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Monday News: Reporters beware, computers are writing your news now; Big books are back; Why I hate the strong heroine and more.

Monday News: Reporters beware, computers are writing your news now; Big...

Reading through 800 pages or so raises expectations in a way other reading doesn’t come close to. All that time given to a book – it had better be more than a gimmick, a trick, a post-modern conceit. It had better be a story we haven’t heard before, or already read in another version. It had better change us, make us different to how we were when we started – make us bigger, somehow, ourselves.

I’m currently reading Anslie Patton’s White Balance. It’s a longer book. Meljean Brook’s Guardian Demon was pretty much two books (close to 200,000 words). Patton’s book was a weekend read for me. It wasn’t one I could gulp down in an afternoon or an evening, but I really enjoyed the time I spent immersed in her world. I wouldn’t say I came away changed, but I don’t begrudge Patton the time I spent reading her book.

It’s not like I had something more important to do. I could’ve blogged, watched TV, or played Candy Crush. Instead, I spent around six hours reading White Balance. I’m okay with that. But Gunn is right. The longer the time I have to spend with characters, the more that they have to engage me on every level. Books |

The Strong Female Character has something to prove. She’s on the defensive before she even starts. She’s George from The Famous Five all grown up and still bleating with the same desperate lack of conviction that she’s “Every Bit As Good as a Boy”.New Statesman

That does put a damper



The conference itself is a half-day event and will be a series of panel discussions with gay romance authors and publishers from around the region. Afterwards, we are hosting a “Happy Hour” book fest across the street from the library at the Hotel Monaco which will feature author signings, author readings, giveaways, etc.

There are over 30 gay romance authors and publishers involved, including Blind Eye Books head Nicole Kimberling, Total E-Bound editor-in-chief Devon Rhodes, Less Than Three Press founder Megan Derr, Ginn Hale, Daisy Harris, Anne Tenino, and Rick R. Reed.

(Tickets for the Meet-Up are $25, which includes both the conference and post-con book fest.)


Roppé also interviews top book bloggers and Goodreads reviewers about what they are reading and what’s trending in romance. And no, they’ve never contacted me which is shocking because Goodreads sent me an email saying I was in the top 2% of all Goodreads reviewers. I say this tongue in cheek because this email was sent to virtually every blogger and reviewer I know on Goodreads. I actually really like they are including bloggers and reviewers in their podcasts.  Amazon

Friday News: Ebooks, its all about them.

Friday News: Ebooks, its all about them.

The Internet is destroying a good number of things while making a fairly decent number of exciting new things–but in particular, it sure has got its hands around the neck of dear old literary culture. What is literary culture? It’s what used to mean “participation in a community that purchases and consumes and discusses and participates in argument about the content and form of written work.” Or… wait. Is the Internet strangling us? I change my mind hourly.