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Dear Author

All About Dear Author

Dear Author started in April of 2006 as a reader blog. It is still a reader blog. All we do is talk about the books we read, devices that make our reading life better (or not), and topics of interest… more

Dear Author


We’ve been tagged by Keishon. I suppose in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known Keishon online for a long time. If she tags me, I best get off my butt and be responsive. I think its kind of inline,… more

Dear Author

Viral Blogging and Do We Have Hand?

Vanessa Jaye linked to an interesting blog post from Anne Frasier. Anne Frasier used to write really wonderful romances under the name of Theresa Weir. About 5 years ago she started publishing in the suspense genre. Her print runs are… more

Dear Author

The Slump Buster

Mark Grace is attributed with coining the phrase “slumpbuster.” He was on the radio show, Jim Rome, when he described it as finding fattest gnarliest chick you can uncover, and you lay the wood to her Grace also refers to… more

Dear Author

Product Placement in Books

When I first heard of Julia Quinn’s 2nd epilogues, my first thought was “oh no, what are publishers going to do next.” But publishers, who apparently are feeling the bite of falling profits from just publishing books, are constantly looking… more