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Dear Author

What Is Your Definition of Immortal?

[poll id="203"] In reading a book recently involving a group of “immortals” killing each other, I wondered what immortal meant anymore. To me, immortal means to live forever. Immortal is the opposite of mortal or death. But immortal beings can… more

Dear Author

POLL: Bodice Ripper Definition

[poll id="201"] From Jessica at Racy Romance Reads: We’ve been talking about the term “bodice ripper”. I see that different folks use it differently. Can you think of any other ways it is used? to refer to “any historical romance”?

Dear Author

Poll: How do you like your heros?

[poll id="199"] I’ll admit I’m a bit shallow. I like my heroes tall, at least 6′.   I think other romance readers must as well because you rarely read about the short hero (even if the heroine is short, the hero… more

Dear Author

Golden Era of Romance

[poll id="194"] McVane has kindly thought up some poll ideas for me. (They are hard, you guys!).   I thought this topic was particularly apt given two things.   First, there are some readers who believe that the best of romance is… more

Dear Author

Family Dynasties

[poll id="192"] I was reading the latest Stephanie Laurens ARC, The Untamed Bride, (giveaway for which runs tomorrow) and got to thinking about Ms. Laurens’ writing history and her (in)famous Cynster books. She must love the Cynsters because even the… more