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Daily Deals: Knitters, Mall walkers gone wild, and FBI seductresses

When Somebody Loves You by Cindy GerardWhen Somebody Loves You by Cindy Gerard. $ 1.99 AMZN | Google

From the Jacket Copy:

Now available as an eBook, a sizzling two-book collection of previously published classic romances, Temptation from the Past and Slow Burn, by New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard.

Temptation from the Past: Intrigued by the enigmatic lawyer who defended abused children with passion but who seemed untouched by his charm, Michael Hayward wanted to thaw January Stewart’s cool demeanor and rouse the heat he suspected lay underneath.Michael was the sexiest man January had ever seen, but she knew the renowned journalist was trouble. Was this man her worst nightmare come back to haunt her—or the one who would break down the defenses of a lifetime and cast away her pain?

Slow Burn: He was a wanderer whose troubled gaze barely hid his anger and despair, but Joanna Taylor knew she’d offer Adam Dursky the handyman job at her Minnesota lodge. Drawn to a loneliness in him that echoed her own, she couldn’t fight the desire his touch awakened in her.
Adam had battled his ghosts and shadows for months, but only Joanna’s touch kept the terrible memories at bay. Determined to convince her that forgiveness was better than regret, Adam insisted she make peace with her own past. Could a redheaded rebel who’d given up on love heal the pain of a hero who thought he’d lost his courage?

Nice enjoyable reads says the three star review.

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Deadly Pursuit Misty EvansDeadly Pursuit by Misty Evans. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Her sting operation put a ruthless criminal in prison…

One year ago, rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport pulled off the ultimate undercover operation…she seduced Emilio Londano – the dangerous leader of the San Diego Mafia – and destroyed his illegal empire.

Now he’s escaped and looking for revenge…

When Londano escapes a maximum security prison and begins picking off Celina’s friends and coworkers, everyone she knows becomes a target. Including DEA agent Cooper Harris, the man who once broke her heart and is now assigned to be her bodyguard.

How far will they go to stop him?

Cooper must risk his career – and his heart – to keep Celina alive. But will their past, with its forbidden passions and impulsive choices, put them directly in his crosshairs?

I hope he looks up before firing that gun. I’m concerned about the accuracy of the shot unless he has a special neck scope??

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No Safety In Numbers  by Dayna LorentzNo Safety In Numbers by Dayna Lorentz. $ 2.99 AMZN | Google

From the Jacket Copy:

Life As We Knew It meets Lord of the Flies in a mall that looks just like yours

A biological bomb has just been discovered in the air ducts of a busy suburban mall. At first nobody knows if it’s even life threatening, but then the entire complex is quarantined, people start getting sick, supplies start running low, and there’s no way out. Among the hundreds of trapped shoppers are four teens.

These four different narrators, each with their own stories, must cope in unique, surprising manners, changing in ways they wouldn’t have predicted, trying to find solace, safety, and escape at a time when the adults are behaving badly.

This is a gripping look at people and how they can—and must—change under the most dire of circumstances.

And not always for the better.

Library Journal “As this book focuses on the relationships and personal dramas of the four narrators, the suspense and tension of an emergency situation is never really felt. Ryan and Marco are both attracted to Shay and dealing with their own tribulations, while Lexi makes some friends and connects with her mom. The characters, though a little clichéd, are likable.”

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Spinning Forward Terri DuLongSpinning Forward by Terri DuLong. $ 2.99 at AMZN | Google Play.

From the Jacket Copy:

In a debut novel brimming with warmth and wit, Terri DuLong spins a tale of new beginnings, old friends, and lives forever bound. . .A New Englander born and bred, the last place Sydney Webster expects to find herself starting over is on an island off the coast of Florida. Yet here she is in Cedar Key, trying to pull herself together after her husband’s untimely death–and the even more untimely revelation of his gambling addiction. Bereft of her comfortable suburban life, Syd takes shelter at a college pal’s bed and breakfast, where amidst the bougainvillea blossoms and the island’s gentle rhythms, a plan begins to form. . .Syd never considered the possibility of turning her passion for spinning and knitting into something more than a hobby, but when the unique composition of her wool draws attention, a door is opened–the first among many. Yet even as she ventures out of her comfort zone, Syd finds herself stepping into the embrace of a community rich with love, laughter, friendship. . .and secrets. And as long-hidden truths are revealed, Syd faces a choice: spin a safety net–or spin decidedly forward and never look back. . .

So when I was looking for deals one came up about a missing plane over the Pacific and I hestitated and then thought, “too soon.” So instead you are getting a knitting book. Who doesn’t like knitting books except for maybe people who don’t knit?

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. hapax
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 14:16:52

    I don’t knit and have nothing against knitting books per se except the way it has become a synonym for “small town cozy”.

    Where are the knitting thrillers? SEALs who knit? Knitting shifters (werepanthers want a BIG ball of yarn) ? Knitting zombies (Skeeeeiiinnnsss of BRAAAIIIINNSS) ? Knitting erotica (no, I’ll leave that to your imagination…) ?

  2. Ros
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 15:03:21

    I knit and I actually hate a lot of knitting books. I have a particular loathing for knitting club books and knitting mysteries and knitting books with a ‘pattern’ for a basic rib scarf included.

  3. Rose
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 15:08:37

    Outlander’s Jamie Fraser can knit. Claire remarks on it in one of the books – that she can barely do anything while he was showing off by knitting striped socks.

    I don’t think that Zombies would be able to focus much on their knitting.

  4. JJPP
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 15:08:38

    @hapax: LOL at skeins of brains! But have you read Penny Reid’s “Knitting in the City” books (Neanderthal Seeks Human, Friends without Benefits, etc.)? I really like them, and the gals in the ol’ knitting club get up to some more exciting shenanigans than your typical cozy heroines. No zombies so far, though…

  5. leslie
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 16:14:11

    @hapax: Have you read Gil McNeil’s “knitting” series? I loved it, though, since I think A Discovery of Witches is amazing……our tastes may differ. :)

  6. MrsJoseph
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 16:14:52

    @hapax: There’s always “The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad.” I haven’t read it but I want to!

  7. cleo
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 17:10:47

    I always enjoy DA discussions of knitting books – can’t remember who observed that knitting romances usually involve cancer, but it’s kind of true.

    I’ve read one f/f and several m/m knitting novellas – most had a lot of sex and no cancer or cozies. No weres or zombies – although a knitting needle wouldn’t be a bad defense against zombies.

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