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REVIEW: Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

Dear Ms. Haynes:

book review I hadn’t read you before and honestly, I didn’t think I would like this book. The reason for this isn’t grounded in any good reason, but a fairly superficial one, but I’ll articulate it in case other readers make these snap judgments.

I had started the book Fortune Hunter and read about three pages. It featured an ugly duckling of a heroine who was fat. I skimmed through it and found that the heroine wore a size 8 and decided that the book wasn’t worth reading. I also think these covers don’t help. There’s a huge difference between embarassing and bland, Penguin Art Deptartment, and these covers and the hideous new Joey Hill cover, fall into the bland.

Sorry, back from the cover tangent. In any event, because I received this book for free, I started to page through it and by the end of the second chapter, I was hooked. The story starts out a bit ordinary and predictable. Heroine (rich girl Trinity) comes home and finds her husband of six months in a shower going down on a big chested bimbo. She is enraged, not just because her husband is cheating on her, but because the way in which he’s going about cheating on her, encouraging the blonde bimbo to be wild and noisy and into it.

Trinity leaves, goes to her Daddy to get him to start the divorce proceedings and beds down in a hotel room wherein she decides to pleasure herself. Scott Sinclair is in the neighboring room and can hear the moans from next door. He’s half amused and half turned on. When he doesn’t hear any corresponding male noises, he susses out that Trinity is by herself and proceeds to knock on her door to ask if he could just watch her.

Trinity acquiesces after some convincing and proceeds to have a mind blowing orgasm. Instead of falling all over each other, though, Trinity shows Sinclair the door and they both believe that this is it – a chance encounter. It’s at this point that I realize that I might be reading something I just can’t predict.

The story evolves as Trinity and Scott begin a sexual relationship which is comprised initially of mostly phone sex and other public encounters. There’s a real build up to intercourse which serves as kind of a metaphor for the relationship. Scott wants to have a relationship with Trinity. She’s the most exciting thing in his life for years. Trinity, on the other hand, enjoys calling the shots and doesn’t reveal her true identity to him because she’s in love with this person she’s created when she is with Scott. Trinity is trying to find herself, although she really doesn’t recognize it early on.

As Trinity and Scott continue to see each other, it is in increasingly risky circumstances. Risk of being caught. Risk of getting in trouble for allowing their sexual addiction to each other to overcome boundaries. Their sexual escapades become a struggle for control. Trinity controls by keeping her identity a secret. Scott by keeping Trinity from the sexual release that she seems to need.

The story crescendoes with a tinge of desperation on both sides as each tries to show the other who has the power. This story relies on the characters and their relationship to provide the suspense.

The story is much more than about the sexual relationship of the two, although that is the primary focus of what contact the two have. But more and more Trinity and Scott recognize that the other has something that has been missing in their lives. With Trinity, Scott begins to let go of his devotion to his job that had caused problems in his previous marriage. With Scott, Trinity lets go of her inhibitions and starts to recognize her need for independence and her previous worthless lifestyle.

One other thing I should mention is that Scott is the CFO of a company and he sounded like a CFO. I figure you must have some accountancy background because both characters are involved in the financial aspects of the company and the details of the financial work sounded very accurate. (Okay, I also make this assumption because I looked up your backlist and it seems to feature alot of CFOs).

The eroticism was inextricably intertwined with the story, both of the character arcs and the relationship arc. It was a great surprise and I am anxious to read the backlist of Jasmine Haynes, including the previously passed up The Fortune Hunter.

Best regards


This book can be purchased in trade paperback from Amazon or Powells. No ebook format at this time.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Catherine
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 15:14:13

    This is why I love this site. I always find something new that I can’t wait to read. Great review.

  2. Jen
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 17:28:55

    I already have this book on order. I’m very happy to see you gave it such a great review. Now it just needs to hurry up and get here:)

  3. Mireya
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 19:56:42

    I’ve read and enjoyed her work before. Contemporaries are not my cup of tea, however, hers always manage to keep me interested.

  4. Sarah Frantz
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 20:52:34

    What’s up with Joey Hill’s cover art? I thought the vampire books were very good.

  5. Jane
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 20:55:16

    Sarah – I should have included a link: Mermaid’s Kiss.

    I wonder if I could post a picture:

    Book Cover

  6. Meljean
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 22:56:50

    I like the mermaid one :-D

    ETA: I don’t know that I’d think ‘erotic romance’ when looking at it, though.

  7. DS
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 06:15:24

    Is the cover for Mermaid’s Kiss by Pino? It looks a lot like a 1980-90’s Zebra cover– if only there was a voyeuristic animal in the background it would be perfect.

  8. Jane
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 07:30:26

    It looks like Ariel only not cartoon-ized. I expect a lobster (maybe that is the voyeuristic animal we are waiting for DS) to pop up and start singing “Under the Sea.”

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  10. Jasmine Haynes
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 14:47:06

    Thank you, Jane. I’m very happy “Show and Tell” worked for you.

    And yes, I was an accountant in my former life and drew upon my experiences for the book’s background.

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