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Non Sequitur

Dear Author

SB Sarah Invades

Hello, Dear Author readers! I don’t know how much you know about me, Candy, Jane, and the other women who run Smart Bitches and Dear Author, but we are some busy, busy women. Jane and I along with Dr. Sarah and many others are parents with full time jobs outside the home, and in between all the responsibilities that entails, we also help run web communities like this one and the currently offline hot pink house of Bitchery. One would think that I’d be happy to have two days off while the site gets a behind-the-scenes upgrade and some routine maintenance.


So, I’m over here now. I have a login and access to the back end of Dear Author and while I know fuckall about Word Press I want to run off and be alone with it for awhile. Our site runs on Expression Engine, which is pretty spiffy but requires a presumed and sustained knowledge of PHP and the EE tag language to do tricksy stuff. WP is like, “Hi. Wanna blog? Ok. There you go!” Wow, WP, you are some sexy stuff. I might have to hang out back here for awhile.

So while I’m here, what shall I do? Review a book? Nah, that’s pretty much covered. Do the pee-pee dance of anticipation over what crazy ass things might reveal on Monday? Meh. I know! I’ll embarrass the ever living shit out of Jane!

Oh, this is going to be funcakes.

I’m continually in awe of what Jane accomplishes. The organization. The ideas. Seriously, she’s like a one-woman thinktank of awesome. If she wasn’t wearing a cape and defending her state on a daily basis, she’d be sequestered with a laptop, a wireless card and a cell phone so all her ideas (and base) would belong to the mad scientist who stole her away. From book sales opportunities to marketing techniques to examinations of plot trends, Jane is on it.

But I think the best part about knowing Jane is that she has to wear skirts to contain her big brass balls. Between you and me, I’ve never seen her in pants and I know why. Not enough room for her massive, swinging cojones.

And really, we need more ballsy women in romancelandia. A lot of people dislike Jane because she states her opinion and backs it up with facts and does not ever couch it in softness and polite excuse. There needs to be more of that online, and in general, really. Hell, my underlying rhetoric is usually that you’re free to disagree with me because I’m as full of shit as anyone, but just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I dislike you. I think one of the things that rubs folks the wrong way about Jane’s writing is that she states her opinion as a fact, and I think women in particular are taught and pressured to state opinions by underscoring them as “just my opinion.” But you can still disagree with her. And me. (Except we’re never wrong, but you knew that).

I think women online, and in romance, need room to say, “I disagree. I think you’re wrong. What you just said is incorrect and here’s why.” One of the aspects of Jane’s site that rocks my socks is that she’s willing to go toe-to-toe about difficult subjects- but you can meet her at the bar later.

Which is why I’m looking forward to RT and RWA this year. Jane and I will be wrestling in a kiddie pool of red jello and selling the video rights afterward for charity. I think what Jane and her crew of excellence have accomplished with their site provides a forum of debate and discussion that is rare to find online. I can’t tell you how aweswome I think Dear Author is, even if I’m a lurker who rarely comments.

Now I’m going to go play in the DA back end (hur hur) and wait until the hot pink palace is back open for business. See you on the internet.