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Daily Deals: MMA, historical fiction, and more

Knock Out (Worth the Fight), by Michele MannonKnock Out by Michele Mannon. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Logan Rettino never imagined she’d fall so far. Dropped by her ex on national TV, she’s gone from prima ballerina to ring card girl, reduced to revving up the crowds before MMA bouts. However distasteful she finds her new job, it pays well…and she needs the money if she’s ever going to rebuild her life. Promised a huge bonus if she can convince a brooding, gifted welterweight to keep fighting, she’ll do whatever it takes to earn his trust.

Keane O’Shea is unbeatable in the octagon. A former marine, he fights with a ruthlessness no gym jockey can match. He knows his brutal strength is too much for the delicate ex-ballerina, regardless of how fascinating he finds Logan’s tight dancer’s body. But one private performance and he’s drawn to her in a way he can’t—or won’t—resist.

As Logan discovers the heartbreaking truth that lies beneath this handsome warrior’s rage, she’ll need to forfeit everything she thought mattered for the one thing that matters the most: saving Keane from himself.

89,000 words

I started this but couldn’t finish it because the heroine really annoyed me in the first chapters but since I didn’t finish it, maybe it turns around.

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Funerals for Horses - Catherine Ryan HydeFunerals for Horses by Catherine Ryan Hyde. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

By the bestselling author of DON’T LET ME GO and PAY IT FORWARD, FUNERALS FOR HORSES is a deeply felt and heartrending story of redemption and love, disappearance and faithfulness.

Ella Ginsberg’s brother Simon has disappeared. His clothing, shoes and watch were found abandoned near a freight line track in Central California. His jockey shorts and wallet were never found. The police have no clue, and Simon’s wife had no warning that anything was wrong.

Ella takes off on foot across much of California and Arizona, thinking she can find Simon using nothing but her knowledge of the way he might think. Her search leads her to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, where she is helped and befriended by three Native Americans and an aged paint horse named Yozzie.

Ella has serious mental health issues, and Simon, who raised her, is still the most important person in her shaky world. Only maybe it’s not as unstable as it looks from the outside. Maybe inside Ella a core of unexpected strength is emerging. Maybe Ella is even stronger than the brother who held her family’s lives together for so long.

Library Journal says “Hyde, a noted short story writer, successfully offers a rich blend of metaphors and genuine characters that will touch the hearts of readers. Highly recommended for all collections”

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Sinful Folk by Ned HayesSinful Folk by Ned Hayes. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

A tragic loss. A desperate journey. A mother seeks the truth.

In December of 1377, four children were burned to death in a house fire. Villagers traveled hundreds of miles across England to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Sinful Folk is the story of this terrible mid-winter journey as seen by Mear, a former nun who has lived for a decade disguised as a mute man, raising her son quietly in this isolated village. For years, she has concealed herself and all her history. But on this journey, she will find the strength to claim the promise of her past and create a new legacy. Mear begins her journey in terror and heartache, and ends in triumph and redemption.

The remarkable new novel by Ned Hayes, illustrated by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Nikki McClure, Sinful Folk illuminates the medieval era with profound insight and compassion.

Favorably reviewed by bestselling historical writers Karen Maitland, Brenda Vantrease, Kathryn Le Veque, and Ella March Chase, Sinful Folk will be the historical breakthrough novel of 2014.

This story is based on true events. One reviewer said “Positives include an interesting time period, real tragedy in terms of loss, betrayal, and cruelty, a worthy quest, a refreshing reverence to both Christian and Jewish tradition, and a satisfying ending. But I found the first person voice of the protagonist almost primitive (short sentences, short paragraphs, etc.), tedious, and distracting”

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Promises to Keep  by Ann TatlockPromises to Keep by Ann Tatlock. $ .99.

From the Jacket Copy:

Eleven-year-old Roz (Rosalind) Anthony and her family have just moved to Mills River, Illinois, to escape an abusive situation. Only days after settling into their new home, they are surprised to find the previous owner, Tillie Monroe, on their front porch reading the newspaper. Though her sons have sold the house and sent her to a facility for the aged, she is determined to die in the place she lived her life, and somehow manages to find her way “home” day after day. Feeling sympathy for the elderly woman, Roz’s mother allows Tillie to move back in.

Mara Nightingale becomes Roz’s first friend in Mills River. In spite of their many differences, the girls discover they have something in common that binds them together–both are hiding secrets. So they make a promise–“cross my heart and hope to die”–never to tell anyone else.

When danger stalks the Anthonys, Tillie exhibits unimaginable courage and selfless love in her determination to protect the family she has adopted as her own.

Booklist gave this a starred review. “Recommended for fans of inspirational coming-of-age stories and tales of brave young women. –Elizabeth Ponder”

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  1. Susan
    May 15, 2014 @ 16:15:29

    Thanks–I think I’ll give a couple of these a try (or, more truthfully, add them to the pile).

    On a side note, I usually use your link to check out the KDDs. While I was pondering today’s SFF deal, I read the top review, and comments, and backed away quickly. Seriously, I’m just tired of all the idiocy and drama from self-pubbed authors. No sale.

  2. Jane
    May 15, 2014 @ 16:23:03

    @Susan: “She stopped her menstruations and looked at the boy.”


  3. Marianne McA
    May 16, 2014 @ 02:02:25

    I was waiting for a phone call, so read that thread.

    Not too much drama, but a little entertaining that the author, defending herself from the suggestion that the book has too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, suggests the reviewer may be trying “to establish herself as a book critique”, adding “This is the right of free speech for her.”

  4. MrsJoseph
    May 16, 2014 @ 10:54:47

    @Susan: Ouch! That’s one to avoid, for sure.

  5. Jane Davitt
    May 16, 2014 @ 13:50:51


    I’d never say someone shouldn’t write a book, because creativity is wonderful and so is expressing it, but I sometimes wish, as with driving a car, you had to pass a test on the basics before you were allowed to publish it and charge for your poorly written, unedited attempts.

    Even her bio is flawed. Some of the sentences don’t make any sense. Red flag right there.

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