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Taken By Him and Bound By Him by Red Garnier

Taken by Him by Red Garnier Taken by Him by Red Garnier

There will be a collection of five enovellas in this series and the three that I’ve read so far are very entertaining but they are so short. My biggest complaint for all three is the length.  If you have only a short time over the noon hour to read, then these stories might be the perfect answer for you. If a reader is looking for something longer, more satisfying, these stories are bound to be a disappointment.

Luke Preston is, as the tagline suggests, a billionaire.  He runs his family’s underwear company and actually modeled for it.  His favorite thing to do is romance women but his last encounter left him near death’s door when a jealous ex guns him down. His friends strong arm him into leaving the country until he has healed up and the bad guy is caught.

At a resort, he meets Peyton Lane who has finally taken a vacation after years of eighty hour work weeks.  She wants to let her hair down, maybe have a vacation fling, but has a hard time overriding her own cautionary instincts.  Finally, she convinces both herself and Luke to have an affair for the short time she is at the same resort that he is.  Once the two are back in Chicago, Luke has to convince Peyton that he’s ready to give up his playboy ways for her.

I wished the book had more emotional exposition and not as much sex sex sex, but dirty talking Luke who was hit by the Peyton Lane train was fun to read about.  Note that Peyton doesn’t use a condom with manwhore Luke and she really should have. Come on, smart lady!  If you are having a vacation fling, be sure to wrap it before you tap it.  C+


Red Garnier by Bound by HimBound by Him by Red Garnier

I absolutely loved this storyline so my grade for this book is higher but probably because I was hooked from the first page.   Andrew Fairchild  falls for  Whitney Donahue first time he sees her but given that she is not yet of age, he has to wait for her.  When she is 17, he moves her into his apartment in order to prevent her skeevy uncle from sexually assaulting her.  When Whiteny goes to her home for something, her uncle confronts her and she accidentally kills him.  Andrew takes the fall, and then because he is really really rich, cuts a deal that sends him away for three years to serve time in an off shore prison. Is this realistic? No clue; don’t care.

Part of deal allows him to spend one more year with Whitney during which he tries to make her believe that no matter what happens, she should know he loves her and that he will always come for her.  But then he leaves and she thinks he has abandoned her for three years. The book  begins with Andrew returning from incarceration and convincing Whitney that his love for her has never wavered.

It would have been so awesome to read a longer, fuller length story but this one had four long chapters and that was it. *sob*. So yeah, pretty sexy with a storyline that I loved but so short. B


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  1. Reese Ryan
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 09:21:26

    I read Bound By Him–my first foray into billionaire romances. I have to say I really liked the book a lot and immediately read a second one–Claimed By Him. I’m not as fond of the billionaire/virgin model.

    What I also loved about Bound By Him is that Andrew’s money was more a means to an end in the story. It facilitated his ability to make the deal that got Whitney off the hook for her uncle’s death, but the book didn’t feel like it was about the money. It was a sexy, emotional read. In Claimed By Him the money felt like a secondary character in the book. Many readers will probably enjoy this aspect of the book.

  2. Deljah
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 11:09:07

    How old are Whitney and Andrew when they first meet?

  3. Jane
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 11:13:23

    @Deljah – not sure.

    “Who’s the titian-haired girl?”
    “Whitney Donahue, the heiress to the Donahue fortune when she turns eighteen. Right now she’s in guardianship, with some uncle on her father’s side.”
    He’d been captivated right there. By her shy smile—especially. He’d started looking out for her at every Lexington event, somehow thinking in his head, I’m going to marry this girl. When she turned seventeen, Andrew hadn’t seen her for months, and Chloe said she hadn’t been feeling well.

  4. Kaetrin
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 22:25:25

    I read the first one a couple of weeks ago and like you, I wanted more relationship and less of the sex. Or, a longer page count so I could see the characters fall in love. (Also, totally agree about the condom – the dude is a total manwhore before he gets hit by the “Peyton Lane train” LOL.

    I haven’t read the second one yet, but I think I’m going to have to – sounds fun.

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