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Friday News: John Green chastises readers for not being generous; NYTimes...

If you read a book and it made you unhappy, then John Green is here to tell you that you are reading the book wrong. See, he’s trying to defend his friend Veronica Roth whose last book in the Divergent trilogy is the subject to intense unhappiness.

Just wrong, readers.  You and your pedestrian expectations! Thank goodness John Green is around to tell all Veronica Roth’s readers how they should be reading the book.

And it’s great to see Andrew Shaffer stand up for poor John Green by calling the readers who disagreed with Green’s position as “a howling pack.”

and John, so put upon, agrees.

Here’s the deal. Roth had a book that built up a lot of expectations. If she wanted her audience to buy into her ending then it was on her to deliver that in the text itself.   And yes, saying that you’d punch the author if you saw her is inappropriate but that’s really not what the furor was over. It was over the non stop negative reviews on Amazon and the tumblr posts which declared that they weren’t going to see the movie or ever read Roth again.

You don’t get to build up the promotional machine and pat all these passionate fans on the back for their grass roots support and then slap them in the face with criticism when they aren’t loving all the decisions made by the author.

And focusing on a few bad apples is classic derailing and misdirection. No, you shouldn’t threaten an author but let’s characterize this honestly.  These are hyperbolic emotional statements, not unlike the authors tweeting about how there are dozens of death threats against Roth on social media and in Amazon reviews (none which could be pointed out when I asked).

By fostering a manic fan base, you get manic responses. Welcome to fandom. How about be generous to the readers who fund the author, who spread the word of the author’s books, who hand sell all their friends and friends of friends?  How about be generous to them?

Also? Eff U to all those people who say that readers who like happy endings aren’t generous and are reading books wrong. Many of us, including those Roth readers, probably have plenty of death and sorrow in their lives and maybe in their fiction they don’t want to experience those feelings again and again.  That doesn’t make them small or mean spirited or less than or even dumb. It just means that those readers choose to read for different reasons.

After all that crappy stuff, watch this video.

Thursday News: Thickset is apparently an insult worthy of correction; Pearson sued for copyright infringement; Happiness ideas

Thursday News: Thickset is apparently an insult worthy of correction; Pearson...

Robert Durand thickset