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Hachette and Sony Team up to Give Romance Readers Special Bundles


Hachette and etailers have worked out their contractual issues and all Hachette books should be available at Fictionwise, eReader, Stanza powered by Fictionwise, Books On Board and Diesel eBook.

In other news, Hachette is offering some pretty sweet deals to eBook Readers who have the Sony Reader. Hachette is offering the Carrie Vaughn Bundle which is three Kitty Norville titles for the price of two ($13.98 in total).

There is a 30% off eight romance titles including one of my favorite HGB books, Diana Holquist’s Sexiest Man Alive. (yes, these specials are not well advertised on the site and yes, it is frustrating. Have sent emails to both Sony and Hachette).

400000000000000111903_s4One other book of note is Justina Chen Headley’s North of Beautiful, a book recommended by Jia for which we originally did not provide an ebook buy link because I couldn’t find one at the time. But here it is in all its ebook glory for $11.99. Jia would say it’s worth it.

From behind, Terra is a stunningly beautiful: tall and blond with a knockout body. Unfortunately she has one minor "flaw:"

While my face couldn’t launch a thousand ships, it has the power to make any stranger whip around for a second look. Trust me, this mixture of curiosity and revulsion is nothing Helen of Troy would ever have encountered.

Terra has a port wine stain that covers her entire right cheek. In her small Washington town, it’s branded her a freak since she was little. And it’s not just the people in town who treat her as "flawed." Terra also gets it from her family. The youngest of three children, Terra is the only one still living at home. Her oldest brother works halfway around the world in China, and the second oldest attends college but never comes home. The reason for their avoidance stems from their father whose determination to control everyone manifests itself via cruel, sniping criticisms.

If Girl Overboard was a novel with multiple intersecting external events, North of Beautiful is a novel with multiple intersecting internal (emotional) currents. The obvious one is that Terra’s been chasing after the Land of Beauty for her entire life, but it’s always been beauty as defined by other people -‘ a father’s never-satisfied standards, a mother’s hopes that fixing Terra’s face will fix their home, a best friend who defends Terra but never really lets her shine either, and a boyfriend who loves her body but is ashamed to be seen with her in public. Everyone’s put her in a box and in one way or another, she’s trying to escape, to become the person she wants to be

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. GrowlyCub
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 13:57:46

    Maybe I’m too dumb, but how exactly does the Hachette 30% off deal work. When I followed the link, it listed only a 5% discount, but the book was a relatively low price to start with… Help?!

  2. Jessica G.
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 14:58:50

    On Tuesday they changed the sales. Each week they are doing different genres. If you get the Sony promo emails, it was right at the top. If you click the Romance section too, all specials are on that page. But yeah, “Sexiest Man Alive” went off sale last week (sad face).

    I am seriously digging the bundles though.

  3. Jane
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 15:39:09

    @Jessica G. that’s weird because hachette said the specials were for the whole week. Have forwarded your comment on. Hope to get a clarification.

  4. Jane
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 15:44:19

    Okay – the etail price of the Hachette book Sexiest Man ALive is $6.99 and the sale price is 4.98 so I guess Sony is adding another discount on top of it? It’s not very clear, is it!

  5. Jessica G.
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 17:25:46

    Ahh that’s probably it. I figured it was in the February weekly specials. I remember where I saw it – it was on the “Editorial Spotlight” on the main page. Now there is a Carly Phillips book there for the same price.

    I’ll just download it now just in case it goes off sale :) This is probably a case of Sony being confused. They usually do an excellent job promoting sales.

  6. Jessica G.
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 17:32:23

    Jane do you have the list of the eight books?

  7. Jane
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 18:00:14

    @Jessica G.

    Let’s see:

    • To Love a Thief
    • The Things We Do for Love
    • Crazy in Love
    • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
    • Prince of Danger
    • Dream Guy
    • The Playboy
    • Sexiest Man Alive

    Carrie Vaughn Bundle –

    Michael Connolly Bundle -
    Women's Murder Club –

  8. Jessica G.
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 18:17:57

    Thanks! I’ll post this in the romance group at mobileread…then download some for myself :)

  9. Kaetrin
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 18:32:59

    are these specials only available from the sony ebookstore? If so, us Australians can’t buy…

    I know that it’s got something to do with territorial rights but I really dont’ understand when say Books on Board can seel (for example) Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann to me in Australia but Sony can’t. What am I missing here?


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