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Daily Deals: Kilts, Starlords, Reunited lovers

Daily Deals: Kilts, Starlords, Reunited lovers

Nebula Nights: Love Among the Stars Boxed Set by Veronica ScottNebula Nights: Love Among the Stars Boxed Set by Veronica Scott. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

11 Sci-Fi Romances that’ll sweep you away!

If you like your science fiction blazing with adventure and your space opera spiced with romance, this boxed set is for you. From first contact to battles for survival and love on war-torn planets, this collection from bestselling & award winning authors, including Cathryn Cade, Lyn Brittan, Veronica Scott, Pauline B. Jones and more, will leave you sighing with satisfaction.

Eleven science fiction romance authors band together to provide a boxed set of stories with elements ranging from space marines to cyborgs, time travel, clones and alien adventures. Many of the included stories are the standalone first volume in existing series. The selection includes Escape From Zulaire by Veronica Scott, which recently won a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award and was the 2014 Reader-nominated DABWAHA entry in PNR/SciFi/F. (Note: These stories are previously published.) Other well known SFR authors in the collection are Lyn Brittan, Cathryn Cade, Pauline B Jones, S. J. Pajonas, C. E. Kilgore and more!/box] AmazonBNKoboBook DepositoryAREApple Google


What Price Paradise by Katherine AllredWhat Price Paradise
 by Katherine Allred. $ .99 | $1.49

From the Jacket Copy:

All his life Tate McCullom has been taught to be responsible, and he is the very model of what a respectable man should be. Until the night he gets drunk and sleeps with a woman he barely knows.
Now, six weeks later, she’s pregnant, alone, and broke. Once again, Tate must take responsibility for his actions, and makes plans to marry his child’s mother. There’s only one problem…he has to tell his fiancée.

Abby Grayson hasn’t had an easy life. As the daughter of the town whore, people either avoid her or think she’s like her mother. For Abby, it’s a struggle just to fill her belly and keep a roof over her head.

Loneliness and a secret yearning for this man she thought she’d never have led her to spend the night with Tate. But the last thing she needs is a baby when she can barely take care of herself. Desperate, but too proud to ask for help, she finally agrees to accept a job from Tate ? the job of being his wife. Now she has almost everything she’s ever dreamed of.

Unfortunately, only one thing will gain her Tate’s love – his realization that the night he spent with her was no drunken accident. It was a last-ditch attempt to win the woman he really wanted.

Welp, the blurb says he’s a cheater. Can you get over this? I haven’t read Allred but I know she wrote The Sweet Gum Tree which was super similar to one of my favorite Deborah Smith books “A Place to Call Home.” I haven’t been able to read The Sweet Gum Tree because of the similarities but maybe I’ll give this a try.
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The Devil Wears Kilts by Suzanne EnochThe Devil Wears Kilts by Suzanne Enoch. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

The Price of Passion…

On a mission to rescue his runaway sister from the lure of flowery compliments and a useless lot of satin-clad scalawags disguised by their snooty titles, Ranulf MacLawry, Marquis of Glengask, has roared into British society like a storm across the Scottish Highlands. But he’s about to find out that satin has its appeal, especially when it covers the curves of Miss Lady Charlotte Hanover—whose tongue is as sharp as her skin is soft…

…is Pure Pleasure

Lady Charlotte Hanover has had her fill of hot-headed men, having lost her fiancé in an utterly unnecessary duel. When did brawn ever triumph over brains? And yet there is something solid and appealing about the brash Highlander who’s as dangerous in the ballroom as in battle. Sometimes bigger really is better… in The Devil Wears Kilts.

Is Outlander on Starz going to revive historical romances? Or at least kilt related historical romances? And how badly are Scottish historians groaning at Gabaldon’s historical inaccuracies that will now undoubtedly be seen as fact?

As for this book, it’s the first in a series and PW say it’s a delightful romance and “The constant sparring between Ranulf and Charlotte is a riveting prelude to a highly sensual and deeply emotional seduction that will keep readers riveted. “

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My Skylar by Penelope WardMy Skylar by Penelope Ward. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

A USA TODAY Bestseller. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content.

From the author of the #1 bestselling romance, Jake Undone, comes a friends-to-lovers story of longing, passion, betrayal and redemption…with a twist that will rip your heart out.

Skylar was my best friend, but I secretly pined for her. One thing after another kept us apart, and I’ve spent the last decade in fear of losing her forever.

First, it was the cancer, but she survived only to face the unthinkable at my hands. Because of me, she left town. For years, I thought I’d never see her again.

But now she’s back…and living with him.

I don’t deserve her after everything I’ve put her through, but I can’t live without her. This is my last chance because she’s about to make the biggest mistake of her life. I can see it her eyes: she doesn’t love him. She still loves me…which is why I have to stop her before it’s too late.

My Skylar is a STANDALONE story of 99,000 words and a companion to the novel, Jake Undone. It does NOT need to be read in conjunction with any other book.

I bought and read this a month or so ago. It’s a decent story if not a little melodramatic at times (although this is romance and melodrama is a staple). But it’s about reunited lovers and I’m a sucker for that storyline.
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Daily Deals: Helen Gurley Brown, Alien Hunter, and photojournalist in love with a woman 1600 years old

Daily Deals: Helen Gurley Brown, Alien Hunter, and photojournalist in love...

Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley BrownSex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Before Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York tore up the town, there was Helen Gurley Brown, the real-life editor in chief of Cosmopolitan.

In this deliciously tantalizing book, Cosmo’s leading lady told women how to be glamorous and sophisticated and how to fill their lives with romance and delectable men. She showed women how to meet men and sweep them off their feet-all while looking and feeling fabulously sexy. Since that time, sexual attitudes may have changed, but the art of being a woman has not.

Still provocative after all these years, Brown celebrates the pleasures of flirting, of enjoying affairs from beginning to end, throwing brunches and dinner parties, finding men where you might not think to look, dating (and ditching) married men, and being both feminine and powerful.

It’s been over 40 years since Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl sent shockwaves through American culture. How times have changed, or have they?

This was probably the definitive chick lit book that launched a thousand derivative books. That said, I’m not sure how much of her advice holds up today.

“I think marriage is insurance for the worst years of your life. During your best years you don’t need a husband. You do need a man of course every step of the way, and they are often cheaper emotionally and a lot more fun by the dozen.”

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Blacklisted by Gena ShowalterBlacklisted by Gena Showalter. $ 1.99 at AMZN | Apple

From the Jacket Copy:

Alien hunting can get a girl killed. It can also get her a date.

High school senior Camille Robins and her best friend are determined to snag the attention of their crushes before graduation next month. Armed with red-hot outfits and killer hair, they sneak into the hottest nightclub in town — which caters to the rich and famous, both human and alien. They end up following Erik (who is human) and Silver (who isn’t) through a guarded door and are soon separated and under attack…and not the good kind.

Bad boy Erik spares Camille’s life, but the two are soon being chased by gun-toting Alien Investigation and Removal agents. Camille’s more confused than ever because Erik’s finally showing real interest in her, but the agents are accusing him of dealing Onadyn — a drug that ruins human lives. Suddenly, with the heat of his kiss lingering on her lips, Camille has to decide whose side she’s on…and whether she’s willing to put her life on the line to save Erik’s.

This is the second book in the Teen Alien Huntress series. Doesn’t look like more are in the offing. Pleasant read with a rushed ending per reviews.

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Riding High by Vicki Lewis ThompsonRiding High by Vicki Lewis Thompson. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

A new Sons of Chance story from New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson!
There ain’t a rider that can’t be thrown. And large-animal veterinarian Regan O’Connelli was thrown hard when he discovered his fiancée with his best friend. Now he’s starting his life over at the Last Chance Ranch, run by the tightly knit Chance clan. But damned if his libido hasn’t perked up over the spirited redhead who looks a lot like trouble?.

Lily King is the queen of anti-structure. Turns out, that makes running a horse sanctuary a challenge. Regan’s help is exactly what Lily needs—not to mention the seriously sexy sparks that are flying between them. Now she just has to convince this fallen cowboy to dust himself off and get back in the saddle?and into her bed!

Collect all three in this sizzling hot trilogy!

Riding High
Riding Hard
Riding Home

I’ve enjoyed most Vicki Lewis Thompson books I’ve read. Soft humor, low angst. Pleasant diversions.

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The Reincarnationist by M. J. RoseThe Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose. $ .99.

From the Jacket Copy:

A bomb in Rome, a flash of bluish-white, and photojournalist Josh Ryder’s world explodes. As Josh recovers, thoughts that have the emotion, the intensity, the intimacy of memories invade him. But they are not his. They are ancient…and violent with an urgency he cannot ignore–pulling him to save Sabina…and the treasures she protects. But who is Sabina?

Desperate for answers, Josh turns to the Phoenix Foundation–a research facility that scientifically documents past-life experiences. He is led to an archaeological dig and to Professor Gabriella Chase,who has discovered an ancient, powerful secret that threatens to merge the past with the present.

Here, the dead call out to the living, and murders of the past become murders of the present.

Booklist review says “This is one of those books that succeeds in spite of itself: even though the writing is merely competent, the story itself is so appealing that you can’t stop reading. Josh Ryder is a difficult character to pull off (among other things, he’s a man in love with a woman who lived 1,600 years ago), and at times he comes off a little loopy. But for the most part he, like the novel itself, is surprisingly well grounded in the real world. “

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