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Hachette’s June Specials

The Orbit $1 special for June is Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan, original retail price $10.99.

Warner Forever is launching its special $1.99 Sizzling Summer deals.  ┬áThe following titles are available in June for $1.99

  • A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore (a new release)
  • My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel (this is a crackalicious series)
  • Between the Sheets by Robin Wells (I really enjoyed her newest release, How to Score).
  • Too Far Gone by Marliss Melton

Get your credit cards out folks. It’s hard to turn away from these deals.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. GrowlyCub
    May 31, 2009 @ 22:35:57

    Hey Jane,

    is somebody doing a review on the Haymore? I’m intrigued but I’m also concerned about some of the set-up as in I can see no good outcome to the story. I’d rather not buy it if it’s one of those books that will make me feel crappy after I finish (aka push one of my hot buttons).

  2. Danielle
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 04:51:57

    From what web site do I purchased the $1.99 Sizzling Summer deals? Orbit or Warner Forever?

  3. Jessica G.
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 07:38:28

    Oh heck yes. <3 Orbit and now Warner Forever

    Oh darn the $1.99 ones aren’t up on Sony yet. Argh!

  4. Azure
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 08:46:32

    Where can you find these books for $1.99? I’ve been curious about the Jennifer Haymore book for a while.

  5. Jane
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 08:48:19

    @Azure The specials are offered to all the etailers but so far I think that they only show up at Sony and Kindle. Fictionwise usually picks them up, but late. Also BooksonBoard usually offers them.

  6. Jane
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 08:51:07

    @Danielle You’ll need to go to an ebook retailer like Kindle, Sony, Fictionwise, BooksonBoard and the like.

  7. GrowlyCub
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:12:17

    FW and BoB only have it in secure ereader/mobi which is no good for my Sony Reader and nobody has the special up yet, including Sony.

    I’ll hold off until I see some more reviews. Here’s what PW had to say, which seems to confirm my fears. It’s really too bad because I read the excerpt on the Hachette site and I liked the voice.

    “Haymore portrays the three so intensely and sympathetically that by the end, all of Sophie’s possible choices seem guaranteed to bring misery to the lovers, leaving readers distressed and unsatisfied.”

  8. Janine
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 13:22:06


    I could be wrong, but I believe Jennie hopes to review the Haymore book.

  9. whey
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 13:27:58

    Deals are always good! I find myself hardcore money-conscience these days, so my spending is now being driven by “value” instead of “wants”. Now, if only they had deals like these for m/m books. (BTW, is there any OT posts, got $50/$100 Old Navy coupon I wanted to share.)

  10. GrowlyCub
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 13:36:43

    Janine, thanks for letting me know. I’ll be curious to see what Jennie thinks.

    I poked about the internets a bit to see what other reviews there were and ended up spoiling myself by peeking at the AAR review. That made me realize that I firmly believe that if there’s a real triangle in a romance novel, a review should absolutely not give away which one the heroine ends up with…

  11. Janine
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 13:47:12

    I firmly believe that if there's a real triangle in a romance novel, a review should absolutely not give away which one the heroine ends up with…

    I tend to agree with this. I remember telling friends about Layton’s The Duke’s Wager (one of my favorite triangle books) and I had to be very careful to describe it without giving away who the hero was, since even the cover didn’t give it away. However, someone soon posted about the sequel to the book, and the title of that book does give away the ending of the first book.

    ETA: That said, I often spoil triangles for myself by peeking at the end early on in the book. It is something I usually can’t stand not knowing.

  12. willaful
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 17:56:21

    Could you please make the fact that these are ebooks only a little more prominent? I’m pretty disappointed now. :-(

  13. Sunita
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 18:15:35

    The books are available at the Sony ebookstore, but you need to search for them individually. For some reason there isn’t a link on the main page; maybe it will come later.

  14. Leah Hultenschmidt
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 20:19:29

    MIDNIGHT NEVER COME (how gorgeous is that cover?) is up for 95 cents at BooksOnBoard, but I still don’t see the Warner specials posted. Can’t wait to get my hands on that Carolyn Jewel. Thanks for the heads-up, Jane!

  15. Nadia
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 02:18:45

    All the romance titles from Warner are posted at Fictionwise for $1.00 /each for nonmembers and $0.85 /each for members. I think it’s a great opp to try out new-to-you authors. I bought all of them as they’re all new-to-me.

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