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Dear Author

Gender Bias

[poll id="108"] I admit that I prefer books written by women. I don’t really know why but if I stand in front two books, one written by a man and one by a woman, I’m picking up the book by… more

Dear Author

Book Condition Poll

[poll id="103"] I’m a very careful reader but Ned is merciless with his books. It’s a good thing we went to e copies because that was bound to have caused marital discord over time.

Dear Author

Thoughts About Futuristics Poll

[poll id="102"] I have a not very well thought out irk that I wanted to throw out there. One issue I have with futuristics, particularly ones that depict the end of our current civilization due to various reasons whether it… more

Dear Author

Ability to Edit Comments Poll

[poll id="101"] I’ve disabled the ability to edit the comments because it was taking the individual pages alot of time to load. Would you rather endure a slower loading page so long as you can have the ability to edit… more

Dear Author

I Have an Awesome Idea for Epilogues

[poll id="100"] File this under what I would do if I ran publishing. There are quite a few books that are decent or even good where the epilogues drive me absolutely batty. It’s as if the author isn’t quite sure… more

Dear Author

Heredity Enemy Poll

[poll id="98"] Here’s the blurb: Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover, Throne of Judar and The Castaldini Crown author Olivia Gates’s A NOCTURNE BITE, featuring a half-vampire, half-demon hero and a heroine who belongs to a group of super-powered humans pledged to… more