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Daily Deals: Bears, ghosts, dragons, and others from campy romance to...

Bear Meets Girl (The Pride Series)  by Shelly LaurenstonBear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurentson. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

He’s big, burly, and way smarter than your average shapeshifting bear. He’s also about to get trapped by own his game…

Lou Crushek is a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy. But once someone starts killing the scumbags he works so hard to bust, that really gets under his fur. Especially when that someone is a curvy she-tiger with a skill set that’s turning Crush’s lone-bear world upside down–and bringing his passion out of hibernation…

As a member of an elite feline protection unit, Marcella Malone has no problem body-dropping anyone who hunts her kind. But Crush is proving one major pain in her gorgeous tail. The only reason she’s joined forces with him is to track down the wealthy human who’s got her entire species in his ruthless sights. It sure isn’t because Crush’s stubborn and contrary attitude is rubbing Cella in all the right ways…

“Laurenston’s characters shine with wit and depth.” –Publishers Weekly on Belong to the Night

Laurentson writes funny paranormals with very capable women and the alpha men who are putty in their hands. Definitely worth the $2.99. You can find the discounted ePub at Sony.

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Horns: A Novel  by Joe HillHorns by Joe Hill. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Joe Hill’s critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling, Bram Stoker Award-winning debut chiller, Heart-Shaped Box, heralded the arrival of new royalty onto the dark fantasy scene. With Horns, he polishes his well-deserved crown. A twisted, terrifying new novel of psychological and supernatural suspense, Horns is a devilishly original triumph for the Ray Bradbury Fellowship recipient whose story collection, 20th Century Ghosts, was also honored with a Bram Stoker Award—and whose emotionally powerful and macabre work has been praised by the New York Times as, “wild, mesmerizing, perversely witty…a Valentine from hell.”

The characters are unlikeable but they are supposed to be. The problem is, according to one reviewer, pacing.

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dragonsbane hamblyDragonsbane by Barbara Hambly. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

An idealistic young prince convinces an aging warrior and a struggling witch to help him kill the dragon that is terrorizing his kingdom

As a vicious dragon stalks the Southlands, Crown Prince Gareth ventures to the forbidding North in search of the only man who can kill it. He is Lord Aversin, the Dragonsbane, whose dragon-slaying days have won him renown across the land. But when Gareth finds Lord Aversin, he discovers the mighty hero is squat and bespectacled, the ruler of a mud-village who admits that he killed the dragon not with a lance, but with ignoble poison. Still, he’ll have to do. Gareth and Aversin set off in company with Jenny Waynest, a witch with great ambitions but disappointingly puny powers—a ragtag crew destined to become legendary, or die in the attempt. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Barbara Hambly, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.

Jayne has reviewed a few of the Hambly books very positively.

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Otherkin  by Nina BerryOtherkin by Nina Berry. $ 1.99.

From the Jacket Copy:

I thought I knew myself. Then I met Caleb.

Dez is a good girl who does as she’s told and tries not to be noticed. Then she rescues a boy from a cage, and he tells her secrets about herself.Now inside her burns a darkness that will transform her.

Everything is about to change–and neither Caleb, nor the Otherkin, nor those who hunt them, are prepared for what Dez will unleash.

“Be prepared to lose some sleep. Otherkin is full of non-stop action and suspense, and you’re not going to be able to put it down!” –Brigid Kemmerer, author of the Elemental series

“Get caught up in a dangerous world of shadow magic, shifters, and secrets.” –New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Estep

The blurb definitely intrigues me but there are varying reviews with the negative ones focusing on the bland romance.

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AustentatiousAustentatious by Alyssa Goodnight. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

In this quirky, sexy novel set against the lively, music-filled backdrop of Austin, Texas, a young woman learns that romance can wreak havoc with even the best laid plans. . .
It started innocently enough. While browsing in one of Austin’s funky little shops, Nicola James is intrigued by a blank vintage journal she finds hidden among a set of Jane Austen novels. Even though Nic is a straight-laced engineer, she’s still a sucker for anything Austen-esque. But her enthusiasm quickly turns to disbelief once she starts writing in the journal–because somehow, it’s writing her back. . .

Miss Nicola James will be sensible and indulge in a little romance. Those twelve tiny words hit Nic like a thunderbolt, as if her diary was channeling Austen herself! Itching for a bit of excitement, Nic decides to follow her “Fairy Jane’s” advice. The result: a red-hot romance with a sexy Scottish musician who charms his way into Nic’s heart in about five seconds flat.

Sean MacInnes is warm, funny, and happens to think Nic is the most desirable woman he’s ever met. But a guy like Sean doesn’t exactly fit into her Life Plan. With no one but Fairy Jane to guide her, Nic must choose between the life she thought she wanted–and the kind of happy ending she never saw coming. . .

The first time I posted this the deal seemed to evaporate quickly. It’s back, at least at Amazon and Sony. From one reader at goodreads: <em>I adored her from the beginning because she is an engineer, and I am an undergraduate chemical engineer which made me like her instantly! Do we have many female protagonists who kick butt in their profession? who aren’t damsel’s in distress? But then, she starts this whole ‘I’m an engineer, I must date nerds like me’ and ‘how can a musician like ME? an ENGINEER?”. This was the whole complication in the book; Nicola not feeling like she should date Ian because they’re not compatible</em>

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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Brian
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 14:13:13

    For folks that missed it last time it was free, The Girl with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir is free today at Amazon.

  2. cleo
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 14:19:05

    I love Dragonsbane. It’s so good – it’s fantasy that twists a lot of fantasy conventions. I don’t think the blurb does it justice – it’s really Jenny’s story and she’s a fabulous heroine. It’s not a romance, although it does explore Jenny and Aversin’s existing relationship (they have two kids together although they’re not married – witches don’t marry in this world). There are a couple sequels which are a lot darker than this one but you don’t need to read them – it works fine as a stand alone. And it’s just beautiful – it’s probably my favorite Hambly, and that’s saying a lot.

  3. Joy
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 15:06:29

    @cleo Your review convinced me to go ahead and get Dragonsbane!
    @Brian thanks for the heads up – this one has been on my wishlist

  4. Christine
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 15:07:25

    I haven’t read Horns but I did read Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill and was underwhelmed. I was hoping it would be pleasantly creepy (and I am not a horror aficionado and can be a bit of a scaredy cat so it doesn’t take much to scare me) and I didn’t find it to be very scary. I prefer more mystery and psychological thrills and this seemed to veer into gore territory after a while and the “mystery” of the haunting is explained almost immediately. Also as Jane mentioned regarding Horns, the main character was not a very nice person so it made it difficult to root for people after a while.

  5. Jayne
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 15:52:44

    @Brian: I keep waiting for the follow-up of this one. Kitties rule!

  6. Darlynne
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 15:59:49

    @Brian: Two days ago, it was .99. Why do retailers do this? I don’t begrudge any author the money, I’m just curious why free followed so closely on the heels of a discount.

  7. Lada
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 16:00:02

    @Brian: Thanks, Brian. It make’s me so frustrated that much of Weir’s work isn’t offered in digital format through anything but Amazon that I waited on buying this. It’s certainly the right price now.

  8. Ellen
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 16:31:28

    I, too, am longing for the next “kitty” book. My hope has been that all these special deals on the book are to whet the appetite for the first sibling’s book to be on the market.

  9. Kaetrin
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 20:07:54

    Jane, your daily deals are killing me! I bought Bear Meets Girl and Austentatious. ($2.88 for me at Kobo).

  10. Jane
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 20:33:09

    I prefer to think of it as saving you $20. :)

  11. Isobel Carr
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 21:13:42

    I remember reading Dragonsbane as a teen and loving it.

  12. Susan
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 23:59:44

    I love Laurenston’s books. I literally bust out laughing while reading, something that’s very rare for me. BIG wasn’t’t my fave so far, but it was pretty high on the list. One thing that bugs me is how soon these books seem to go on sale after initial publication. I’m going to quit paying full price in the future and wait.

    Count me as another Dragonsbane/Hambly fan.

  13. CG
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 08:16:32

    @Brian: I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to be available at B&N at any price.

  14. Brian
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 10:43:04

    @CG: It’s DRM Free so you could get it from Amazon and convert it to ePub with Calibre. Maybe not the ideal solution, but it’s an option.

    It’s still free as of this post.

  15. Cecelia
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 12:05:16

    Love this feature and reading your comments. When you’re really positive about a deal book I automatically click the ‘buy’ button (as I did yesterday with BEAR MEETS GIRL), and it’s great, even if I’m sleep-deprived the next day as a result.

  16. Jessa Slade
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 21:10:45

    I have Dragonsbane on my physical keeper shelf, but I think I’ll grab a copy for my digital hoard too. It’s one of those stories worth having multiple times.

  17. Sirius
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 10:38:29

    A friend recommended “Bear meets girl” to me long time ago, this price was perfect and the book is hilarious. Thank you.

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