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So Over You  by     Gwen HayesSo Over You by Gwen Hayes. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Layney Logan, girl reporter.

That’s all she’s ever wanted to be. This year, her senior year, not only does she have to share the coveted Senior Editor position with her arch nemesis, Jimmy Foster, she also has to figure out how to keep the school paper alive. With the local paper closing and the school cutting Journalism from the budget, it’s a long shot. Working side-by-side with Foster, the guy she likes to call Lucifer,makes it even worse.

The only thing Layney dislikes more than swimming in the high school dating pool is Jimmy Foster think he got the best of her, so she takes
his ridiculous newspaper assignment–to go on twelve blind dates–to prove his powers of darkness won’t work on her. The trouble is, the more she learns about herself on her journey of bad blind dates, the more she wonders if maybe Foster has known her better than she knows herself all this time.

And maybe she should have trusted him with the secret she’s kept for four years—the secret that broke them up to begin with.

So Over You is a young adult short novel of almost 40,000 words.

Gwen Hayes is a frequent DA commenter and has both self published and traditionally published titles under her belt. This book sounds like frothy fun and at .99c a good price to give the author a try.

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Dragon Haven (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Vol. 2) by Robin HobbDragon Haven by Robin Hobb . $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

he acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Dragon Keeper returns with a second enthralling tale of dragons and humans, adventure and discovery, love and freedom

Centuries had passed since dragons last roamed the war-torn world of the Rain Wild River. But as peace once again settled upon the land, a lost generation of sea serpents—ancient, half-starved, and weary—returned to cocoon, certain that they would be reborn as the beautiful and powerful dragons of legend. But their arduous journey exacted a heavy toll, and the proud serpents emerged as sickly, half-formed beasts, unable to fly or hunt . . . or thrive. For years now they have been trapped on a swampy riverbank between forest and river, hungry and barely alive, reliant on humans to provide for them.

With their survival at stake, fifteen dragons—among them the wise golden Mercor, the haughty and dazzling silver-blue queen Sintara, and the delicate copper beauty Relpda—have set off on a dangerous trek into the unknown, up the Rain Wild River, in hopes of rediscovering the ancient Elderling city of Kelsingra, the lost haven for dragons and Elderlings alike. The dragons are accompanied by a disparate group of human keepers, rejects from Rain Wild society. They, too, yearn to find Kelsingra and create a home of their own, one in which they may make their own rules and decide their own fate. But is Kelsingra real or merely a fragment of a glorified past buried deep in the dragons’ shared memories? No map exists to guide them, and the noble creatures find their ancient recollections of little use in a land changed by generations of flooding and seismic chaos.

As the dragons, the humans—including the strong and defiant Rain Wild girl Thymara; the wealthy dragon scholar and Trader’s wife, Alise; and her companion, the urbane Sedric—and their magical supply barge, captained by the gruff Leftrin, forge their way ever deeper into uncharted wilderness, human and beast alike discover they are changing in mysterious and dangerous ways. While the bonds between them solidify, starvation, flashfloods, and predators will imperil them all. But dragons and humans soon learn that the most savage threats come from within their own company . . . and not all of them may survive.

Returning to the territory of her beloved Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies, New York Times bestselling author Robin Hobb creates a lush and ultimately triumphant tale set in an imaginative world of magic and wonder as compelling and emotionally resonant as our own.

This book apparently introduces the topic of homosexuality and coming out, something that is rarely addressed in fantasy books according to one GR reviewer. My guess is if you like Hobb, this one will work. Although another reviewer did caution that the resolution to the conflicts kind of fizzled out.

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The Prophet      by     Michael KorytaThe Prophet by Michael Koryta. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Adam Austin hasn’t spoken to his brother in years. When they were teenagers, their sister was abducted and murdered, and their devastated family never recovered. Now Adam keeps to himself, scraping by as a bail bondsman, working so close to the town’s criminal fringes that he sometimes seems a part of them.

Kent Austin is the beloved coach of the local high school football team, a religious man and hero in the community. After years of near misses, Kent’s team has a shot at the state championship, a welcome point of pride in a town that has had its share of hardships.

Just before playoffs begin, the town and the team are thrown into shock when horrifically, impossibly, another teenage girl is found murdered. As details emerge that connect the crime to the Austin brothers, the two must confront their buried rage and grief-and unite to stop a killer.

Michael Koryta, widely hailed as one of the most exciting young thriller authors at work today, has written his greatest novel ever-an emotionally harrowing, unstoppably suspenseful novel that Donald Ray Pollock has called “one of the sharpest and superbly plotted crime novels I’ve read in my life.”

This cover is freaky. The sale price is reflected at BN and Amazon. The book sounds pretty awesome according to the Kirkus reviewer, Friday Night Lights meets In Cold Blood:

This book succeeds on any number of levels. It’s a brilliantly paced thriller that keeps its villains at a tantalizing distance, a compelling family portrait, a study in morality that goes beyond the usual black-and-white judgments, and an entertaining spin on classic football fiction. A flawless performance. A compulsively readable novel about brothers on opposite sides of life.

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Demon Hunting In Dixie by Lexi GeorgeDemon Hunting In Dixie by Lexie George. $ 2.99.

From the Jacket Copy:

A warrior, a demon, and the girl next door…

Looking For Trouble

Addy Corwin is a florist with an attitude. A bad attitude, or so her mama says, ‘cause she’s not looking for a man. Mama’s wrong. Addy has looked. There’s just not much to choose from in Hannah, her small Alabama hometown. Until Brand Dalvahni shows up, a supernaturally sexy, breathtakingly well-built hunk of a warrior from-well, not from around here, that’s for sure.Mama thinks he might be European or maybe even a Yankee. Brand says he’s from another dimension.

Addy couldn’t care less where he’s from. He’s gorgeous. Serious muscles. Disturbing green eyes.Brand really gets her going. Too bad he’s a whack job. Says he’s come to rescue her from a demon. Puh-lease. But right after Brand shows up, strange things start to happen. Dogs talk and reanimated corpses stalk the quite streets of Hannah. Her mortal enemy Meredith, otherwise known as the Death Starr, breaks out in a severe and inexplicable case of butt boils. Addy might not know what’s going on, but she definitely wants a certain sexy demon hunter by her side when it all goes down…

Reviews say that this is a cute, fun read. One of the reviewers, however, felt that the portrayal of the south is fairly cliched.

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. mari
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 12:53:48

    The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan is another fantasy featuring a gay male character as lead. There’s no coming out, the lead, is what he is. He’l kill you, if you bug him about it too. And the world isn’t always gay friendly. Don’t read it for the “gay,” read because its awesome. Though if you want gay, it works that way too. :)

    I’ve read and enjoyed other books by Koryta, so I will be trying this one too.

  2. JenM
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 15:20:14

    I picked up Demon Hunting in Dixie and was very pleasantly surprised, so much so that I will probably continue the series. It’s cute and lighthearted for the most part with a few smokin’ hot scenes mixed in. However, if you have low tolerance for southern stereotypes, then this is probably not the book for you as they are the main source of the humor. My advice would be to sample first, as the sample is a good representation of what the rest of the book will be like.

  3. Sunny
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 16:56:16

    I’m liking the Rain Wilds series, and I think they succeed as a stand-alone although they’re much better if you’ve read the Liveships trilogy (and the Tawny Man trilogy, which depends on the Farseer trilogy…) as some characters from the previous trilogy make more than small appearances here. The pacing is a little slow, especially as the fourth book to this series is only coming out this year and like most people I was expecting resolution in the third, but if you like dragons and characters that aren’t TSTL then they’re worth a shot. The book really shines where it addresses gay relationships faced with the same stigma you’d find today, and I really enjoyed how it’s not resolved with a handwave and is treated with all the respect and weight it deserves.

  4. D. B. Reynolds
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 16:58:24

    Someone (maybe several someones?) must have agreed about the freaky cover on the Kortya book, because when I went to buy it at Amazon, the cover was changed.

    btw I agree with mari, Richard K. Morgan’s books are brilliant!

  5. Kay
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 19:57:05

    At first I managed to miss the last name on Koryta brother #2 and thought it was going to be m/m. Oh well! Several of these books look interesting.

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