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Letters of Opinion

Dear Author

What is Art?

Ms. Kinsale has went on to clarify that her post was more about differentiating books from a service industry. To some degree I agree with her, but the whole discussion raise an interesting point for me as to what is… more

Dear Author

All Books Are Art?

The SB’s have a letter from Laura Kinsale up at her website. Somehow I doubt she will ever write a letter to us but I felt compelled to respond (don’t I always). Dear Authors: If you (and by you, I… more

Dear Author

Who Do Ya Like?

HelenKay Dimon has posted an interesting article at Access Romance about the publishers that she likes. The ones she’s loyal to because they’ve delivered good books in the past and that she’ll take a second look at just because of… more

Dear Author

Enuf Is Enuf

Dear Authors: I have a hard time quitting you. Even when your series goes south, I still keep buying. But right now, as of today, I am not going to be suckered out of my hard earned money. I am… more

Dear Author

Flying False Colours

Dear Author: You know who you are. What do you think you are doing with this cover? Does your story feature a swashbuckling, manly tale ala Ahab and his whale or the Master and Commander? Set the t’gallants, run out… more

Dear Author

Mis Labelling

Dear Gentle Reader: Today I went to the bookstore to see what new releases where out. I picked up Suzanne Forster’s Tease. I had intended to buy it. A friend informed me that this was part of Harlequin’s new Spice… more