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Friday News: Busting the famous writers self publishing myth; WordPress fights back on behalf of bloggers; Tablets are a big holiday item for kids

Friday News: Busting the famous writers self publishing myth; WordPress fights...

It will come as no surprise to long time followers of DA that DMCA notices are routinely sent out with no basis at all. For many bloggers the threat of a lawsuit delivered via official letterhead is enough to get the content removed. Most bloggers aren’t lawyers nor do they have the funds to defend themselves. But as Automattic notes, there is a provision that allows the DMCA to be used as a sword by content providers by suing those who file fraudulent DMCAs. There are even some law firms and lawyers who’ve had ethical charges brought against them for sending out takedown notices without undertaking proper investigation of the charges.

And here are some unfortunate editing errors at supermarkets but who cares because lemons are perfect for orange juice.



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Thursday News: ebook sales are declining and growing; YA ebooks too...

But Cader goes on to note (despite the headline and the led) “But that does not mean ebooks have declined in significance to the trade. In that respect, actually, ebooks continue to gain — albeit slightly. Part of that is because all trade sales have declined so far this year.” He also notes that August ebook sales were strong and the second biggest month of 2013 so far and +36% better than last year. I don’t have access to the numbers so I can’t really parse them out for you. Publishers Lunch

My friend has a book club where they’ve read everything from Kite Runner to 50 Shades. Every single one has a Kindle. At my mother / daughter book club there is a mix of paper books and digital devices, all reading the same book. (Yes, it’s still a book in digital). There might be something fetishistic about paper or about digital but drawing strained metaphors doesn’t make me interested in picking up any works drafted by the author of the piece. The Daily Dot