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The One That Got Away Kelly HunterThe One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

The man who’s always left her wanting more!

Good job? Tick. Newly purchased apartment? Tick. Evie’s life is on a pretty even keel at the moment. The only thing missing? A man with an edge to keep things interesting.

Enter Logan Black. Tortured, distant and sexy, Logan has edge written all over him. He’s also the man who tipped Evie over the edge a few years back—she gave him everything, but he didn’t know when to stop taking.

Leaving Logan was the hardest thing Evie’s ever done. Until now. Because Logan’s back, the chemistry is as blistering as ever and this time he’s not going anywhere….

Harlequin KISS has 4 new fun, flirty, and sensual romance books available every month.

This is our book club pick for February! The story is much darker than the ballooon covered story would suggest.  You can get an extra 25% off from Kobo using a the code VDAY25.

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A Kiss in the Dark By: Kimberly LoganA Kiss in the Dark by Kimberly Logan. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Deirdre Wilks, the infamous Viscountess Rotherby, is shunned by the ton, who whisper behind closed doors of her shadowy past. And now every hope she harbors of repairing her reputation is at risk when a desperate, dashing gentleman comes to her for aid.

He has heard the rumors … but fearing for his sister, vanished somewhere in London’s disreputable corners, Lord Tristan Knight must seek help from the mysterious beauty. Although her intentions are cloaked, Deirdre’s warm heart and enchanting face are more befitting an angel than a sinner. And soon, Tristan realizes he can never relinquish this bold and remarkable woman.

Yet Deirdre must guard a secret –– a shocking truth that, once revealed, could destroy the passionate love he has brought into her life.

Gemma on Goodreads writes:

The character sketches were also fairly well done, although I felt that this book could have used an extra 50 – 100 pages to really flesh them out as well as they deserved. There were a lot of times that I felt like the romance was overwhelmed by the other plotline (Tristan and Deirdre trying to find Tristan’s runaway sister, Emily). While that plotline was very well executed, I often felt that the romance was left on the back burner. Also, a few of the problems seemed to be resolved just a little too easily at the end. I found it difficult that Tristan could forgive Deirdre’s role in his mother death so quickly and easily after it was revealed.

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Be Mine: Sizzle\Too Fast to Fall\Alone With You Jennifer Crusie›, Victoria Dahl›, Shannon Stacey›Be Mine by Jennifer Crusie. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Join bestselling authors Jennifer Crusie, Victoria Dahl and Shannon Stacey for three sexy stories about finding the one you love.

SIZZLE by Jennifer Crusie
Business takes a backseat when successful ad executive Emily Tate meets Richard Parker. He’s an accountant who’s been sent to keep her in line and under budget in her ad campaign for a sensual new perfume called Sizzle. And if Emily’s not careful, she could well melt in Richard’s hands.

TOO FAST TO FALL by Victoria Dahl
For Jenny Stone, driving is her escape-from her past, her problems, her quiet life in Jackson Hole. But after Deputy Nate Hendricks stops her-again-for speeding, she could lose more than just her license. She could lose her heart. Nate seems to think that Jenny should replace her love for fast driving with something even more?heart pumping. And despite her need for speed, Jenny’s never been one for defying the law.

ALONE WITH YOU by Shannon Stacey
When waitress Darcy Vaughan’s friend asks her to help out with the launch of a fledgling restaurant, she’s happy to oblige. Little does she know the owner is Jake Holland, the perfect guy who slipped through her fingers after their one night of passion. But for Darcy and Jake, one touch was just not enough.

This contains a very old novella by Crusie called Sizzle. It was hard to find once. I think I bought it used for like $10 back when I loved Crusie’s books. Crusie says she hates this novella and has actively encouraged readers not to buy this collection of stories (despite, of course, other authors being part of the collection) because her distaste for Sizzle. I don’t recall much about the story and I haven’t read the other two but I’ve loved every Shannon Stacey short I’ve read and for me, that alone is worth the $2.99 sale price.

You can get the ePub at $2.99 from Google.

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TEMPTING TROUBLE By: Gennita LowTempting Trouble by Gennita Low. $ .99.

From the Jacket Copy:

4.5 stars Romantic Times Top Pick
(100,000 words)

Having a top spy for a father has its benefits–Grace O’Connor can out-think and outsmart most people–and its downside–her secret must remain one. But that had never stopped her from getting into trouble. That is, after all, the nickname her father gave her.

Taking an intern job at GNE for the summer at DC, she soon finds out the agency for which she works provides more than translation services. GNE sends out “recorders” to events of interest for the purpose of gathering and selling information. It doesn’t take long before Grace is involved in the middle of a chase for an important list of corrupt politicians. Or maybe there’s more to that because every spy agency seems to be after it too, including the arrogant and sexy Lance Mercy.

Mercy, top COS commando, has been brought in to 1) extract a Chinese dissident with information about some weaponry stolen from the US and 2) catch the mole among them. Everything seems to be running smoothly until the appearance of that confounding woman who might or might not be an enemy. He has never met someone quite like Grace O’Connor–seemingly too young, incredibly sexy, and absolutely up-to-neck in the thick of this crazy business.

Nuns on the run, odd Chinese words, double agents, dangerous daddy, non-aligned ghosts, three grains of rice, plus an assortment of spy games–falling in love would just be tempting trouble.

This is a self published book from a previously traditionally published author. It is a RS/spy romance. The sale is at Amazon, BN and Smashwords.


Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. azteclady
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:46:51

    Crusie says she hates this novella and has actively encouraged readers not to buy this collection of stories (despite, of course, other authors being part of the collection) because her distaste for Sizzle.


    Selfish much?

  2. wendy
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:47:20

    “Crusie says she hates this novella and has actively encouraged readers not to buy this collection of stories (despite, of course, other authors being part of the collection)”

    She warned her fans that her story in the collection is not new and is, as you say, Sizzle. She said “I’m sure the other two people in the anthology have terrific stories, but mine stinks on ice.”

  3. Jane
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:50:07

    @wendy: I thought the original poster was longer and she explicitly said for people not to buy it.

    Edited to Add: I can’t find any previous version so maybe my recollection is incorrect and this is exactly the text of the original post.

  4. cleo
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 15:25:42

    @Jane: I follow her blog fairly regularly and the post Wendy linked to is the only one that I remember seeing. In it, she also says “Do not buy that book thinking it’s a new novel.”

    Down in the comments, she writes “Oh, absolutely buy the book; just don’t buy it for my story.” and “Yeah, let’s be good to the other writers who are blameless.”

    I have had really good luck with novellas by Victoria Dahl and Shannon Stacey, so I think I will buy it. Especially on sale.

  5. Jill Sorenson
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 16:07:13

    I really enjoyed the Dahl story, Too Fast to Fall. Nice guy hero, down on her luck heroine, and believable instant chemistry.

  6. library addict
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 16:55:07

    I bought it back when it was full price and enjoyed the Stacey and Dahl stories.

    I remember liking Sizzle well enough back when I read it a year or so after it was originally released. It was one of those thin books and I think I paid 25¢ each for a couple of them back in the day. I tried a few other Crusie books, but none of her longer titles worked for me. I can understand that she isn’t happy with her story (was this the first thing she published?) but I thought she took her dislike of her creation too far when she posted a rant on her blog way back when about how the couple broke up so he fired her and then she sued him and he ended up in prison. Or something like that. (It was years ago that I read it so I may be remembering the details wrong. I remember finding it very rude though.) I haven’t bought any of her books since. Whether she likes it or not, the novella had the potential to bring her new fans. For her to basically tell readers who did like it their taste sucks was over the top to me.

  7. Sunita
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 17:41:08

    @library addict: Good memory! A commenter to the post Wendy linked to summarized the epilogue thusly (or quoted Crusie verbatim, I can’t tell):

    Emily and Richard, of course, broke up about a month after Sizzle ended, and
    he had her fired. She filed suit and won, and took Jane and started her own
    company, and is now making millions. She is still single. Richard’s last
    job was CFO of Enron. I hope he likes prison, the dumbass.

    I realize it’s Crusie’s blog and therefore her personal place to vent. But given the size of her following, when she rails against Harlequin for doing something she doesn’t want them to, readers are going to react against them, whether it’s not buying the book or now deciding not to submit to Carina (as someone commented downthread).

  8. Kaetrin
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 23:22:51

    The Gennita Low book is a new release?

    I love Shannon Stacey’s books and I usually enjoy Dahl. I have Sizzle as a separate (but haven’t read it yet) so this sounds like a bargain to me…. if you’re in the US that is! Damn geo restrictions!

  9. Ani Gonzalez
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 09:51:35

    Be Mine is also $2.99 on Amazon.

  10. AlexaB
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 09:55:44


    “But given the size of her following, when she rails against Harlequin for doing something she doesn’t want them to, readers are going to react against them”

    And given the size of Dear Author’s following, when Jane implies an author is hurtful to other authors, readers are going to react against said author – see the first comment on this page. Even though subsequent comments have corrected Jane’s first impression.

    Authors can do and say incredibly stupid things, and I reveal in a good Emily Giffin- or Kiera Cass-style display of shocking hubris as much as the next schadenfreude addict. But Harlequin IS selling this without a warning that Sizzle is a previously published work, and given the size of Crusie’s name on the cover, they obviously expect her inclusion in the anthology to be a main selling point. So she’s right to call them on the misleading marketing and to let her fan base know this isn’t something new.

    As for not telling her fans she thinks the work stinks: eh. But chances are if you like Sizzle, you won’t like her other books, as happened to @library addict. And vice versa.

    I read through the comments on the linked blog post, and the readers’ reaction against Harlequin was not so much about HQ republishing the book, but about the morals rights clause in Crusie’s contract that allows HQ to retain rights to Sizzle for a one time payment of $1500 in 1993. Crusie won’t see a dime of royalties even though the book earned out in its first printing (and this is not the first time HQ has reissued it over the years.) Crusie repeatedly says great things about her HQ editors, but the contract is a different beast.

    I know other authors whose books were published by HQ in the early 2000s, HQ hasn’t actively put the books back on sale, the authors haven’t seen a sales statement since the first six months of release, and yet HQ won’t release the rights. So I’d be cautious about submitting to HQ imprints, too, knowing what I know about their contracts. What’s happening with the class action lawsuit?

  11. Jane
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:05:16

    @Alexa B – I do find Jenny Crusie’s comments to be very unhelpful to the other authors in the anthology. The dismissive “I’m sure they are very nice?”

    Cruise has been super vocal of her position in the past. She hates Harlequin, yadda yadda yadda. This new anthology comes out and she pretty much slams it because she isn’t going to see any money from it. Who cares about anyone else, right?

  12. Sunita
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 11:47:57

    @AlexaB: I read through the comments as well. I agree that readers were concentrating on the fact that Harlequin was evil for asserting its rights, but this is a contract Crusie signed. She has every right to be angry about the results, but she was presumably a willing signatory to the contract. I find it a bit off-putting for her to go on and on about how it’s all Harlequin’s fault; if she didn’t know what she was doing, that is not on them. She’s talked enough about her graduate training and almost-Ph.D., which put her in a better position to understand contract language (or get help to do so) than a lot of newbie authors.

    I’ve spoken with Harlequin authors about how bad the royalties are on the backlist titles and I hope they are able to get more for them. Harlequin was incredibly good at tying up future options that people didn’t imagine existed in a way that benefited the company itself far more than the authors. That’s a different issue from whether they are violating the substance of the contracts that people did sign, which is what the suit is about.

  13. azteclady
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 20:52:23

    @AlexaB: Please do not presume I’m blindly reacting to Jane’s comment.

    I have interacted with, and seen/read, Ms Crusie online through the years, and my impression of her, even before her latest, oh so dismissive “I’m sure they are pretty nice”, is overall negative.

    I’m lucky I’ve never cared for her novels, because otherwise her behaviour and comments would have put me off them anyway–as has happened with other authors.

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