training that they both recognize as cruel and unhelpful.



Jax is a drug designed initially for Arrows, to boost their Psy abilities “so they could be better, faster, deadlier than anything else in the Net.” (Caressed by Ice)  Overtime, Jax kills a Psy by eating away at their powers and leading them into insanity and ultimately death. (Caressed by Ice).  Judd believes that Jax contributes to an Arrow’s icy perfection, altering their ability to view nuances and instead replacing nuanced decision making with only binary categories of right and wrong.Aden was never put on Jax because “it would’ve made him incapable of the value judgments required to monitor the effects of the drug on others.” (Blaze of Memory) According to Aden, the pathways of the brain permanently reset at some point, eliminating positive returns of the drug. This may be accurate but it is also a lie that Aden tells Ming LeBon in order to reduce or eliminate the Jax regimen. It seems likely given this exchange between Aden and Ming that Aden is lying about Jax’s lack of efficacy:

Something like this happened with Judd Lauren.

Ming recognized the name at once as that of the lone Tk-Cell who’d survived to adulthood in the past generation. Judd Lauren’s ability to literally stop the cells of the body had made him an invaluable assassin. Wasn’t he taken off Jax?

Yes. Along with most of the other Tks. They all functioned as well without it—telekinetics seem to only need a very short stay on the regimen. Aden didn’t elaborate but Ming didn’t need him to—he knew that after a certain period, the pathways of the brain set permanently, making the use of the drug


Will that solution work in this case? he asked.

According to available data, yes. It appears some Arrows are in fact being overdosed on Jax since they no longer need it.

Ming took a few minutes to consider the decision. If he lost control of the Arrows, they could conceivably take over the Net. One Arrow was worth thousands of normal soldiers.Try it on the ones who’re already breaking down. See if it has any effect.

I’d suggest a small number of others who may be close to that point, Aden said. I can send you a list.

Do it. Vasic? Is he on Jax? The teleporter was not only an invaluable part of the Squad, Ming utilized him on an almost weekly basis.

No. He hasn’t been for years. His brain has reset.

Acknowledging the receipt of the additional names Aden had sent through, Ming ended the telepathic conversation. As long as Vasic was on a leash, there was no problem.

Judd was only on the drug for seven months, realizing soon after what it was doing to him.  While on the drug, he faked psychic mistakes so as to show that the drug was not working for him.  He was removed from the drug therapy program as were other Arrows who never asked to be placed back on the drug.

Jax has become a street drug for many Psy. In “Bonds of Justice”, Sophia tells us that “Jax was the scourge of the Psy, a drug that many said broke conditioning on the most basic level, allowing the user to feel emotion.”

Vasic has also stopped taking Jax.  Aden tells Judd it is because Vasic believes “there was nothing left in him to save.” In “Blaze of Memory”, Aden reports to Ming LeBon that seven Arrows have reacted negatively to the Jax regimen in the previous six months.  These men are held in a facility deep in the Dinarides, a remote mountain range along the Adriatic.The elimination of the Jax regiment signals a lack of confidence in Ming’s leadership. (Blaze of Memory)  Later,  it is revealed that defectors are being funneled through the Dinarides facility, described as lost to the Arrows and set for rehabilitation, but instead smuggled out of the PsyNet.

Arrows in the series:

Zaid Adelaja is the first Arrow and is mentioned first in “Caressed by Ice.” He formed the Squad before Silence Protocol was ever instituted.  He lost his twin brothers to madness and believed so strongly in the Silence Protocol (known as Mercury at the time) that he killed those who threatened it.  He was known as the Martial Arrow by his mother.  In “Blaze of Memory”, Zaid is described as full of pain and conviction. He was a cardinal telepath with fierce mental combat capabilities. (Caressed by Ice).  Zaid was overwhelmed by his own power and likely grief at his brothers’ deaths.  (Blaze of Memory)

Judd Lauren appears first in Slave to Sensation. He is part of the Lauren family who dropped out of the Psynet to form their own network in order to prevent members of their family from rehabilitation after Walker and Judd’s sister commits suicide. They live in the SnowDancer territory. Judd eventually becomes a liaison between the Ghost and shifters. 

Judd was in training since he was ten, when he killed his first person.  He was officially an Arrow from 18 to 26.  Judd began to question the Arrows when he discovered one of his “hits” directed by Ming LeBon was undeserving of death.  “In the PsyNet, some segments of the populace call the Arrows a death squad, but we thought of ourselves as the first line of defense, protecting our people before they even knew they were in danger. Ming changed that, made us into bringers of death,” Judd tells Brenna in “Caressed by Ice.”

Judd is dark haired, dark eyed. Sascha describes him as “unbelievably handsome in the perfect way of the Psy”. Judd is not a cardinal Psy but extremely powerful. Not only is he a Tk (telekinetic) but he can blur his body, essentially becoming invisible. Interestingly there are no known cardinal Psy’s amongst the arrows but Judd is strong enough that he was able to serve as the anchor for the Lauren family as they dropped out of the PsyNet.  Judd is so powerful he was able to reverse an airbound missile from its course.

Aden is first mentioned by name in “Blaze of Memory” and described by Ming LeBon as the medic in charge of monitoring the Arrow Squad’s response to Jax.  He is also mentioned in Wild Invitation in a conversation between Judd and Walker Lauren.  Walker remembers Aden with “slanted eyes of liquid brown and hair of silky black” and who often appeared at school with bruises and breaks in his bones.  (Wild Invitation)  Both of his parents were members of the Squad.  (Blaze of Memory) He is deemed only a “field medic” by Ming LeBon who seriously underestimates Aden’s power.

Aden is a telepath, miscategorized and deemed far less powerful than he truly is.  Aden has always looked out for those weaker than him.  

Aden, he remembered, had never cried, never broken . . . and never lost his soul. “He used to shake his head at me when I attempted to keep him back after school”—because the boy had bruises no child should have, his arm showing signs of having been broken and reset over and over—“ and tell me to keep one of the younger children.”

“I’m stronger. I’ll survive. They need the rest more than I do.”

Judd turned to face him, his expression intent. Walker rarely spoke of his time in the squad’s schoolroom, and his brother had never pushed. He didn’t tonight, either.

“Aden’s doing the same still,” he said instead. “Leading the squad, protecting the ones who are broken, watching over the children.”

(Wild Invitation)

Aden is becoming disenchanted with PurePsy and the Silence.  The goal of the Silence was to prevent the deaths of the Psy but not only have Psy been dying, but Arrows have been as well.  Too many, by Aden’s count.   When Abbott tells him that they can only survive with Silence, Aden wonders whether the price of survival is too high. (Kiss of Snow)

Aden is really the leader of the Arrows. In “Blaze of Memory”, Vasic defers to Aden’s decision regarding the killing of Ming LeBon when Aden says “It’s not time” and “We can’t show our hand.”

Vasic is first appears in Hostage to Pleasure when he teleports to Ashaya Aliene, a scientist working on the Implant Protocol.  He tells her he is “not a team player.”  (Hostage to Pleasure) Later Vasic appears to be in cahoots with Zie Zen, a dissident.  Vasic is known as the “single true teleporter” or a “Traveler”.   A Traveler. Designation Tk. Subdesignation V.  (Hostage to Pleasure) He has piercing silver eyes and enjoys looking out over the desert wasteland that is rich rust red under sunlight and silver in the glow of the moonlight.

His leg was broken several times when he was six years old to train him in Silence.  He was begging to go home. (Tangle of Need)

It is because of his abilities that Ming LeBon, the first leader of the current Arrow Squad, was able to survive so man attempts to end his life. In “Branded by Fire” Vasic blinks everyone out of a vehicle before it could be hit by the high-explosive antitank rounds directed at it. He also rescues Ming from a crumpled car and another assassination attempt in “Blaze of Memory.”

Vasic’s touch is so delicate he can right an unbalanced insect (Kiss of Snow) or lift the blood from the walls of a room. (Hostage to Pleasure, Tangle of Need) Along with Aden, he could lead the Arrows but refuses.  He is tormented by what Judd deems to be a guilty conscience.  (Tangle of Need).  Vasic and Aden share a telephathic connection.

At one point, Ming LeBon wants Vasic to open for a scan but Vasic refuses on the grounds that it would leave him defenseless and no Arrow is ever defenseless.  Aden fears that Vasic will be totally lost after the Arrow schools are liberated, as if that single focus is the only thing keeping Vasic sane at this moment.

Ming LeBon rose to power from the Arrow Squad to sit on the Council, the governing body of the Psy.  He used the Arrow squad to eliminate anyone who stood in the way of his gaining power and money.   In “Blaze of Memory”, Ming sustains a serious injury in an assassination attempt.  Aden and Vasic consider killing him at this time, but do not.  Ming loses the Arrows because instead of preserving the integrity of the Net he chose to pursue power.

The Arrows terminate their relationship with Ming in “Bonds of Justice” by sending Kaleb a patch bearing the emblem of Ming LeBon pierced by “a small, perfectly formed black arrow.”

Guiterrez and Suhanna are mentioned in “Kiss of Snow” as infiltrating the Pure Psy.

Abbott is a 9.1 telekinetic who, at the age of twenty-six, is drawn to the Pure Psy.  He and Aden share a conversation in “Kiss of Snow” about Abbott’s possible defection to the Pure Psy.  Aden tells Abbott he cannot be both Pure Psy and Arrow, another version of the “you cannot serve two masters” philosphy. 

“Have you come to stop me, Aden?” the other Arrow asked. “Ask me not to join Pure Psy?”

“No, Abbot. That isn’t who we are… But the squad works on unconditional trust.” On the knowledge that the Arrow at his back would never use the position to knife him. “Once you give your allegiance to Pure Psy, you must follow their goals.”

(Kiss of Snow)  Abbott’s Silence is already breaking.  Aden sees “bleak longing” in Abbott’s eyes.  In “Tangled of Need” we learn that Abbott did not defect because the goals of the Pure Psy are not aligned with Abbott’s

Sione is an F-Psy who Faith reports as the only other F-Psy who is even challenges Faith on accuracy in predictions.  Sione lives in the Southern Hemisphere and is part of the PsyClan PacificRose.  (Visions of Heat)  In “Kiss of Snow” Vasic describes her as having unstalbe abilities and that she may already be lost to the Arrows.

Alejandro is part of the Venice contingent.  He is supposedly “damaged” having been given an overdose of Jax on a mission. He can only follow strict orders.  He is imprinted on another rogue Arrow named Zaira who was born in Jordan and raised in a training facility in Turkey.  (Tangle of Need) Judd wonders how much of what Zaira tells him of Alejandro is true or a mask.

William, a young child who first appears in “Blaze of Memory.” He accidentally kills a pet and tries to will himself into death.  Judd comes to him and begins to teach him how to control his powers, in lieu of instituting a Silence protocol.  He comes to the attention of Aden and Vasic in “Tangle of Need.”

Andrea Vasquez is a former Arrow and leads the military forces of Henry Scot and the PurePsy.  He recruits disenchanted Arrows with the promise of control over their fractioning Silence. He likely had too much Jax as he tends to follow blindly whomever controls him.  Judd tells the reader that brains can reset permanently on Jax turning an Arrow into “lethal machines who followed the will of their handlers with unswerving dedication.”  (Caressed by Ice)

Venice contingent – a group of defected Arrows who disguised their deaths over the years. (Tangle of Need)

Associates of the Arrows:

Walker Lauren was a teacher of young men, specifically Arrows.  He taught them ways to conceal flaws in their Silence using telephathic abilities. Aden tells Judd that “What he taught me…tell him it has saved the life and sanity of more than one Arrow.” (Kiss of Snow)  Walker would keep students after school under the guise of detention or extra tutoring to protect that child.  He tried to keep Aden from time to time but Aden refused telling Walker that there were other children who had greater need than Aden.

Sienna Lauren is an X-Fire with untold power.  She was recruited by Ming to be part of the Arrows but she was ultimately rescued by Walker.  She is targeted for death by Ming but kills his Psy’s instead. Once again Ming escapes because of the power of Vasic’s instant teleportation.  Sienna and Judd serve as beacons of hope to other Arrows.  Aden says,

“You exist, Judd. Sienna exists. It’s enough. You not only survived, you’ve found happiness. I don’t understand the emotion, but I know it is better than the dark. So do the others.”

(Kiss of Snow)

Kaleb becomes the leader of the Arrow Squad after Ming. (Bonds of Justice) He is chosen by the Arrows themselves because Vasic and Aden do not want to lead, yet.

Henry and Shoshanna are Council members who have amassed a group of Arrows to their Pure Psy cause.

Keisha Bale is a the head M-Psy at the Dinarides facility and despite Judd’s declaration that only Arrow M-PSy treat other Arrows, she is not an Arrow.  She is first mentioned in “Blaze of Memory.”  The suggestion in  “Tangle of Need” is that Bale is part of the resistance, stamping death certificates and verifying cremations of the smuggled and defecting rogue Arrows.

The Duality Issue

In re-reading this series, I noticed the importance of the twin minds – the Dark Net/the Psy net. Keenan being able to serve as the conduit for Noor’s abilities to path. Ashaya and Amara’s ability to merge. The Arrows were birthed in part by Zaid’s twin brother’s madness.  Kaleb and the Ghost have  ability to have duality in themselves.  Kaleb is a dual cardinal.


No matter what Heart of Obsidian is about, the next step in this series is the impending Civil War on the PsyNet.  The Arrows are going to be one side of the battle, the winning side, but how many casualties will occur before the conclusion. Judd wonders, for example, whether Vasic will find the peace he longs for or whether he’ll die as an Arrow in the war. (Tangle of Need)

Let’s hear all your conclusions, speculations, and hopes for “Heart of Obsidian” and beyond.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Brie
    May 20, 2013 @ 07:25:57

    “Based on this book, it could be assumed that the Arrows are all of the X designation.”

    I’m not sure about that, though. The X designation is that cold fire/exploding power Sienna had, right? It’s a very specific type of power, so I think it’s more than a general way to describe Psy who have uncharted, extreme powers.

    I really like what you said about the good/evil dichotomy and how Kaleb is a dual cardinal, so it would only be logic for him to have two identities *wink* *wink*.

    SPOILERS FOR HEART OF OBSIDIAN (sorry, I don’t know the code to hide them) Edited to add spoiler code

    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    Whether he is the Ghost or not, my only wish is that HOO gives us a satisfactory resolution to a character that’s been intriguing since he first appeared all those years ago. And I really hope that love doesn’t change or soften him, but that instead adds another layer to a complex, interesting character.

    Who do you guys think is his heroine? I’m still thinking Sahara Nightstar (is that her name?).

  2. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 07:30:40

    @Brie: What I think is so amazing is how consistent Nalini has been in her world building from book 1. All the little details she has sprinkled throughout; all the backstory and worldbuilding. Through 11 books that is a pretty tremendous feat.

    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    I was blown away by the last commenter on the Kaleb + Ghost thread because of the connection the commenter drew between the isolation of Kaleb’s house that he was “keeping” and the F Psy. I’m totally on board with the F Psy as the heroine.

  3. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 07:32:36

    The spoiler code is [shush reason="spoiler" ]text of spoiler [/shush]

  4. Angela
    May 20, 2013 @ 07:40:27

    I love this essay, Jane! Like I loved, and still link back to, you essay on Kaleb/the Ghost. :)

    The arrows are fascinating. I love how Nalini’s built the mystery and intrigue and depth to those characters we’ve met slowly and consistently.

    And thank you for not including the spoilers from Nalini’s 2 chapter excerpt. I’m still debating with myself if I want to read it or not. But I’m leaning towards not.

  5. CathyKJ
    May 20, 2013 @ 07:53:46

    I agree with Brie, I think none of the current Arrows are X Psy – X was for Sienna’s cold fire/Dark Phoenix powers. I thought part of what made Sienna so valuable was that she was the only X to have somewhat stable powers. If all the Arrows were X-designation, she wouldn’t have been unique. Also, I think it’s pretty clear that Vasic is a Tk, with all his instant teleporting, and therefore not an X (or at best a very limited X).

  6. Lege Artis
    May 20, 2013 @ 08:03:31

    Great post, Jane!
    I was eagerly waiting to read your thoughts on Arrows since Nalini wrote on her weblog about this post. Your insight is detailed and amazing as always. ;)
    One thing I noticed with Arrows is that there is certain loyalty between them. Aden and Vasic, that is clear. Even when they don’t fight for the same cause, like excerpt from your post about Aden, Abbot and knife.
    And that thing always bothered me with Ghost. First time I started to think about it was in Branded by Fire where Ghost is concerned about spreading rumors that Silence isn’t bad. In next book, Blaze of Memory, Ghost and Judd(my favorite bromance, btw;)) disagree about Arrows:
    ” “What will they do if it’s the latter?” the Ghost asked. “If they intend to take the leadership from Ming?”
    “I won’t betray my fellow Arrows.” Each and every Arrow had been shaped by his or her ability, all of them lethal, all of them destroying their chances of a normal life. The fact that Judd was now on the other side of the war did nothing to sever that bond.
    “The PsyNet can’t handle rogue Arrows,” the Ghost argued.
    “They could destabilize the entire system.”
    “No,” Judd said. “An Arrow’s first task is to maintain Silence. They’ll do nothing to undermine the stability of the Net.” ”
    Nalini Singh, Blaze of Memory.
    That’s only one more pro reason in my favorite mind torture game called :pro et contra Kaleb being Ghost.
    I completely agree with you on impending Civil War. It’s time for quiet rebellion to become an open war against Council. Series started with prologue and first thing we are told about Psy is their superiority; how powerful and perfect they are. But later through series we could follow how all these different fractions (Changelings, Forgotten, Nikita and Anthony, Kaleb with Arrows, defected Arrows…. ) are getting connected through same cause-to fight the Council. It’s time… Definitely.

  7. MelissaB
    May 20, 2013 @ 08:57:19

    I just reread this entire series so I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this and the Ghost. I totally agree that Kaleb has to be the Ghost.

    I am with Brie on the X Psy though, that is a different ability which not many Psy have and most have a small scale ability, she is the only Cardinal. The Ghost thinks something like having a Cardinal X would be a nice weapon after he knows about Sienna from Judd (he finds Alice then), so that pretty much says that he is not an X.

    I read the excerpt and I can’t wait for the new book! I think someone is on the right track about the mystery lady being a F-Psy and possibly related to Faith (who is also short).

    This series is so amazingly complex and detailed, I just love it!

  8. MelissaB
    May 20, 2013 @ 09:02:46

    I meant to say Sienna is the only Cardinal X, not she.

    I can’t figure out how to edit my post on my iPhone, it won’t let me in the mobile setting and I can’t figure out how to look at the non-mobile website.

  9. Sage Marks
    May 20, 2013 @ 09:06:22

    This is a great post, so much info!! I too am not so sure about Kaleb being an X from what was revealed about him in Tangle of Need.
    I have a question about Vasquez though. According to Tangle of Need, he was placed in Arrow training as a child but he was never an Arrow. He didn’t make the squad “…because of a psychological imbalance that made him a risk in the field.”At fourteen he was reassigned to a regular black ops squad. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

  10. KT Grant
    May 20, 2013 @ 09:14:07

    If Kaleb is the hero of Heart of Obsidian, and if his heroine is a Psy, this is the first book with a Psy/Psy pairing, right?

    For some reason I think Alice is going to be a big part of this book. I have a feeling she’ll be the heroine of the next book. I think she’s a fascinating character.

  11. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 09:57:11

    Love this post. :) The spoilers below come from the HoO excerpt.

    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    I’m also convinced Sahara Nightstar must be Kaleb’s heroine. It makes sense someone would want to capture her for her F-psy abilities, although I’m dying to know how Kaleb was involved in her life seven years ago. While I was also one of the biggest supporters of “Kaleb is the Ghost”, I have a gut feeling now that it’s not him. All the evidence points to him…but it just seems TOO obvious, if that makes sense. Plus, Nalini seems like the kind of author who would want us to be totally shocked and awed by the truth. That being said, I still hope he is the Ghost because I love Kaleb and he would make an awesome Ghost. I also really want Kaleb to ally with the leopards and wolves and have a major fight scene versus the Pure Psy, though that’ll probably be for a later book. Am I the only person who thinks Ming might die in this book? Also, who do you think was responsible for the captivity of Kaleb’s heroine (Sahara?)? Do you think Enrique was involved, seeing as he was once Kaleb’s mentor?

    I’m not sure how much longer the series will extend (2/3 books?), but I’m fairly certain Aden and Vasic will each have a book, which means that the series will probably be more focused on the Psy characters unless one of the heroines is a changeling (which would be awesome!). While I agree Alice will play a pivotal role, I don’t think she’ll be a “heroine”, mainly because Zaid (whom Alice seems to have liked according to ToN) is dead. Unless he is also somehow alive, which would blow my mind.

  12. Meg
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:02:14

    It’s Monday, so I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not fully functional yet, but where exactly is the excerpt for HOO? I followed the link provided at the beginning of the post, but the only thing on the page is that very brief blurb for the book and a link to more information about the psy/changeling series. If you could help me locate the excerpt, I’d be very grateful (and, again, because it’s Monday, the more specific the details, the better!)! :)

  13. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:06:54

  14. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:07:35

    @Divya S – I hope it goes on for more books than 2-3. I think Aden, Vasic, and Abbott have stories in them. I see a novella for Zaira and Alejandro.

  15. Patricia Eimer
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:07:37

    Great essay. Now I’m off to read that two chapter preview. Good way to start a Monday morning.

  16. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:08:26

    The excerpt is at (which is linked at the beginning of the post). Scroll down past the spoiler banner.

  17. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:08:50

    @KT Grant – I always thought that Zaid and Alice might be a couple too. Maybe I should have included more of that in the Arrow Squad summary. Hmmm. But Zaid is described as washed away, like were his remains cremated? Aden’s parents are presumed to have defected at one time? I have a hard time with this because it sounded like Aden’s body was being brutalized at home.

  18. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:09:29

    @Sage Marks – You are probably right. He never fully was an Arrow. Should I move him to associates?

  19. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:10:28

    @MelissaB & @CathyKJ – I wasn’t sure in Kiss of Snow whether X was simply a designation for those who had unregistered and unknown sub designations. I thought Sienna’s power as a Cardinal X manifested itself in cold fire, but that other X designations could have other powers.

  20. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:14:54

    @Lege Artis – yes, the bond between the Arrows is amazing. I love the scene you quoted with Judd. My favorite bromance is Aden and Vasic. In fact, I asked whether Aden and Vasic were going to be a romance but Singh told me no. (One of the few times I ever got an answer out of her regarding this series!)

    I think Kaleb is the Ghost, obviously, but I also think that he has only one loyalty and that is to the person he is searching for.

  21. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:15:15

    @Angela – You are stronger than I!

  22. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:22:42

    I agree, but didn’t Nalini say the main arc of the story would be ending soon? I think it is more likely that the other Arrows (ie Abbott and Alejandro/Zaira) will have their stories AFTER the fall of Silence, which will have long-lasting repercussions and effects. Personally, I hope Nalini writes about that time because the PsyNet would be in so much turmoil and it would be fascinating to see how the Psy restructure their entire way of life and government. Also, I am ridiculously excited to see what happens to the Arrows after Silence ends. Would they go their separate ways or would they still embrace some parts of Silence (ie have the conditioning and shields) so their dangerous abilities can be kept in control? I am usually not the type of reader that enjoys the repetitive alpha male/soldier series with ten books, but I might make an exception for the Arrows. :D

  23. MelissaB
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:23:38


    I just reread Kiss of Snow, Sienna goes into an explanation of why X is called that for her ability, it’s not general for all unknown abilities (but now I understand what you were saying).

  24. Meg
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:38:33

    @Jane: Thank you, Jane!

  25. leslie
    May 20, 2013 @ 10:43:38

    Jane thanks for the great essay! What a nice way to start the day.
    The Arrows are the most interesting warrior group in any PNR series I’ve ever read. So very hopeful about Heart of Obsidian……’s so hard not to take a peek at the spoilers so I am now leaving the site.

  26. Sarah
    May 20, 2013 @ 11:02:08

    This is so involved its great. Although I think the x-psy is a category as in f-psy or tk-psy. As said above Sienna explained the reason in Kiss of Snow. That’s what I read it as not as in x-psy as a general category for exceptionally talented or powerful. Oh and I don’t think Zaid’s brothers the twins were not lost to madness but were the first silent psy. I believe that there was another sibling who died and was the reason Zaids parents “silenced” the twins. As Zaid himself could not be made silent as he was too old? Also I don’t believe he was a cardinal rather a powerful telepath.

    I would love the next arc to be the Arrows but I will be heart broken if I don’t hear about Aden and Vasic getting a happy ending soon as I love them! I would like it if there heroines were connected in some way like sisters??

  27. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 11:08:48

    @Sarah: The twins committed a murder + suicide so I felt like “lost to madness” described their state of mind:

    But then Mercury produced two graduates of their early version of the Silence Protocol—the Adelajas’ own twin sons. Tendaji and Naeem Adelaja were as cool as ice, their emotions holding nothing of anger or madness…for a while. The experiment eventually failed. The dark side of emotion rushed back into the Adelaja twins in an avalanche, and, sixteen years after being heralded as the harbingers of a new future, they committed suicide. Tendaji, the strong one, killed Naeem then himself. There was no doubt that it had been a mutual decision.

    They left a note.

    We are an abomination, a plague that will kill our people from within. Silence must never take root, must never infiltrate the PsyNet. Forgive us.

    They are seen together in 1972 by … I can’t recall who but it is in Blaze of Memory (Stephen’s mother writes in a letter about meeting them). There is no mention of any other siblings other than the twins and Zaid.

    and also in Caressed by Ice:

    Zaid was a cardinal telepath with a furious ability in mental combat. He, too, had trained under Silence, but as a young adult, not a child.

  28. MelissaB
    May 20, 2013 @ 11:15:19


    I found the explanation of why the X-Psy is called X on page 216 of Kiss of Snow:

    “”Why X?” The kiss of teeth. Instead of pulling away, she gripped his arm tight. “Some people say it’s from the Latin word exardesco, which means to ‘blaze up.'” The words came out husky. “I think ‘rage’ is another way it can be defined.”

  29. Brie
    May 20, 2013 @ 11:36:48

    My theory is that either Aden or Vasic will end up with Frozen Alice (although I like the sound of Zaid and Alice). But the one who doesn’t get a heroine will probably die, because the body count has been surprisingly low so far, and we’re attached enough to them for the death to be meaningful.

    If Kaleb isn’t the Ghost, the who? I’ve read lots of theories pointing to Vasic, but I just don’t see it. It has to be a huge character for the revelation to be shocking enough to distract us from Kaleb not being the Ghost.

  30. Janine
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:20:00

    @Jane: When I reread Slave to Sensation shortly after reading Kiss of Snow I discovered some inconsistencies.

    In Slave to Sensation it was stated that Judd, Walker and Sienna chose to defect from the PsyNet to save Marlee from rehabilitation for “undesirable traits”, but they assumed that the rest of them would be killed by the wolves when they arrived on SnowDancer land. Walker and Judd didn’t want to bring Sienna with them because they believed she would be killed if they did, but since she would have followed them if they hadn’t taken her, they had no choice.

    In Kiss of Snow, though, it’s stated that prior to their defection, the entire Lauren family was slated for rehabilitation and that the extent of Sienna’s powers becoming clear was “the writing on the wall.”

    Nalini Singh is so consistent on the facts of her world most of the time that this inconsistency threw me for a loop.

  31. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:21:47

    @Janine: I’m not sure I see that as inconsistent?

  32. Janine
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:24:31

    @Jane: Well, the inconsistent part is that in Slave to Sensation it was said that at the time of the defection, Walker and Judd believed Sienna would survive if left behind in the PsyNet, but would die if they defected to SnowDancer land. Sienna chose to die with her family rather than remain behind. But in Kiss of Snow it’s presented as the exact opposite, that they had to leave the PsyNet partly to save Sienna’s life.

  33. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:28:18

    @Janine: I went and looked up the passage in StS:

    She thought back to what they’d been speaking about. “Why was the whole family sentenced to the Center?” She looked at the innocent faces of the children and wondered what kind of a cruel mind could deprive them of their personalities before they’d even had a chance to develop. She wasn’t naïve enough to think that the Lauren children had been the first to be so condemned, but nothing she’d seen thus far had prepared her for this new horror.

    “My mother took her life in a most unusual fashion for a Psy—a cardinal Psy,” Sienna said, ignoring Walker’s look. “She stripped herself naked and teleported off Golden Gate Bridge, screaming that she was finally free.”


    “We’d also had several . . . incidents in the past. The Council decided they needed to ‘purge’ our family tree of undesirable traits.” Judd’s eyes went to Marlee. “Nonbiological members of the family were given the choice to renounce any relationship or undergo rehabilitation.”

    Sascha read between the lines and what she heard was so heartbreaking she couldn’t speak. Marlee’s biological mother had forsaken her child, handed her over for torture.


    “She was sixteen at the time.” Walker’s eyes were so coldly clinical that it startled Sascha to realize they were the same pale green as Marlee’s. “We worked on the assumption that the wolves would see her as a threat and eliminate her.”

    “Yet you brought her in?” Lucas’s voice was a whip. “You took a juvenile into almost certain death?”

    If Sascha didn’t know better, she’d have thought that Judd’s jaw set in anger. “We had no choice,” the younger male said. “Sienna would rather have died than be rehabilitated. If we hadn’t taken her, she would’ve followed us on her own.”

    In Kiss of Snow

    “According to the rehabilitation order, the Lauren line had been judged as ‘unstable’ and ‘undesirable’.” Kristine’s suicide had been listed as one of the pieces of evidence, but Judd and Walker had always known that to be nothing but a convenient excuse. “Yelene’s name wasn’t on the notice.”

    He’d gone home to discuss the situation with her, to lay out the plans he and Judd had put in place, both of them having seen the writing on the wall when the extent of Sienna’s powers became clear. Add in Judd’s telekinetic strength and Walker’s telepathy, as well as Marlee’s and Toby’s nascent abilities and the Lauren family had become a threat that needed to be neutralized.

    I see StS as a more fulsome explanation of the mindset behind bringing Sienna with them. The whole family was in danger. They didn’t want to bring Sienna, but they had to. Sienna’s power, along with the past incidences, marked the whole family as to dangerous to exist.

  34. Janine
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:32:26

    @Jane: But in Kiss of Snow it also says they decided to defect when Sienna was still a child (because she was being made to handle explosives) specifically in order to protect her. They had to wait years in order to do it because Marlee and Toby were still babies. Why then do they say in Slave to Sensation that they had no choice about bringing her and that if they hadn’t, she would have followed them on her own? It makes it sound like they didn’t want to risk Sienna’s life by bringing her, when in Kiss of Snow they were planning for years to do it just to get Sienna out of there.

  35. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:36:09

    @Janine: Because they are justifying to Lucas why they brought her. Judd and Walker are calmly (maybe coldly) explaining why Sienna was brought even though there was immediate danger for her in the wolf territory.

    They were going to leave as a family because even if it would have been safer for her back in the PsyNet (remember that they didn’t know this was going to work and wouldn’t have if not for Walker’s abilities) they knew she would follow anyway.

    They had always planned to defect together but this was the explanation provided to Lucas and others as to why it seemed like they weren’t protecting the “cubs.” Lucas is essentially accusing them of placing Sienna in danger and they are saying that she would have been in danger regardless.

  36. DivaChild
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:43:50

    Does there really have to be one definitive reason as to why they decided to defect? Couldn’t there more than one? And that additional reasons came up during the passage of time?

  37. Janine
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:46:09

    @Jane: The way it was presented to Lucas is also the way it was initially presented to the reader — that according to what they knew at the time, it was more of a risk to Sienna to leave the PsyNet. In Kiss of Snow that gets revised to they decided to leave in order to protect Sienna. Maybe in Slave to Sensation Walker and Judd were prevaricating to keep Lucas, Hawke and the others from learning about Sienna’s violent past. I could see that possibility more. But I still had to mentally revise my picture from Sienna risked her life and left to be with her family to Sienna had to leave in order to survive.

  38. Janine
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:50:08

    @DivaChild: Oh yeah I think there could be more than one. I could believe that they wanted to protect Sienna and planned the defection for years and then the rehabilitation order made it more urgent to leave and got them to step up their plan. It’s just that whether, as far as they knew, it was safer for Sienna to stay behind or to go with them is confusing because we’re given contradictory information on that in the books.

  39. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 12:54:50

    @Janine: But they never say that staying behind was better for Sienna. The passage following the one I quoted above is Sascha agreeing that rehabilitation was worse than death:

    Sascha stroked Lucas with the secret part of her mind, which she was finally learning to understand. “They’re right,” she said. “Rehabilitation is worse than death, worse than anything you can imagine.”

    With Sienna, they had to take the chance to bring her. I’m not sure where I see that Judd / Walker thought it would be better to leave Sienna behind or that they had any intention of leaving her behind.

  40. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 20, 2013 @ 13:34:08

    Off to catch the trolley so I do not have much time to post. However, I do have a quick question: What does Kalaeb look like? Is there a description in any of the books I don’t remember I re- read them all in the last three weeks. He is a major player in the council at this point – I hope he takes out Ming. :) Dark hair or blonde? Does he wear fancy suits or jeans and leathers. I have a real feel for how all the others characters look like in my mind. I remember Aden has a slightly oriental look to his eyes and coloring. Nothing on the Ghost yet, well except he is an arrow and amazing ( Mixed feeling about whether Kaleb is the Ghost, we know that Judd knows who he is but will not look at him because it is not easy to erase pictures- and wants to keep him safe ). Did I miss it in the books or is it not there. Help please! :) ITA love Aden and Vasic!

  41. PRE-RELEASE SPOILERS: Excerpt from Heart Of Obsidian, the new Psy-Changeling book – Book Thingo
    May 20, 2013 @ 15:01:24

    […] identity will be revealed in this book? Anyone up to date on their Psy-Changeling trivia? Dear Author has a thread all about the Arrow squad with plenty of speculation on who the Ghost […]

  42. Adnana
    May 20, 2013 @ 15:23:06

    I’ve been doing some selective re-reading of the series too :), and I remember there were a few physical details about Kaleb in “Bonds of Justice” especially.
    His dressing style (in public) is always meticulous and elegant; he wears suits.
    Councilor Kaleb Krychek wore a razor-perfect charcoal gray suit and had eyes of pure black filled with white stars.
    I don’t remember when/if his hair color was mentioned (it might have been)–but I’ve always imagined him as being dark-haired.
    And the rest (his extreme handsomeness):
    Some Psy could even manage a glacial kind of charm—Councilor Kaleb Krychek had an unusual number of admirers in the non-Psy population. … aesthetically speaking, he was the epitome of a cold male beauty.
    Objectively speaking, Councilor Kaleb Krychek was one of the most devastatingly attractive men on the planet…
    Hope this helps. :)

  43. Adnana
    May 20, 2013 @ 15:46:13

    Another thing: I’m also one of those people who’ve always thought that Kaleb is the Ghost. I don’t even know/remember the precise moment when I super-imposed their images, but I think it was pretty early on in the series. Essentially, almost from the start, whenever I read Ghost-passages, I just thought of Kaleb–and at no moment did any detail about the Ghost strike me as being out-of-character for Kaleb or impossible to apply to him. It was like all the pieces of the Ghost-puzzle fit well together with all the pieces of the Kaleb-puzzle since, in effect, they were all pieces of the same big puzzle.
    And I know that some fans are saying that Kaleb as the Ghost is too obvious, so it couldn’t possibly be true–but I think the fact that it’s so “obvious” (though is it really? since there are so many people still unconvinced) is the biggest argument in favor of it actually being true. Because Nalini doesn’t play those kind of games, i.e. she teases, but she never builds false expectations only to mislead the reader. An example: there was this huge build-up to Sienna and Hawke being mates, over the course of 9 books. We all knew it was going to happen, but the journey was what mattered even more than the destination. And KoS delivered. So I think it would be a *huge* disappointment, at this point in time and considering all the groundwork laid in previous books, if Kaleb weren’t the Ghost. But he is. ;)
    The blurb of “Heart of Obsidian” makes it clear that it is the Ghost’s book: rebel with hands stained blood-red or sthg like that. AND we now know that the hero in HoO is Kaleb. So, yeah.
    Besides, think of this: Kaleb is extremely powerful and knows everything that happens in the PsyNet. He wants to control the PsyNet. Given his aspirations, his strength and his general type-A personality, there would be no freaking way he’d let someone like the Ghost just run amok–a wildcard he can’t control and that’s capable of interfering with/ruining all his carefully laid plans. Because, also mentioned many times in the book, is the fact that the Ghost is majorly powerful. If they were 2 different persons, they would have clashed already. (btw, Ms. Singh didn’t want to answer the question of, in a confrontation between Kaleb and the Ghost, who would win–she said it was a sneaky question). :)
    Still no idea who Kaleb’s heroine is. I hold hope for an epic love story, though. I.e. Kaleb has looked for her for 7 years not because he needs her to help him with the Net, but because he already has some kind of hidden feelings for her (the fissure in his Silence), because of their past. I’m really hoping for sthg romantic along those lines. And I absolutely love the icy Psy hero falling in love; Judd remains, to the date, my favorite hero (and there are a LOT of great heroes in this series).

  44. Ziggy
    May 20, 2013 @ 16:00:54

    Just bringing the conversation back to the identity of the Ghost….I’ve often wondered about the name “ghost” and what this might imply. I’ve thought that maybe Nalini used this word because the person is someone who is presumed dead. I realise that the way ghosts flit in and out and are sometimes invisible could also be reasons to use this word. If it does represent someone who we think is dead, who do others think it might be? Is there anyone we know of who might be interested in taking up the Ghost’s stand in the PsyNet?

  45. Alice
    May 20, 2013 @ 17:15:17

    @Janine: I think that the desire to get the family out probably still existed, but they still didn’t know how. Then the rehab order came through and the decision was made to enter Snowdancer territory as the best possible thing at the time, since they still hadn’t come up with a foolproof way to get out. Remember that at the time, they expected to be killed, but hoped Toby and Marlee could survive. The decision to drop into the Lauren-net was based on Hawk’s demands and not part of the basic plan. Also, they were hiding the strength of Judd and Sienna’s skills at the time. At the beginning, I think most folks assumed that they were just telepaths. The wolves and leopards were not that close at the time, and they wouldn’t have revealed everything in the meeting, just enough to satisfy at the moment. At that point in time, secrecy would have been the norm for both Walker and Judd.

  46. Shirin Dubbin
    May 20, 2013 @ 17:20:42

    Isn’t Aden the one who triaged/healed Dorian and, by extension, Ashaya in Hostage to Pleasure?

  47. MissE
    May 20, 2013 @ 18:07:39

    Thanks for this review of the Arrows, Jane. I’ve only read the ARC for Kiss of Snow and it looks like I missed some Arrow specific information. How could I not know that I was missing some Aden/Vasic scenes? I need to get on finding a final release copy of KoS immediately.

    Also, I thought Ms. Singh has said that the Ghost’s book would be the last in this story arc and that’s one reason why the hero of Heart of Obsidian was kept quiet. If one of the leading candidates for the role of Ghost is the hero of HoO, it kind of rules him out. Then again, maybe that was just some misinformation that spread on the web.

  48. Cassandra
    May 20, 2013 @ 18:24:14

    @MissE I had heard the same thing about the Ghost being the last in the arc. I have not personally read or heard that, but people on another forum were positive about it. I too would be interested if others have heard the same and their thoughts. I am a Kaleb is the Ghost believer and I am super curious about what is revealed or not revealed in HoO on the subject.

    I appreciate the work and effort that went into this essay and find it very interesting, but I do have just a couple of gripes I wanted to raise. I have to agree that X-Psy is a specific designation and not a catchall term. The only X-Psy in the series is Sienna, at least to date. X-Psy are specifically gifted with cold fire.

    Also, I got the impression from this post that Pure Psy is a result of a splinter within the Arrows and that was not how I read it. Obviously, some of this is just different viewpoints, but while some Arrows are drawn to Pure Psy and some joined it, the Arrows as a group do not lead it nor did the group start it.

    Such discussions going on from this post — Thanks, Jane!

  49. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 18:44:15

    @Cassandra: I have to concede the X=Cold Fire point that was brought up by Brie and others, but I’m sorry if the post gave the impression that the Pure Psy were a splinter of the Arrows. I agree with your assessment that the Arrows are drawn to the PurePsy movement because to some it represents the most pure form of their goal = to uphold the integrity of the ‘Net.

  50. Cassandra
    May 20, 2013 @ 18:59:50

    @Jane: As always, people read the same thing and come away with different opinions — sorry that I misunderstand the Arrow and PurePsy relationship in this essay. By this point in the series, there is so much detail. It is posts like this that help keep it all straight and bring new ideas to the surface.

  51. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 19:03:28

    @Cassandra: No worries. As you can see, I love talking about this series. It was a real hardship (not) to re-read it. I guess it would be safe for me to say that

    Buried Comment (Reason: kind of spoiler)   Show

    Heart of Obsidian has a lot of Arrow stuff in it. That’s not too spoilery?

  52. Karen
    May 20, 2013 @ 19:20:10

    Thank you Jane for recapping and writing all this. I definitely needed a good overview.

    As for the excerpt in HoO

    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show


    I bet most of you are right about the Heroine being Sahara N. But am I the only one thinking that maybe… Just maybe it could be Dorian’s supposed dead sister Kylie? Someone please shoot down this crazy idea of mine. I guess my reasoning was when Kaleb commented about her not being able to even survive around her ‘brethren’ at the moment. Also, Kaleb was Enrique’s protoge. So I thought maybe Kaleb had a connection to Kylie but could do nothing during her torture. I guess I really want another Psy/Changeling connection, and this would tie an Arrow to DarkRiver.

    I just started rereading Hostage to Pleasure so I could shoot down this idea. Can anyone else please help squash this idea?

  53. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 19:24:07


    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    I think it would be cool if Kylie was the heroine. However, she is a changeling, blonde, and definitely dead as Dorian saw her body with 79 cuts. According to the HoO excerpt, the heroine has black hair with red-gold strands and is psy. :D

  54. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 19:32:45

    Oh, and I just saw on twitter that Jane and the Ghost are having a chat on Thursday. Can’t wait!

    Jane, do you know what you’re going to ask yet? I’m wondering if “he” might decide all the questions are too spoilery!

  55. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 19:33:45

    @Divya S: I’m just moderating it! If you have questions, lob them at me.

  56. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 20:01:28

    Since I know other people will have the romance questions covered, I think I’ll stick to politics. :D It’s sad I don’t have a twitter, so I hope you’ll put some of these up (especially #2).

    1. In the future, do you see yourself having an official alliance with any changeling groups (ie SnowDancer and DarkRiver) or with Psy such as Nikita or Anthony?

    2. What do you see as a political alternative to the Psy council when Silence falls?

    3. Of all the current councilors, whom do you despise the most? The least?

    4. Do you operate completely alone or do you seek help (who may not know your identity) when you arrange some assassination/hit?

    5. Do you ever see a time when you’re going to reveal your true identity to the PsyNet and the world?

    6. Why do you call yourself the Ghost? Does it imply your unknown identity or does it have a deeper meaning?

    And, just for kicks:

    7. If I said Sahara to you, would you think desert or NightShade?

    If I think of more, I’ll try to post before Thursday. Thanks, Jane!

  57. MissE
    May 20, 2013 @ 20:08:45

    Jane, you’ve read the entire book correct? Not just the teaser excerpts released today?

  58. Divya S
    May 20, 2013 @ 20:20:05

    Sorry for commentating so much, but I just had a major revelation as I reread KISS OF SNOW. Some HoO spoilers below.

    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    From Ch. 32 of KoS:
    “Rumors, whispers, conspiracy theories centered around the time and manner of Alice Eldridge’s death, all of it floated to the top of his consciousness as the Net gave up its secrets. None held anything of substance. Either the Arrows had done an immaculate job of wiping Eldridge from the Net, or the data had degraded in the years since her death.

    That left him with the Obsidian archive. Created by the NetMind, the neosentience that was the guardian and librarian of the Net, the Obsidian archive was a backup in case the PsyNet ever suffered a catastrophic failure. The Ghost had named it Obsidian because the complexity of data within it made it all but a wall of black. Only a rare few individuals had ever realized the Obsidian archive existed.

    Even fewer knew how to access it.

    If there was anything to find on Alice Eldridge’s second manuscript, it would be buried in that immense hoard of information. Otherwise, Sienna Lauren was on her own.”


    I totally forgot something called the Obsidian archive existed. I bet that’s how Kaleb found his “guest”. Moreover, the book is called HEART OF OBSIDIAN and Nalini uses the word obsidian to describe cardinal eyes.

    From KoS: “Huge obsidian eyes looked up at him, devoid of the stars that denoted a cardinal.”

    Kaleb is a cardinal. If I had any lingering doubts about Kaleb and the Ghost, they’re gone. And I’m 95% sure Sahara is his heroine.

    ps. Since I spent ten minutes trying to bold my quotes, could you tell me what the code is for future reference? Thanks!

  59. Jane
    May 20, 2013 @ 20:21:53

    @MissE – yes. I confess that I have read the whole thing.

  60. azteclady
    May 20, 2013 @ 21:02:10

    I love these posts–not only is Jane very articulate in her reasons for or against a theory (in this case, Kaleb as The Ghost) but she’s always careful to support her arguments with the text. It’s great to see all of these bits come together.

    Aside: the envy at Jane having read Heart of Obsidian is huge. HUGE!

  61. li
    May 20, 2013 @ 22:06:42

    What if Kaleb is not the ghost? What if Zaid is the ghost? If Alice is correct in that Zaid was watching out for her, he might still be alive waiting for Alice and protecting her and the net.
    I think that the heroine of this book is Faith’s missing cousin. In the excerpt, the heroine is described as having dark hair with red in it, the red hair being a Nightstar trait.

  62. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 20, 2013 @ 22:57:40

    @Adnana _ Thank you for the information. It’s perfect I could not remember about his looks just very handsome!!! As to your ghost theory I have to agree. When Kaleb first joined the council and the more I read about him the more I believed him to be The Ghost. I knew that Judd knew him, the meetings with the priest, all he could do, it seemed like he was the only one we knew about so far who has those abilities. For a moment I thought it was Vasic, however, it does not fit IMO. I do hope we learn more about Alice and that their will be a love interest for her she deserves it all the work she did and all those years in a coma! :) I would like to see a book and wonderful coupling for Aden. I kind of hope it is a changeling… look what they did for Judd and Walker~ I wonder who this new character is that Kaleb has in his home? Another strong female character Yay , Nalini! Yes, I agree I think Kaleb will end up being the ghost. Otherwise I think it would have to be a character we never met and I don’t think that is the way Nalini writes her stories.

  63. MarieC
    May 20, 2013 @ 23:09:26

    Oh, Jane! thank you so much for this! beats my notes any day!

    While this question doesn’t necessarily have to do with Arrows…does anyone know if the child cardinal who rescued Annie from the train wreck was Kaleb? (novella: Stroke of Enticement).

    Thanks again and can’t wait for this book in June! My friend and I have plans to go see Nalini Singh at her LA book release!!!

  64. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 00:26:44

    @MaryC Are you in San Diego by any chance? Looking to carpool, willing to share gas money from San Diego to LA to see Nalini @ her book signing. Unable to drive due to knee replacement surgery , however, I really want to see Nalini! If anyone is going from San Diego please contact me! TY
    Jane, great blog… can’t wait for your Ghost tweet! :))

  65. Amy
    May 21, 2013 @ 01:36:34

    Love this essay and the discussion! Thanks, Jane.

  66. leslie
    May 21, 2013 @ 10:34:57

    @MarieC: Thanks for mentioning Nalini’s L.A. book release at the Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. It’s very exciting!

    I thought from the get go that Kaleb is the Ghost, but I think Nalini is going to pull a fast one and present someone like Zaid. It’s a good mystery!

    @Jane: You have inspired me to start at the beginning and read the series again.

    Great post and comment thread.

  67. MarieC
    May 21, 2013 @ 10:40:58

    @nicoleangelsgathering: Sorry! I’m in the OC, but I hope you make it!

  68. Heather Greye
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:04:05

    Great post, Jane.

    Think I need to re-read the series before HoO comes out. Eleven books, 13 days, 3-day weekend. That’s doable, right? ;)

    Also, must say that I love the Arrow pic up top. One of my favorite shows this season. :)

  69. Jane
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:07:01

    I’m so glad people enjoyed this post. I certainly had fun revisiting the books. I love seeing all the theories and excerpts. One of the great things about this series is that there is so much to remember and talk about. I can’t wait for our book club chat in June!

    And yes, Heather, 13 books, 3 days. Who needs sleep?

  70. Cate
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:55:42

    @MarieC: @MarieC: I’ve always thought it was Vasic as he’s a cardinal teleporter –

  71. Cate
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:57:52

    As much as I’d love to see more about Zaid – I can’t see him as a romantic lead as he’d be a total Crinkley by the time of the Psy/Changeling series. ! :)
    ….. And am I losing the plot, or didn’t NS once say that Kaleb’s book would be the last in the Psy/Changeling arc ?

  72. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 13:34:44

    @MarieC thanks for responding. Hope I can get there.
    I had thought about Zaid, then I thought he was dead, however, after reading over several posts it never said he died. So, we have Kaleb, Vasic and Zaid. I never considered Zaid…. I have thought about Vasic..well I guess we’ll know soon enough! I thought Zaid loved Alice, I don’t know what gave me that idea. Any guesses who the mystery women is? Besides being an important psy..

  73. Cassandra
    May 21, 2013 @ 13:52:56

    The thing to keep in mind about Zaid is that he was an adult before Silence went into effect and that was over 100 years ago in the timeline of the series. While lifespans seem to be generally be a bit longer in this world with people living to 130 years, Zaid would still be a very old man if he happens to be alive. I believe that someone reported asking Nalini about Zaid and received an answer that he is dead (but how trustworthy is that fourth or fifth party information?). The more telling thing for me is that Nalini sticks to the rules of her world and for Zaid to be the Ghost and he would likely have to been frozen like Alice for some time which strikes me as VERY unlikely. Having said that I believe it very likely that we will see a descendent of Zaid pop-up, I think either Vasic or Aden are a descendent of Zaid. I believe neither of their last names have been offered in the books (perhaps because it would give too much away?).

  74. leslie
    May 21, 2013 @ 13:58:49

    @Cassandra: I like your theory.

  75. Cassandra
    May 21, 2013 @ 14:15:27

    @leslie: Thanks, but I believe the credit goes to another commenter on — I believe I was part of the discussion where it came up, but someone talks about the descendents, but I cannot remember where. If you haven’t been to the site, there is all kinds of interesting theories.

  76. MarieC
    May 21, 2013 @ 15:08:32

    @Cate: @nicoleangelsgathering: Well, initially, I thought Vasic too, but he doesn’t have Cardinal eyes (or isn’t a Cardinal).

    Well, whomever the rescuer is, I hope we meet him soon!

  77. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 16:51:37

    @Cassandra- your comment makes sense! Thanks I was confused about Zaid i.e. if he was alive, dead etc… Hmm, Aden or Vasic being a descendent, I like it! I like Aden!! :) I like Vasic in a different way. Agree, Marie C… I just want to know soon! And I believe as many questions as will be answered in the new book, new ones will pop up to keep us guessing! Nalini is an amazing writer! She writes imo the best love scenes, brilliant at world building and amazing characters -excellent continuity and a warm and loving writing style that draws you in and makes you want to visit the worlds she creates! If I had my choice to visit Guild Hunters World or Psy… hmm, not sure which I would pick, it would be a hard choice! I do want a love interest for Alice, she deserves it!

  78. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 17:16:41

    @ Cassandra, I went to the link, I did not see anything about descendents, however, someone posted there will be NO SnowDancers in this book. Does anyone know if that is true? Jane? Does that mean there will not be any changelings or just snowdancers? I can’t imagine a book without them. Tell me it’s not true… LOL!

  79. Cassandra
    May 21, 2013 @ 17:30:19

    Sorry, I just put the link on the forum. There are hundreds of threads there and I just couldn’t remember where that particular discussion is located. When I have time later, I will try to find it and post a specific link.

    Regarding the Snowdancers, that is from the review on GR. I just started to type more information on it, but it is likely best if you read it yourself.

  80. Jane
    May 21, 2013 @ 17:58:56


    Buried Comment (Reason: spoiler)   Show

    There are changelings in the story but the focus is on the Psy

  81. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 18:35:50

    Jane, sorry, I thought this was a spoiler thread. Won’t happens again.

    So- Another reason I now think Kaleb is the Ghost – What kind of questions can we ask the Ghost on Twitter… being we cannot spoil… :) TY

    “She put the disc to one side, more interested in this Ghost. “Is he one of us?” If there was one thing Faith and her father both agreed on, it was that they wanted their people freed from a Silence that was false – Anthony might be coldly Psy, but he was also the leader of a quiet revolution against the Council.

    “There’s no way to know. However, it is evident that the Ghost is part of the Council’s superstructure – he or she has access to classified data, but hasn’t acted on anything above a certain level. That could be because this individual doesn’t have higher access, or because he – ”

    ” – is being very careful not to do anything that might narrow the focus of inquiry as to his, or her, identity,” Faith completed.”
    Chapter 7 – Caressed by Ice
    Thank you , Jane, I was wondering what they were talking about.

  82. Jane
    May 21, 2013 @ 18:37:18

    @nicoleangelsgathering: It is a spoiler thread for everything up to HOO. I just put my own response into the spoiler.

  83. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 21, 2013 @ 18:38:44

    @ Cassandra- No problem.. it’s not that important, I was just wondering after I saw your link. Again great analysis! This is my first exposure to Dear Author, I really enjoy the writing, blogging and analysis! Thanks

  84. Belinda
    May 21, 2013 @ 20:02:17

    @Jane @Janine – interesting discussion re the Lauren’s defection. I think its a combination of all these events as well, plus it is also mentioned that the family as a whole was too piwerful, with three cardinals, not to mention Judd’s strength and Walker and Marlee.
    What I really appreciated in Nalini’s writing is the general lack of inconsistencies. That being said, one issue stands out for me but I’m not sure if it is an inconsistency or just how I’ve read it: in Branded by fire when Sienna is struggling to control her gifts she said `I might have to go back”. How would it even be possible for her to back? Her shielding would have to be incredible. At first, I thought it meant going Silent again, but it actually states “the dark skies of the PsyNet”.

    Also agree that the X-designation is a very rare and specific designation, as commented above

  85. Lisa
    May 21, 2013 @ 20:03:48


    In another forum they said that they had asked Nalini and she indicated that Zaid was really truly dead.

  86. azteclady
    May 21, 2013 @ 20:21:49

    @Belinda: There’s a mention somewhere of Ming wanting Sienna as his protegée, enough that she could have conceivably evaded the rehabilitation order–much as Judd could have. Being that powerful, perhaps she would consider whether the Arrows would protect her, should she chose to come back to the PsyNet.

  87. leslie
    May 21, 2013 @ 21:42:34

    @Lisa: I remember hearing that too. I just don’t think it’s Kaleb, Vasic or Aden, but then who else could it be? June 4th can’t come soon enough!

  88. Maritza
    May 21, 2013 @ 23:31:34

    Oh that would be a nice twist! Kylie being the heroine. But I can’t remember, didn’t they cremate her?

  89. Karen
    May 21, 2013 @ 23:36:40

    @Maritza: I can’t remember lol. I’m rereading Hostage to Pleasure right now because I needed to squash my theory. But i’ve already been told its not possible haha. Oh well. The idea was fun nonetheless.

  90. Yvonne
    May 22, 2013 @ 09:39:12

    @Cate: At 2013 Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane – I’m sure Nalini said there was still a few more books to the arc.

  91. Lisa
    May 22, 2013 @ 10:45:05


    I don’t think the ghost is an arrow. This essay Jane put together reminds me that the ghost gets his information about the arrows from Judd.

    I don’t think he is a councilor either. When the bomb is ready to go off he meets someone in a restaurant as an alibi, that doesn’t seem like something Kaleb or any councilor would do.

  92. Cate
    May 22, 2013 @ 11:28:59

    @Yvonne: Thanks … it’s because I’ve always thought Kaleb was the ghost – Actually it’s from another forum – and there they said that NS had mentioned that the Ghost’s book would be the last in the arc.
    And I’m off for a cuppa & a sulk – the UK’s edition isn’t being released until the 6th (sob)

  93. nicoleangelsgathering
    May 22, 2013 @ 17:30:54

    Lisa, those are excellent points! I give up trying to guess. I am going to wait for the book! After re- reading several books it would make no sense for it to be Vasic… someone new? ( that does not seem to fit the way Nalini writes /builds world ) So, who could it be…? Will it be available on Kindle on the 4th or just hardcover? I read the paperback is not coming out until Nov, that is what Amazon said when I tried to pre-purchase. Still trying to get from San Diego to LA for the signing. Keep fingers crossed for me that I find a ride…. :)

  94. WoodWench
    May 22, 2013 @ 21:00:15

    Good job on the Arrow’s recap Jane.
    Re: all Arrows being X’s, I can’t see it. In KOS it says that X’s don’t ever live to adulthood and also nobody else has the “twist” in their star like Walker. That valve is created by the net and since there are 160 active arrows at the moment that would mean 160 valves too, right?

    Just to drive everyone around the bend, here’s a thought on the Ghost’s identity; Are we sure the Ghost is male?

  95. azteclady
    May 23, 2013 @ 00:55:59

    @nicoleangelsgathering: On eBook on the 4th for USA and Canada only, I can’t find mention of when the eBook will be released elsewhere.

    @WoodWench: Yes, we are–check Ghost passages in Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need, male pronoun from The Ghost’s own perspective.

  96. Belinda
    May 23, 2013 @ 03:25:25

    @Karen etc regarding Kylie – it wassaid that she was definitely dead – the fatal wound was inflicted in her own home and when Dorian reached her, her blood was still warm.

  97. Karen
    May 23, 2013 @ 04:23:15

    @Belinda Ahh thank you. I can be at peace now with that crazy theory lol. Would’ve been cool, but not meant to be ;)

  98. MelissaB
    May 23, 2013 @ 13:07:20

    Did anyone read the notice about Nalini Singh’s chat as The Ghost on Twitter tonight? It says The Ghost from Heart of Obsidian which I read as the hero from this book is The Ghost.

    Anyone else read it this way?

  99. Emilye
    May 23, 2013 @ 16:12:05

    Wow, people, such food for thought!
    I agree with Jane that Kaleb = Ghost. The first details about Kaleb came in Visions of Heat when he and Faith were both being considered for Council (p176, 185). And Nikita reads a file on him in (MTP?) but I thought he was the Ghost, when Hyde was killed in an explosion, and Kaleb moved closer to the headship of the Council.
    I disagree with Janine: Walker and Judd never intended to leave Sienna behind, in any of their conversations about their defection.
    You might want to check out this blog on Nalini’s characters: She has alphabetical listings of all characters including details of first appearance, like Aden doing field surgery on Dorian in HTP…

  100. Emilye
    May 23, 2013 @ 16:35:45

    Sorry, one more thing…not sure HOO is Kaleb/Sahara story, just that we will see the payout of his finding her in this book. I hope it is Vasic/Alice’s story, because of her connection to Zaid and she is one who could make a difference in how the Arrows see themselves with her knowledge of their past…just a thought.

  101. library addict
    May 23, 2013 @ 21:24:36

    I’m not on twitter, but wanted to say thanks to Jane, Penguin, and the Ghost for the twitter chat.

  102. Jane
    May 23, 2013 @ 22:31:19

    @library addict: I felt that there were more questions than answers.

  103. library addict
    May 23, 2013 @ 23:53:04

    @Jane: Agreed. A lot of repeat questions, too. But I didn’t expect any major spoilers to be given anyway. It was fun.

  104. Ell
    May 24, 2013 @ 10:54:48


    If you can’t get a ride, maybe Vasic can teleport you! :-)

  105. Belinda
    May 25, 2013 @ 05:54:19

    @azteclady: If Sienna did return to the Net it would cause to much speculation regarding the rest of her family as they were all presumed dead at the same time. The Arrows could possibly protect her, but Ming was still in charge of the squad at the time (I believe) and still wanted her eliminated as she was a major threat. Still a minor inconsitency compared to the complexity of Nalini’s world building. Thanks for replying.

  106. azteclady
    May 25, 2013 @ 23:22:44

    @Belinda: if she returned as Sienna, yes.

    However: in Hostage to Pleasure we see how Ashaya was supposed to be able to reappear into a different area of the PsyNet, as long as she kept herself shielded. I theorize that the Laurens/Sienna would try the same trick, should she feel forced to return to the PsyNet.

    Further, in Tangle of Need we learned that the Arrows have kept secrets from their direct leader(s) and the Council at large for at least a full generation. Therefore, it’s conceivable that, had Judd asked–even before he knew to what extent the Arrows are autonomous–for help in hiding Sienna from Ming, they would have a) agreed to help and b) pulled it off.

    The weakest point on this theory, in my own eyes, is whether the timing of Sienna considering to return to the PsyNet matches Judd’s realization of the Arrows independence/hidden rebellion–I don’t mean knowing about the escaped Arrows, but trusting Aden and Vasic with the secret of Sienna/her powers. (If that last bit makes sense)

  107. Amy
    May 30, 2013 @ 10:50:14

    The closer we get to June 4, the harder it is for me to resist buying the book on release. I was going to wait for the paperback release date because I can’t justify the outrageous hardcover price (and certainly not the Kindle release price). But I don’t know if I can hold out until November and avoid all the spoiler discussions online! I paid the hardcover price for Kiss, and I am still not certain it was worth it.

  108. cleo
    May 30, 2013 @ 12:06:11

    @Amy: I know. I gave in and pre-ordered the ebook. I waited for Kiss of Snow to come out in paperback, but bought Tangle of Need when it first came out. But, there’s something exciting about reading a highly anticipated book at the same time that everyone else is reading it. I don’t usually buy hardbacks, but so far I’ve made exceptions for the last Harry Potter and now Nalini Singh.

  109. leslie
    May 30, 2013 @ 12:23:22

    @cleo: I usually wait for MMPB, but Nalini Singh is going to be at a bookstore near me on Tuesday to sign Heart of Obsidian. I just can’t pass up the chance to see her and be with Psy/Changling lovers on “opening day”!

  110. CrankyOtter
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 12:30:19


    Thank you very much for such a wonderful summary/reference. Now that I found out who I (insanely) lent my early books to and can get them back, I’ll be able to do a more focused “arrow reread”, so thanks for that! I do want to see more of the Arrows, but I’m not sure how I want to see them – I think it would be difficult for any of those we’ve met, outside Judd, to really bond well with someone romantically, although they seem to have the bromance bond down cold for all their supposed detachment. I guess it’s up to NS’s skill to make me believe it, and so far, so good with this series!

    Haven’t read the excerpt yet due to no time.

    Echoing the info on X designation – X is definitely its own thing, not a catchall. It’s clearly spelled out that strong X’s all die young, younger than many arrows, no exceptions, until the Laurens figure out the key. So if there’s an unknown designation, it’s not X, or at least not “plain” X. If any Arrow are X, they can’t be strongest in X unless they’re very young. Interesting that you point out how many of the arrows are misidentified. Makes me wonder how much/many these talents can develop over time, like at puberty, so that by the time some of the powers manifest, they’ve had enough training to block further attempts at classification.

    I agree that one of the cool things about this series is the connections. I so love the Noor/Keenan pairing, for instance. The requirement (for good or ill) that the Psy be linked despite themselves makes for interesting plot forcings. I’m less keen on the “if you die, I die” mating bond, but hey, love the series and that’s how she writes it, so that’s how it is, unless a workaround is found.

    Thoughts on the ghost:

    Buried Comment (Reason: Spoiler predictions)   Show

    While I kind of wanted the Ghost to be Kaleb, I don’t think he has enough time to be the Ghost. I was leaning toward Faith’s father for a long time, but he’s making less sense to me. I had dismissed Zaid entirely, but the comment about the Ghost “searching for one thing” got me thinking that the Ghost is Zaid and he’s searching for Alice. Huh. (That said, I’d rather have Alice start to integrate in the next book then maybe set her up as a secondary romance with a more modern guy than Zaid.) And if you asked, I could make a case for either Kaleb or Anthony. Doesn’t seem to be a woman, at any rate.

  111. Amy
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 15:41:32

    OMG, I just finished reading the book. Stayed up so late last night (after Kindle downloaded) that I missed my physical training appointment this morning. And instead of working; I’ve been hiding in my office until now finishing the book. I have sooo many hours of work to make up tonight! Can’t wait to discuss the book later.

  112. Liz
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 16:42:50

    I know what you mean Amy! I also just finished the book and need someone to share it with bad!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I sure hope her next book will be about Aden or Vasic, It’s the only thing that makes since right now. But who would the heroin be?! I need to know what comes next Aaaagggghhh!

  113. Liz
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 16:47:19

    Jane thank you so much for this page! I love how you’ve detailed the arrows and I sure hope you do an updated version after HoO is released worldwide.
    Thanks so much ;)

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    […] 3) Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh. I waited ten books for the answer to who was the Ghost. I posted a long thesis why I thought it was one particular character and I waited, with bated breath, for this book to deliver on a seven year promise that Singh started in Slave to Sensation.  And boy did she deliver. There were so many clues that Singh planted throughout the series that all led up to this epic conclusion. I’m amazed at the consistency of the worldbuilding and how the characters stayed true to their past depictions while still softening enough to fall in love. Bring on the Arrows! […]

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