Advertise with DA, Updated with Availability

Advertise with DA, Updated with Availability

advertise with DA

Update: We have two slots left in April, June, July and December. All other months are sold out. We are now sold out.

As announced on Friday, we will be opening a new ad slot beginning in April. The Ad space will be 200 x 200 (the size of the image above) and will cost $150. The ad slot is shared with three other advertisers for a 25% SOV.

You must pay and/or cancel 30 days in advance. Accounts not paid within terms are subject to a 10% finance charge.

The ad space must be 200×200 and under 100K file download size. We recommend animations be limited to 15 seconds.

We reserve the right to, unilaterally, REJECT, OMIT, or CANCEL advertising which it deems to be not in the best interest of the audience of Dear Author, or which by its tone, content, or appearance is not in keeping with the tone of the website.

Contact jane @ for booking.