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Tuesday News: King Tut’s death solved?; When the sex is too good; New models for digital book revenue

Tuesday News: King Tut’s death solved?; When the sex is too...

The scenes are rough, tender, funny, and harshly searching—each of the characters gives thoroughly, exhaustingly of herself as she seeks, as if in severe and sincere questioning, what she can discover from the other. …

The scenes aren’t technical—Kechiche isn’t after a catalogue of lesbian sexual practices and pleasures—but emotional, and they capture the very vulnerability, the uninhibited, un-self-sparing exertion to exhaustion that marks the actors’ performances. At the very least, the movie reflects what the actors gave—even if they gave more than they ever expected to give, and perhaps more than any actor should ever be asked to give.”

Brody is right that the US (and other countries) have real problems with the depiction of sex. 50 Shades wasn’t just excoriated for the lack of literary merit but its high sexual content. Mommy porn was birthed and used to diminish the legion of women that responded to 50 Shades. The romance genre’s attention on love and graphic sex has long been problematic to outsiders and an easy way to dismiss the genre and its readers as lacking in merit, quality and intelligence.

Brody’s suggestion is that if the movie didn’t contain three long, explicit sex scenes that it wouldn’t be panned as pornographic. The attention on the sex scenes themselves and not the overall story reveals more about the commenters than the movie itself per Brody. The New Yorker

BISG reports that ebook sales have flattened to 30% of overall units sold and 15% of the revenue. Subscription services and Direct to Consumer appear to be gaining interest to publishers. While the current terms of subscription services are very favorable to content creators, I have my doubts whether that business model is sustainable over time. That said, I haven’t crunched the numbers but 60% royalty to the creator if only 10% is read? Crazysauce. DBW suggests a few other experiments you can click over to read about. Digital Book World

I get where Susan is coming from. I was a long time reader of Harris’ Roe Teagarden series where Harris killed off the love interest of Roe in book 8. I read book 1 and 2 of the Sookie series, saw exactly where the series was headed and left the series behind. I’ll give you a spoiler, having read three different series by Harris. Harris runs her female protagonist through a number of different men, often has the heroine raped, and she ends up with a same character in the end. (Yes, I’m still bitter about the Roe Teagarden series). So, are you like Susan or are you ready to dive into the next Harris saga? The same question could be asked about Veronica Roth or even Suzanne Collins. Huffington Post

Friday News: I have a candy hangover!

Friday News: I have a candy hangover!

Today the new iPad Air hits the stores. The iPad Mini with Retina will be released later in the month.  Are you upgrading? Why? or Why not?


According to a report from the Guttmacher Institute, more than half of the unintended pregnancies in the US occur among the 10.7% of women who use no contraceptive method at all (and no, downloading Period Tracker does not count as a contraceptive method). This finding comes only a few months after a study carried out by the amazingly named Dr Annie Dude at Duke University. Dr Dude’s findings revealed that 31% of young women in America aged between 15 and 24 had relied on the pull-out method at least once. Unsurprisingly, these women were 7.5% more likely to rely on emergency contraception than others and, even less surprisingly, of those who relied on the pull-out method, 21% had become pregnant.

Part of the problem is that women resent being the one in charge of contraception and they don’t like the negative side effects of the birth control. (But why no condom? Well, because the men don’t like them).