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Dear Author

Heredity Enemy Poll

[poll id="98"] Here’s the blurb: Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover, Throne of Judar and The Castaldini Crown author Olivia Gates’s A NOCTURNE BITE, featuring a half-vampire, half-demon hero and a heroine who belongs to a group of super-powered humans pledged to… more

Dear Author

Stupidity Is the Great Unfavorable

more animals “There’s an infantilising of women in these programmes – they fall off their high heels or are still obsessed with handbags in their thirties,” agrees Geraghty. “And there’s an acceptance of a completely feminine persona, while many women… more

Dear Author

Sweet Sony Reader Covers

Anne Douglas emailed me her Etsy link which I had requested.  She's crafting up Sony Reader covers for the women (and perhaps the men) who find the current ones beyond bland.  Anne intends to offer Kindle covers as well.  The… more

Dear Author

Fan Fiction = 33% content around books

So apparently Annie Proulx gets a lot of manuscripts sexxing up Brokeback Mountain and she's annoyed.  According to "Bill Tancer–an online intelligence agent", Galley Cat got the following quote: There's no way to stop people from interacting with your content…. more

Dear Author

Sex and the City Planned for Teens

Yes, I just read the book Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist that was highly sexual but the thought of a Sex and the City spinoff in book written by Candace Bushnell for teens scares me.  Jia, your thoughts? What part… more