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Non Sequitur

Free Rice:  The ultimate time waster for readers and authors alike

Free Rice: The ultimate time waster for readers and authors...

Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy, sent me this link a while agofreericelogo.gif. It’s a word game that will likely cause you to lose track of time and all else. Don’t say I didn’t warn you and don’t come back to complain. I do want to thank my historical authors for introducing me to certain terms that came in handy for the “free rice” challenge. Seriously, before my regency reading days, I am sure “fop” would not be a ready part of my vocabulary. Nor “benighted” or “mendicancy” or “grippe” or “forsooth.” And for those erotic romance authors, “concupiscence” is not a word used in everyday vocabulary, although I think we should make it so.

But while you may have led me up to level 46, you haven’t gotten me past it so my thanks are tempered with curses as well. Perhaps if you authors would incorporate “fauteuil” and “wight” and “pibroch”, I would have done better.

As it was, it took me several days, hours, minutes of valuable time away from reading this weekend to reach level 49. I don’t think I am going to try anymore. I am satisfied with this level. Srsly.