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Internet Sales Leveling Out

According to The Culture and Commerce of Publishing in the 21st Century authored in part by Al Greco, retail trends have seen the internet sales to have plateaued. From his discussions with Shelf Awareness, he shared the following: Internet sales… more

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Borders Breaking Up with Amazon

In 2001, Amazon took over Borders online bookstore, but it looks like the two may be parting ways. What I found interesting was the market share reported in this article: Barnes & Noble has 15 percent of the book market… more

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Reader Blogs Are Going to Ruin the World

The existence of amazon reviews and reader review blogs, like this one, are being touted as the downfall of literary taste. Seeing as how I never aspired to having literary taste but read for entertainment and review for entertainment, I… more

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Turn Your Coins into Books

Apparently you cannot get your change made into dollars at a bank without fee anymore. Who knew? (Apparently Ned). Coinstar to the rescue. You can turn your coins into e-certificates for vendors like or Borders/Waldenbooks even give your change… more

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Booker Award Nominee Inspired or Plagiarist

Ian McEwan, nominee of the Booker Award for his novel, Atonement, has been accused of copying Lucilla Andrews’ work. Ms. Andrews wrote an autobiographical novel, No Time for Romance, of her work nursing injured soldiers druing World War II. McEwen’s… more