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Haiku Review: Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray

Haiku Review: Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray

(Lots of spoilers ahead – beware!)


Song of the Nile	Stephanie DrayWhat happened here, Dray?
Your first book was so very good.
This one screwed the pooch.


In first book, Selene
takes control of her own fate
ends on happy note


this book takes that book
and pretty much destroys it
I hated each page


On her wedding night
to Juba, Selene is raped
by Octavian


She tells her new spouse

He says, I know, I let him

do it. Sorry ’bout that.


Me: What the fucking
fuck just happened in this book?
Seriously now.


If that were not bad
enough, Selene runs from this
to her brother’s arms


They have sex. A lot.
This plot goes from bad to worse.
Hero is her BRO???


Plot continues down
Octavian offers her
Egypt if they fuck.


Selene must decide
Egypt or her new kingdom?
Whore to her rapist?


This plot is just gross
Entire book is about
“Will she or won’t she?”


Selene wants Egypt
So very bad. She teases and leads
on Octavian


Would rather read a
book about a strong queen or
historical stuff


Not brother love. Not
flirting with her rapist. Not
any of this. At all.


I am so, so sad
I love your writing and voice
WHY did you write this?


I loved your first book
Cannot recommend this one
Wish I could. Sorry.


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Thursday Haiku Moment:  True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson

Thursday Haiku Moment: True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel...

You are new to me
And I love a good contemp
(And hockey heroes)

True Love Rachel GibsonSadly, this was not
The read I was looking for.
Almost, but not quite.

Faith is ex-Playboy
Bunny and stripper who wed
A millionaire

Sound familiar?
Yep. It’s a romance spin of
Anna Nicole Smith.

But Faith is ‘special’.
Because she loved the geezer
Not just his money.

The geezer bumps off
And leaves Faith his hockey team.
(Sounds like SEP)

Team Captain Hero
You saw this coming a mile
away, didn’t you?

They bicker, smolder
And eventually land
in bed together

Predictable plot.
I’ll spare you all the rehash.
Carebear ending too.

My main problem? Faith.
Kept waiting for her to grow
A spine. Still waiting.

The story conflict?
‘Evil’ son of tycoon who
Bullies heroine.

Faith is also very
Nonchalant about stripping
But in a weird way.

Players would treat her
Like a ho, but she was fine
With it…why? Oh wait.

Her thought? She DESERVES
The lewd comments. She took off
her clothes for money.

She is fine with her
Sexuality…but dresses
Like a dowdy nun.

Her fogey husband
Wanted a lady, you see!
Not a stripper ho.

So to recap Faith:
No spine. Gold digger. Moral
Stripper. Nun Wardrobe.

Don’t get me started
On Layla, Faith’s ‘bad’ stripper
alter-ego. Ugh.

Your writing style? Cute.
Could have been a great story.
But I am unmoved.


This book can be purchased in mass market from an independent bookstore or ebook format from the Sony Store and other etailers.