Agony/Ecstasy Anthology: Anne Calhoun and “Transformed”

Agony/Ecstasy Anthology: Anne Calhoun and “Transformed”


I can’t recall whether it was Anne’s idea or mine to have her write from Cole’s point of view, but after I read Transfixed, featuring Marin whipping the heck out of Cole and him enjoying it immensely, I wanted to know more.  As Cole admits at the end of Transfixed, his activities in Marin aren’t the only thing that turns him on and “Transformed” explores the other side of the bed, so to speak.  Given that this is a flip book, having both these stories book end the collection made

“Is that what you are?” James had never been violent with her. Only quick. “A rough man?” Saying the words had a singularly interesting effect on her body: wetness dampened the apex of her thighs and her mouth went dry. She licked her lips.

His finger dipped to edge of her neckline, skating across the plumped tops of her breasts. Hooking that finger into the top of her bodice, he pulled, yanking her two fumbling steps forward until a scant inch separated his chest from hers. “Yes.”

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