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Red Rose Publishing Having Problems Internally?

Red Rose Publishing is having some issues conducting its regular business activities. Authors are reportedly not getting their work published within a specified time.   If rights are requested to be reverted because of this breach, the publisher is reportedly sending the authors bills for cover art and editing for those books. Notices of editors and cover artists that they are quitting are reportedly being ignored.

Kat Holmes posted a blog post after her non disclosure agreement ran out detailing the publishing course of her book:

My editor had also signed up to do edits for my new publishing house and that made her a target. She’s getting the feeling she’s going to be fired so she lets the publisher have the truth about how upset I am at the early release. To put it bluntly, the you know what hits the fan. I’m done. I officially email her that I am severing ties with her company.

Now remember, I have never heard from her regarding the virus, but she responded to this email like lightning. She removed all my books from the catalogue and pulled me off the author loop. She stripped away everything I had out and all my author rights. So, since she broke her own contract, I sent her an official notice via certified mail that I wanted the rights to all my work returned to me. I also discovered and included in the letter that she had released book 2 in my series called Heart Of The Queen without a contract.

Statements were not being sent out and emails to the publisher went unanswered.   A few authors at Red Rose Publishing, unhappy with non payment, posted their complaints to the readers loop.

In response, Wendi, owner of Red Rose Publishing sent off this email:

This is not intended for the authors who did not go in the readers loop to whine and complain!

I am beyond furious at those who have done it, and lets say I am not pleased and how unprofessional can you get!
Checks were issued for those that had made over $20 and those who made over $20 per the contract.
Yeah, I am behind getting out the statements to those who have not sold $20 because I have been dealing with some serious family issues and for that I am sorry. I apologize for having some serious family issues going on with me.
In addition to that we had a full audit on Red Rose Publishing from the day we opened the doors to present. Believe me the state and federal governments are looking to get money, unfortunately I guess on their parts all of our stuff checked out and was in the auditor’s oppinions [sic] one of the best and well put together as I had every thing she need right there.
It states we have 45 days which are business days Monday thru Friday to get those statements done. You knew that when you signed the contract.
I can not believe that someone would feel that they had to take this to the readers loop, not the authors loop or address this to me, so that tells me either #1- you had no idea, #2- you are out to do the company and your fellow authors problems or #3- You do not care about Red Rose Publishing, your books, sales or the reputation of the company!
I have repeatedly busted my ass so even those WHO DO NOT SELL GET A CHANCE TO GET THEIR BOOKS in print, well F* me, for going out of my way to help any authors, take out ads or even do contests.
I had for the anniversary blow out, with the following prizes for the readers:
Kindle DX- the $499 one
Ebookwise ebook reader
A Netbook
Black Diamond Earrings
Other Jewelry
Perfumes and gift sets made up with Roses
Red Rose Publishing Mouse Pads and a whole lot of other stuff including print books that were autographed!
For the authors who went out there and promote the anniversary sale and contests the following were to be prizes:
Black diamond earrings
Ebookwise ebook Reader
$25 cash
Other Jewelry
Perfume, and body gift sets with Roses
I want to take all of that back to the store as I feel now ready to cry and was let down by those who did what they did, plus I am tired of being the one do things and those who do not sell whine about every thing.
I know that some of you authors know much better than to post in the readers loop but I guess you all do not care about your sales, your fellow authors etc….. as well as being unprofessional to boot!
Right now I am so upset I am requesting that NO ONE get in touch with me unless it is an emergency or you are dying, because I am a little pissed off to put it mildly and until my colorful language and being pissed off passes, let me have a few to myself, that is if NO ONE MINDS, otherwise too bad so sad as I am taking it!
Take care and have a great day!

I’ll never understand the “be professional” tirade followed by the “I can’t do my job because of family problems” that is trotted out.   It’s always important when signing with a publisher, any publisher, to talk to existing authors, ask questions, and generally, not be afraid to extract all the necessary details before you sign an agreement.   Unusual items like lifelong transfers of copyright and Non Disclosure Agreements or Non Competes should raise a red flag.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


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