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Thursday News: Book Riot columnist challenges romances’ isolationist attitudes; subscription services eroding album sales; Harlequin suffers 3d quarter decline

Thursday News: Book Riot columnist challenges romances’ isolationist attitudes; subscription services...

I think the part of me that rebels against this piece is the part that says “Is there anything so wrong with praising the romance genre for focusing on women?” Book Riot

But subscription services in music are a growing segment of the music industry’s revenues – 16% at the last tally. And musicians say that the streaming revenue that trickles down to them is so minuscule as to not even be relevant. Others argue that the subscription services have led to the decline of the album as everyone enjoys the sampling of a three minute song over the hour long album of one singer.

The current business model for subscription book services is tremendous for readers and authors and in that sense deviates from the music industry. Plus I don’t see the fever for long books dying out even with subscription services but the music industry’s struggle with subscription services is interesting to watch and gives food for thought in the publishing world. The Raw Story

Rob Reid’s book is now closing in on 3,000 on the Kindle list meaning he’s selling around 20-30 books a day. Publishers should use the 99c promotion to drive sales of related books. That’s the key to a successful 99c reduction. Techdirt

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Wednesday News: Jeff Bezos’ wife leaves a negative review of the...

In general, sales of the smaller tablets are currently outpacing shipments of traditional 9-inch and over tablets, and according to a recent survey by analysts Gartner, almost half of tablet owners have a device that’s 8-inches or less — which “confirmed Gartner’s long-standing assumption that smaller is better when it comes to consumer tablets”, the company said. ZDNet