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REVIEW: Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews

Dear Ms. Andrews,
Savannah BreezeThough this is one of the first ebooks I bought, it’s taken me a while to get back to it. In fact, I’m kind of reading your “Savannah” series backwards but enjoying it none the less. One thing that’s really stood out so far is the “closer than sisters” bond between BeBe Loudermilk and Weezie Foley. Where would we all be without our best friends?

BeBe is a shrewd businesswoman. At thirty five she already owns an antiques filled townhouse in the historic district, several pricey rental properties, a swanky restaurant and has a nice bank balance. Which is why it took a really smooth con artist to swindle her out of most of it. When she realizes that she’s bascially got the clothes on her back, her car and not enough money to make the payroll for her employees, she’s devastated. But BeBe finds she’s not totally out on the streets when it turns out she now owns a beachfront motel in Tybee. A falling down, holes in the units’ roofs, seen much better days thirty years ago motel. But for the moment, it’s all she’s got and her only option is to keep using the handyman who’d been working there before the sale to finish the repair work while she and her antiques dealer friend Weezie handle the cosmetic overhaul and decorating.

Weezie’s lawyer uncle is hard at work on regaining the real estate end of BeBe’s losses but it’s soon apparent that the police have too much crime and too few officers to devote the time to her case to get back her money and stolen jewelry. From the police, BeBe learns that she’s not the only wealthy woman who’s been swindled. A little detective work and some hunches lead her to believe that the bastard is now working his cons in south Florida. BeBe hits the road with her best friend, her grandfather, Harry the handyman and a vague idea of how to get her money back. It’s going to take luck and nerve but just maybe these four can pull off a con of a con. And perhaps BeBe and Harry will find some romance too.

Though you sketch out BeBe’s background with loser men and the hectic current circumstances that muddy her clear thinking, I was still a bit amazed that she’d let Reddy into her life and finances so easily. We’d all like to find a man like Reddy presents himself to be and I guess the number of stories in the news about swindles shows that some people are all too willing to believe something that seems to good to be true. But it does make BeBe look like an idiot. Thankfully, once she knows she’s a victim, she pulls her big girl panties up and begins to work out how she’s going to a) survive and b) get revenge. With a few believable emotional breakdowns behind her, she makes the decision she’s not going to just sit back and wait. She also grows a lot in her choice of men with substance over flash.

Harry might just be the kind of hero that men wouldn’t think is a “romance man” instead of a real man. He loves his beer, is a hard worker, thinks about sex a lot and is totally unimpressed when he first meets BeBe (even though he later tells her he wanted to jump into bed with her the first time he saw her). Thank you for not having him spout some romantic nonsense or act like a LMN hero when it comes time for he and BeBe to put their cards on the table.

The reverse con is a hoot to read though it would probably never fly in real life. It’s just bold enough and split second enough to make a good romantic comedy movie yet has some elements that make me wonder if anyone has ever tried it. I do think that some of the descriptions of actions in the book (the long inventory of the antiques Weezie finds, the decorating overhaul of the Breeze Inn and such) go on a bit too long. But I enjoyed watching BeBe and Weezie at work again and am looking forward to reading more of their past. B for “Savannah Breeze.”


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