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REVIEW: Witch Hunt by Leanne Karella and Vivienne King

Dear Ladies,

big_karella-whunt.jpgWhenever I read a book which has a NA character, I take a deep breath, cross my fingers and hope that I’m going to get one more like those written by Kathleen Eagle than the tripe churned out by Cassie Edwards. Luckily, your hero passes in that regard. Unfortunately, the relationship between the hero and heroine gives this effort a grade you’re not going to be happy with.

Lina Brennen longs for a place to call home and people who understand her and still accept her for what she is. She’s faced too much suspicion and moved too many times in her life for this to be more than a dream to her, regardless of what her granna tells her. When her next move places her in the tiny town of Ungega, AZ, she just wants to blend in. But the antics of her granna, who incidentally is a ghost, make this impossible. The town lone lawman, Trey Godfrey, is immediately attracted to Lina but he’s beginning to think there’s something strange about her. But the fact that his mother and his young daughter both accept Lina in his life keeps him interested and willing to see what will happen. But when he discovers exactly what Lina is, his past might keep him from building a future with this woman he’s come to love.

My problems began with the heroine’s spirit granna who needs to be belted hard, MADE TO SHUT UP and stop pulling her pranks. These stopped being funny about 2 chapters into the book and I thought it was odd that the granna is pushing Lina to stay in Unega and date Trey yet whenever they get the least hot and heavy, she’s pulling pranks to break up the moment.

Then there’s the repeated statements of villagers running Lena out of town. Maybe if this had been Salem, MA in the 17th century I could have believed it but today I would expect Lina to have gathered a cult following and be on talk shows.

I liked the relationship between Trey’s daughter Jess and Lina but shouldn’t Lina and her granna have talked with Trent before starting Jess on all the “find you spirit guide” stuff? This is pretty heavy duty stuff for a girl that young. I think Trey goes a bit overboard in his response but I can easily see his anger about what happened.

But what really kills the grade here is the “I lust after you, I want you, I hate you, I want to kiss you, let’s f*ck!” actions of Trey and Lina. Over and over and over and over. It’s very annoying. They reminded me of children on a playground. Well maybe not the f*cking part but the abrupt changes in their actions. After the fourth time they were (literally) screaming at each other yet ended up in bed, I’d had enough. I read and skimmed my way to the end and was glad the book was over. Yet at the end we get one more instance of Trey acting like a moron. Lina has just saved his life and he’s mad at her? What the f*ck? Did he at least say “thank you” before getting his *ss on his shoulders about her healing talents?

Le sigh, as Sybil says. D


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