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REVIEW: Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne by Patricia BriggsDear Ms. Briggs:

I’m pretty amazed and delighted at the consistency of your writing. Even though you have increased your writing schedule to include one more book release, it still seems the quality of your work has remained the same. As my fellow reviewer, Jayne, would say “Huzzah”.

I’ll confess that I found the book to be very romantic from the growth in the relationship between Adam and Mercy to the secondary storyline which I will try to keep from spoiling for other readers (particularly given our reader discussion yesterday).

For those unfamiliar with the series, Mercy is a coyote shapeshifter who has a natural immunity to magic. She has been courted by her neighbor, the Alpha werewolf of the Tri-Cities Pack. Mercy lives her with friend and former lover, Samuel, one of two sons of the Marrok who rules all North American werewolves. Samuel is a doctor and works at the local hospital. Samuel has struggled with loneliness for a long time. He had wanted Mercy primarily because she was a coyote and possibly could bear children, something female werewolves cannot do.

Mercy is still recovering from the events that occurred two books ago and her completed bond with Adam and his Pack is working erratically. Recently she’s been having confidence issues with Adam, her place in Adam’s life, her position in the Pack. Is she undermining Adam? Is she creating more danger for him and his Pack? She is acting strangely, in ways that baffle Adam and herself. Her internal voice or voices are driving her to try to both protect Adam and to rebuff him for failing to understand her puzzling behavior. (paranormal PMS?)

Worse, when Mercy needs Samuel to provide some insight into Pack behavior, Sam has gone off the deep end. Samuel’s wolf is exerting dominance over Samuel. His lone wolf status is coming to a head. No wolf can survive forever outside a Pack, not even Samuel. Samuel begins to spend a great deal of time in wolf form which complicates matters when a reality TV bounty hunter comes to town with werewolf name on the warrant and silver bullets in his guns. But it isn’t silver bullets that presents the most current danger for Mercy and her friends. It is a more sinister and powerful and unknown combatant who wants something Mercy supposedly owns.

Mercy’s connections with the humans becomes more tenuous when she realizes that her world just isn’t safe for the fragility of her non magical friends such as Gideon, the seventeen year old young man who works part-time for her, and Gideon’s family.

While the story initially seems episodic, the scenes serve as foreshadowing and preparation for the suspense and ultimate climactic portions at the end of the book. The tying up of seemingly loose plot ends was very nice although I still haven’t decided whether the suspense was resolved by a deux ex machina.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the review, this particular entry in the Mercy Thompson series had a very romantic overtone. There was a great deal of internal agnst Mercy displayed over her relationship with Adam, wanting to be what she presumes Adam wants while at the same time trying to preserve her own identity within the pack. Further, a secondary storyline appears for a popular character and that secondary storyline appeared weighted with romance overtones. Problematically, those romance overtones seem to be redundant of some in the past: wounded chick makes wounded mate whole again. To some extent both the Mercy series and the Alpha/Omega feature these tropes.

I really enjoyed this entry and while I thought that some of the ending seemed a little trite, it’s still one of my favorite urban fantasy crossover series. B

Best regards,


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  1. Brian
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 07:32:57

    Just one small correction. It’s Gabriel, not Gideon. :-)
    I’m about 80% of the way through this book and am enjoying it so far.

  2. Marie
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 11:17:30

    This book is AMAZING!!!!! I just love how much closer Adam and Mercy are…..Thank you Mrs. Briggs for another amazing book….I can’t wait for the next adventure in Mercy’s life.

  3. Allison
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 13:04:03

    I am 10 out of 15 chapters through this book. I am loving this installment. When I first saw the page count I was a little frustrated (just under 300) but WOW can Ms. Briggs pack a punch. I love watching the interaction between Mercy and Adam and the rest of the pack. Thank you Ms. Briggs! I can’t wait til the next one!

  4. Silvia
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 14:42:30

    Just got this one in the mail, and now I’m doubly excited! I really enjoy the Mercy/Adam established relationship.

  5. Ilisa
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 11:00:04

    I read it last night and just loved it. The way she deals with issues that have been building since the first book in the series is just really nicely done. I put it on sale at my website, for 50% off with free shipping today only. Just an FYI.

  6. Jeanette
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 11:11:19

    I started this last night late and can’t wait to get home and finish. Thanks Ms. Briggs!

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  8. Joy
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 18:37:09

    Finished this yesterday. The resolution felt off to me but still loved the book overall.

  9. Nifty
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 19:33:07

    My hardback copy has 340 pages, which is fairly long for the Mercy Thompson books. (Bone Crossed was 309 pages.)

    I loved Silver Borne and can’t quite decide if it’s my favorite in the series (edging out Iron Kissed for first), or if Iron Kissed still has the top slot.

    Loving the development of Mercy and Adam’s relationship. And Ben…. I cannot say enough good things about Ben.

  10. Allison
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 07:28:58

    I have the digital version so that may be the difference.

    I agree that this is one of the best in the series, if it doesn’t take the top spot it is going to be 1 1/2. I am rereading in now and am still as excited as when I read it the first time. Oh, and Ben… just love him!

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