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Daily Deals: A homeless man, a GLBT biography, and two contrasting...

Poughkeepsie by Debra AnastasiaPoughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

He counts her smiles every day and night at the train station. And morning and evening, the beautiful commuter acknowledges him-just like she does everyone else on the platform. But Blake Hartt is not like the others . . . he’s homeless. Memories of a broken childhood have robbed him of peace and twisted delusions into his soul. He stays secluded from the sun, sure the world would run from him in the harsh light of day.
Each day, Livia McHugh smiles politely and acknowledges her fellow commuters as she waits for the train to the city. She dismisses this kindness as nothing special, just like her. She’s the same as a million other girls-certainly no one to be cherished. But special or not, she smiles every day, never imagining that someone would rely on the simple gesture as if it were air to breathe.

When the moment comes that Livia must do more than smile, without hesitation she steps into the fray to defend the homeless man. And she’s surprised to discover an inexplicable connection with her new friend. After danger subsides, their smiles become conversation. Their words usher in a friendship, which awakens something in each of them. But it’s not long before their bond must prove its strength. Entanglements from the past challenge both their love and their lives.
Blake’s heart beats for Livia’s, even if her hands have to keep its rhythm. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. Love never fails, right?

In an interwoven tale of unlikely loves and relationships forged by fire, Debra Anastasia takes readers into the darkest corners of human existence, only to show them the radiant power of pure adoration and true sacrifice. Complicated families and confused souls find their way to light in this novel, which manages to be racy, profane, funny, and reverent all at once.

This is one of the famous early Twilight fan fictions. The middling reviews criticize the book for it’s huge cast of characters making it difficult for readers to follow but it’s an intriguing premise and antidote to the billionaire stories. The main male pro tag and love interest is a homeless man.

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Winning Miss Wakefield: The Wallflower Wedding Series by Vivienne LorretWinning Miss Wakefield (Wallflower Weddings #2) by Vivienne LorretWinning Miss Wakefield: The Wallflower Wedding Series by Vivienne Lorret. $ . 99

From the Jacket Copy:

She’s got nothing left to lose …

With her fiancé suddenly engaged to another and her reputation in tatters, Merribeth Wakefield needs a bold plan to reclaim her life. She must be brave. Confident. She must … kiss a rake? The suggestion is ludicrous! Yet when Merribeth finds herself alone with the dark and brooding Lord Knightswold, suddenly the plan doesn’t seem so farfetched. So she does something she never thought she’d do—she kisses him.

But he has everything to gain …

The Marquess of Knightswold—Bane to most—has no use for the affections of women. Well, none lasting longer than a single night. A plot for revenge weighs heavy on his mind, leaving no room for romance. But then a shy, witty miss borrows a kiss from him in a darkened room, and everything he thought he knew about innocent debutantes vanishes along with her.

When a twist of fate brings Merribeth within Bane’s grasp, he’ll have to resist her charms—or risk losing everything—for the sake of his heart.

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I find it weird that Avon is calling this the Wallflower series given that is the name of the series of Lisa Kleypas series also published by Avon.

One reviewer said she had a hard time because she’d not read the first book and that there were three pages devoted to embroidery thread.

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The Queen of Whale Cay: The Eccentric Story of "Joe" Carstairs, Fastest Woman on WaterThe Queen of Whale Cay: The Eccentric Story of “Joe” Carstairs, Fastest Woman on Water by Kate Summerscale. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:


A fascinating biography of the woman champion motorboat racer of the 1920s who in the ’30s bought and became ‘ruler’ of an island in the British West Indies. ‘Joe’ Carstairs was born in London in 1900, the daughter of a Scottish colonel and an American heiress. Educated in Connecticut, she returned to Europe in 1916 and drove ambulances for the Women’s Legion in France. She deserted her husband at the church door (marriage was a prerequisite of her coming into her $4 million inheritance) and settled in England where she took up racing, established a boat yard at Cowes and won nearly every trophy going.

In the 30s she started traveling widely, finally moving to the West Indies where she bought the island of Whale Cay. There she developed the island into a populated community, building everything from roads and schools to lighthouses and churches.

Carstairs then succeeded in establishing hegemony over the 500 islanders, controlling not only their sexual morals but also their diet. In 1944 she built a deepwater harbor for the Royal Navy’s use and, without a word to her population, left the island to build warcraft in Florida, where she settled for 40 years, having run a steamship freightline and set up a chain of airports. Kate Summerscale’s brilliant biography brings out of obscurity a woman whose very boldness took her beyond fame and notoriety.

One of the reviews said that cross dressing Joe Carstairs was interesting but the thin story doesn’t give a true picture of her life. I would guess that Joe identified as male and perhaps would be considered a transvestite by today’s standards. On the whole even of it is a short biography it is a fascinating glimpse at a queer person in the 1920s.

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The Devil of Clan Sinclair By Karen RanneyThe Devil of Clan Sinclair by karen Ranney. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

To Dance with the Devil . . .
For Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, marriage was merely the vehicle to buy her father a title. Widowhood, however, brings a host of problems. For her husband deliberately spent the money intended for Virginia and her in-laws, leaving them penniless— unless she produces an heir. Desperate and confused, Virginia embarks on a fateful journey that brings her to the doorstep of the only man she’s ever loved . . .
He’s known as the Devil, but Macrath Sinclair doesn’t care. He moved to a tiny Scottish village in hopes of continuing his work as an inventor and starting a family of his own. He bought the house; he chose the woman. Unfortunately, Virginia didn’t choose him. Macrath knows he should turn her away now, but she needs him, and he wants her more than ever. Whatever game Virginia’s playing, Macrath intends to win— one wickedly seductive deed at a time . . .

I’ve always felt that Ranney’s romances were far more thoughtful and touching than the blurbs or covers convey. however a fan of hers noted on Amazon that this wasn’t her favorite Ranney novel in part because the hero and heroine engage in some pretty mean behavior toward one another. But hey, angst. Still Ranney’s prose is lovely and it’s a cheap price at which to try her out.

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. CelineB
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 13:59:08

    I’ve liked other Ranney books but I didn’t finish The Devil of Clan Sinclair. The ‘use the guy I really wanted to marry to get pregnant and pretend it was my dead husband’s heir’ plot didn’t work for me. Why not just tell the hero her problem in the first place? He seemed like he would have helped her. Also, the book was just so slow I felt like I’d rather abandon it and read one of my many other books.

  2. Jayne
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 17:58:12

    She deserted her husband at the church door (marriage was a prerequisite of her coming into her $4 million inheritance)

    I guess I need to give this plot line a bit of slack from now on.

  3. Pam L
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 18:35:50

    Re: Reuse of “Wallflower”: AVON also used the same cover concept from a book they published in 2011;

  4. Jane
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 19:18:02

    @Jayne – ha ha ha. Every time we complain now, someone in the comments can say that it happens to Joe Carstairs!

  5. Jane
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 19:18:35

    @PamL – it must market well to reuse it so frequently.

  6. MikiS
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 22:53:15

    Odd – the Ranney ebook is coming up on the B&N website twice – one for 1.99 and one for 0.99.

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