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REVIEW: Rules of Marriage by Wilma Counts

Dear Ms. Counts,

Rules of MarriageI think I’m all Peninsulared out right now. I used to love books using this setting but alas, like aristocratic English spies, it’s been done to death. I had hopes that your book would be different but once past the novelty of how the hero and heroine get together, it sank into same old same old.

Rachel Brady was more or less coerced into marrying her husband, a soldier, and now is following the drum during the Peninsular Campaign. She helps care for the wounded and after one battle she takes over the care of Major Lord Jacob Forrester. Rachel’s husband is an @$$ and hasn’t treated her well in most of the years of their marriage. After Jacob recovers, things kind of mosey on for months and months. Battles occur, the army moves, the army goes into winter quarters. Rachel isn’t happy. Bo-DE-oh-do-do.

The @$$ husband decides to sell Rachel as a sort of poor man’s divorce. A friend races to inform Jacob of the sale and he races to the rescue and buys her. Now everyone thinks they’re shacking up even though they’re not. The army starts it’s summer campaign. Battles occur, the army moves, Rachel and Jake finally start shacking up. Bo-DE-oh-do-do.

Everyone heads back to England after Boney is defeated. Jake proposes after certain facts are discovered. Rachel wants her independence and turns him down. Her long lost family (a Duke no less) finds her and she starts to attend ton parties. Her first husband who wasn’t really her husband shows up and threatens her. Jake and his brother come to the rescue and get that @$$ out of the way and Jake proposes again and Rachel accepts. Sigh.

The heroine should be called Saint Rachel cause she’s just too good to be true. Jake is waaaay to democratic to be a Marquis’s son. Lots of the early dialogue is very awkwardly written. You’ve included lots of info on the army and the campaigns to the point where it became a history lesson. I expected a quiz at the end. Too much of the story is told to us and not shown to us. And I never really got emotionally involved with the characters. You just seemed to skim along the top. The last section (in London) is really boring and I was majorly skimming to get it done. D for you.


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