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REVIEW: Through the Evil Days by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Trigger warnings: [spoiler]Implied sexual abuse of children, rape threats, attempted rape, murder.[/spoiler]

If the book interests you, you may want to try out the audio version.


Willaful fell in love with romance novels at an early age, but ruthlessly suppressed the passion for years, while grabbing onto any crumbs of romance to be found in other genres. She finally gave in and started reading romance again in 2006, and has been trying to catch up with the entire genre ever since. Look for her on twitter or at her blog at

One Comment

  1. Emily A.
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 12:47:17

    I haven’t read this latest in stallment of the series. I guess that puts me at a deficit for this review on Dear Author. I want to say that so often reviews at Dear Author feel more they’re for people who’ve read the books than people who are considering reading the books.

    That being said I’ve read the rest of the series and I can’t imagine a worse mother than Clare Fergusson. She is constantly putting herself in danger for reasons I often think are stupid. I think she is impulsive to the point where putting the child in danger will be inevitable. I think she is often not very kind or tactful and she is busy not only with her job, but in doing Russ’s job as well. I find Clare unlikable in general. I have been disappointed by some turns in the series already.
    As for Russ, I adore Russ, but I wish was stronger and tougher particularly with Clare. His age is also a consideration. He has demanding job, but being a father of infant is also demanding, especially in his mid-50s. I think men are often given more room to complain about inconvient babies, (contrast for those who know Ross’s and Rachel’s reaction to their unplanned pregnancy.) Of course like Russ, Ross had more life experience. It would have been bolder in my mind to have a woman pregnant and uncertain, especially under the circumstances.

    As for her writing of children, yes absolutely. I felt in book 6 I Shall Not Want that Hadley Knox’s children came off much younger than alleged ages. They were supposed to be 6 and 9, and they came off as 3 or 4 and about 5 or 6. I felt the children were not well written and while I adore Hadley and Flynn, that was a weak book for me in the series.
    I just finished book 7 and need time to recover before book 8. Given this review, I may need more time away from the series than I planned.

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