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Daily Deals: YA, Mystery, Suspense, and an award winning middle grade

Stealing Parker Miranda KenneallyStealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Parker Shelton pretty much has the perfect life. She’s on her way to becoming valedictorian at Hundred Oaks High, she’s made the all-star softball team, and she has plenty of friends. Then her mother’s scandal rocks their small town and suddenly no one will talk to her.

Now Parker wants a new life.

So she quits softball. Drops twenty pounds. And she figures why kiss one guy when she can kiss three. Or four. Why limit herself to high school boys when the majorly cute new baseball coach seems especially flirty?

But how far is too far before she loses herself completely?

I really enjoyed Catching Jordan which depicted a high school quarterback trying to go to the next level. The “catch” is that Jordan is a girl. Kenneally is an author you should take a chance on at $1.99 if you like sports, strong girls, and young adult. Mild sexual content.

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Sacred and Profane Faye KellmermanSacred and Profane by Faye Kellmerman. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Los Angeles police detective Peter Decker is camping with the two young sons of his beautiful, Orthodox Jewish girlfriend Rina Lazarus. When he boys come upon two charred human skeletons, Decker is pulled into a sordid investigation that has “Danger” etched in blood….

Detective Decker had two problems. He had to find the killers of two young women from the incredibly seamy world of L.A. porn. And he had to learn to follow the faith of his new lover, Rina–or else lose her forever. From the author of The Ritual Bath.

This one sounds interesting. Peter Decker falls for Rina Lazarus, a young Jewish widow. He begins the process of converting, in part to marry Rina. PW says that the ending leaves the future with Rina “unresolved” but the personal aspects of their relationship appear to play a big part.

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They Came to Baghdad      by     Agatha ChristieThey Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Baghdad is holding a secret superpower summit, but the word is out, and an underground organization in the Middle East is plotting to sabotage the talks.

Into this explosive situation appears Victoria Jones, a young woman with a yearning for adventure who gets more than she bargains for when a wounded spy dies in her hotel room.

The only man who can save the summit is dead. Can Victoria make sense of his dying words: Lucifer…Basrah…Lefarge.…

For the Agatha Christie fans, another for your collection at a reduced price.

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Walk Two Moons      by     Sharon CreechWalk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. $ 1.99.

From the Jacket Copy:

“How about a story? Spin us a yarn.”

Instantly, Phoebe Winterbottom came to mind. “I could tell you an extensively strange story,” I warned.

“Oh, good!” Gram said. “Delicious!”

And that is how I happened to tell them about Phoebe, her disappearing mother, and the lunatic.

As Sal entertains her grandparents with Phoebe’s outrageous story, her own story begins to unfold—the story of a thirteen-year-old girl whose only wish is to be reunited with her missing mother.

In her own award-winning style, Sharon Creech intricately weaves together two tales, one funny, one bittersweet, to create a heartwarming, compelling, and utterly moving story of love, loss, and the complexity of human emotion.

After her mother leaves home suddenly, thirteen-year-old Sal and her grandparents take a car trip retracing her mother’s route. Along the way, Sal recounts the story of her friend Phoebe, whose mother also left.

I loved this book. Read it with the tot last year. We both got teary eyed in the story. Definitely recommend for any kid between the ages of say 8 and 12 and any adult.

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Between the Lines Tammara WebberBetween the Lines by Tammara Webber. $ 1.99 AMZN only

From the Jacket Copy:

Reid Alexander is used to getting what he wants – and what he wants next is his newest costar, Emma Pierce. The universe is lining up nicely to grant his wish, until he’s confronted with two unexpected obstacles on location: a bitter ex-girlfriend and a rival for Emma’s affections.

Emma Pierce just got her big break after years of filming commercials and made-for-TV movies. Winning the lead role in a wide-release film – opposite the very hot Reid Alexander – should be a dream come true. But Emma’s heart is hiding a secret fantasy: she wants to be a normal girl.

Mature Young Adult / New Adult

I really love Webber’s writing. This is the first book she self published and while strong, she certainly has grown as an author. This is Hollywood heavy and definitely has a more YA feel to it than her other books.

The blurb suggests Reid as the main male protag but the romantic entanglement is not between Emma and Reid but rather between Emma and Graham, another actor.

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Janine
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 12:09:49

    Four of these look really good. Can someone help me pick between the Kenneally, the Kellerman, the Creech and the Webber? I’d love to hear what readers thought of these books.

  2. Meljean
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 12:11:21

    My girl (almost 10) read all of Sharon Creech’s works last year and loved them — including this one. I definitely second that recommendation.

  3. hapax
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 12:50:22

    I loved the Rina Lazarus / Peter Decker series. Some were talking in t’other thread about the difficulty of incorporating religious beliefs and living faith in contemporary books without being “preachy” and these books do it SUPERBLY — and it isn’t (for once!) about Christianity. Rina’s Orthodox Judaism and Decker’s struggles with conversion are an important part of their respective characters, are central to the story, but never overwhelm or feel “tacked on.”

    My only reservation is that the mysteries are dark, dark, dark. I had to stop reading them when my children were little — far too many difficult pregnancies and endangered children in the series for me to bear.

  4. ms bookjunkie
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 13:04:25

    I like Faye Kellerman’s Peter Decker-Rina Lazarus series and recommend it to those who like mysteries/police procedurals/suspense/thrillers. There’s relationship stuff, religion stuff, police-politics stuff, LA-cop stuff, living-in-LA stuff and solving-the-case stuff. Lots of stuff. It’s interesting. (It’s not romance, but the relationship builds book by book.)

    Trigger warning: IIRC, the crimes/criminals are pretty realistic. I don’t recall there being more gore than necessary, but it’s not fade to black.

  5. Readsalot81
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 13:04:27

    Webber’s books are always good. While I didn’t love this set of books nearly as much as I did “Easy”, they are definitely still worth checking out. I like that her writing comes across as natural and unforced.

    I like Kenneally as well, but I thought Catching Jordan was quite a bit stronger than Stealing Parker. I got irritated by all the mean girl portrayals in Stealing Parker ( I think by the end of the book, she makes 1 female friend out of the many girls that make an appearance on the page). I haven’t read her latest, Things I Can’t Forget, although it’s on my TBR pile.

  6. Meri
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 14:34:41

    My recommendation is to go with Between the Lines. It’s not Webber’s best, but it is still very good, and sets up the rest of the series (Good For You can work as a standalone, but I think it’s better if you at least read BtL).

    Of the others, I’ve only read Kenneally’s Catching Jordan, which was good but not as good as Webber’s books – but at 1.99 I had to get Stealing Parker.

  7. Susan
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 14:38:55

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read Kellerman, but I used to devour her books. I’d def recommend this one to mystery lovers. (BTW, Faye is married to Jonathan, whose books I also liked.)

    I would have sworn I had read every Christie written, but didn’t remember this one. I’ll have to check it out.

  8. Maite
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 18:15:57

    @Susan: Two usual things about Christie’s backlist:
    1) There have been name changes to quite a few of them.
    2) The Poirot and Mrs. Marple tend to be considered as the only books she wrote.
    Those that have more “standalone” characters (though Race tends to do a cameo in many of those) are quite good, though some of the underlying themes are the same.
    On “They Came to Bagdad”: I really liked Victoria because, while she screwed up, she recognized her own mistakes and had no martyr tendencies.

  9. LeeF
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 18:48:37

    I had forgotten about this Kellerman series. I remember how much I enjoyed the relationship between Peter and Rina. My library has most of the books so I may have to revisit an old favorite.

  10. Janine
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 13:50:05

    Thanks to everyone who commented. I ended up deciding to start with the Faye Kellerman series, but since the deal was on book 2, I borrowed book 1, The Ritual Bath, from the library.

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