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REVIEW: A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day

This review comes to us from guest blogger, Yapaway Jay who has given up her fiction books for law books. Go Jay, only one semester left?

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Dear Ms. Day,

075821761701mzzzzzzz.jpgI fell in love with the first book I read by you, The Stranger I Married, and ever since then you’ve been on my auto-buy list. In fact, you’ve become one of those authors where I break my neck to get your books but then don’t read them because I’m saving them for a proverbial rainy day – times when none of the other books I have are holding my interest, and are annoying me. At times like this, I pull out one of my rainy-day authors and know I’m in for a treat. So when I first started A Passion for Him, I found I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read it yet. I had to put it to the side and wait for the right time. A few weeks later, it was time. I picked A Passion for Him back up and devoured in it a matter of hours.

Amelia Benbridge is betrothed to her longtime friend Lord Ware. Amelia knows she is not in love with Lord Ware the way he loves her, but she agrees to marry him because the one she does love passed away years ago. At a masquerade ball, she is approached by a (masked, duh!) man who appears to be taken with her. She is drawn to him as well, though she doesn’t know why. The reader, however, knows this masked man is none other than Colin, the boy she loved long ago, but believed to be dead. Lord Ware eventually steps aside to allow Amelia to explore her feelings for the masked Colin, who reveals his identity.

This summary definitely doesn’t do justice to the book; its not easy to capture the gravitational pull between Amelia and Colin. I thought I might have a problem with the ease with which she left Lord Ware, but in the end, I think Amelia actually liked Lord Ware too much to string him along. There’s a French-spy/intrigue subplot that I could have done without, but that’s mainly because I just wanted the story to get back to Amelia and Colin.

This is the second book in what I guess is labeled the Passion series, and though I haven’t read the first book, I found this story line very easy to follow and it piqued my interest in the previous book, which was already high to begin with. Kudos to you for another great read. B+/A-


This book can be purchased in trade paperback or ebook format.


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  1. Susan Helene Gottfried
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 11:37:37

    Just had to drop in and wave at Yapaway Jay, who I miss dearly. Love from West of Mars, darling!!

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