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The Ideal Man by Julie GarwoodThe Ideal Man by Julie Garwood. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

A woman’s life and love are compromised in this pulse-pounding new thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood…

Dr. Ellie Sullivan has witnessed the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of a ruthless modern-day Bonnie and Clyde known as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter’s face, Ellie is suddenly thrust into the center of a criminal investigation spearheaded by the no-nonsense, by-the-book, and tantalizingly handsome agent Max Daniels.

With the Landrys captured, she’ll be called to testify. But the Landrys have been caught before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence—or disappear. Now Max vows to be Ellie’s shadow, promising never to leave her side until the trial. But that could be dangerous for both of them, and it isn’t long before the sparks—and the bullets—fly.

At one time Julie Garwood was my favorite author and truly some of her books sit (in all their historically inaccurate glory) on my virtual TBR shelf. But her recent efforts in contemporary romantic suspense have kind of left me cold. I see glimmers of her past self there, enough so that I keep on buying and reading but it’s just not the same.

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Surviving Raine  Shay SavageSurviving Raine by Shay Savage. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

As the captain of a schooner catering to the elite on the Caribbean Seas, Sebastian Stark does his best to avoid any human encounters. Interacting with people isn’t his thing, and he prefers the company of a bottle of vodka, a shot glass, and maybe a whore. There’s no doubt he’s hiding from a checkered past, but he does well keeping everything to himself…

…until the night his schooner capsizes, and he’s stuck on a life raft with one of the passengers.

Raine’s young, she’s cute, and Bastian would probably be into her if he wasn’t suffering from alcohol withdrawal. As the days pass, DTs, starvation, and dehydration become the norm. Even the most closed person starts to open up when he thinks he’s going to die, but when she realizes their traumatic pasts are connected, it’s no longer the elements that have Bastian concerned.

He has no idea how he’s going to Survive Raine.

One good thing we can say about Shay Savage is that she isn’t writing what’s popular, rather what moves her. From a hitman to a caveman who never speaks, she’s exploring her own muses which I always appreciate. This is the first in at least a duology and I believe it ends with a rather large cliffhanger. It’s deep POV and she doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in her books. Some of the indie readers just adore her work. I need more dialogue in mine.

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The Bronze Horseman by Paullina SimonsThe Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

The golden skies, the translucent twilight, the white nights, all hold the promise of youth, of love, of eternal renewal. The war has not yet touched this city of fallen grandeur, or the lives of two sisters, Tatiana and Dasha Metanova, who share a single room in a cramped apartment with their brother and parents. Their world is turned upside down when Hitler’s armies attack Russia and begin their unstoppable blitz to Leningrad.

Yet there is light in the darkness. Tatiana meets Alexander, a brave young officer in the Red Army. Strong and self-confident, yet guarding a mysterious and troubled past, he is drawn to Tatiana—and she to him. Starvation, desperation, and fear soon grip their city during the terrible winter of the merciless German siege. Tatiana and Alexander’s impossible love threatens to tear the Metanova family apart and expose the dangerous secret Alexander so carefully protects—a secret as devastating as the war itself—as the lovers are swept up in the brutal tides that will change the world and their lives forever.

I know I’ve featured this book in a deal post before. It’s one of the most epic love stories I’ve ever read. Keishon of the AvidReader got me to read this. The story ends in a cliffhanger and there are two others that follow. I’m not entirely certain I’d recommend the other two. I’m glad I read them but there are some heartbreaking things that happen in the second two. You almost want to make up your own HEA at the end of the Bronze Horseman. I heard it was going to be made into a movie and again, I’m afraid of watching it.

The love the two characters have for each other against the backdrop of the war is a stunning, never to be forgotten romance. You should buy this book at $1.99 even if you don’t want to read it today.

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All Out of Love (Cupid, Texas Series #2) by Lori WildeAll Out of Love by Lori Wilde. $ 1.99.

From the Jacket Copy:

The newest Cupid, Texas romance,from the author of The First Love Cookie Club and the Jubilee, Texas novels . . .Football star Pierce Hollister has fame, fortune, and beautiful women who’ll do anything for him . . . whether he asks them to or not. But when it all comes crashing down, Pierce finds himself back home, running the ranch inCupid, Texas, wondering how it all went wrong.

But one thing is right: Lace Bettingfield. The formerplain-Jane has turned into a luscious knockout—trouble is,she won’t even give him the time of day no matterhow many passes he makes.

Being in love with your older brother’s best friend is awkward enough, and Pierce was the cause of Lace’s most embarrassing high school moment ever when her secret letter to him declaring her love landed right on the front page of the school newspaper! Pierce is still as stubborn, sexy, and arrogant as ever . . . but Lace is about to see that things aren’t always as they seem . . . especially whenit comes to love.

Wilde is one of those authors I always have every intention of reading but then never do. I love Football books so you think this would be an awesome book for me to read plus it is older brother’s best friend. Another trope I love. I guess I’ll buy it and we will all see if it makes from the TBR pile to the read pile. What are my odds?

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. JRB
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 14:35:06

    Surviving Raine doesn’t end with a cliff hanger, the epilogue sets the stage for the next book that is coming out this month but the ending felt pretty satisfactory. Although I would say the ending was more of a HFN. I really enjoyed this book that deep POV worked for me. If people are on the fence I’d give it a try she really does some different stuff. I haven’t gotten around to her other books does anyone know if her other books end on big cliff hangers? Cliff hangers are a deal breaker for me unless the whole series is out.

  2. Michele Mills
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 16:13:03

    I read Transcendence by Shay Savage earlier this year (the caveman who never speaks book). It was WONDERFUL. I got the rec from Joanna Chamber’s blog. Transcendence is told from his POV the whole book, he never once talks but believe me, you do not care, and you can see how the heroine, a modern day woman, fell in love with him and gave up everything to be with him. It’s a very deep love story, the kind where you put the book down at the end and you’re still thinking about it days later. (Not a cliff hanger!) I tweeted Jane, trying to bully her into reading it, but it, “wasn’t her thing.” (Whatever!) :)

    Thanks for clearing up how Surviving Raine isn’t a cliffhanger. I can’t do cliffys either! I’m one clicking Surviving Raine right now. I’d love to try more from this author!

  3. Maria F
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 16:33:06

    Bite Me by Shelley Laurenston is $2.99 right now on kindle.

  4. Susan
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 17:13:54

    Thank you, @Maria F! For once, I held off buying a new SL release because I’ve been burned when they went on sale shortly afterwards. My patience finally paid off. Yay.

  5. Deb
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 18:33:17

    Bite Me is free at B&N right now.

  6. cleo
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 19:52:16

    Looks like only the first five chapters of Bite Me are free at BN – a free sneak preview. But the whole book is still 9.99 at BN.

  7. Renda
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 19:56:29


    Ouch. I went to B&N, saw it. Then I looked around at a couple of other things. came back and it was up to $9.99, just that quickly. Literally less than five minutes.

  8. Liz (Bugetta)
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 20:18:32

    The listing at B&N is really misleading. If you just do a search for Bite Me, it says the paperback is $9.15 and the nook book is free, but really, that’s the sample, not the full book. Grr.

  9. Deb
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 20:58:11

    @Liz…you’re right! I only noticed it is the first five chapters when my email announced the Sneak Preview is ready for downloading. Rats!

  10. Maria F
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 21:07:37

    @Susan: You’re welcome! I’ve had that happen, too. In fact, happening right now with some Kristen Ashley going for .99 (At Peace, For You, Golden Trail, Game of Hearts is what I’ve seen today).

  11. CC
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 22:15:55

    Re All Out of Love: football, former plain-Jane AND the H being responsible for the H’s most embarrassing moment? That hits three of my very favorite buttons :-)

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