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Dear Author

Extra Content in the Book

[poll id="125"] I almost always read the epigraph and the dedication but I rarely read an Author’s Note, Acknowledgments, or Letter to the Reader. I also can’t recall ever reading the “extra” stuff at the end (often found in the… more

Dear Author

Filtered Urine v Cum Crepes Poll

[poll id="123"] This poll comes to us via Jill Myles who twittered a new discovery  from   In a remarkably well put together copy is a collection of recipes featuring food made with semen.   After some twitter speculation, I wondered whether… more

Dear Author

Favorite Tropes

[poll id="119"] I’m pretty much a sucker for the friends to lovers theme as well as the marriage of convenience one. I hate the virgin widow trope and generally dislike the secret baby one, but can let that one slide… more

Dear Author

Physical Violence Poll

[poll id="117"] I was reading two Harlequin Presents published in the 1980s. One was by Susan Napier and the other by Charlotte Lamb. In both books, the heroine slaps the hero in a rage and the hero hits her back…. more

Dear Author

Voting Thread

[poll id="116"]    It’s hard to believe that election day is finally here.   For months, nothing has been more prominent in my mind and my reading than this election.   I feel so blessed to not only   have the opportunity to… more

Dear Author

Guest Opinion Poll

[poll id="110"] I invited Joey Hill a while back to do a guest opinion on the Male Submissive, a trope which I think she might write better than anyone else. I held it so that it could serve as a… more