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REVIEW: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Dear Ms. Meyer:

This was a greatly anticipated book. Twilight, the prequel, was my 2005 book of the year. New Moon, however delightful it was, seemed to throw all of the faults of Bella in sharp relief. You portrayed her, either intentionally or not, as a selfish user who seemed to only be able to exist with the help of a man in her life. It seemed ironic that her ability to cope with life so closely paralleled her mother’s which Bella, and you, appear to decry.

new moonThe story opens with Bella celebrating her birthday with the Cullens, a family of vampires. Edward Cullen, a perpetual 17 years of age, is Bella’s soul mate. He is a vampire, though, and while Bella longs to be one, Edward refuses to change her as he believes it would rob her of her soul. During the party, Bella cuts a finger on wrapping paper. The smell of her fresh blood is too much and Edward is forced to shield her from family members. This event causes Edward to believe that his presence does Bella more harm than good. In true romance fashion, Edward paternalistically decides that removal of his presence from Bella’s is the only answer to keeping Bella alive.

Bella is destroyed. She sinks into a deep depression and is only able to rise from it with the help of of Jacob Black, whom Bella terms a good friend. She understands that she is using Jacob but cannot seem to help herself. She revels in the warmth and goodness Jacob exudes. She convinces herself that this is what Jacob wants even knowing that Jacob’s feelings toward her run so much deeper. Jacob Black is young member of a local Native American tribe. I am not giving anything away (at least it was included in the Booklist review) when I say that Jacob Black’s tribe has ties with werewolves. Unlike the fully developed vampire mythos, the world building for the werewolves is sophmoric at best. There is no explanation as to why there are no old werewolves around, how they change (I think it is blood related), whether they have special needs, and so on.

Bella’s climb from the pit is also marked by a desperate recklessness. She engages in increasingly reckless acts because she hears Edward’s voice when she does so. The origin of the voice is unclear. I wasn’t sure whether this part of the book was to depict teenage suicidal ideation, the use of drugs, or was simply an unsure narrator trying to be emotive. It didn’t appear organic to Bella’s previous characterizations. You had portrayed her as steady, a bit emotional, but steady. I couldn’t help but wonder if this part of the plot was an attempt to shoehorn Edward into a story when you knew so many of your fans loved him?

You refer the Romeo and Juliet theme with the idea that Edward and Bella are star crossed lovers and that perhaps in the retelling Romeo should return to Rosalind and Juliet should get on with her life with Paris. Maybe if that was the route you were truly going to take, I wouldn’t feel so disappointed. But the book takes a sharp turn when Edward reappears toward the latter quarter of the book. The ending suspense plot seemed rushed and tacked on, as if someone reminded you that the success of the first book rode on the back of the romance of Edward and Bella. It was really as if there were two books, or two stories, included in New Moon and neither of them were finished.

For all my disappointment, New Moon zips by and leaves me wanting more. It is engaging and unique but flawed. It’s not one that I will be re-reading anytime soon. B- for New Moon.

Best regards,



Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. RenéeW
    Aug 16, 2006 @ 22:21:25

    I read and loved Twilight and have been anxiously awaiting this book. Now I’m not so sure I want to read it. I guess I expected more of Edward and Bella together, but I have to remind myself that this is YA not a romance.

  2. Jane
    Aug 17, 2006 @ 09:17:55

    Me too. I was shocked to see that so little of the book was about Edward and Bella given that Stephenie Meyer hosts “We Love Edward Cullen” parties. Hopefully, we’ll return to more Edward/Bella in the next book.

  3. Carrie
    Aug 19, 2006 @ 11:57:11

    I chose Twilight for a summer reading book. Now to complete the project, I need to know the theme of the book. Thank you.

    I would also like to day that Twilight was the best book ever. I read it in about three hours, because i couldnt stop reading it. I actually wished that i didnt read fast, so i could have read it longer. I loved it.

  4. Kim
    Aug 20, 2006 @ 01:15:56

    I disagree with you Jane! You missed the charachter building that gave this couple a sure foundations for Stephenie’s upcoming book Eclipse. Bella needed to gain some character and strength on her own. As for her other traits, perhaps selflessness may always appear weak, but it regulates great strength – more than most choose to develop. Bella is full of goodness, kindness, and selflessness, anyone can be poor minded, rude, or selfish- now that is the easy road to travel. We could use more Bella’s, like what we’ll see at the end of this series as she develops and grows.

  5. Jane
    Aug 20, 2006 @ 08:06:45

    Kim – thanks for your opinion. I wanted to like Bella more but even as I re-read the book for the review, it struck me how much Bella used people to satiate her own emotional needs. If I was a mother of a boy like Jacob, I would not want him to date a girl like Bella. But every reader will have a different reaction and mine is not more valid than yours.

  6. Kim
    Aug 21, 2006 @ 09:40:34

    Thanks for replying Jane. I can see why your frustrated with Jacob Black being hurt, I was too. I was grateful that Bella was always still honest with him, but my biggest heartache was for Jacob. I am amazed their not real people, because after reading the book (I having felt many of their emotions) am in awe how Stephenie pulls emotions out from the page. When I said I disagreed with what you said I should have been more explicit. First it is blood relations in reguards to the werewolves, and vampires being around that make them turn at a certain age, otherwise they would never turn. You have to admit Edward and Jacob are quite the duo (trouble in the making). I think what upset me the most was when you brought up drugs and suicide. On page 110 Bella is asked if Suicidal and she is definately not and even states never would consider it. On page 124 She comes to turns with not wanting to be a zombie. I think you and I have never mourned like that, but it was amazing to see how terrible she felt and watch her self preservation to come away from zombie land. On page 125 you see why she becomes recless, for once she stands up and feels something (not necessarily good) but tired of being the only one keeping bargains…like with Edward who left barely existing and she was still keeping his bargain. I do think we heard Edwards voice to keep him near the reader. I imagine Edward fell apart as soon as he left, he’s doing it to protect her you know. I recommend everyone take this book in stride, it is not Twilight, but it is the means to carrying us to Eclipse. I have heard the author say that her favorite book so far is Eclipse and that this story has existed in her mind from start to finish. We will be happy in the end, but as all extraordinary couples it takes hardship and test to make them sure footed. Thanks Jane for letting me comment! – A friend who really feels for Jacob too!

  7. Jane
    Aug 21, 2006 @ 09:48:45

    Kim, I appreciate your view of Bella but what she said “I’m not suicidal” as compared to what she did – throwing herself off a cliff into a river below – seemed quite contradictory. It wasn’t the depth of her despair that I thought was offputting but the way in which she handled them. It was never clearly explained how she had the voice of Edward in her mind. After all, it is said that no vampire can read Bella’s mind so how it was that Edward could communicate with her when Bella became increasingly reckless seemed non organic.

    Further, why Bella should feel any compulsion to want a) to fulfill her bargin with Edward and b) why she should feel the need for Edward to bless her union with Jacob when Edward dismissed her. He told her he had no feelings for her. Bella treated her relationship with Edward as if he had died instead of left her and that was just inconsistent. Meyer told us reader a lot of things that were inconsistent with the characters actions which is why the book did not work for me.

    I will definitely read the third book and Twilight is still a favorite of mine, but its wondrousness was slightly diminished with this installment.

  8. Kristina Cook
    Aug 21, 2006 @ 16:52:04

    TWILIGHT was also my favorite book of 2005, and to say I was eagerly anticipating NEW MOON, is well, quite the understatement. I read it in one sitting and was totally caught up in it…but I didn’t *love* it like I loved TWILIGHT. But that was okay–I sort of felt like it was a ‘transition’ book (like The Two Towers–okay, so it’s *not* like the Two Towers, but I hope you see what I mean), and I viewed it as thus. I think, like other commenters, my main gripe was the absence of Edward in the book. I adore Edward, and there just wasn’t a lot of him in NEW MOON. I didn’t particularly have problems with Bella, though–I remember going through a break-up at the end of my senior year in high school, and, well, it was pretty intense. We got back together after a couple of weeks, but I would say I was pretty much in a stupor during that time, not eating, not fully functioning. Maybe it was because I came into this book with that personal memory, but I was able to buy Bella’s depression (I mean, Edward is a BILLION times more exciting and desirable than that blah ex-boyfriend of mine, and look how I moped!) and I figured she was pretty honest with Jacob all along. I guess I also noticed that the werewolf storyline seemed less developed, but since it was sort of secondary–and since I didn’t care all that much, I just wanted my Edward back!–it didn’t particularly decrease my enjoyment of the book. If forced to give a grade, I guess I’d say B+/A-, whereas TWILIGHT was a firm A+ for me.

  9. Kim
    Aug 24, 2006 @ 14:00:21

    I understand your frustration with how Bella seems to be using those around her, but she was very honest to Jacob. Her only battles in feelings for him were whether she should move on in her life – and would it be fare to him-they never kissed and I was glad because she was still indecisive when the moment arose. At a book signing I asked about Jacob, it will take time, but he will end up better for the ware (it sounded like anyway). I understand your disgust with woman basing their self esteem on whether a guy is in their life or not. I’ve met many of those and it is sad, but remember Bella has never based her self esteem on boys and is new to relationships. Sure Bella for the first time was an obsessive teenager, new emotions for her to experience, new understanding for her mother-she does do stupid things-but jumping off the cliff, it was suppose to be safe, at least livable- she was unaware of the tide.
    As emotional as this book is I have decided to be engaged in enjoying the authors way of writing, the characters introduced (the vulturine’s seemed cool), and many enlightments. I agree it was hard not to get another Twilight after so much anticipation, but this book is it’s own journey. Loved at the end her fear for her father when she’s standing between a vampire and werewolf. You have to admit, once again it’s very clever. Here’s a few of my thoughts in requards to yours:

    1.Bella had to mourn first, and then she found the voice that felt no loyalty to a broken bargain, hence all the careless things you didn’t like.) and
    2.I don’t think she wanted more from Jacob than friendship, she enjoyed the touch of his hand as she would a brother in not being alone. She didn’t want to loose the friendship and had become very dependant and was on a constant fork in the road-do I move on-do I not
    3.When Edward told her he had no feelings for her…you believed him just like Bella? I can understand, here’s a thought, when I went to the book signing Stephenie read a little Midnight Sun to us, the book where you hear Twilight through Edwards point of view, it’s amazing his thought process for what he chooses to say, he seems to be a thinker always hoping to not be selfish and say what he wants to , but to say what keeps her safe, if you get to a booksigning, I bet she will read a section to the group. I almost wish that came out first because I think everyone would understand Edwards overwhelming love and desire to be selfless and choose what he thinks is best for Bella, he really struggles feeling selfish for not being able to walk away.
    4.Your comment that Bella treated her relationship with Edward as if he had died instead of left her and that was just inconsistent. (She felt like he had died, no memories-did he even exist-she showed strength in fighting pondering on him, but her dreams wouldn’t leave her alone. Not ever seeing someone again would feel like death just as much as just leaving and thinking you were never seeing him again.)

    Amazing writing skills to draw us in like this, something to think about…the author has effected people deeply, we are moved for better or worse-some people are easily forgiving for Edward and others hard to forgive-but everyone missed Edward, why?-because the author made everyone love him…Everyone cried for Jacob, why?- because she made us feel for him…Everyone felt his pain – tremendous writing. The author wrote to an audience who won’t touch heartbreak (leaves reality behind) or eats it up. She wrote to an audience who loves to laugh at ourselves when awkward or mortified with imperfection. The books have sought out all audiences…to me that says allot-and were all hooked . We will love all the characters more in the end because we have loved with them, suffered with them, and laughed at them. May Eclipse make all of her audiences smile!

  10. Amber Johnson
    Aug 28, 2006 @ 18:44:00

    i think this book is amazing…i can’t wait for the next one to come out! I am 14 years old and love the portray of this girl. Keep up the good work Stephenie!

  11. AMD
    Sep 04, 2006 @ 15:43:24

    i finsihed twilight wanting much more. i never wanted the book to end. i could not wait for New Moon to come out and when it finally did i was ecstatic. I love this serious so much i finsihed each book in one day. i Love them, I cant wait for the next one so try and make it sooner rather then later. i really want to find out wether she ging to turn to a vampire and what will happen with her relatioship with Jake. cant wait love the books and whoever doesnt well they are plan weird. hehe

  12. Chanel
    Oct 27, 2006 @ 13:44:41

    wow! Twilight and New Moon are defdently 2 of my all-time favorite books! New Moon is the first book i ever cried while reading! :*( it was amzing! except the ending!
    i cant wait to find out what happens to Bella and Edward! and poor Jake – but she was truthful to him, she said she only wanted to be friends.
    I could not put this book down, i got in trouble a couple times for read until the *am’s*
    Is there going to be a third book? I dont know if ill be able to wait!

  13. Jamie
    Oct 29, 2006 @ 20:48:48

    Bella’s dramatic actions in the book are very much needed, you implied that this was not following her steady nature, but what many people need to realize is that Bella needed this surge of feelings, and actions to push the character into the light, giving her a more realistic nature. Bella is not the simple character most people see her as, there are times when she is selfish, stubborn, eccentric, needy and dare I say it a bitch. She often uses others to exist, we can see this in the first book Twilight, she uses Jess, Angela, Mike and even to an extent Edward. I’m not saying you opinions are wrong I’m just suggesting you look at Bella’s character before deciding that she is not prone to dramatic feats like suicide….who knows she may not be the sweetly innocent character we all thought she was in the first place.

  14. Dracoangea
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 19:12:09

    Dear Jane,

    I would just like to say first of all that your reivew of New Moon is a masterful summary of the story’s key plot events. There are several point that I agree with you on, 1. Bella exhibiting selfish behavior and 2. Bella’s dependency on others. However, I also feel that these two characteristics are exactly what makes Bella a HUMAN character.

    When Edward leaves, he is doing it for Bella’s own good. He is not leaving to rip out her heart, disconnect her lungs, nor destroy her sanity. He is leaving to save her soul. When he leaves her, he ends up curled in a ball somewhere in South America, thinking to himself, “If only I could go back…no. I won’t go back.”

    On the Twilight Lexicon, Stephenie Meyers made a comment to the effect of, “Edward would put himself through Hell to save Bella’s soul” and I believe it.

    I believe that New Moon was written to test Bella and Edward’s love and to prove how pathetic they are without the other. I also think that Jacob Black deserved BETTER than Bella Swan. He needs a woman who will calm him, not infuriate him into phasing. He is a gentle and loving man that deserves someone who isn’t broken and taken.

    Sometimes, boys do not understand “Only Friends” And when they cannot understand, they end up hurt. Bella tells Jacob that they can be nothing more; that holding hands, hugging, and sitting close all means something different to her than to him. His response is a simple, “That’s my problem.”

    Keep in mind that Jacob did his share of hurting Bella too. Remember the ending? Jacob broke his promises. He chose the pack over her, and does not understand nor support the man that truly makes her happy. For better or for worse, its going to be Bella and Edward forever.

  15. Jane
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 21:06:32

    Sometimes, boys do not understand -Only Friends- ? And when they cannot understand, they end up hurt. Bella tells Jacob that they can be nothing more; that holding hands, hugging, and sitting close all means something different to her than to him. His response is a simple, -That's my problem.- ?

    My feeling with this is that if a girl knows that a boy has feelings for her, the “just friends” talk is not working. And while it is Jacob’s problem, Bella didn’t hesitate to continue to use him to receive comfort and affection even KNOWING Jacob’s true feelings. To me, that is a very selfish act.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Edward/Bella pairing but Bella has lost a lot of her luster in this story. I’ll still buy the final entry in this trilogy.

  16. fayeline
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 21:55:30

    i loved twilight, but new moon was i bit of disapointment cuz i wanted to see more of the relationship between bella and EDWARD. not about werewolves. it was still pretty good book and i still want 2 read the next book. when is meyer gonna publish midnight sun? i read the 1st chapter and it’s really good!

  17. Jessica
    Nov 07, 2006 @ 00:08:59

    I really hope that she finds a way to make more then just eclipse just one more because these books are so amazing i want at least one more before midnight sun! Im in love with edward! I hope that she does put the extra things into a 4th story that would be amazing i love it so much ive read twilight 5 times and new moon 7! I just dont want to stop reading this amazing series

  18. ParisFrance
    Nov 08, 2006 @ 14:22:03

    I have read both Twilight and New Moon. I read both of them within a 4 day time period. After having some discussions with some of my students, who I have also got addicted to the books, I feel that New Moon was an important part of the story. I agree with Jane on some of her feelings about Bella. Bella did not impress me as much in New Moon as she did in Twilight. I also felt that she is somewhat dependent on a male -any male-for her “salvation” in life. First Edward, then Jacob, and then Edward again. I was equally dissapointed in the lack of Edward. But I also think that the details surrounding Bella and Jake’s friendship needed to be explained. I think that this will be EXTRA important in the third and possibly fourth book (according the Mrs. Meyer’s website). I think that the tug between a best friend-a tie that will always bind-and true love will play a very important role in the next book. Remember the dream that Bella had with Jacob and Edward. In order to explain this tie, Mrs. Meyer had to include a large portion of how Bella and Jacob came to the place at which their friendship is at. If this was not explained, then I think that the thrid book would be just a lot of questions. I was not dissapointed in the book as whole though. I felt that the book just brought the reader in closer to the characters and the plot.

  19. Jane
    Nov 08, 2006 @ 14:53:04

    ParisFrance – I honestly don’t remember the dream to which you refer. :) It’s been a while. I will definitely read the next book but was just disappointed in where the author took me in Twilight.

  20. ParisFrance
    Nov 08, 2006 @ 15:38:27

    The dream to which I am refering to is in Twilight when Bella is on the beach in LaPush. She is dreaming about Edward and a werewolf attacking him. She has a very similar dream in New Moon. I think that this dream is going to be an important factor in the next book.

  21. april sisson
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 15:53:58

    hey i’m a big fan i have new moon and twlight and i wanted to know when it was again that eclipse comes out and when twlight the movie comes to video too your my favorite and you’ve inspired me to right a book called twisted well and ways e-mail me back

  22. Heather R
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 12:50:15

    Stephenie your book Twilight is awsome and i havent read New Moon but i cant weight to read it but as soon as i read Twilight I Immediately made it my #1 FAVORITE book. I loved Twilight so much I read it in 2 days i even stayed up till midnight reading it! And on a school night too! You and your books are my #1 favorite book. and my friend.

  23. jennifer McCarley
    Nov 20, 2006 @ 16:08:48

    I love your boks Twilight and New Moon. When I first heard of these books my friend had read Twilight and got me to read it and then told me there was a sequle to it. I just got New Moon Saturday and i already love it. My favorite character is Edward. When I read these 2 books I can just picture what is happening while I read. These books are amazing.Hope there will be a third one.
    From a big fan,
    Jennifer M, Texas edited by blog owner. please do not leave personal identification information! very dangerous

  24. Emily
    Nov 20, 2006 @ 20:56:05

    Many people seem to place all the blaim on Bella for hurting Jacob, but I don’t agree with that at all. Yes, Bella was taking advantage of him by continuing to be with him even though she knew how he felt about her, but wasn’t he also taking advantage of her as well? He knew how deeply troubled she was after the loss of Edward. He knew, also, that she didn’t return his feelings. And yet he still persued her, not only at his own risk, but also at hers. He must have known how delicate her feelings were. Of course, I do love Jacob still, I just thought I’d mention that it both Jacob and Isabella were at fault.

    As for some people believing that Bella was weak and such in New Moon, I completely disagree with that belief. Bella was far from weak. The level of her feelings for Edward was clearly shown in her first reaction to his leaving her. Her first reaction was huge. That first reaction, without thought, showed just how much she loved him. At that point, she wasn’t trying to pretend and she wasn’t doing anything else but simply feeling what she felt, which was enormous. After you put her initial reaction of how she dealt with Edward leaving her into the context of how she dealt later, I think you see how strong she really was. She may have been zombie-like, but she was trying extremely hard to seem normal. She didn’t want to be a zombie. She didn’t want to depend on Edward. She just did.

  25. Alex
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 18:50:39

    This is a fantastic series, one of the best I have read lately. Now, New Moon isn’t quite as good as I had been hoping for, but you can definitely see that it is preparing us for the next book, Eclipse. I have never cried in a book, or at least I had never cried in a book before New Moon. Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author. She drew me in. I could feel what Bella was going through. The scene when Edward left was heartbreaking. I had to skip ahead a couple hundred pages just to make sure he would come back! These books have hooked me. I usually read at night before I go to sleep because normally it makes me tired. That was not the case with either of these books. I would try to make myself stop reading and mark the page, but before I could put the book down I would start flipping ahead to see what happened next. I can’t wait till Eclipse comes out. It seems like August is soooo far away (on her website she says the book is on schedule and its date of release should be around August), but(uh oh a but………) I would rather it be a longer wait if it makes the book better. After I read Twilight, I planned on going and buying New Moon, but I couldn’t get to the book store for a couple days. I tried reading a differnt book (another series book that I thought I was intrested in) but I just couldn’t get into it. It didn’t draw me in, it didn’t appeal to me compared to how Twilight had. I never thought I would be intrested in a book like this. I never thought of myself as a romantic, but I guess I am. I’m reading the part in New Moon I skipped over right now, but its hard to read knowing there is no Edward. I know he comes back and its still hard to read through the parts where he is gone! If anyone has any clue or guess about what might happen in Eclipse TELL ME! I love spoilers!

  26. Natalie
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 23:33:50

    If no one noticed……..on Stephenie’s website, she says that she used most things from Forever Dawn in her third book. And on her area labeled Craptastic Covers, she has the cover for Forever Dawn,(which will never come out cuz its not YA guidelines), and on that cover, there is a picture of Bella with RED EYES! HELLO??? Did no one notice this??? On the lexicon, Stephenie describes newly made vampires have RED eyes! HELLO! So that means Bella will probably turn into a vampire in Eclipse!!!! DUH!


  27. Jake T.
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 01:07:58

    I have to say i read this book in a day mainly because i rushed so much trying to get to Edward’s return ( I have a nasty habit of readin the last page of a book before i get started ) I definetly didnt love it as much as I did Twilight and I definetly agree with those who view it as mostly a transition. I think i made a mistake in not having read twilight until AFTER New moon was out so i wasnt used to waiting in between the novels and since twilight was still fresh in me i had that insatiable hunger for the story that im sure many of you have gotten. I think it stinks that it was only eight months between Twilight and New Moon but it will be more than a year between New Moon and Eclipse. Thankfully I know that its coming and its not the end. (which makes me wonder whether or not Bella will be turned in this 3rd book) Anyways I just wanted to say i love these two books and I will buy everyone in the series until it’s (unfortunaly inevitable but long off) end. Major Kudos to Ms. Meyer for such a spectacular debut novel and sequel(s).

  28. Kirsten
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 11:29:19

    I couldn’t disagree more. This was another fantastic book that left me wanting more. I read this book in less than a day, because I couldn’t put it down. I think Stephenie Meyer just wanted to see if she could challenge herself by showing pain like that. Imagine if you were Bella and the love of your life is gone. This isn’t a crush this is the real thing, so imagine finding the real thing for once and having it leave you just up and leave, that would be gutwrenching pain. There is so much that occures in thin book that leads up to the next…Eclipse. It is the type of book that leaves me hungry in the best way!

  29. jade
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 15:19:43

    i totaly agree with kristen!! when i finished mew moon, i felt empty! and im going to feel that way untill eclips is in my hands! i cant read another book while im waiting for eclips, because no other books can fill this hole that new moon left me with! i l-o-v-e every single charactor in the twilight series. they are apart of my family now and when that time comes when the story ends ……. i feel like this hole that i have in my heart will rip open and swollow me whole! because when their lives ends … so does mine!! stephenie meyer is my heroe!!!

  30. Alex
    Nov 25, 2006 @ 19:57:00

    Goodness………. I’m still in the middle of New Moon. I don’t want to finish it because I know it is a long wait until Eclipse. A wait that I might not be able to handle! I just don’t want it to end! Every book I read after this just won’t be good enough. It frustrates me soooooooooooooooo much. It probably doesn’t help that my friends are just now reading Twilight and are hooked on it. That’s all they want to talk about and they want me to finish New Moon so they can borrow it. But I just can’t!!!!!!!!! I know I need to, I’ve spent longer on this book than I have any other book but still it almost hurts to not know the rest of the story after New Moon!!!!!!! In other words, I’m pretty much addicted to this series. Her writing just draws me in like no other writer can. So props to Stephenie Meyer and may Eclipse come sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. jade
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 12:50:08

    if u absolutaly l-o-v-e this book
    write “A” when ur done with ur reply!

  32. jade
    Nov 26, 2006 @ 12:53:21

    if u absolutaly l-o-v-e this book
    write “A” when ur done with ur reply! also if u have any ?s or dont get something about new moon or twilight, just email me and i can prob. help ([email protected])

  33. Kayla
    Nov 27, 2006 @ 21:10:23

    Twilight and New Moon are the best books that I have ever read in my life it is so hard for me to read a different series because I am obsessed and no other book can anylonger hold my interest. I LOVE EDWARD literally he is amazing and if they make a movie I don’t think that I’m going to go and see it because it would ruin all of my views on the characters like what Edward looks like in my mind and I don’t think that any guy could measure up to Edward. Thank you so much for writing this book, you are now my hero!!

  34. Taya
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 20:18:02

    I agree with Kayla!!! New Moon and Twilight were the best books that i have EVER read!! I am not a reader, but these two books inspired me to read. I don’t think that any book could be greater than these to. I also don’t think that you should be putting down Stephenie Meyer! She is a great author and she doesn’t need to be criticized. For all you that are now not going to read new moon, YOU SHOULD!! Don’t base your opinions on somebody else’s. All i can think about are these TWO books, they have made my smile, cry and do a lot of other things i never intended on when i have read. If that is not a good book, i don’t know what is. I LOVE YOU STEPHENIE MEYER!!!! You are my hero and you have showed me that reading IS fun!!!

  35. Samantha Storey
    Dec 04, 2006 @ 09:17:13

    I presonally loved both books dearly although i felt that New Moon was almost the same story as the first but only with jacob and the werewolves. I still can’t wait until your following books come out. I truely am in love with edward-lol-but i would just die to have him breath into my ear!!!

    Best wishes

  36. Nat
    Dec 06, 2006 @ 17:20:16

    I strongly agree with you Jane!!! :-] New Moon is one of my favirite books!!!

  37. neelia
    Dec 13, 2006 @ 20:29:16

    k i tried to do some reserch because my friend is trying to get me read the book but now after reading ur letter i am so going to read it because it sounds so good. iwill review when im done reading the book!!

  38. Elizabeth
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 13:58:13

    I agree with everyone here. I was surfin the ‘net and i was lookin for some peoples like me who absolutely, no doubt about it, loved both Twilight and New Moon. I came across this website and I guess I just wanted to tell you guys that…”WE ALL LOVE STEPHENIE MEYER!!!! Anyone who disagrees…well you’ll have to deal with me.

  39. heather
    Dec 20, 2006 @ 11:21:11

    when is twilight the movie and ecilips comming out

  40. Dulce Segura
    Dec 27, 2006 @ 12:56:11

    I absolutly ADORE Twilighhjt and New Moon! i had my nose stuck to both books the entire time! i even got in trouble for reading late at night. I guess it’s a book we’d all like to be part of. I have to admit i envy Bella and Edward…it’s truly a Romeo and Juliet story witha twist of darkness.
    My props to Mrs.Meyer!!! i CAN NOT wait for the third book…i heard there’s going to be a fourth in Edward’s perspective but i don’t know. I seriously can’t wait as many of you!!!!!

  41. neelia
    Dec 29, 2006 @ 23:48:04

    I finally read both books i absolutely LUV them!!! twilight made me cry alot. i know that this sounds funny but bellas saddness was so real to me in new moon. i have to give my props to mrs. meyer she was great! i cant wait to know when the third book is comming out i really want to read it!!!

  42. Hazelle
    Dec 31, 2006 @ 14:57:58

    I completely agree with you Jane. I had been looking forward to this new installment so much, and then when it came out I was disappointed. Like you said, it would have ended better had Juliet ended up with Paris and Romeo went back to Rosalind. But then suddenly Edward’s back, and that sort of reminds us that he’s a character in the book. I didn’t enjoy reading about Bella trying to be reckless because, although she said many times that she was not “suicidal”, to the audience, she was. By the end of the book I realized that we had not found out as much information as we had in the first book. In New Moon we discover that a)Jacob is a werewolf (and, might I add, it wasn’t even in a shocking HE’S A WEREWOLF type of way) b)more info on the Volturi c)a bit of Edward’s past and d) (although it hardly counts as information) that Bella and Edward are soul mates and can’t live without each other. I honestly couldn’t find…the goal in the book. What was the point of it?
    I really felt for Jacob. He was probably my second favorite character (after Edward of course) because of his werewolfy huskiness. But Bella really kind of chopped him off once Edward was back in the scene.
    All in all, New Moon was definitely not as good as Twilight, but hopefully Bella will turn into a vampire in the third book, which is probably the only way to keep the audience’s interest.

  43. Bonnie McCann
    Jan 04, 2007 @ 16:02:16

    Twilight & New Moon were awsome!!!!! I really sunk my teeth into both!!!!! I hope its not long before Eclipse and Breaking Dawn come out, but lets not stop there!!!!! You should write untill you have a series as big as the Magic Tree House series!!!!! Your Twilight Series Is My Most Favorite Book Series EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. linsay
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 22:12:24

    what are all the books about edward and bella ?

  45. linsay
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 22:15:00

    what are all the books about edward and bella ? i have twilight and new moon and i wanted to know what are the others beacuse i really like them and i wanted to read the others and i want to know when they come out.

  46. Jane
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 22:18:16

    Twilight and New Moon. There is one chapter of Midnight Sun available on Meyer’s website. It is the first chapter of Edward’s POV.

  47. Hazelle
    Jan 07, 2007 @ 11:43:51

    If you visit Stephenie Meyer’s site, and click on the “Sequels” tab, then she gives you the names of her sequels. I think the titles of her two next sequels for Twilight are called “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. And then there is also Twilight written from Edward’s point of view which is called Midnight Sun.
    Hope that helps!

  48. Katlyn
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 10:13:24

    I dont know but i loved the second book i could’nt stop reading it i mean it sort of got boaring reading about bella and jacob but once Edward got back into the story it was great! i cant not wait for the 3rd book to come out and hopfully bella will be a vampire [ let’s all hope] well Jane i sort of agree with you but then i dont i felt kinda dissapointed because i thought that jacob and bella were going to get together but i just dont think that would happen because they dont seem right for each other but edward is i think just right for bella!

  49. Laney
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 17:48:26

    I loved this book soooo much. It only took me two days to read it!!

  50. shenoa jones
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 13:14:20

    Dear Jane,I agree that it does leave you wanting more and there’s also question’s as well.Do they get married,? Does she turn into a vampire,? What about Victoria? The ending wasn’t the best but enbetween it was wonderful and left you reading more and more. I think she should write somthing to add on to what happens because there’s so many doors left open .

  51. Laney
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 15:33:53

    Dear Jane,
    when does eclipse come out. I’m anxious to read it.

  52. Jane
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:14:51

    Generally, when books by an author are released on a yearly basis, the release date is the same. I would plan to see the next entry in bookstores in late August, early September.

  53. Laney
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:21:51

    August… September? well I guess I can wait that long… Can you give me a hint of what its about?

  54. Jane
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:23:35

    Sorry. I don’t know. I hope to get a copy sometime for review but that isn’t likely to be until the spring or later. :)

  55. Laney
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:36:50

    Are there any books about The Cullen family, before they moved to Forks?

  56. Jane
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:39:39

    No, but if you go to Ms. Meyer’s website, she has a link to the first chapter of Midnight Sun which tells the story from Edward’s POV. She also has some deleted scenes which are fun to read.

  57. Laney
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 16:52:12

    Which was your favorite book? I think I liked New Moon better. I guess because when I read the first couple of chapters about Edward leaving Bella, I could sort of relate to her, and I felt her pain (even though mine was probably dimmer than hers).

  58. Jane
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 19:28:57

    Twilight was my favorite. Maybe I’m too old to relate! LOL

  59. Laney
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 21:35:22

    Twilight made me cry the first time I read it, I don’t know why though. I think it’s probably because it was such a good story. What was your favorite part?

  60. Arminda Hubley
    Feb 02, 2007 @ 10:21:42


  61. Christina
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 10:40:14

    I honestly believe that New Moon was almost as good as Twilight. My reasonings for this are: The series is mostly about Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I was most definitely upset that Edward was barely in New Moon, but I accept that because it was what was meant to happen. You’re forgetting Edward’s thoughts. He’ll pretty much do whatever he can just to keep Bella safe, even if it means staying away from her.

    I loved New Moon. I love how it finally developed Jacob’s character and the existence of the Quileute(sp). However, I will agree that the best part of the entire book was probably the last maybe 150-200 pages, but that’s because it finally had the Cullen’s back in it. (I just love their entire family). I would still most definitely give New Moon the A it deserves, even though Twilight in my opinion easily earned it’s A+.

    Plus, even if New Moon wasn’t as good, it set up the future story lines of Eclipse and the fourth book called Breaking Dawn. (I’m pretty sure thats the title…i completely just drew a blank)

  62. Laney
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 11:41:44

    I can’t wait until Eclipse comes out! When do you think it will be out? My favorite character in New Moon was Jacob because it seemed as if he loved Bella after he went against (almost his beliefs, but more of his Fathers) beliefs that people in the so called “clan” weren’t to happy about. Thats how love should be.

  63. Christina
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 12:31:39

    I think Eclipse is coming out around the same time as New Moon did.

  64. Alicia Dowdell
    Feb 12, 2007 @ 02:22:45

    I read the Twilight and the New moon over and over again…
    And i was wonderin when does the eclipse come out cause
    i cant wait to read what happends next with Edward and Bella
    i really love the books and everytime i finish the New moon
    i wish that i could pick up the eclipse also and see what happends
    i am dieing to know….

  65. Alicia Dowdell
    Feb 12, 2007 @ 02:48:34

    like i said in the
    first message i read the books a lot over and over again cause
    i cant enough of the books i love them..
    I personilly liked the New moon more cause i got to
    learn more bout Jacob Black..
    i thought it was kinda funny how Edward try to stay
    away from her…But then she because friends
    wit a wherwolf…
    But yea i have to say i cryed when i read the New moon cause
    i did not see him leavin her and i thought it was very
    sad and then i cryed in the end when he comes
    back wit her from italy…and they are lyin on her bed and he
    was tellin her that he loves her and he always will
    i cryed like a baby ther also but yea i just grabed
    the Twilight cause i liked the cover and i am glad i did
    cause i love the books ….
    Yea i was kinda upset with the ending of the New moon cause i wanted
    to know right then and there what happend
    if Bella Married Edward…
    And if she got turned into a vampire
    those are the too things that i am waiting to find out
    i just cant wait till Eclipse comes out…

  66. Emma
    Feb 12, 2007 @ 03:24:58

    I’m a complete fantasy adict (fantasy books that is lol) twilight i read today after recieving it yesterday from a friend who forewarned me it was a romance, perhaps why i didn’t read it sooner, how ever I LOVED IT!!! after reading hundreds of one type of genre i must say that this is one of the best writen books with a fantastic plot, i’ll be reading New Moon tomorrow and cant wait. Its obvious by all the blogs as to how much this author has effect various peoples live. Congradulations.

  67. Liz
    Feb 13, 2007 @ 10:01:00

    I do commend Ms. Meyer on her amazing vision for young adult readers to grow attached to. Since I was hesistant to pick up a vampire book until January ’07, I didn’t have to wait for New Moon, it was already released. After finishing Twilight (reading until six am not a good idea!) I was intrigued by the development of these characters. Indeed, the story does resemble that of Romeo and Juliet, and both books have several references to the play. I waited anxiously the week until the snail mail delivered my New Moon. After finishing, I was left with a foreign emotion. I am a 17 year old girl, I can relate to what Bella wants because, like all of us, she just wants someone to love her. What puzzles me is Edward’s apparent attraction to her? It started with a deep thirst for her blood. Does that mean that the person attached is meaningless, or that through events he truly began to love the girl who nearly ruins him on a daily basis? I’m not saying I can’t appreciate the love story, I want that too, but it just struck me as odd. After Edward had left in New Moon, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Being the selfish creature that I am, I wanted Edward and Bella to get together. As Jane said, she seems to have this dependent need for male figures in her life. I don’t necessarily think that it’s male figures, but anyone she can relate to. In her high school, the immaterial chatter of Jessica doesn’t capture her interest. I think that Bella is a soul wise beyond her years who needs someone to inspire her interest. Edward was a vampire, what’s more inspiring than that? Jacob, I think, was a filler. Edward left Bella wanting her to have a ‘normal’ life, and Jacob was meant to be the nice normal guy parents dream about. Twist being, Jacob isn’t the nice normal guy she anticipated. The irony of her best friend and her lover being mortal enemies makes for great writing, something I hope Ms. Meyer continues to explore in the next piece. I don’t feel that Bella was meant to be portrayed as a dependent character, because Charlie and Renee both depended on her. I do think that she suffered such a heartbreaking loss that she needed someone to coax her out of her shell, which is what Jacob was doing. The fact that he misinterepreted her friendship was entirely his own fault. At that I’ll stop because I can already tell that I’m getting into a different rant. I love the book, even if it didn’t come across that way, and I’m waiting for Eclipse.

  68. Alicia Dowdell
    Feb 14, 2007 @ 14:39:12

    Yea i am also 17 myself and i can relate to Bella….
    I wish that i could find my Edward….
    I was lookin in walmart one day cause i needed a new
    book to read and i seen the Twilight….
    I thought it looked cause of the cover and then i got home to read it and
    i love it and then i got my sunt readin it and she dont read…
    But idk i just cant wait till the Eclipse comes out does anyone
    know when it going to come out?????
    cause i would love ot know lol ….

  69. Molly
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 12:12:07

    I absolutely fell completely in love with Twilight and I just finished reading New Moon last night. I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out!!! I’m so anxious!!! New Moon was much more suspenseful than Twilight, it was amazing!! My favorite chapter was The Vote. I was totally indulged in both books. I read for hours, not getting up for anything, not even my favorite TV show. Edward and Bella’s relationship is so magical. Sometimes I wish that I was a vampire!! (I know…How silly..) Your writing has taken me on the ride of my life. I really hope that there will be movies following your amazing books.

  70. Jo
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 15:53:10

    My niece had bought Twlight last summer .She said that it was a great book,so I read the first chapter at her house I was hooked. She then told me that there was another book,so I went to the nearest bookstore and bought it that day. I’m very much a romantic sap and I have to say that there are not very many books that catch my interest. I finished both books in a matter of days. I could not put them down, even if I had wanted to. It must be the way that Stephenie describes the characters emotions. At some points I felt like I was right there feeling the same sensations that they themselves were feeling. I was suprised that she brought werewolves into the picture because I think ( this is only my opinion) if you have to much mythic going on it might be hard to follow. However, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by Jacob being a werewolve, I am jealous of Bella because she holds the love and attention of both Jacob and Edward. I can’t say that I feel Bella used Jacob because if you look at every day life that is what we do in human nature we depend on people to hold us up when we can’t do it ourseleves. I do think that she was wrong for pulling stunts that could have ended badly because both Jacob and Edward would have blamed themselves and each other if something would have happened. I can’t wait for the next book to come out because there is so many questions that need to have an answer.

  71. Alicia
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 16:42:39

    Hey aunt jo hah
    but yea anyways lol….
    umm i really did not excpect
    jocob to be a wherwolf….Cause he didnt
    seem like i was really suprised that SAm wsa also
    cause i thought that he was some randon person
    that found her in the woods but yea
    i am re-readin the books again…Waitin for the
    next book i wish that they would make movies out
    of the books cause that would be great i dont think that
    i have ever read this much in my intire life i mean
    yea i read harry potter but iu never read them over and over and again

  72. Jane
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 16:47:01

    Have you ladies and girls read Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause? I think that anyone who liked Twilight/New Moon would like this book.

  73. Taya
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 18:56:51

    [quote comment="23308"]Have you ladies and girls read Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause? I think that anyone who liked Twilight/New Moon would like this book.[/quote]
    OH MY GOD i freakin’ LOVE that book to death. i highly recommend it, and i don’t read so i think if i think it’s good then others will. But blood and Chocolate is also one of my favs : ) The movie was HORRIBLE, so read the book and do NOT see the movie because they altered it completely. but once again this book is FABULOUS!!

  74. Jane
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 21:08:20

    How about Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn? It doesn’t feature the paranormal but is a great young adult romance.

  75. Neli
    Feb 16, 2007 @ 04:34:57

    Hy…I’m from Croatia and i haven’t had chance to read New Moon,but i read Twilight and it’s apsolutly perfect-maybe better than H.Potter to me…I’m waiting our bookstore(Algoritam) translate New moon on Croatian-but they didn’t did it even they promised they will translate it till last december-that made me feel sad…But i am sparing money-so i’ll buy it on english,and hoping i will understand it…:) hugs and kisses to all fans of Twillight and S.Meyer from Croatia ,Zagreb :)

  76. Neli
    Feb 16, 2007 @ 04:41:24

    though i’m not sure-do we have New moon in stores at all-i think we don’t and that make me really sad :( lucky you in USA or wherever you’re from…
    though i’m bit mad on my self i read this about second part-so i know what will happend …:) hugs and kisses again :)

  77. Ethan
    Feb 19, 2007 @ 07:33:41

    This was a very good book review, but I must disagree with you on some points, e.g.,

    1. I can understand Bella’s deep depression, I was almost depressed when I looked down at the page number(380) and Edward was still not part of the book.
    2. In paragraph 4 you stated that Mrs. Meyer was trying to confront the issue of teen suicidal behavior, when it was very clear that Bella was trying to approach her recreational side, and she was also trying to cause the hallucinations that she longed for.

    But, I can also relate to you on some points.

    1. The book went far, far, too long without having Edward in the story, and I think , no offense Mrs. Meyer, that the plot was wasted by not having Edward in more than one quarter of the book.

    Overall, your interpretation of the novel is outstanding, and I guess that all of our opinions are different.

  78. Mattie
    Feb 19, 2007 @ 14:04:02

    I heard she’s writing a second book called Midnight run wondering when it came out anybod know?

  79. Taya
    Feb 19, 2007 @ 19:11:16

    [quote comment="23432"]I heard she’s writing a second book called Midnight run wondering when it came out anybod know?[/quote]
    it’s Midnight Sun…it’s Edwards point of view. And we don’t know exactly when it will be out, but you can read the first chapter at

  80. Kate
    Feb 21, 2007 @ 10:16:21

    I just read Twillight and New Moon, both were amazing! I am dying to read the next one but untill then ive actually chosen Miss Meyers as a primary source for my Junior literary term paper. origonally i was advised to compare the modern myths in this book with ones of the past. however im curiouse about the connection with romeo and juliet what do you think??

  81. Tiffanie
    Feb 22, 2007 @ 13:34:13

    Kate, i dont think new moon really strongly relates to with romeo and juliet. this book holds so much much more. stephenie explains it in the book how bella and edward are better together than any one else. there basicly is no compairing this un-conditional love stoy to the common myths today because it cant even be conpaired to the ones in much earlyer years. not romeo and juliet, not tristan and isolde. also today, stories of romance always need more physical romance for the story to be good. these novel dont need that. edward may be sudductive but the story isnt based on an over whelming physical relationship. i hope that helps.

  82. mandy
    Feb 22, 2007 @ 17:45:29

    i disagree with you. i have read both books several times, and have found many things that i thought were flawed, are just a bit over or under dramatized. this is a book that i suggest everybody rereads to understand better

  83. mandy
    Feb 22, 2007 @ 17:47:47

    i disagree with you. i have read both books several times, and have found many things that i thought were flawed, are just a bit over or under dramatized. everybody who has read this book should read it again!

  84. mandy
    Feb 22, 2007 @ 17:50:47

    whoops, sorry about that. i guess i pressed the button before i had editedd what i was saying…sorry =S

  85. Alicia Dowdell
    Feb 23, 2007 @ 00:30:02

    I have read the books over again and i have not found anything wrong i think that she does really great with her writting and i lvoe how she gets into great detail cause it makes me feel lik ei am there and i am bella
    and i was lookin in about 8 months or somethin like that they are going to be makin twilgiht and the new moon into a movie
    and if so i cant wait…..
    But i love the books…

  86. Lane
    Feb 23, 2007 @ 11:14:14

    [quote comment="23572"]Kate, i dont think new moon really strongly relates to with romeo and juliet. quote]
    I completely agree with this.

  87. Shauna
    Feb 23, 2007 @ 15:01:45

    I read Twilight and New Moon both in two days. They were amazing and the best books I have ever read in my life! If you haven’t read them yet, you must! These books are a must.

  88. Laney
    Feb 23, 2007 @ 19:34:14

    Ooooops. I actually meant that I totally agree with the fact that the stories are like Romeo and Juliet.

  89. Christina
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 09:05:10

    I don’t remember where the comment is, but someone said that they see Jacob as just a ‘filler’. I don’t know how you can say that….

    Bella & Jacob are the main characters in New Moon, weather any one likes it or not. It’s just fact. The whole book for beginning to about 150 pages before the end, is about Bella, Jacob, and the Quileute. God knows I wish Edward was in it the most, but he wasn’t. I don’t read the series because of Edward; I read it because I think the storyline is amazing, as well as the characters.

    Jacob is much more then a filler in New Moon. He’s an important part of the entire book. Someone who is in 85% of a book, can never be called a filler. If he was a filler, then he wouldn’t be such an important character in the upcomming books as New Moon has led us to believe.

  90. Alicia
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 12:05:00

    Yea jocob is def more then a filler cause i think that bella kinda in a way
    started to fall for him..but like idk…
    i was kinda upset of how much edward was not in the book…
    but i dont know i am happy that i got to learn more bout jocob though cause he was just in random parts of twilight…..
    but yea he def.. more then a filler……..
    I cant wait till eclipse comes out so that i can read more bout what happends wit bella and edward i hope they turn her into a vampire….
    umm just monday i got my friend into the book caus she was always makin fun of me bout how i was obsessed wit the the book and then i got her into it and she cant stop readin it when i come over and stuff we have what we call are dorky moments when we read for like hours which i have alreay read them both but i like to reread them and its fun watchin her react to some things that happend in the book she is reading twilight right now…but yea she loves it and cant wait till she finishes that one so that she can read new moon..
    i love it

  91. Rebekah
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 20:22:08

    I absolutely LOVED! the book. I’m re-reading it for the 3rd time..but I’m seeing if there is a you know?..and how many books are going to be in this sequel? Please! reply soon!..and as for the opinion..I’ll have to re-read to figure out what I really think…thank you again!

  92. kate
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 21:04:23

    thank you for the im put is given me some really good ideas how ever im still having trouble you see the paper i need to wrte is well a resarch paper and my teacher said i need to relate the book to something broader because its so contemprary threr is not enough written about it for a literay research paper and i origonaly chose this becaise its a two month process and i wanted soming i enjoyed and captured my intrest ( i have a small obsession w/ vanpires lol but also love to read but i am very picky) so i thought this would be auwsome but i want to do the book justice! please help! thanx ever so much!

  93. Alicia
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 13:06:07

    umm there might be a movie not really sure yet cause it takes them like
    8 months to see if they can buy the rights and Stephenie said in one thing that she is more then willin to see the rights if they wants so we dont know yet but if they do they might start filmin in like the next 8 months to a year so yea i cant wait…..

  94. Neli
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 14:53:27

    i got question,has edward bit Bella? i’m dying to read New Moon,but we don’t have it translated yet-i hate them in bookstores-they translate all those craps,and for the biggest hit,they don’t have a time…:(

  95. Neli
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 14:59:03

    PS: this book made me opsesed with vampires,so now i’m reading everything about them-i masked in bitten bella for carneval(or how do you say it halleoween-just we ha dit in february

  96. Nikki
    Feb 25, 2007 @ 17:12:24

    I loved the first 2 books “twilight” and “New Moon.” I thought the plot was great. Everything fit in amazingly well. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

  97. courtney
    Feb 26, 2007 @ 19:41:57

    I LOVED twilight. i cant quit obsessing over it. my friends that havent read it ( i have been trying to get them to) are mad at me because i cant stop talking about it. stephenie meyer is my idol. i wish i could make a website but sadly i have almost no computer knowledge. i wish so much that twilight is real and that i am bella but unfortunately that is not going to happen unless vampires are real and my parents get a divorce and i move to forks. that WONT happen. my parents love each other but anyway go twilight!

  98. Alicia Dowdell
    Feb 27, 2007 @ 02:30:13

    No Edward has not yet bittin Bella it will tell u all bout it
    at the end of new moon
    so i am hopin bye the 3rd one he will bite her i cant wait
    i cant believe he asked her
    to marry him i am so happy i am so obsessed and now my friend is its
    great lol…

  99. Rebekah
    Feb 27, 2007 @ 07:14:29

    hey i just got New Moon..and started it last night. OMG! I started crying as im hopefully going to get more done today..and what is the next book called? and What is it about again?..Thankx a million!

  100. Mandy
    Mar 02, 2007 @ 13:50:13

    I am a very big fan of New moon, and twilight, but i also agree with jane. Jacob Black was a very big part of this story, And whether or not Bella wanted him more than Edward, he still wanted her. Jacob was a major victim, and he deserves a love scene..i mean come on… he loved bella…(love in a weaker form..) and he still got hurt. Dont give me wrong..vampire love is awsome..I will admit, i found myself blushing on more than one occasion when I thought of Edward. But I have to look at it from Bella’s point of veiw. She was abandoned, whether or not edwards intentions were noble or not I will not go into, but as a person who has actually experienced “TRUE ABANDONMENT” in a similare way to Bella, I myself at one point, and still in a large way find a small hint of hatred for for him when I think of the way he left. I also have to agree with Kim as well though, for in both books I wanted to keep reading long after the book was finished. But then, that in a way is what makes a good book. I am truley addicted to Ms. Meyers work. Bravo Ms.Meyer.

  101. Neli
    Mar 02, 2007 @ 15:35:33

    [quote comment="23790"]Neli,
    No Edward has not yet bittin Bella it will tell u all bout it
    at the end of new moon
    so i am hopin bye the 3rd one he will bite her i cant wait
    i cant believe he asked her
    to marry him i am so happy i am so obsessed
    and now my friend is its
    great lol…

    oh my God i’m so happy about them,but mad on my self for reading this information,as it won’t be suprise when i finally get New moon into my hands :D

  102. mandy
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 12:58:19

    It was kinda a shocker to me that she had to think about it…I mean, she cried over him so much, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, why did she have to think about it and be so negative when he asked her? that confused me a little…and I still thnik that jacob should get some love though…..(my teacher is giving me an evil glare….O_o)

  103. Tiffanie
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 14:00:06

    I was so mad that bella could be begging to become a vampire but be afraid of getting married to edward. i dont understand why she says no. i mean the reason she wants to become a vampire is so she can spen the rest of he life with him so getting married would just be like a test edward is taking to make sure she could really live with being a vampire the rest of her life. if it were me i would have said yes right away, who cares about charlie and renee. i also wish that there was some one else for jacob to be with. he was in love with bella. maybe not as much in love as bella was with edward, well, not even close to what bella had with edward. when edward came back and in jacobs eyes took bella away from him, he may have felt something that resembles the pain bella had when edward left. like i said not even close to bella and edwards love, but then again it was his first love, so it could have been a very strong feeling, because it was the first time he had ever felt them. like when edwards human feelings were reserfacing and they were really stong. remember when he said he was very jelous(sp is horrible) when mike asked bella to the dance in new moon.

  104. tiffanie
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 16:14:48

    hey, sorry, school ended, back to my never ending response. so like i was saying, jacob deserves someone to be with. i am extremly worried about him getting in a fight with edward. the words by shakespear that bella keeps repeating is flashing in my head. “they fight, Paris falls”. i have to say if something that horrible happens to jacob i dont think i would ever be able to stop crying. eclipse is coming though. extremly slowly, but its coming. writing about it is all i can do to keep from thinking about it all through my classes as i day dream. i have to tell you, twilight was a lot better than new moon. without edward and the constant danger the book isnt quite as intreeging.(once again my horible spelling, oops i forgot to care :) any ways. i think edward is definatly going to change bella in eclipse. i mean, she’s going to graduate and if he doesnt do it himself before that then carlisle will do it. i do under stand the new delema though. if they change her than jacobs pack will kill him and his family. if he doesnt change her than the valtori will kill them. either way someone will end up getting hurt. i dont want to start guessing what is going to happen though(to late) or it might ruin what will really happens. what if my head makes up something i like better than what really happens in eclipse. scratch that, not possible, stephenie is amazing. i so wish that i could meet her!!! well, i have to say that i was very lucky when i was reading this book because i took it to school with me and read it during all my classes. i got in trouble in every one except english because my teachers name is rebecca meyer. why that matters i dont know, but she let me do it so i didnt care. i have now read both books at least 5 times. im officialy addicted. well, 5:30, works over, i have such an easy job my boss didnt notice what i have been doing. ha! well, reply how ever you want. nothing in particular, i just needed to get some of this out of my head. ttyl :)

  105. samantha
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 20:17:48

    oh my god i love this book twilight. im not done but allready im getting the second one this is probly the best book iv ever read and im not even done with it yet! your books are defenety on the read over and over list that i have going on. I LOVE IT, IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!

  106. tiffanie
    Mar 09, 2007 @ 10:35:18

    I know! i dont usually get into books at all. there have been a few thought that i liked enough to read twice maybe. but these books are so addicting! its like a calming process i go through every night. take a shower, brush my teeth, read Twilight, although a few weeks ago was my new moon phase when i read that every night. it was so strange because if i was at a part where bella was in pain because of edward still not returning than i would feel almost sick to my stomach all day, even though i knew he was coming back. now i like to read twilight because it doesnt bother my stomach. i know im so weird. i dont under stand why it bothers me so much. just reading aout edward making bella happy makes me happy. but like i said, theres something wrong with me. today in history, my way hot student teacher told some one to open the blinds. then he added, that way we’ll know if there are any vampires in here. if he wasnt reason enough for me to not pay attention in class then now i would never get anything done. also if anyone is trying to find ne moon in a different language than it should be at they have lots of stuff like that. :)

  107. Alyssa
    Mar 10, 2007 @ 11:25:58

    O my gosh!…When is ECLIPSE gunna come out!?!?!?!?! You say this fall on your website…This fall of 2007?…2008?…I really need 2 know!!!!! I just finished New Moon this morning! And Twilight a couple days before!….I really can’t live without hearing more about EDWARD’S and Bella’s life together! When is he gunna make her a vampire? Are they going to get MARRIED!!?!?!(THEY HAVE TO OR I WILL BE CRUSHED!) Are they gunna have kids?? Wut the heck is gunna go on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I HAVE TO ADMITT THAT YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED AUTHOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…BUT THIS HAS 2 STOP! pLEASE RELEASE THE BOOK!!!!!! PLEASE!

  108. Brooke
    Mar 10, 2007 @ 13:12:56

    Before you read this book you need to understand that edward leaving is okay! It is not the end of the world. I admit it, I cried when he left, but that doesn’t mean that while he was gone the book was bad!!!! I still couldn’t put it down even though I was sobbing!!! Yes it is unfourtanate that he had to leave, but when you think about it really hard you just know that he totally would have! That is just his character!!! He wants Bella to be safe and he saw that she was in danger with him there. That’s why he left!!!! But even though he was gone (tear tear) it was still just as good as the first one once you get past the depression!!! jk. So Read it!!! And don’t hate Jacob Black Bella did not completely replace Edward with him! Enjoy!

  109. Neli
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 07:13:38

    [quote comment="24479"]O my gosh!…When is ECLIPSE gunna come out!?!?!?!?! You say this fall on your website…This fall of 2007?…2008?…I really need 2 know!!!!! I just finished New Moon this morning! And Twilight a couple days before!….I really can’t live without hearing more about EDWARD’S and Bella’s life together! When is he gunna make her a vampire? Are they going to get MARRIED!!?!?!(THEY HAVE TO OR I WILL BE CRUSHED!) Are they gunna have kids?? Wut the heck is gunna go on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I HAVE TO ADMITT THAT YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED AUTHOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…BUT THIS HAS 2 STOP! pLEASE RELEASE THE BOOK!!!!!! PLEASE![/quote]

    hm…i hope they’ll get married…but i don’t belive they’ll have kids,cous vampires are like dead-so on some way..i think they can have kids,cous theirs sperm doesn’t work as normal,haha…But their kids are the one they bite :) so if he bite bella ,she’ll be his kid,haha … very strange but perfectly normal for vampires..

  110. Sammi
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 12:35:12

    I accidently read New Moon first from my school library. && i loved it. I didnt understand it fully but i finally realized that there was the first one. I read the first one and I loved it. && then i reread the second one.

    I love the whole fact of Bella and Edward.
    I loved both books the same amount.
    I thought they were amazing.
    one thing that bothered me was that Jacob and Bella didnt kiss. I mean i dont know why. Edward is perfect for her but i just wanted to see Jacob and Bella kiss at least once.

    Other then that both books were amazing and i can not wait to read the third one.
    Its awesome how Edward is a vampire. and his family is so nice.
    Hopefully Bella becomes a vampire. and gets married to Edward. and things with Jacob at least get better.

    All i know is that i cant wait for the next book to get out.

    Honestly my ultimate favorite books.


  111. Sammi
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 12:59:47

    Reading everyones views on the books is actually interesting.
    I like the fact that Edward wasnt in New Moon as much as he was in the first book. I love hearing about him and Bella being together but it showed that he does care so much about her and as bad as he didnt want to hurt her relationship wise he didnt want to get her killed. bringing it to the fact to show that Jacob becoming a warewolf, Victoria coming to kill her and getting Laurent to go after her and kinda having to evolve into a third book.
    To me nothing made me dissapointed.
    The book drew me in and I couldnt get my eyes off of it.
    I kinda dont even want the books to end.
    Everytime i get to the end of the book i hope pages just add on and i can just keep reading.

  112. tonya
    Mar 13, 2007 @ 18:10:41

    I gotta say, I absolutely loved loved loved both books. I think that Bella was just trying to cope, though, and not really using Jacob. I think her and Jacob will be friends again in the next book, I can’t wait, I am so excited

  113. Tiffanie
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 09:42:04

    i have to say that i disagree about jacob and bella still being friends in eclipse. on stephenies website it says that eclipse is a lot like her other book breaking dawn. when you look at the cover for breaking dawn, bella has RED EYES!
    also if you read the section on eclipse on stephenies website you will see that this is the book that she chooses between life and death. she has to choose between the love of her life and her best friend. there isnt even a chance that she will choose jacob over edward. if for some absolutly insane reason she does i think i will die!!!
    i do on the other hand agree with you when you said that bella was just trying to cope with her loss of edward and that she wasnt using jcob. she under stood what she was doing and even if she was using him she told him that so he cant get to disapointed. well, i need to go pre order eclipse on stephenies webpage!

  114. Mandy
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 12:07:58

    So my book club just let out and we have come up woth the most terrible conclusion for twilight….so for those who dont want to know…i will post our thoughts on the next comment, becasue if we’re right….this is a MAJOR spoiler……………>_

  115. Tiffanie
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 12:23:11

    Please Tell!!!

  116. Mandy
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 12:42:12

    my book club just let out and we have come up with a terrible….terrible conclusion for eclipse……

    Now in not saying that we are right…but if we are….I’m going to die…think about it…New Moon ended with major tension between Edward, Bella and Jacob…(Tiffanie I’m thanking you for bringing this to my attention…) As Tiffany states in one of her comments, it does say in the book, “They Fight, Paris Falls..” In my mind, Paris was jacob. Falls=Death…Dont believe me?…heres some more. There are six were wolves, there has to be six in the pack, so its an even number…(I dont remember the reason behind this one, but there is a reason for the number six…i promise..) If jacob dies, then there will only be five, and they wont be able to do anything if edward bites bella…another thing is, look at the title of the third book. “Eclipse?…” no moon…no were wolf…no jacob black.

    And just think…if jacob dies…Bella will go balistic..(curse my bad spelling..) and she’ll go into a spiraling down fall, thus creating conflict between her and edward…because it will probebly be him that kills jacob…I wish I could remember every thing else we had come up with that forshadows jacobs death, but for now thats all i can remember…(My teacher Mr. Tillery is standing over my shoulder..and asking”why arent you grading papers?…and now he is reaching for the mouse…and wait..what are you…

    Mandy is going to grade papers now, she can do this on her own time….:)

  117. Mandy
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 12:44:41

    [quote comment="24602"]my book club just let out and we have come up with a terrible….terrible conclusion for eclipse……

    Now in not saying that we are right…but if we are….I’m going to die…think about it…New Moon ended with major tension between Edward, Bella and Jacob…(Tiffanie I’m thanking you for bringing this to my attention…) As Tiffany states in one of her comments, it does say in the book, “They Fight, Paris Falls..” In my mind, Paris was jacob. Falls=Death…Dont believe me?…heres some more. There are six were wolves, there has to be six in the pack, so its an even number…(I dont remember the reason behind this one, but there is a reason for the number six…i promise..) If jacob dies, then there will only be five, and they wont be able to do anything if edward bites bella…another thing is, look at the title of the third book. “Eclipse?…” no moon…no were wolf…no jacob black.

    And just think…if jacob dies…Bella will go balistic..(curse my bad spelling..) and she’ll go into a spiraling down fall, thus creating conflict between her and edward…because it will probebly be him that kills jacob…I wish I could remember every thing else we had come up with that forshadows jacobs death, but for now thats all i can remember…(My teacher Mr. Tillery is standing over my shoulder..and asking”why arent you grading papers?…and now he is reaching for the mouse…and wait..what are you…

    Mandy is going to grade papers now, she can do this on her own time….:)[/quote]
    tiffany, if you wish to talk my email is [email protected]

  118. tonya
    Mar 14, 2007 @ 16:13:07

    Tiffany, You’re probably right about Bella and Jacob not being friends in Eclipse, that was wishful thinking on my part. While I would absolutely die if Bella and Edward weren’t together too, I really like Jacob, he was so good for Bella when she was so distraught, I had really hoped that if Edward didn’t come back for Bella(which I knew he would) that Bella and Jacob would get together. Amanda, I think you may be right about Jacob dying(that’s so sad). and I’m sure Bella will take it badly, but I think that maybe it would be in her defense, because I think that Edward understands how Bella feels about Jacob. I’m going crazy, I Need Eclipse right now, lol

  119. tiffanie
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 09:42:53

    Tonya/ Mandy. i so agree with you guys! JAcob is going to die, but something tells me it might not be edward that will kill him. i dont think he could do that to bella. have you seen the new link on stephenies web page?! it gives a lot more info on eclipse that i didnt know. it actually comes out and says that bella has to choose between edward and jacob. i know i already said this but you have to check it out!!! Mandy, i e-mailed you so write me back. :)

  120. tiffanie
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 09:43:32

    Tonya/ Mandy. i so agree with you guys! JAcob is going to die, but something tells me it might not be edward that will kill him. i dont think he could do that to bella. have you seen the new link on stephenies web page?! it gives a lot more info on eclipse that i didnt know. it actually comes out and says that bella has to choose between edward and jacob. i know i already said this but you have to check it out!!! Mandy, i e-mailed you so write me back. :) :) :)

  121. Jo
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 12:09:08

    Jane the books that you mentioned were great!! I’ve had a hard time being patient for the next book in the Twilight series to come out . So I was glad that I took your advice about reading those books. I would love to know if there are any more books that you think of . I’d be interested to know about them. Anyway thanks again for suggesting those books:)

  122. Jane
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 12:38:04

    Ohh, I love giving recommendations. Hmm. How old are you all? and are we still talking paranormals? God there is one really awesome, but older YA book that I can’t recall right now. Let me think about this. Give me some guidelines. Do you want fantasy? Does it need to have romance? Does your mom allow you to read sex scenes?? Because my mother was totally against that when I was a teen and I don’t want anyone’s mother getting mad at me. (I am a mom myself).

  123. Mandy
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 12:51:41

    any one have stephenie meyers email?…..O_o

  124. tiffanie
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 14:35:28


  125. tiffanie
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 14:37:34

    i dont think it really matters how grafic the books may be, im just looking for a book that will hold my attention while im waiting for eclipse. if oyu can think of anything than please tell me! thanks so much!! :)

  126. Jo
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 18:53:50

    Jane, I feel just a little sheepish saying that I’m probably one of the oldest responders on this review sight. I’m 22. So, I don’t think that my mom is an issue in what I read anymore. Though she thinks I’m morbid for the books that I choose to read. Fantasy, mystery, parnormal ( not to out there though) ,and romance is definitly a plus. I read Blood and Chocolate and Summers at Castle Auburn. I enjoyed both books very much!! Oh, I don’t like sci-fi thrillers to much. Example: books that take place in the future, have different planets with aliens that invade, or take over the human body (crap like that). It doesn’t really appeal to me. I was so glad that you responded so quick. I don’t get to get on the computer everyday but I thought that I might check one more time to see if you did catch my comment .Well enough said I don’t want to bore you to death. Hope you have some suggestions.

  127. Jane
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 19:03:09

    Let’s see. I love Meg Cabot’s books. Have you read either the Mediator series or the Lightning series? Loved Avalon High which is kind of a modern day Arthur series. Her Heather Wells mystery series are also beyond fun.

    I love, love, love Sharon Shinn and her most recent series – the Twelve Houses is beautifully written. Mystic and Rider, The Thirteenth House, and Dark Moon Defender. The Thirteenth House is kind of tragic though. DMD is terribly romantic and the male characters are really TDF (to die for). She also has the Truthteller’s Tale and the SafeKeeper’s Secret.

    For older readers, like Jo (who is so young I could be her mother, sigh ;)), I think Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead, Demon Angel by Meljean Brook, the Nalini Singh books (Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat). These would all be R rated because of explicit sex. Also the Elizabeth Vaughan trilogy, Warprize, warsworn and Warlord.

    Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia Wrede.

    I’ve got some more but I have to rifle through my shelf.

  128. Jane
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 19:14:52

    Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite all time writers. Just Listen would be my favorite book she has written. Wes, Saa-woon. :)

    Gail Giles – What Happened to Cass McBride was chilling.

    Robin McKinley – Beauty – it is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast

    Juliet Marillier’s – Daughter of the Forest – a retelling of the Sister and the Six Swan’s fairy tale. Very romantic. Made me cry.

  129. Jane
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 19:21:32

    Holly Black – Tithe
    Libba Bray – A Great and Terrible Beauty

    I think I’m tapped out. Come back when you need more recommendations!

  130. Molly
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 11:35:52

    I absolutely loved New Moon!!!!!! I got very agitated at it when Edward was gone. i thought that Bella was going to fall inlove with Jacob. I am sooo glad that she didn’t. I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out! Both Twilight and New Moon were irresistable. I couldn’t stay out of them! Twilight took me 2 days and New Moon took me 3. AAAAAH!! I can’t wait for Eclipse! Your books are great Mrs. Meyer!! I would give them both A+++’s!!!!!

  131. Molly
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 11:39:15

    Mrs. Meyer
    I don’t know how you do it!! Both of your books that I have read so far are amazing!!! Twilight took me 2 days to read and New Moon took me 3! I was reading at the dinner table!! And normally i don’t read… but your books are so fantastic! They are the only books I read now. No other book can even come close to being as good as yours!

  132. mandy
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 09:01:32

    hey every one! I have some recomended books as well!!!

    falcon dance
    wyvern hail
    by Ameilia Atwater Rhodes

    blood and chocolate
    silver kiss
    by Annette Kurtis Clause

    Dead to the world
    by charlain Harris

    Companions of the night
    byvivian Vande Velde

    if you need any more, feel free to email me
    [email protected]

    Elvis was a vampire…..ha ha ha

  133. Jane
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 09:05:16

    Companions of the night
    byvivian Vande Velde

    I loved that book. Another oldie but goodie would be The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope.

  134. mandy
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 11:51:26

    i agree…this book is good…it’s been a while since I read it…(the duck just got my boob…) Tiffanie…save me please!!! But um..what was I saying?……the cirque du freak series is a pretty corney…but good story line….It’s vampire central….but that’s ok…and again, if any one else wants recomendations…email me..tiff has my email adress.

    Random insert from person sitting beside mandy… anything by laurell K hamilton is REALLY good. but she has a huge series called the anita blake series and if anyone has a problem with it then you can yell at me and not her because i inserted it and not her.. O.o heh…. *pffht*

    back to mandy

    any way…Mr. Tillery is not here today..and Im goin to the library…in a little while. I’ll post what I find.

  135. Tiffanie
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 09:35:14

    hey guys, sorry its been a while, so over the weekend i read this book called the constant princess. it was a pretty good romance but the ending kind of sucked. but i dont regret reading it. i cant remember the authors name, but i’ll check when i get home. :)

  136. Julia Tweit
    Mar 25, 2007 @ 09:53:29

    I loved your book New Moon and I want to know when your newest novel Eclips is coming out in stores. The detail and spesification really helped me visualize what was going on in the story and made me feel as if I was right there next to Bella and Jacob. New Moon was a fantastic book and I cant wait till Eclips comes out!

  137. tiffanie
    Mar 25, 2007 @ 15:43:09

    according to the new book eclipse will come out on september 25th. thankfully for me, that is the day before my b-day so i dont have 2 pay 4 it. i have insisted that some one must buy it for me. you can pre-order it at the link 2 get there is on stephenie meyers web page-

  138. Megan
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 10:47:44

    Actully on Stephenie’s website the book is set to come out on August 7th and you can reserve your copy, so go check that out.

  139. Roxann
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 23:41:46

    she does say why there are no old werewolves around. There hasn’t been a need for them until now because there were no vampires killing humans until victoria and laurent showed up. And the werewolves are there to protect the humans.

  140. tiffanie
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 12:53:22

    i know that on stephenies webpage it says that the book is coming out on august 7th but on it says that it is coming out on september 25th. i know that if i get my hopes up about having it in august i wont get it until september. i know that it would disipoint every one else also if this book comes a second later that neccissary.

  141. Jane
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 14:48:31

    I emailed the publisher and this is the official word:

    Stephenie Meyer’s third book, Eclipse, hardcover August 7, 2007.

  142. tiffanie
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 19:13:58

    omg, that so exciting!!! :) i cant wait. august is closer than september but its still to far away! I dont want to wait!!! tear

  143. JuBeth
    Mar 29, 2007 @ 15:15:22

    When is the third book coming out? I love the series and I can’t wait for another part of their story.

  144. tiffanie
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 12:20:43

    read above for coming out date!!! :)

  145. Emma
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 15:40:51

    I doing a project a Twilight for school and I would like to know the theme of the novel because I can’r figure it out. Thanks.


  146. Matt Wolfe
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 16:26:26

    Well… I would have to disagree with you. this is by far the best book ive read in a long long time. After i read it. I sat for two hours just thinking over the story, and how much i loved it. And im praying! That their is a third book in the Series!!!!!!

  147. Antonia
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 06:45:11

    When Bella did those reckless things she did it to hear her own mind come up with things she imagined Edward would say if she was in danger. It was not Edward comunicating with her because 1. Edward can only hear others thoughts. I do agree that Bella did some reckless stuff but come on cut her some slack.

  148. Antonia Santos
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 06:53:15

    I loved twilight i read all of it in one day. I was some what disappointed that Edward left in New Moon, but understanding why the author took Edward out for a while will help you to love this book. If Edward was there every waking moment it wouldn’t have been fun. If Victoria did try to get Bella Edward would have been there to protect her and there is no fun in that. See when Bella went with Alice to save Edward from The Voultri she put herself in danger of becoming a vampire but to Bella that isn’t danger at all because she wants to become a vampire. Now Edward will have to make her a vampire or risk losing her to The Voultri. That way even if Edward thinks she has lost her soul they can still be together.

  149. tiffanie
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 12:37:35

    it also made me very sad when edward left but it made the book good. the only problem it that if edward doesnt change her than the voltori will and if he does that jacob and his pack will come after them. what to do!!!

  150. mandy
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 07:59:48

    hey guys! sorry i havent been on in a while. As many of you may know, twilight is being turned into a movie! It will premier in theaters on May 2. I know that I’m gonna go, but the sad part is…no one knows who’s playing edward! you cant find any information any where!! if any one finds any thing, please post! I’m dieing here….hi tiff!


  151. ParisFrance
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 09:18:49


    Where have you found out that Twilight is coming out in a movie? According to Mrs. Meyer’s website, there is nothing new about it. I would love to try and find information about it but whenever I try to Google it, I only get a 1998 movie with the same name or stuff about the Twilight Zone.

  152. Tiffanie
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 09:33:26

    OMG! i totaly didnt know it was coming out!!! i hate it when website are not updated. where did you hear this?!!! im SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. well i’ll search and try to figure it out. tell me where you heard this and keep checking to see if they posted it. thanx
    and hi mandy.

  153. Mandy
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 12:11:54

    so tiffany found this website, (*snaps for tiff!*) and it shows information about Twilight the movie

    if any one else finds anything, email me, or post it your self, i will continue to search!


  154. tiffanie
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 12:53:40

    well guys i kept looking and i know its not much but if you chech this out there might be smoe links to more info. i dont really have time to browse the site. lots of work 2 do.
    every one else should keep looking too. and mandy, what site did it say it was coming out on may 2nd??? please tell. :)

  155. tiffanie
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 12:54:22

    well guys i kept looking and i know its not much but if you chech this out there might be smoe links to more info. i dont really have time to browse the site. lots of work 2 do.
    every one else should keep looking too. and mandy, what site did it say it was coming out on may 2nd??? please tell. :)

  156. ParisFrance
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 13:56:49

    So that website on says the same thing that the Stephenie Meyer’s website says. But is has no date. I have been searching all day and still have not found anything on a relsease date for the movie. I will still keep searching, but I don’t think anything is a final yet.

  157. tiffanie
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 17:45:45

    yeah guys i’ve checked like every possible site. i cant findanythink at all. and i e-mailed every thing i thought was interesting. so anyways i found one site that was totally awsome but had absolutly no information at all. chck it out though cuz its pretty cool. mandy, where did you get the date may 2?!?!?!?!? :)

  158. Samuola
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 19:13:02

    The book twilight was filled with great ideas that no doubt you would’nt want to read the sequeal of new moon. When the third sequeal comes out(I hope!) It would win the all time grammy award for the best book of the Decade. Hit me when it comes out in theaters

  159. Mandy
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:16:53

    hey every one, i found the date on youtube. type in twilight…i think, you’ll get a bunch of fan fares…and some stufff random people have shot by making scripts out of the chapters…eventually…i dont remember what page or which one…but it had the green screen where it tells you what it’s rated (by the way it’s PG 13) and then it said May 2nd. and showed a little three second preveiw of the back of twilight..the “Three things I was sure of. One Edward Cullens was a vampire..Two, some part of him, though I’m not sure how big a part, thirsted for my blood, and three, I was somthing…and unconditionally in love with him….” then it said “May 2nd” again.

    sorry icant be more specific. I can look it up again when i get the chance..but I’m at school right now and I’m mr. Tillery’s ONLY teachers aid for the whole day…sao all of the students and his stuff kind of accumulates on me…sorry i cant add more…really busy. email me if you have any questions…

    [email protected]

    tiff knows how to get a hold of me as well. so…bye!


  160. tiffanie
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:47:25

    ok, i checked out that youtube site and some of the clips there are kinda awsome, but i didnt see any thing about may 2nd. but then again when a teacher looked over and saw what i was doing, all of the sudden i got kicked off the site. stupid surf control. anyways ill look agin when i get home. good job mandy for finding it. clap clap clap. o crap i have 2 write an essay first, but ill check it out anyways. ttyl

  161. tiffanie
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:48:36

    ok, i checked out that youtube site and some of the clips there are kinda awsome, but i didnt see any thing about may 2nd. but then again when a teacher looked over and saw what i was doing, all of the sudden i got kicked off the site. stupid surf control. anyways ill look agin when i get home. good job mandy for finding it. clap clap clap. o crap i have 2 write an essay first, but ill check it out anyways. ttyl
    (mandy, e-mail me back. that myspace was kinda cool right)

  162. tiffanie
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:51:15

    oops. he he:)

  163. Jane
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 12:56:17

    I think that the film rights have been sold but it is not in production.

  164. Anna P.
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 18:10:29

    I absolutly adord your books i am doing everything to find a book just like that while waiting for eclipse. I have never read nor seen a thing like that. now whenever i try to read something else i end up saying this sucks! i miss twilight. there is just nothing like it. i read it in two days and i’m 10 and in the fifth grade. i am making all my friends read it. do you have any recommendations while i’m waiting? i need something! hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. tiffanie
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 10:00:18

    if you want other books to read that have the same story line them go to and type in either twilight or new moon. then it will come up with books with that story line.

  166. Katlyn
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 15:35:31

    Hey guys i am sorry about not replilng sooner but yeah so i went on stephenie’s page and i read like 2 paragraph’s on the 3B BOOK…to twiLight man oh man it is really good you should go on there and read for yourself i think it is going to be like the 2 book NewMoon yeah but i dont know but i have a felling that something bad is going to happen well see yall!

  167. Renee
    Apr 06, 2007 @ 13:35:15

    It’s hard to see why things happened the way they did, but in the long run, especially in New Moon. But maybe it was in the long run for Bella and Edward to have been seperated.

    Yes, it was very sad how it happened because everything went to fast but he was think about her well being. And after James and the Jasper, I can image why he urged his family to move on so fastly.

    Now as for Jacob: If things would have progressed without Edward back in the story until way later then maybe he would have had a chance. I do feel sorry for him because she had used him as a leaning post, but then again she had told him that she wasn’t ready. And in the book when ever she would think about the Cullens she would grab her side in pain for them. Which he had saw a couple times, so I think he knew deep down he really didn’t have a chance yet.

    I’m excitied to see how things will progress in Eclipse, but at the same time I’m nervous because no matter who Bella decides to chose there will be war and blood of someone.

    I like how you guys have responded to this book, and I think everyone is quivering in anticapation for the next book. How many books do you think she will make of this story?


  168. Rhiannon
    Apr 07, 2007 @ 18:06:42


    I’d have to agree with a lot of the posts. I think the separation between Bella and Edward was necessary, but couldn’t it have been shorter? I’m only joking, but I wish that there was more of Edward in the story. The whole mourning thing could have been shorter, I mean I was like, “Do you really think he left because he doesn’t love you anymore!?” I don’t she kind of annoyed me at times. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved the book, how could you not? It just didn’t meet my FULL expectations based on reading “Twilight” and the first chapter of “New Moon”. I’m definitely going to get the third book. I just wish I didn’t have to wait until August!

  169. antonia santos
    Apr 08, 2007 @ 17:51:19

    i agree wit u rihannon. i mean Bellaacted so immature. i can understand her loss but she acted like Edward died instead of just left her. i loved New Moon i would have enjoyed some more Edward but the book was good none the less.

  170. antonia santos
    Apr 08, 2007 @ 17:54:18

    i’m getting kinda confused about something. on the stephenie meyer site it says that the next book is coming out in august. then i went to another of her sites and it sais that the book is coming out in october. which one is it?

  171. antonia santos
    Apr 08, 2007 @ 18:02:45

    you know i just noticed something. if Bella gets turned into a vampire she gets to be with Edward but she will then become a natural enemy to jacob. this is way twisted because i think that she still has a brother/sister like feeling for jacob

  172. Mandy
    Apr 10, 2007 @ 12:11:07

    they are currently in the process of casting “Twilight the Movie” most of you know that forks is an actuall place.The movie is being shot there. Under further investigation, we’ve decided that twilight will probebly not come out until next year. there are lage debates over who should be edward. I know that they decided on who will be Bella but I’m not sure who it is yet. I will keep you posted though. If I’ve left any of anyones answers un-answered. I’m terribly sorry. My inbox is full…and I’m totally swamped. please repost your questions?….*bows in appriciation* thnks!


  173. Jane
    Apr 10, 2007 @ 12:15:51

    I did speak with Meyer’s agent and while the film option has been purchased, it is not in production in any manner and it is not going to be released in May.

  174. Rhiannon
    Apr 10, 2007 @ 18:14:59

    The book “Eclipse” comes out August 7 this year. I checked on like Amazon and other sites like that. So yeah, I’m almost positive it comes out August! I only wish it were sooner lol.

  175. tiffanie
    Apr 12, 2007 @ 13:40:52

    since you have the number for stephenies agent, does that mean you have stephenies e-mail address???! i would love to e-mail her. does anyone have it???!?! please o please o please!!! and mandy, where did you hear about them casting for the movie. i want to check out that site. thanx bunches!!

  176. Katrina
    Apr 13, 2007 @ 15:24:07

    I read twilight it was the most dramatic book i have every read it kept me on my toes from start t finish and when i read new moon it was even more addictive i will deperately like to know it u r writing a second part to new moon please do

  177. Katrina
    Apr 13, 2007 @ 15:26:52

    Iam really curious to know if bella is turned into a vampire will it cause a drift between her and Jacb in my view there is a yes and know answer , will she be able to control her emotion or will become a trap to herself edward and everyone esle

  178. Jane
    Apr 13, 2007 @ 15:29:47

    tiffanie – unfortunately I do not have Stephenie Meyer’s email address. I believe that it was online at one time and since the popularity of her books, it was taken down. You may want to write or email her publishing house directly.

  179. tiffanie
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 09:27:06

  180. Nicole
    Apr 18, 2007 @ 23:40:07

    Hey guys, I got a Q.A. for all u girls (and guys). Has anyone heard that on one girl is trying to get Stephenie to lend her an early copy of the first chap of Eclipse. Every1 go to livejournal and support her. If shes reading this… U GO GIRL I SUPORT U ALL DA WAY!!!

  181. Tiffanie
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 12:29:42

    Hey, i would totally support that, but i think then every one else in the world would probably want a copy. knowing that i doubt that they will give it to her. ill have to check out that site though! :)

  182. Poonam
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 20:28:00

    I Love this book sooooo much and the series are just getting better and better. I love Edward Cullen the most out of all the vampires and the characters. I can’t wait till the third book comes out on August 7th. I got it preordered on Amazon a week ago and I can’t wait till it comes out. I have read Twilight and New Monn literally more than 15 times and keep reading them until Eclipse comes out. i want to thank Stephenie for making such good books and the series are currently on my top three books of all time. I will put them on the top five books of the milenium forever. I love them soooooooooooooooo much!!!!

  183. Jane
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 21:08:31

    Hey readers. I am giving away a copy of Prom Nights from Hell, a book in which Stephenie Meyer offers up a story about Gabe. A boy who likes to make people happy and Sheba who thrives on unhappiness.

  184. Taylor
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 14:37:22

    Twilight is one of the best books I’ve ever read, besides New Moon. Twilight pulled me into the story and left me hungry for more. I read Twilight in two days-as much as I could since I had school and homework to be done-which is a record for me-I’m only 12 years old so you realize I like to make records of myself. I’ve read Twilight 3 times and everytime I can’t control how I get into the book-I think I might be mentally ill or something LOL-because all I can think about is Bella and Edward. Please, my own best friend is avoiding me because of my strange behavoir, so I’ve had enough people telling me I’m crazy……

  185. Taylor
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 14:43:32



  186. Taylor
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 14:46:52

    TO POONMAN****

    I completely agree with you!!! These books are my life, they are costing me my social life but I don’t care, not anymore. Please, how did you get Eclipse ordered? I cannot figure how you got it preodered, I’ve been of Amazon a million times! HELP NEEDED!!!!Taylor.

  187. Kelsey
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 15:58:39

    The first time I read New Moon, I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed. I still thought it was a great book, but I thought there was a kind of lull in the plot where Edward was absent. But then I read it again, and a third time, and now I really enjoy it, almost as much as I love Twilight. I really like the development Meyer gives to Jacob Black, so he’s more of an actual character rather than just a filler character so that Bella can find out what Edward Cullen is. Now I can really identify with him, and it’s easy to see the kind of things he’s going through, rather than just being like, “Okay, when’s Edward coming back?” like I was when I first read New Moon. So my advice to anyone who was disappointed by their first read-through of New Moon.. try reading it again, and you’ll probably enjoy it more than you think.

  188. tiffanie
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 18:37:39

    if you want to pre-order a copy of eclipse, all you have to do is go to stephenie meyers website, , then click on eclipse. on the bottom of the page you can just follow the link to pre- ordering. hve fun!!!

  189. Rebecca
    Apr 23, 2007 @ 12:51:35

    Dear Mrs. Meyer,
    Twilight and New Moon are my friend and I absolute favorite books in the whole entire world! We love them! They are all we ever talk about! If I had ten wishes one of them would be, you would make a movie of all of the books! You are the best writer ever! I can’t wait to read the next! Make a movie soon!
    Your biggest fan,

  190. Holly
    Apr 23, 2007 @ 19:07:55

    I have read both Twilight (BRAVO!) and New Moon and enjoyed both equally. The twists left me confused and wanting more! I cannot wait for Eclipse! True the last book was a bit confuseing by cramming so many surprises and turns into one full book, but…gripping none the less. Cant wait to read the Eclipse!

  191. Siri
    Apr 24, 2007 @ 16:39:47

    I have read twilight and new moon..i did except edward to be in the book more but still it was really really good! i love those books! I cannot wait until ECLIPSE is in stores. I wish some day i will have the same romance as Bella! I really enjoy reading your books!

  192. Siri
    Apr 24, 2007 @ 16:45:44

    i love your books twilight and new moon they are the best books ever! I finshed them both and i always recommend them to others. I read both of the books like..5 times! In the second book after edward lefti kept going back and reading the part when they were together..i no it may sound stupid but i did! I cannot wait until ecpilse is out in stores..i will be the first one(hopefully) to get one. I hope one day i will have such a romance as the one Bella and Edward share! I will comment on eclipse once it is out! CANT WAITT!

  193. Siri
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 08:42:14

    Hey Ms,Meyer
    I love your books, twilight and new moon so much i always read them over and over again i cannot wait until eclipse is out!

  194. Siri
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 08:47:36

    i am kinda scared about the new movie coming out cuz edward has to be perfect not like…normal he has to have those fetures or it will kinda mess up my image of him!

  195. Siri
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 09:18:14

    i found a cast list on you tube… here it is

  196. Tiffanie
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 09:38:27

    i cant agree with you more!!!! i want the twilight movie to come out SOOOOOOO bad, but what if they ruin the images i have in my head of bella and edward!!! what to do!!!

  197. Rebecca and Topacio
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 16:27:14

    Mrs. Meyer,
    How many sequils are you planning to write? We would also like to know if any movies are coming out about them? We want those movies movies soooooooooooo bad!!!! We hope we get this info soon!
    Write back ASAP,
    Rebecca and Topacio

  198. mandy
    Apr 26, 2007 @ 11:29:12



  199. Casey
    Apr 26, 2007 @ 17:57:57

    You only focus on the negatives in this review. Bella is tramatized when Edward leaves, she was so obsessed (as it says in Twighlight) with Edward that it caused her physical pain to think of him. Her hallucinations were merely a way to show how deeply in love with Edward Bella really was. This book is very good, you need to read it atleast twice for most to understand it fully.

  200. Casey
    Apr 26, 2007 @ 18:01:27

    Miss. Meyers your stories are sooooo good! I have a copy of New Moon I just got from Amazon and to my shock it has the chapter to Eclipse in it! I thought that the special edition wasn’t to be released till May 5th! My friends and I love the first chapter of both Eclipse and Midnight Sun and we can’t wait till they’re released! Keep up the good work!

  201. Miki
    Apr 27, 2007 @ 00:18:41

    Jane, you sent me a copy of this book as a prize for commenting on your blog last year. I’m not a big fan of vampire stories, and I knew I’d have to read (and buy) the first one first (being the anal retentive that I am about series).

    So this book sat on my TBR pile for a long time. I got the first book, but still wasn’t in the mood for vampires.

    Finally, I read them this week. I was absolutely … enchanted? … by Twilight! What a wonderful story! Bella was so real it was easy to get in her corner.

    I’ll admit, I had a problem with Edward being older than Bell – even though they look the same age. But I decided, since he’d had no real relationships outside of his “family”, that I could close my eyes to this and think of his “emotional age” as being closer to hers (and in Twilight, she’s definitely older than her age).

    And while I thought I could understand her wanting to stay the same age as Edward, I felt it was a little out of Bella’s character to so easily discount her parents’ feelings about her disappearing from their life. I’m not saying – especially for a 17 year old girl – l-o-v-e doesn’t change how we think. But it’s VERY ingrained in Bella to be a caregiver for her parents. I don’t believe that would change so quickly. (I know I’m projecting on her a little – as I was in a similar caregiver role for a long time with my mother, and it was a good 5-6 years, after I left for college, before I could stop feeling as if I had to take care of her first).

    I also agree with your review of New Moon. I found it very depressing and disappointing. And I’m not actually a big fan of Edward (remember, I’m not really a fan of vampires as heroes). I’ve liked Jacob better, despite his younger age, from the start. Regardless, I knew that Ed and Bell were it for each other, so it was hard to go through with her what she went through.

    Maybe because I kept trying to figure out where the book was going, I also thought it took forever to get to the point. I’ve looked at the author’s website and I see why she felt it had to be the way it was. I still felt it was slow to develop.

    Regardless, I’ll be looking for the next book to see where Bella and Edward end up next. I also hope that there can be something happy for Jacob in the future, although I can’t imagine it will end up being what he thinks he wants now.

    Anyway, thanks so much for exposing me to this book! Since I haven’t been in high school since before disco died – LOL! – I never would have picked up this book on my own.

  202. Jane
    Apr 27, 2007 @ 10:57:34

    There are quite a few marvelous young adult books. The one I mentioned previously, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, is a book I think you may want to check out. It comes out in June.

  203. Taylor
    Apr 27, 2007 @ 14:40:19


    thank you!! I just went to and I think I’ve read every word on that website. I’m so glad that I found this site to find others like me who can’t stop thinking about Edward and Bella.

    You know when you think about something before you go to bed and then you dream about it? Well, everynight since I’ve read the first page of Twilight I’ve dreamed of Edward and Bella and everyone else in the stories. But, every morning I have to go threw this agonizing feeling trying to convince myself that I probably won’t ever meet someone I love as much as Bella loves Edward or Edward loves Bella. Oh gosh, I everytime I think about this I start hyperventilating, like right now. Breath in and out, in and out. But really, think about, could anyone on earth ever find someone they would risk their life every second they’re with them? Or just the way you feel when you look at they’re face. I realy hope so, but if that kind of love is not meant for me, I’ll pray everyday (not saying I pray for everything, I hardly ever pray or go to church for that matter) for that love to be in my heaven

  204. Stephanie B.
    Apr 27, 2007 @ 15:05:37

    Twilight is a delightful book, quite addicting if you agree. This author has a brilliant mind…Dang I say this book and the sequels are WAY better that “Harry Potter” yuck. (No offence) Stephenie Meyer, please dont stop writing novels….Your soooo intelligent. I love you!

  205. Taylor
    Apr 28, 2007 @ 13:01:57

    I can’t stop reading these books!!!!! I can’t control myself, I love these books so much! = )

  206. tiffanie
    Apr 28, 2007 @ 17:39:15

    i sooo know what you mean. i think i stopped counting how many times i re-read this book after about 18 or so. each book i know that ive read over 20 times. every one always askes me why im so obsessed (it obviouse to all) and i just tell them that i know im never gonna find a love like edward and bella share, so i just read about it to try and imagine what its like.i dont know if you have seen this baut you should all check out this web-site. its pretty cool even though none of it is done by stephenie, but i really liked “False Dawn” and “blood moon”. you should read them both. just follow this link and search titles.

  207. Siri
    Apr 29, 2007 @ 08:07:40

    hey guys.. do you know that song far away by nicelback? well i think that song is so perfect cause it reminded me of edward and bella!

  208. Tiffanie
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 14:55:50

    there are so many songs that i’ll listen to and suddenly think ” this totally sounds like edward and bellas story!!!” i never used to listen to the lyrics of songs really and then i started listening really carefully to see if they relate at all.

  209. Tiffanie
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 14:57:44

    by the way, did any one check out that site yet. there are so many good stories on it.
    yet again

  210. Tiffanie
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 14:58:32

    by the way, did any one check out that site yet. there are so many good stories on it. i want some feed back. tell me what you think!!
    yet again

  211. Tiffanie
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 15:00:07

    sorry im mentally challenged

  212. Arminda
    May 01, 2007 @ 05:36:15

    This book is my favirote book I think she sould also extended the seires and make out a seires about Jacob and his friends.

  213. Arminda
    May 01, 2007 @ 05:38:30

    Oh yeah I wonder what it would be like if Bella and Jacob got together and edward did not come back. I also am woundering how they are going to get around the treaty. Hmmmmm That is going to be trickey

  214. Tiffanie
    May 02, 2007 @ 09:53:45

    i think i would ie if she didnt end up with edward!!!!!

  215. Faith
    May 02, 2007 @ 15:41:09

    I NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP PLEASE!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!! Stephenie Meyer is making a movie of Twilight and is possibly casting this guy to play Edward that is COMPLETELY not right. I dont know about all of you, but if someone i dont like plays Edward, it will ruin the book for me! i think that a pale version of Steven Strait would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, and he is an amazing actor! PLEASE HELP!!!

  216. tiffanie
    May 03, 2007 @ 08:44:05

    relax, but if a movie is being made then stephenie meyer has absolutly no say in who plays anyone!!! that would ruin the movie for me 2 though. but sadly, theres nothing anyone can do about any of that.

  217. Hans
    May 03, 2007 @ 10:38:36

    I read the book twilight for a summer reading list program thingy. I have to admit that the cover was most appealing and i did judge it by its cover :)

    Anyway I read twilight I loved it

  218. Arminda
    May 07, 2007 @ 09:37:17

    Hey so she is going to be making a movie on twilight. That is good I will go to see it when it comes out in theaters i hope Danielle Panabaker plays bella she looks like a bella and she is a great actress and she could prefect Bella.Olivia Wilde
    I would also love her to be Roseline.

    Edward should be Drew Fuller he is so hot.

  219. Tiffany
    May 14, 2007 @ 10:27:29

    I was one of those who read twilight in 3 days, it was amazing, there are rumors of a movie becoming and I hope that it does, that would amaze me.
    Personally I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, I feel almost as if I too fell in love with Edward but there is a lot of personal retraint and unanswered questions, and yet I pray for a 3rd book….

  220. Courtney
    May 16, 2007 @ 14:16:20

    I always liked vampiers. So thats why i chose twilight…. i fell in love with the book it took me about one week to read because i read it in school in my study hall i never wanted to put it down. then i got new moon and that book was another page turner and i was sad to put it down so i cant wait for the new one to come out. so i cant read that one to see what happens to Bella now.

  221. tiffanie
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:42:38

    i really want to read the first chapter of eclipse but its not on the website, only in the new special addition of new moon. i dont want to buy another copy of that just to read the first chapter of eclipse. idk waht to do!!!!!
    ~ tiffanie

  222. Chantale
    May 24, 2007 @ 14:21:11

    I think that Oliver Goodwill would make a purrrrrfect Edward. He was in the call me when your sober video by evanessance

  223. M.M Lil Flaca
    May 25, 2007 @ 15:43:38

    I loved both books!!!!! I can not wait for Eclipes to come out!!!!!

  224. Sandy
    May 26, 2007 @ 15:43:13

    I disagree almost completely. I think there was only one flaw with this book, which was the fact that Edward wasn`t in most of it, disappointing many of New Moon readers. I think it is very natural for Bella to be depressed, as Stephenie Meyer hints at in Twilight with Bella’s desperation when she does not see Edward for three days at most.

    Devoted Twilight & New Moon Fan

  225. Jodi
    May 27, 2007 @ 12:38:49

    OMG i Love your Books SO SO SO SO much i CANT wait for Eclipse to come out!!!!!! Please tell me that Bella and Edward will be in all of the rest of the series to twilight PLEASE??? i really think your books are great, and intresting. If it wasn’t for my sister i probably would not have reead Twilght, (I know crazy) and that would have been a BIG part of my life missing. Thanks so much for writing those books i love you for doing that love Jodi your reader!! :)

  226. Jodi
    May 27, 2007 @ 12:53:37

    For those who dont like Twilight & New Moon i think your crazy! they are best books in the world. i love Edward and Bella they are perfect, and Jakup is a total retard at the end of New Moon. I really hope that Edward doesn’t leave Bella again and by the way im totaly the kind of person that read these books in two days you just CAN NOT PUT THEM DOWN THEY ARE SO GOOD. Every time i read parts about Edward and Bella i would freak out completly, my sister found it quite anoying haha. but please give me feed back people.
    Sincerley Twilight and New Moon LOVER :) jodi

  227. tiffanie
    May 28, 2007 @ 17:18:25

    ok can some one who has read the first chapter of eclipse tell me what happens. i like detalils. my e-mail is [email protected]
    please tell me what happens. i cant find anyone with the special addition of new moon and i cant buy another copy cuz my mom wont let me.
    i would GREATLY apretiate it. god my spelling SUCKS!! sorry and thanks for who ever woule PLEASE do this for me!!!!!!!

  228. Annie
    May 28, 2007 @ 21:51:09

    Its the BEST book ive read in a while just cant wait till augest!
    to get the next!

  229. Hannah
    May 29, 2007 @ 13:09:41

    I love Twilight and New Moon. I soon await Eclipse. Can you email me the rough draft please?????? Cannot wait to read it. i have read twilight once I have read the begining on new moon twice the middle once and the end four times and i lve it. thank you for writing these fabolus books.

    ~Hannah Judy

  230. Jodi
    May 29, 2007 @ 21:51:45

    hey every one its me AGAIN i know we all think we write too much about this but who can stop its just too good. anyways keep me updated if there is anything new. and 1 question if you pre order Eclipse do you get it before other people who dont?????? -Jodi

  231. amanda
    May 30, 2007 @ 16:49:07

    hi everybody. okay so i’ve been on the stephenie meyer website and theirs the questions/facts page. Stephenie says she answers everybodies emails. i want to write to here but i don’t know how or where u can get steph;s email?!?! a little help PLEASE. i hope they make Twilight into a movie don’t you! i would be so cool i luv bella and edward. alice is pretty cool to. but i HATE jacob. u kno what he did in New Moon. for the ppl who haven’t read the book yet i wont tell u what happened but i was really pissed off u kno what i mean..hopefully this website doesn;’t get mad if ppl swear but pissed isn’t really bad but i have been asked to change what i wrote cuz i wrote that word befor anyways lots of luv. please post meyers email if you have it cuz i really really want to rite to her.

  232. Sam
    May 30, 2007 @ 20:33:33

    I really hope Jacob makes it. Bella needs him. Jane, I think that you’re sort of right, that she relies on Edward and Jacob, but it’s not just them. When Alice comes to visit, Bella almost immedieatly (my spelling is awesome!) feels better about everything. So I think that what she relies on is the paranormal, and that normal humans just can’t cut it for her anymore now that she’s been introduced to them. Sorry if someone else has said this, but I simply didn’t feel like reading all that!
    And is it official that Midnight Sun is actually going to be made into a book? I really hope so, because I read that first chapter, and now I’m hooked!

  233. Jodi
    May 30, 2007 @ 22:54:45

    hey i would like her e-mail too PLEASE that would be so cool if i could ask her a question and have her replie because i have SO many. i know im upsessed but hey who isn’t? any ways keep posting.
    luv Jodi

  234. amanda
    May 31, 2007 @ 15:04:22

    i know what ur saying hey guess what i have a funny story of how i got hooked on twilight. ok so i was going to see disterbia(really good movie) and we were trying to get tickets for the earlyer show but it was sold out. we ended up getting tickets for the later show but while we were waiting we went into chapters which is right across the streat from the movies. my friend kendra found two books twilight and some other but i don’t kno what it was called cuz me and my other friends kayle and carley were looking at this grad book(i’m gradutating gr 8 so exciting in 3 months!)she said twilight was about vampires and all my other friends were like umm.. kindda sounds dumb(not taking offences). she finished reading it and it was passed to person to person. everybody who hasn’t read it is like wow, vampiers sound so interesting(exadurated) but all who has read it are obsessed same with me and i don’t obsess easily
    lots of luv

  235. amanda
    May 31, 2007 @ 15:05:07

    hey guess what i have a funny story of how i got hooked on twilight. ok so i was going to see disterbia(really good movie) and we were trying to get tickets for the earlyer show but it was sold out. we ended up getting tickets for the later show but while we were waiting we went into chapters which is right across the streat from the movies. my friend kendra found two books twilight and some other but i don’t kno what it was called cuz me and my other friends kayle and carley were looking at this grad book(i’m gradutating gr 8 so exciting in 3 months!)she said twilight was about vampires and all my other friends were like umm.. kindda sounds dumb(not taking offences). she finished reading it and it was passed to person to person. everybody who hasn’t read it is like wow, vampiers sound so interesting(exadurated) but all who has read it are obsessed same with me and i don’t obsess easily
    lots of luv

  236. amanda
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 15:09:21

    hey r they going to make a video of twiligt- it’s a possibilkity but i’m to impatent to have to wait. urrg….the same thing is happening waiting for eclipse, i have nothing to do and while ppl are bprrowing twlight and new moon i have nothing to read to keep me occupied. i’m typeing with only one finger..pretty cool. i have too much free time on my hands!

  237. Taylor
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 16:29:25

    I cannot wait untill Eclipse comes out!! I love all the other books and I don’t think I can wait untill Eclipse comes out! I miss reading something new about Bella and Edward and everyone else. I ‘ve read everything on her website and I’m going a little crazy waiting for something new to happen. And if they make a movie of Twilight I think the actress for Bella should be Emily Browinning and for Edward is should be Henry Cavill, he has realy sharp angles on his face, like Edwards. Please help me!! I need to read Eclipse!!

  238. Taylor
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 16:33:47

    I carry my Twilight & New Moon on my bus, and the guys always make fun of the vampire thing and feel like punching them! Ughh! And don’t worry, I’m totally obssesed with the books too! I can’t handle not reading them for more than an hour. My family says I’m “isolating” myself. And I kinda am but they won’t understand, ya know?

  239. Jodi
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 18:07:43

    i totaly know how you guys fill im trying to live until the next book Eclipse comes out its really hard but i found something that kinda takes my mind off of waiting and i love it there is a website called and it has so many books that people write storys about and they have twilight and new moon storys. any ways u go to the site and click home then books and find twilight and just click on a story some of them are REALLY good so take a look at it. oh and by the way if you want to read about newmoon the u stil click on twilight it has storys about new moon too. im acually writing a story myself but im not done with it yet but still the web site is cool check it out bye luv Jodi

  240. Jodi
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 18:11:58

    oh p.s. you can choose ratings and catagorys like K is for G and PG rating and T is for PG13 and M is for R rating and i always choose romance for the catagory because im a sucker for Edwards and Bellas relationship sorry but u can choose what ever u want tootles

  241. Taylor
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 17:44:01

    I do the same thing, whenever I hear a song i listen to the lyrics and I’ll be like omg this it totally how bella felt after edward left and then I’ll get all sad and stuff. Oh and Tiffany, that link you put on here for the website has someone called by my escape and one of her stories she warns that it has SPOILERS FOR ECLISPE!!!!!!!!!!! I went crazy when i read that, so go under new moon and look for and on one of her like summarization thingys shes says that!! Have fun! Oh and when does the special edition of New Moon come out, I don’t have a copy of New Moon and I would be nice to have the first chapter of Eclipse included so do you know? And if you tell me I’ll totally like rewrite the whole thing on here for you to read! So get back to me soon!

  242. Taylor
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 17:55:07

    Okay you guys I’m counting the days untill Eclipse is out on August 7th and on June 2, 2007 theres 65 days untill ECLIPSE come out okay? Someone count with me so I don’t feel stupid or obssesed-even though I am obssesed and sometimies stupid-PLEASE!!
    But I’m sure I’m not the only one obssesed about Bella and Edward huh? I mean I can’t realy pinpoint why I am but probably because since I don’t think love is real-I never have even before reading these books-that reading this clarified it. Since edward is not human-speaking as in he actually exists which i try not to think about because i hurts way to much-that edward and bella’s love couldn’t exist. And I read them over and over again to try and feel wat they feel. I can only hope to feel even a horribly small amount close to wat they could possibly feel.

  243. amanda
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 11:12:47

    Hey u kno what, when i was reading twilight and new moon my parents got so mad because all i would do was read. it was a really nice day out and i was sitting on my couch in my living room basically reading from noon to five finishing the book. i almost got grounded and i couldn’t wait to read new moon after. i beged my mom to buy it for me…she bought it for me. and now hopefully i’ll get twilight for my birhtday. and i can’t even read new moon now cuz my friend is borrowing it. at least on this site i can talk about how crazy i am over the books.

  244. amanda
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 11:16:11

    guess what i found out you can read the first chapter to midnight sun… AHHHH. but it’s not working on my computer! someone read it on stephenie meyers website and tell me what its like

  245. amanda
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 11:17:13

    Taylor, im counting too don’t fell stupid, tones of ppl are too probably!

  246. Taylor
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 15:55:46

    Thanks Amanda!! I’m glad that I not the only one who counts the days.

  247. Taylor
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 15:58:00

    The site you put on here in AWESOME! I can’t stop reading everything that’s on there. Look for a author or writer I guess named Be My Escape. She’s realy good.

  248. amanda
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 16:05:01

    crisis here….okay so it’s not really about the books but my gr.8 grad is coming up and there’s this guy i want to ask to go with-rather he ask me-but anyways i’m way to shy and theirs only 2 weeks left to grad. what should i do, i’m not going to walk up to him and say ‘hey want to go out with me?’ i need another way. any pointers girls out here who have asked a guy to prom before…please i’m a bit desparate.~Amanda
    P.S. i would have written in here yesterday but you know-i was kindda grounded and couldn’t do anything on the computer:(
    o-well i’ll be good next time!
    Love ya Lots*

  249. amanda
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 14:15:50

    is anybody here?

  250. tiffanie
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 15:16:59

    im sorry it been forever since ive had a chance 2 write cuz i think ive now read every single story on that site and am writing one myself. i think its pretty good, but im not done yet. anyways the special addition of new moon came out on may 5th. please buy it and e-mail me every thing it says!! i would love you forever!!!!!
    if you want to e-mail me directly my e-mail is [email protected] .
    and amanda, im the same age as you so i cant imagine i’ll be much help, but i’ll try to give you some advice. just let him know you interested. see if he also is interested, and if so, you have no reason to be shy. spend as much time as you can with him and see if he will ask you.
    if hes not interested then make him. try to hang out around him and make him notice you. talk to him as much as possibe. if you can talk to him with out his friends around.
    try that and tell me what happens.
    Good luck
    talk to you all later

  251. amanda
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 16:42:16

    Thanks Tiffanie, i have been hanging with him alot…some people say he likes me because they think he hangs out with me alot~and i’m not the one trying to be around him! Thanks write back soon:P

  252. amanda
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 14:39:47

    hey tiffanie, you said ur in gr.8 too. i was wondering, did u go on a schhol trip? were did u go? iwent 2 niagra falls, canada! id tell u more but i g2g

  253. amanda
    Jun 08, 2007 @ 14:15:34

    anybody here today? its friday no school left this week

  254. Rhiannon
    Jun 08, 2007 @ 14:22:50


  255. amanda
    Jun 09, 2007 @ 12:00:24

    Hey Sup?!?! nobodys been writting has anybody died? not trying to be pushy or anything i just like talking to ppl who are also obsesed over Twilight and New Moon like me!

  256. amanda
    Jun 10, 2007 @ 16:32:41

    kool its a new set up i like it

  257. Amanda Cullen
    Jun 12, 2007 @ 13:49:22

    I strongly disagree with any critisism against the story plot of New Moon except where lack of Edward plays because as a love struck teenage I would have done anything to hear Edwards voice like Bella did. And in the end this all ties together to show how both Edward and Bella are weak without one another and are unstoppable together.I would have shortend the excrutiatingly long section with just Bella and Jacob. And I would have givin more closure to the perposal Edward gave to Bella. She should have said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over all I give this book a A- Twilight recieves a A+++++++++

  258. tiffanie
    Jun 13, 2007 @ 18:30:00

    hey amanda
    sorry ive been busy. well, i live in hicks =ville so i didnt go on an 8th grade class trip. i hope things went well with u and that guy. g2g. im at my friends.


  259. Amanda Cullen
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 13:12:51

    Edward Cullen is so PERFECT

  260. Kourt_*~*
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 15:08:06

    I am speechless! When I first read the back of “Twilight” i was a little scrared or freaked out. (Who knows maybe both?) I was also appaled by the length of the book. I held my tounge i moved; when i read the first chapter i had peaked a little interest in it but not a great deal. I did not like how negitive Bella was and how muched she lied!!! Then i got to…oh…maybe the 5th chapter, i was intoxicated!!!! I transformed into the bookworm that only comes out every once in a while! I TELL NO LIES THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND UNDENIABLE! I think everyone should get the oppuritunity to read this book! I think Stephenie Meyers did an outstanding job!

  261. *Kourt*
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 15:10:08

    Overall a great book that is hard to put down!

  262. *Kourt*
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 15:19:17

    On “New Moon” this book was as always very well done! however i like twilight better. (Just personal taste!) I did not like the section on Jacob and Bella as much as Bella and Edward…but you can see where Bella is coming from trying to heal herself. I cried my eyes out when Edward left Bella!~~~I loved the ending! i like it so much I’ve re-read the ending only about 15 times! I just wish that in “Eclispe” that Bella and Edward get married and then (option A) On their honeymoon they travel to Alaska and Bella tranforms! (Option B) They get married and then on Bella’s 19th birthday she turns into a vampire! Either way i truly hope that it happens. However i have suspicions that one or the other is going to happen not both! That something is going to go terribly wrong…:(

  263. *Kourt*
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 15:22:17


  264. jess halln
    Jun 17, 2007 @ 10:09:06

    this book reaches deep inside me within just the first hundred pages. meyer is a wonderful writer

  265. Rowena
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 18:46:14

    i think i have a problem……… i can’t seem to stop thinking about these books……..
    there are parts that i keep going back to and it never gets old.
    my parents actually confiscated the books cuz i couldn’t put them down! :)

  266. Taylor
    Jun 21, 2007 @ 21:08:51

    I totally agree with you! I can never put the books down and I keep rereading them and they never get old. If someone went to any random page in either New Moon OR Twilight I would know what was going on right there in the story! Its crazy but I can’t help myself, I LOVE he books:)

  267. Taylor
    Jun 22, 2007 @ 21:43:44

  268. Taylor
    Jun 22, 2007 @ 22:03:29

    I like New Moon b/c I get more of a emotional response from it. I cried like my eyes out in chapter “The End”. I’m not going to say anything because I don’t know whose read it or not. But I also love Twilight a lot because it makes my happy. ;)

  269. Taylor
    Jun 24, 2007 @ 13:52:29

    Where is everybody???

  270. Taylor
    Jun 24, 2007 @ 13:54:09

    Oh, now I feel alone :(

  271. schuman
    Jun 24, 2007 @ 20:51:31

    well to begin with i never read the book new moon, YET, but i will. it may take me a while though. to tell you the truth i havent even finished twilight yet so i hope no one minds me for writting here.
    i have only read a bit of twilight though at the bookstore because they dont mind and i loved it. unfortunantly it was too late and we had to go but i came back the next day because of my love for it. the book or what i have read about it so fan was great. i didnt want to put it down adn after since reading it it was all i could think about. i couldnt buy the book or anything or get it from the library so i was quite thankful that i acctuallty got a little chance to read a part of it. ever since the day before yesterday it all i can think about. i hope to read the whole ting but really doubt that i will be so lucky, i have tried to search for a copy on the internet but no luck. i doubt there will be too. i wish i could obtain this book because it is one that i will read over and over again unlike most books.
    all i want to say is i love this book and i encurage everyone to read it. this is probaby the best book ever. it has a great grammar and word construction, a twisting story with unpredictable turns, a romance with hints of danger adn fear, and many more. i know that i probably wouldnt be the best person to talk to about this book. but if you want to, which i hope you do, my email is [email protected]. thanks everyone

  272. Nic
    Jun 24, 2007 @ 22:29:52

    I have to say that I personally own all of the Twilight series so far and have pretty much memorized every chapter in the book. I love love love these books and have gotten them all signed by Stephenie herself and i have several pictures

  273. schuman
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 00:31:37

    oh wow… you are so lucky.. i never even got a chance to really read it. my mom banned me from reading twords the middle of the year. i tried to get the book at the libray but they didnt have it at my schol. and i couldnt go to the public one because i needed my mom to drive me ther. your so lucky i would love to meet her but then i wouldnt have anything for her to sign. i know i love it to. im so jelous of you, just kidding, im quite happy for you. i just cant beieve that im so behind, usually i read everything before most people in my class. oh well

  274. schuman
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 01:29:10

    ohh i heard your giving out a free copy of something could i take a look? oh by the way do you by anychance have the book twilight on the computer adn can email it to me. i really want to read all of it, but i dont think that i can any other way. its out of the library evertime and everywhere. adn my wont let me buy it not that i have the money or anything. ohh do you think you have mrs. myers email? id love to email her!!. ive been going crazy not being able to read teh book.

  275. Gemma
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 05:13:21

    some thing that you said i agree’d with when i first read the book but then i slowed down my reading when i read it again focusing on the chapter after edward left. Bella was grieving after death but not exactly edwards, it was her own she loved him so much but more then that she loved the life that she’d chosen for herself. when he left her he took every thing even the reminders she lost a hole family. image waking up one day to find you family gone the things you loved the things you hated and the things you didn’t get to same before it was stolen from you you have to read every line so carefully to get the right meaning and to many people are looking at it as if she’s still just started out with edward or she’s still just 17 there’s a big difference between 17 and 18 not as much in america but still{ i’m from australia we’ve aloud to drink at 18 which i’m only four weeks away from} if we read carfully and read every thing else that meyer gives out to us extra i.e jacob’s and edward’s version of events, we understand more of what bella’s going through. she a clutzs who untill recently has exsisted only on edwards love she kinda forgetsother parts of who life, for she chose to kinda give them up waiting to become a vampire. when you say that bella’s character has changed from her stable and steady slighlty emotional personality to a more risks taking personality is because thats what she did. she renvented her self like you do when you break up with someone or lose someone. don’t you just want to shave your head or go blonde after a tragic dumping or some huge loss even when you lose a friend you change cause the old way don’t fit cause it only worked with that person. when a guy who you completly love has to break up with you to save you and even though they live to break clean you die so you make something new. when bella was cliff diving she wasn’t trying to kill her self. she wanted to live she wanted life to do something like that is to feel. adrenilian is a powerful motivater she needed a new high. it was nothing to do with suicide but drugs yes i can’t relate but bella isn’t reckless enough for actual drugs as you said any way i have to go so i won’t continue with the rest of my rant but there is more. just take the book for what it is she’s at a different stage of her life so its not going to be the same respect the book enough to give it a fair go even meyer says to read it twice to understand it twice she’s a brillitent writter considering she new to the block. any way i live offfffff this book so much so my boyfriends jelous i love the book more then him but hey when a young adult novel has sexual tention so thick you can cut it with a knife who can stay away i mean if bella did get with Jacob well there would not be much to stop them from well lets keep this PG but she had to obstain from edward and every one knows how hard that would be. oh and just a comment even though i loved this book just as much as the first the second book in a trilagy ALLWAYS SUCKS and this didn’t suck so What dose that say about the third the third is always the best

  276. Eve
    Jun 30, 2007 @ 10:45:58

    Cant wait for “Eclipse” to come out! I wish August 7th would come sooner!!!

  277. amanda
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 10:52:14

    tehe i just finished new moon for the second time!(L) i love that book but i can’t wait for eclipse only a month and seven days now.

    P.S happy canada day!!!

  278. amanda
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 10:54:28

  279. Taylor
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 12:08:22

    36 days untill ECLIPSE comes out!!!! I don’t think I wait any longeerrrr.!!! : D

  280. amanda
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 15:45:31

    omg me nether. and what sucks is that my friend is borrowing twilight so i cant read the books out so far over again….she better hurry but im not going to see her for the next week cuz shes in camp and i have nothing to read to pass the time and schools over so theirs nothing i can do thier to also pass time waithing for eclipse or twilight back:(
    but still only 36 days till eclipse comes out. i hope stepheine meyer comes to canada so i can get her signature:0

  281. Sam
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 13:39:36

    I dont know. I loved jacob Black. he adds a whole new thing. Im waiting to see what happens next and trying not to go crazy. (whithout much success) but I also noticed that alot of people dont like jake, I think thats crazy, he was so sweet and cared about bella 100%. I must admit I liked the 1 book (twilight) better, but I did like New Moon alot.

  282. felicia
    Jul 06, 2007 @ 18:03:06

    twilight and new moon were the most amazing books ever as soon as i read twilight, i went out to the closest book store and picked up a copy of new moon. its just so addicting. im waiting and waiting for augest 7th for eclipse. i keep reading new moon and twilight over, i just cant get enough of them. you put yourself in bella’s shoes and it takes you into a whole other world. its so amazing. i guess you can say i am 100% addicted and obsessed. im not usually the first person to pick up a 500 page book and finish it in 1-2days but somehow i just couldnt put it down. all the power to stephenie meyer for writing the greatest books alive

  283. Taylor
    Jul 07, 2007 @ 14:01:26

    WAITER’S FOR ECLIPSE***********

    There’s a special edition of New Moon with Eclipse’s first chapter in it!! IN BORDERS!! I read it and Edward is only allowd to come to Bella’s house from 7-9pm. And Edward is giving Bella a bunch of applications for college. And Edward got accepted to Sycaure or something like that and Dartmouth and Harvard and The University of Alaska. Bella got her first acceptence letter to go to Alaska too. Good because she can be away at “college” when she recovers from being turned into a vampire-which will happen in a couple of weeks. And then a dinner Charlie tell her that she’s ungrounded because she’s been on good behavoir and hasn’t complained. But tells her there’s a condition to it-she has to balance who she hangs out with. Her old friends like Angela and Jess and Mike-even tho Jessica has gone to the “anti-bella agenda”. And then he says that she has to hang out with Jake too. And he doesn’t know that her and Jake or practilly mortal enimies! Bella can’t tell Charlie that of course. And in Seattle there’s been killings “GANG KILLERS” and Edward tells her that it a newborn vampire whos out of control. He/she has killed like 5 people so far in Seattle and Charlie forbids Bella to go to Seattle. Jacob says that he misses her a lot too. But that doesn’t change things. I think he means that he can’t come and be friends with bella anymore because they’re like enemies-and he know that she’s going to change into a vampire very soon. and then he say sorry, –jacob. So bella is very sure she and Edward should go to Alaska to she can control her vampire “I NEED HUMAN BLOODE!!” stage u know? Alright I didn’t get to buy YET but I will and I’ll get to tell you what happen next since I didn’t get to finish it!! : ( All right. Talk to you later

  284. Taylor
    Jul 07, 2007 @ 14:03:48

    31 days untill Eclipse comes out!! ITS SOO SOOOOONNN. but not soon enough as u can guess because when i saw the special edition and my mom said not right now. I started to CRY!! IN BORDERS I STARTED TO CRY!! my family thinks i’m insane…i am….seeya

  285. heather
    Jul 07, 2007 @ 23:21:36

    i am a huuuuuuge fannn! i love stephenie meyer’s books! twilight is the best book i have ever read in my entire life! the characters seem so REAL! i wish edward was real, if only guys like that exsisted. i cannot wait for elipse to come out! i am anxiously waiting for the release! much love for her books!!!

  286. Kelly
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 20:34:51

    i LOVED Twilight and am anixous to get New Moon tomorrow [i just started reading Ms. Meyer’s books] Edward is GORGEOUS!! i lovee him ohh so much =]

  287. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 08:05:36

    THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ECLISPE IS ON http://WWW.STEPHENIEMEYER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  288. tiffanie
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 09:35:58


  289. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 09:52:30

    It’s official…the movie of Twilight is going to be a movie!! COME ON PEOPLE!!
    You must keep checking the NEWS on……and don’t forget the first chapter of eclipse is on there…but for those who haven’t finished or read new moon DO NOT READ IT! I’ll jump into you computer and then out of it…and hit you in the head with a frying pan so you forget! I mean it….I have special powers I can get you with….rawr! LOL :) I’m not kidding man…don’t mess with me!

  290. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 09:57:48

  291. tiffanie
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 10:11:29

    hey, i wrote you and e-mail…NOW GO READ IT!!! LOL

  292. tiffanie
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 10:17:16

    every one needs to check out the updates at!!!!!

  293. kelsey
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 11:48:36

    OMG i am soooo incredibly IN LOVE with these books! my sis says that im insane because i’ve read Twilight like 20 times…. I cried also in New Moon and i also skipped all the way to the end just to make sure Edward came back. i tried to use some self-control and just look for a page where Edward was talking and go back to the beginning but i ended up reading a whole chapter before i could finally stop myself and go back to where i was! i just needed to know that Edward was going to come back otherwise i wouldnt have been able to finish the book. i think that Jacob and Bella are both at fault for Jacob’s pain. I think that Bella shouldnt have used him as her crutch. but also she did warn him that she could not (because of herself) be with Jacob because of she still had feelings for Edward when he wasnt even there. to me that is true loyalty to Edward. Edward was only trying to do the right thing for Bella, although it was a completely wasted effort! and if you just go to (although that sometimes takes me to the wrong website, so if that happens just type in the search bar THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF TWILIGHT and click on the first option.) it will give u the movie page, the first chapter of Midnight Sun and Eclipse.there are also many other interesting things there. i am so completely and wholly obsessed that i have a count down (since MAY) for august 7th (when the Eclipse FINALLY comes out)so yes i would very much love to just get it straight from Mrs. Meyer just so i dont have to wait. i wish she had time to read emails but i can understand that she is so busy what with her family and her writing…. and if it means that she can get these books out faster by all means, DONT EMAIL HER lol
    cannot wait for Eclipse!!!!! just cant….. i’ve also read the first chapter of eclipse at least 5 times though its not getting me anywhere! my friends think that im weird for being such a bookworm and i just cant raed anything else until eclipse comes out…. i have at least 3 new books to read and i havent touched them because im to busy fantasising that im Bella and Edward is mine lol just wondering, not that im going to try contacting her, but is Mrs. Meyer’s email [email protected]? i found that on line when i wuz seachin the web and im like this kinda doesnt seem right so just makin sure? it seemed like somebody was just being stupid on the internet and they just wanted to tease people…. but maybe im wrong.

  294. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 19:56:31

    tiffanie…your funny!

    okay this might sound insane but I know someone named Kelsey and she read twilight and new moon. so are you kelsey borres?????
    cause it’s taylor armstrong…if not, you have full permission to call me absouletly crazy man!!

  295. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 20:02:50

    Okay so I’m reading New Moon again for the sixteenth time (secretly) my family only thinks I’ve read it four times. and they still think I’m crazy….the don’t even know. I’m glad I’m not the only one though. at first I’d cry my eyes out like everyday b/c i felt so alone…nobody knew. but then I found you guys and you made me so happy. i sound corny but it’s realy true. but i’ve come to the conclusion i don’t think love like that could exist. please talk me out of it. luv yas

  296. Taylor
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 20:21:27

    oh god…im bored…oh! Ill read! duh!!! thanks = D

  297. kelsey
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 08:42:00

    god im trying to read this other book and its not holding my attention!!!!!!!! ugh! well i should prolly just read twilight again!

    no im not kelsey borres, but i dont think ur crazy…. apperently kelsey is a pretty common name! WHO KNEW? lol

  298. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 12:39:44

    Okay i need advice….my friend asked me if i could hang out okay. i said i couldn’t and she didn’t say anything so i was like r u mad @ me??? because she usually is if i can’t hang out. but then she like freaked out and made fun of me and how i read she was like why don’t you go read a stupid book or something and then called me a bitch and i started crying and that happened after i said sorry and so i told her to go call her cousin frieda who is all she talks about now and is her new best friend and she told me she was going to tell my mom if i kept being mean to her!!! the nerve of her!! i opligized and then she called me a bitch and made fun of me and i told her that she should call frieda since she liked her better than me and she says that I’m the mean one!!!!

  299. kelsey
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 13:33:09

    holy crap that kinda sounds like u need to get to ur mom first just so that she cant do anything lol!…. jeez…. its really low to make fun of u for liking to read…. i wouldnt worry about it tho…. if she wants to spend her time being mean then thats her problem…. its not ur fault that stephanie meyer is such an amazing author! hehe… just wondering…. are u gonna go see the twilight movie? i dont think im going to because i have my own images of the characters and i dont want to lose them…. idk what do u think?

  300. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 13:41:06

    i agree, i won’t see it. it’ll ruine my imagination that i’ve so perfectly grown by reading. ; ) any way thanks for the advice. but i still might get in trouble for having a myspace which where all of this happened. (thank god you can delete comments) but who cares?! no myspace, no olivia, no problem! LOL I don’t need friends =] I have you guys and my books and the library….all I ask of in life. :)At least recently…the books have changed the way I look at life, you know? I’ll never think the same way again. or never care about being grounded. since is actually is going to be her who gets in trouble…no one calls me a bitch without regreting later! LOL RAWR!

  301. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 13:51:19

    Hey I know what you mean I tried to get my ex best friend to read it(olivia) she read but made fun of it…. i nearly strangled her….i told her i felt sick and wanted to home and stole my book back!! LOL. isn’t that funny how protective I’ve gotten over the books? I’ve never been that protective like ever….she’s messes with my again ill give her something to cry about….wow. I’m crazy……i know it….you know it…..she doesn’t know it…yet!!! rawr!! I”M CRAZY! and evil….he he. whats gotten into me????? well seeya later. [email protected] if you want to break the pattern of no emails you can eamil me sometime. :)

  302. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 14:09:42

    kelsey about the email address(I forgot) I don’t know if that is the real address but I doubt it because it’s a school address. See the edu? That means the address is from a education place…probably a school. It might be the wrong one…know what? If you can go onto myspace, go to
    I’m pretty sure thats her URL. Talk To You Later!

  303. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 14:21:30

    “If you have it, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.” Sir James M. Barrie
    i’m going to put quotes on love here everyday…or least try to. On iGoogle you can get stuff like that and I love them…I’ll show you my favorite quote…it reminds me of New Moon. :) Enjoy!

    ***”So dear I love him that with him, All deaths I could endure. Without him, live no lives.” ***

  304. kelsey
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 14:36:13

    ***�So dear I love him that with him, All deaths I could endure. Without him, live no lives.� ***
    oooooo i like that one!!!!!!!!!!! mmmm thats amazing!!! lol….
    i’ve just realized…. there are alot of taylors on here…. i cant figure out whats from who! or is it all coming from the same taylor? let me know?….and yea i just realized like after i posted the comment, that my sis’s email has edu at the end and hers is college one so yea maybe i will go onto that myspace thing for stephanie meyer… i dont have a myspace, will that affect it? idk and taylor who might get in trouble for her myspace who just had a fight with her friend…. um i hope u dont get into too much trouble… im not aloud to have a myspace so i would be in so much trouble if i got one secretly…. and i am also very protective of the books when my one friend makes fun of me for my countdown in my profile for eclipse i just tell her that i know im a book worm and that she should stop makin fun of me lol sometimes i just tell her to shut up tho…. :-D have u all been keeping up wtih the eclipse quotes of the day? because i have all the quotes written down (i know CRAZY but who on this website isnt u know?) since 7/5/07 and i wuz wondering if any more came before that…. if they did and anybody know any of them, could u tell me? i seriously have them all in an away message on aim lol and im keeping them all at least til eclipse comes out… ;-) :-( wish it could come out sooner

  305. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 16:07:11

    I think those are all me :). I’m the one who would get in trouble. HeHe Olivia is a mean girl..not mybbff anymore.

  306. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 16:09:40

    I’ve kept all the quotes I can get….here is one page of them. He HE!!

    “One kind kiss before we part, Drop a tear and bid adieu; though we sever, my fond heart till we meet shall pant for you.”

    “You are what you love, not what loves you”.

    >”Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by the removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. This disease, like caries and many other ailments, is prevalent only among civilized races living under artificial conditions; barbarous nations breathing pure air and eating simple food enjoy immunity from its ravages. It is sometimes fatal, but more frequently to the physician than to the patient”.

    “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.”

    “Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.”

    >”Love is like a flower, even the most beautiful kind dies”.

    “Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality – the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else.”

    >“ Love lives on hope, and dies when hope is dead; It is a flame which sinks for lack of fuel”.

    >”How come we don’t always know when love begins, but we always know when it ends?”

    “The world is wonderful and beautiful and good beyond one’s wildest imagination. Never, never, never could one conceive what love is, beforehand, never. Life can be great-quite god-like. It can be so.

    “When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain”.

    We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us.”

    >”Love is when the woman of your dreams becomes a reality and sleep stops being a priority.”

    >”We don’t love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities”.


    P.S. I put these “

  307. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 17:15:25

    everything worked out with me and my friend…but I don’t think I will ever like her the way I used too. And just to scare myself…i regret she’s not friends with me. I dont like the way I always have to explain myself to her, you know? Well I love theses books and I’ve chosen them over a social life….but thats okay. Love yas

  308. kelsey
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 17:44:40

    thanks for the quotes do you know said all of them? im glad you worked things out with olivia…. sorry you’re not gonna be as good of friends as before… what did she say was her problem? what is your favorite chapter in New Moon and Twilight? i think in Twilight mine is probably “Confessions” and in New Moon its probably “The Truth”

  309. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 19:40:08

    sorry I didn’t keep track of who wrote them…I should have shouldn’t I?
    Olivia mad fun of the books and that I read!! I haven’t fully forgiven her but I started it so I could at least act like I do, right? Well, my favorite chapter in New Moon is THE END because I felt the most emotion in it…weird, huh? But I agree about CONFESSIONS being my favorite chapter in Twilight. Oh, and Kelsey, thanks for talking to me about my fight. You really like calmed me down. But if she ever insults me or makes fun of me again…I don’t think we’ll be friends anymore. She’s not very faithful, you know?

    I was mad at first when people started picking people to represent Edward and Bella. I still am a little, it kinda ruines was I imagine them to be in my head. But what I imagine, it isn’t very clear. I mean I have the body and all but I don’t have details. Like the eyes and the nose and the mouth..I can’t see them. I can only imagine the feelings that are happening to Bella or Edward. but it depends on the main character. Like on the site (which I reccomend to everyone!!!) sometimes you get Edward’s point of view. In fact I think I’ve gotten everyone in the Cullen family to Charlie to Renee to Jessica to Angela and I can easily get. I think that’s why I love reading…I can escape what I feel in reality. Wow….that sounds incredibly crazy and tacky and corny doesn’t it? But one time I was really sad and I read for like a week straight. I felt a little better after.

  310. kelsey
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 21:00:50

    your totally welcome…. im glad i was able to help…. i like “The End” also, even though its the saddest part of the book…. it did have the most emotion…. sometimes when i reread New Moon i’ll just read the first 3 chapters up until “The End” but then i skip all the parts about Jacob… nothing against Jake its just that the chapters with Edward calm me down so much…. i totally know what you mean about loosing yourself in a book and escaping your real feelings, escaping reality…. the other night i was crying and upset over something so stupid, but i couldnt stop crying…. so i picked up New Moon and read “The Truth” and the chapters after it where Bella is finally realizing that Edward always loved her and left for her and all that and i calmed down so fast…. and i ended up reading til about midnight and i just listened to some music afterward and i felt so much better…. thats what i love about reading too is that i can completely loose myself and become the characters in the book and it just takes my mind away from reality…. also i know what you mean about not actually having a full picture of the characters, like actually knowing what Edward looks like in your mind, but i have like a general idea like i have the shape like how he’s tall and Bella is shorter, but i dont have like full facial features…. i picture Bella with waste length hair, maybe a little shorter, and thats pretty much it…. so your not crazy or tacky its just compltely true!


    p.s. i still cry every time i read “The End” ugh im such a wuss! lol but its so sad :'(

  311. Taylor
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 21:27:52

    You are so not a wuss!! cause if you are…then I am..I cry like hestarically everytime…my moms thinks I need to a shrink!! LOL But yeah lets say this might me a shock but I’m only 12. He He. But now that I know your not a creepo perv person then I’m not afraid to tell you. I told Tiffanie too. She’s older than me. but I don’t think that should matter, you know? I think no matter what age we are we all still feel the same so why should it matter. Some or more naive and some are more mature. but is feelings that brieng us together.
    Oh yea, Stephenie Meyer is coming to the town next to mine and I might go see her. The ticket is 30 bucks and I can get a free signed copy of Eclipse!!! It’s on August 7. I can’t wait. I sent like all the information I can to my mom at her work so she won’t forget. She does that sometimes. But my sister is excited for me. :) She know how much I want this. Even though she still thinks I’m a geek(which I mite be!!!) since I read so much and read the books so much. I LOVE her sometimes you know? Shes sixteen. So you can see the difference between us.
    Oh God I can’t wait!!! I shouldn’t get my hopes up though…things just don’t ever go right for me…ever. I can’t do things without ending up grounded or crying or both. I’m not a bad kid though. I don’t do bad things…I’m just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll admitt I’ve got grounded for bad stuff I’ve done but I’m over it. Now instead of focusing on being a trouble maker I focus on reading. I like it way more. Hey I wasn’t that bad…the worst thing I’ve got caught doing is stealing a sweatshirt. Hmph. Stupid action equals mean consequence. These books take my away from all the bad things that are happening around me to a true love that could only exist in my imagination. Got to go..luv yas.

  312. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 09:00:46

    omg what city is Stephanie Meyer coming to? cuz i so desperatly want to go to one to one of her book signings but all the ones that i know of are way far away…. i live in western NY so…. you are only a year younger than me…. thats cool and i see what u mean with ur sister, because theres a huge age diff with us too…. she’s in college…. im not a bad kid either, i usually dont get in trouble too much but things dont usually work out so well for me……… like i’ll have all these plans and then all of the sudden theyll be canceled or something…. like im in volleyball but like half the games were schedualed when the october storm hit us…. so we didnt get to play all the people we were supposed to…. my uncle just sent me an email that said “by the time the rest of these books come out ur gonna be all grown up get al ife already! god!” and i said “it just so happens i do have a life. i title it “Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse” haha o yes i am good!!!!

  313. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 09:24:58

    Sorry but she’s coming to Napreville in Illinois. My plans are ALWAYS ruined. Yea like if I ever go to the mall I’ll like puke or get my money stolen. LOL My dad is where I got the reading from. All he does in read, nap, andplay his drums. UGH! I wish I could do that. He’s a carpenter in a unionso he only get called in like twice a month but gets paid big time for it. I don’t live with him though. I love the title!! I know what my plans are today…reading and eating and well writing on here. HaHa…I’m not even kidding. TTYL

  314. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 09:27:51

    ***Eclipse Quote of the Day*** (7/11/07)
    “Does my being half-naked bother you?â€? -‘ Jacob Black
    Ha Ha..that’s a funny one!

  315. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 10:07:57

    yea my dad works at a tire company so yea…. he works at night during the week and all day on the weekends…. idk where i get the reading from prolly my mom but she never has time…. those are pretty much my plans for today also, reading, eating, writing on here….. i might go see harry potter tho…. not all that excited about it…. doesnt look like it follows the book very good…. that is a funny quote…. lol i love Jacob but i just like Edward better…. IM SORRY JAKE!!!! lol well i have an ice cap waiting ttyl

  316. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 10:23:18

    ha ha alright talk to you later…I like Edward better

  317. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 11:17:50

    mmm im so bored…. gots nuthin to do…. what to do what to do i got nothin…. O! I’LL READ! duh

  318. tiffanie
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 11:45:36

    hey kelsey, where did you say you lived. i live in northern NY. if you hear of stephenie meyer coming for any book signings ANYWHERE in NY then PLEASE tell me!!!!!!

  319. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 12:31:33

    hey tiffanie, i live in western NY, i’ll let you know if i hear anything, but u better do the same! lol

  320. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 12:50:20

    well tiffanie i found this on the Stephanie Meyer website….

    question and answer/signing
    Joseph-Beth Booksellers
    Rookwood Pavilion
    2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
    with a purchace of Eclipse, recieve a line letter of event (no clue what a line letter is…. :-) )

    Monday, Sept. 10th 2007 @ 7pm (why, oh why, cant it be on a weekend????????)

    its at least closer than Illinois…. right? too bad that will probably never happen for me…. :-(

  321. tiffanie
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 12:59:43

    thanks for trying, but i highly doubt that my mom will drive me all the way to ohio for a book signing. i can wish, but it will never happen :( . lol. by the way, i have no clue what a line letter is either, so dont feel
    ~Tiffanie~ :)

  322. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 13:10:26

    lol…. yea theres practically no way that my parents would drive me all the way to ohio on a weekend but i mean come on! on a school day too??? jeez yea right

  323. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:08:27

    you know whats really really sad? this website is now officially my life. none of my friends are ever home, i have nothing to do in my house, all i did to day was regularly check this site to see if anybody had answered me! omg! i’ve turned into a crazy person! :-) :-D i always knew it would happen eventually! ;-)


  324. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:51:48

    where is everybody?

  325. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:52:05

    Yea, well, Kelsey, your definetly not alone. Because my friend has ditched me and she’s my only friend in reality so yea. LOL. I’m crazy your crazy we’re all crazy for ECLIIIIPSE!!(in the tune of i scream you scream we all scream for ice crreeeaaam!!) He He. lol….but hey. I’ll take pics. of the books signing for you guys so you can pretend you were there ;) But believe me if I could brieng everyone I would. All right well someone talk soon. Maybe we could chat or something…hmm? alright I’ll talk to you later. soon.

  326. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:52:46


  327. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:53:29

    :-( woops

  328. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 14:58:21


  329. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 15:00:54

    hey! so yea theres a book signing in Ohio and Ohio is only like 2 hous away from me sooo im hoping my mom will let me ditch school on september 10th and drive me there! that would be sooooo amazingly awesome! but i doubt she will let me :-( upsetting i know! taylor do u have a screen name? type back soon (how bout we just say tbs for type back soon kk? kk.)


  330. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 15:10:15


  331. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 15:31:22

    sooooo…… what? lol

  332. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 15:33:27

  333. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 15:38:07

    lol… yea i wrote all the info about it on a peice of paper and then put it on top of her keyboard (she works out of our house, so she’ll be comin back up here soon…) and hopefully she’ll not be like “um no” and maybe, juuuuuust maybe she’ll think about it… heres hopin! :-) cross your fingers for me!!!!!!!! although i just broke a mirror so its prolly not gonna work out! mmmmmm :-(

  334. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 16:47:57

    does anybody know how close 210 Commerce Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030 is to western NY? because Stephanie Meyer is coming there for a booksigning and i sooo desperatly want to go and maybe if its close ish my mom will take me?


  335. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 16:51:57

    o yea and Taylor if you have problems making a new screen name it doesnt work ever if you’re under 16 idk why…. so you have to put in your birth year as like 1990 or something…


  336. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 17:02:05

    thanks I’ll try kelsey…brb

  337. Taylor
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 17:09:42

    yay!! okay it worked! my screenname is loveme4ever1901…it’s long I know but I couldn’t get wat I wanted so I got desperate. :)

  338. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 17:11:25

    k i’ll instant message you

  339. kelsey
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 17:24:55

    Tiffanie!!!!!!! u know how you have stephanie meyers myspace url? well could u like put a message on her wall or something to maybe have her ask her manager or whoever manages the book signings to have her come to NY anywhere?

    i’d really super appreciate it

  340. kelsey
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 09:01:39

    good morning everybody!

  341. kelsey
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 10:38:39

    im feeling rather lonely… somebody needs to come talk to me… :-(

  342. kelsey
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 11:37:13

    WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HELLO :-( im all alone

  343. kelsey
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 12:15:06

    i have some book recommendations….:

    D.J. MacHale-Pendragon series (first book, The Merchant of Death discription off the back “DENDURON Bobby Pendragon is a seemingly normal fourteen-year-old boy. He has a family, a home, and even Marley, his beloved dog. But there is something very special about Bobby. He is going to save the world. And not just Earth as we know it. Bobby is slowly starting to realize that life in the cosmos isn’t quite what he thought it was. And before he can object, he is swept off to an alternate dimension known as Denduron, a territory inhabited by strange beings, ruled by a magical tyrant, and plagued by dangerous revolution. If Bobby wants to see his family again, he’s going to have to accept his role as savior, and accept it wholeheartedly. because, as he is about to discover, Denduron is only the beginning.”)

    Michelle Paver-Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (sort of a Native American based book, with Native American legends and stuff discription on the back “Six thousand years ago. Evil stalks the land. According to legend, only twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf-cub companion can defeat it. Their journey together takes them through deep forests, across giant glaciers, ant into dangers they never imagined. Torak and Wolf are terrified of their mission. But if they do not battle to save their world, who will?”

    Diane Duane-So You Want to be a Wizard? Series (first book is called So You Want to be a Wizard discription on the back of the first book “A library book like no other… Nita Callahan is only looking for a place to hide from bullies, but when she ducks into the library late one Satrday, she finds something even better, something that will make her problems with her classmates a thing of the past and introudce her to a whole new universe of danger, adventure, and to-the-death friendship….”)

    Alison Croggon-The Land of Pellinor Books (first book “The Naming” 2nd book “The Riddle” discription off the back of the first book “The Naming” “Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child after her family is destroyed in war. She is unaware that she possesses a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the School of Pellinor. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true heritage and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now she and her new teacher must survive a journey through a time and place where the dark forces they battle stem from the deepest recesses of otherworldly terror. Alison Croggon’s epic fantasy is the first in a projected quartet, a glittering saga steeped in the rich and complex landscape of Annar, a legendary world ripe for discovery.”)

    idk if these are everybody’s type of books but i am in love with twilight but i also like these books, although they are not even similar.

    just so u know::::: im not taking credit for the back covers of these books, im just throwing them out there as a recommendation… hopefully im not violating any copywrite laws or anything… some of my favorite books, these ones are… Twilight and New Moon are still better right? lol

  344. Taylor
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 13:37:43

    Ok. cool thanks! tlk to you later!

  345. kelsey
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 20:30:41

    honestly, are me and taylor the only ones that ever comment on here? oh my golly right taylor? lol

  346. kelsey
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 09:59:50

    7/13/07 “I already KNOW how strong you are. You didn’t have to break the furniture.” – Bella Swan
    hehe kinda funny……

  347. kelsey
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 13:45:00

    im feeling quite lonely………… :-( Taylor, where are you?

  348. Taylor
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 15:31:28

    Sorry! I’m here dont worry! I’m going to come on more often!

  349. kelsey
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 19:08:49

    ok :-) that makes me feel better

  350. kelsey
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 09:37:24

    7/14/07 “Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn’t have a happy ending- but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now.” – Rosalie Hale

    boy o boy isnt she cheerfull? although i am curious about what happened to her when Carlisle changed her…. like Edward was dying of the spanish influenza, Esme jumped off a cliff, Emmett was attacked by a bear, Alice was almost killed by James, what happened to Rosalie?…. and i forget, what was Jaspers situation?

  351. kelsey
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 13:44:00

    *sigh* so bored…. Taylor, i miss you!!! i wish you would come on line and talk to me!!! i cant wait for our big road trip when we’re both in college… and we shouldnt take Rosalies car, we should take Edwards special occasion car, of the off roading jeep! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop….. yea well ttyl

  352. kelsey
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 16:13:13

    taylor, if you get this, my aim isnt working right now…. sorry! i’ll try to come on as soon as possible


  353. kelsey
    Jul 15, 2007 @ 09:47:22

    yay my internet is working again but it would still be nice if somebody came and talked to me for once!!!@!


  354. kelsey
    Jul 15, 2007 @ 17:18:20


    you are still my best friend ever… im gonna miss you like crazy bad… oh my golly :-( hopefully you’ll get this one… ilu so MUCH!

    hopefully im still your friend even if we dont talk


  355. Tiffanie
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 09:25:37

    Hey Kelsey/ Taylor
    sorry, its been a while. i was working and then i had to go to my dads and then i came home to find out my 9 year old brother was at our neighbors b-day party at this lake w my parents and he was in this boat and he started fallin out or some thing and his leg got caught on one of the seats and it broke his leg, so he was danglein out of a boat w a broken leg/ growth plate and OMG i felt sooooooo horrible cuz then he fell in the water and couldnt come up cuz he had a broken leg so he could have like drowned, but my mom jumped in the lake and pulled him up. now his whole summer is shot :( … no football camp/ team- he was huge into football and was on a kids team…it was cute- and no swimming lessons- which he was half way through…. he really cant do anything this summer. well, that had nothing to do with anything really but i had to tell SOME ONE so thanx 4 listening. write back or e-mail me!
    ~Tiffanie~ :)

  356. kelsey
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 09:42:25

    hey Tiffanie,

    man that really stinks about your brother… sorry! but yea i dont think taylor will be coming on here for a while, because she’s not aloud to talk to me at least becasue she doesnt know that im like not a 50 year old man or something… lol… and that prolly means she’s not aloud to come on here anymore either… depression… so thx for commenting, ttyl


  357. Tiffanie
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 10:03:26

  358. Tiffanie
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 10:04:24

    i hope taylor can come back on cuz she was like fighting w her friend or something. it must suck to not have any 1 2 talk to about it!!!! :(

  359. kelsey
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 10:08:39

    oh no, thats al better now, she’s friends with Olivia again… but still i hope she can come back too, she was like my bff and i miss her, ya know? lol


  360. kelsey
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 10:17:04

    thx for the email address, i put it in my comp… hmmm im so bored! im goin to the Harry Potter midnight magic thingy magigger… im goin with my sis and her friend val, im gonna be Hermione, my sis is gonna be Harry (lucky her) and val is gonna be Ron… im pretty pumped… not as pumped as i am for Eclipse though! lol well i guess i’ll ttyl

    love ya all


  361. Tiffanie
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 15:01:53

    hey Kelsey,
    that sounds like fun. o i sooooo…..cant wait for eclipse either!!! Taylor e-mailed me and told me to tell you thins, but im just coping and pasting the e-mail.

    Hey! I can get all the comments sent to me from so yea…tell Kelsey that I’m workin on getting back on here…everything has to cool down. Apparently some guy from Louisiana called for me and my mom like freaked out b/c i don’t know anyone from louisiana…so yea thats why i can’t talk on here anymore..will you do my a favor? Tell Kelsey I’ll always think her of my BFFand ever and ever! I’m workin on it okay!!! love yas!

    i feel bad, that must really suck!!! well, taylor e-mail me anything you want to post and i’ll do it for you!!!
    ~Tiffanie~ :)
    (i have to go update invoices- yuk!!!)

    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  362. kelsey
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 15:10:53

    ok thanks alot Tiffanie! tell Taylor (i hope u dont mind us using you as a messenger! i promise that i wont do it to often lol ;-) ) that i understand why she cant talk to me and i really appreciate her trying to work things out… if she’s able to, my email address is [email protected] so yea i know thats really stupid, but i havent changed it since i was like 7 lol

    thanks again Tiffanie!!!


    btw whats invoices? lol im stupid… :-)

  363. kelsey
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 19:20:53

    Hey Tiffanie,

    um could I ask you one more favor? Could you ask Taylor if it would make things better if I gave sent her a pict of myself, and also gave her my moms cell phone number? Like maybe that would make things better with her mom… Thanks a bunch


  364. kelsey
    Jul 17, 2007 @ 11:25:16

    7/17/07 “I think I might have been wrong before, you know, about not being able to be friends. Maybe we could manage it, on my side of the line. Come see me.” – Jacob Black

    OMG OMG OMG yayyyy

  365. julie
    Jul 17, 2007 @ 12:00:12

    I bought twilight to read on holidays and i loved it so on my holidays i tired loads of different shops until i found new moon and then read that and loved it just as much !! does ny1 kno wen twilight the movie is coming out…???*

  366. kelsey
    Jul 17, 2007 @ 16:55:29

    if u go to stephanie meyers website, theres a ton of links and stuff… here’s the url

    so just copy and paste that into your search bar, and it’ll take you to her website


  367. kelsey
    Jul 19, 2007 @ 14:09:16

    Harry Potter comes out tomorrow!!! yayy!!! but i would rather have Eclipse tomorrow… :-( o well… that will come out soon

    not soon enough!


  368. kelsey
    Jul 19, 2007 @ 17:50:21


    my mom is willing to give your mom her cell phone number if it means that we can prove to each other that we aren’t 50 year old perverts i wont put the number here but i’ll instant message it to you. you dont have to answer kk? so umm yea just try to warn me when your mom is going to call (if this works) so that my mom has her phone on her. i can also email it to you…


  369. Kassie
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 23:21:23

    i luv twilight!

  370. kelsey
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 11:58:51

    did anybody catch the quote of the day from 6/21/07? i was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all day LOL so i didnt turn on the comp at all… so please post the quote and who said it! thx a bunch

  371. tiffanie
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 16:59:09

    hey kelsey… sorry i didnt check the quote of the day yeaterday either…todays was…
    “Hey, Vampire girl!” Embrey Call

  372. kelsey
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 18:19:23

    lol yea it took me a while to figure out who Embrey was… lol but i think i got it…

    “Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.” – Jacob Black

    got it off the Twilight Lexicon idk if its the right one or not but i’ve never seen it so…

  373. kelsey
    Jul 23, 2007 @ 15:36:56

    O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH IM GOING CRAZY WITH ANTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. kelsey
    Jul 24, 2007 @ 15:00:51

    13 days!!! im gonna put the new countdown on here every day kk? kk…

  375. kelsey
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 11:05:47

    12 days!!!

  376. kelsey
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 08:18:56

    11 days!!!!!!!

  377. Taylor
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 20:52:28

    hey!!! I can’t do this often but I LOVE these books

  378. kelsey
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 10:02:41

    10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. kelsey
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 16:44:02

    hehe i have all these harry potter stickers from the movie and i have ginny on my ipod case LOL! only because my sis took ron… :-( lol

  380. kelsey
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 09:26:15

    9 days!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. kelsey
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 10:46:24

    8 days!!!!!!!!

  382. kelsey
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 09:12:21

    7 days!!!!!!!!!!

  383. tiffanie
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 18:45:45

    you now how sad this is!!! there is only 7 days till eclipse and kelsey and i are the only ones celebrating!!!!

  384. kelsey
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 18:47:29


  385. kelsey
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 18:47:51

    I KNOW!! ITS UPSETTING!!! well taylor too but she doesnt come on here

  386. kelsey
    Jul 31, 2007 @ 09:47:21

    6 days!!!

  387. kelsey
    Jul 31, 2007 @ 14:37:16

    i miss taylor!!! my life is so boring without talking to her!!!!!!!! but on the bright side its only 6 days til eclipse comes out!!!!!!! YAY!

  388. kelsey
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 08:21:09

    5 days!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  389. Jane
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 08:25:05

    If you guys don’t mind reading ebooks, Books on Board has it for sale right now.

    Link Here.

  390. kelsey
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 09:47:38

    what is an ebook? can you read it online? or is it to order of the internet?


  391. Jane
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 09:59:58

    An ebook is a digital copy of a paperbook that you can buy off the internet and download it to your computer. You first have to have software to read it. I recommend either downloading MS Lit or Mobipocket.. Then you go to Books on Board, buy the ebook in the format you choose. Pay for it. Wait for the email and then go and download the book.

    I already have the software and it took me only a minute to purchase the book, wait for the email, and then download it. You can read it from your computer or some phones have the capability to read Mobipocket books. You would need to read the mobipocket site to see if your phone is compatible.

    You can also read books on your IPod, but that’s pretty technical for this comment.

  392. kelsey
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 13:44:48

    ok! thanks alot!!! but it kinda sounds like alot of trouble… and its only 5 days and my mom usually wont let me download stuff off the internet and plus she’s gonna get me a signed copy through one of the bookstores that Stephanie Meyer is going to and im also getting another cop of Eclipse so that my signed copy isnt all damaged because im bound to read it at least 10 times a week! LOL so thanks for the help, but i think i’ll be able to wait 5 more days… well i hope i will be able to wait 5 more days… looks kind of hard from here… hehe

    thanks again

  393. kelsey
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 09:57:47

    4 days!

  394. tiffanie
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 14:16:55

    omg!!! i sooo cant wait!! kelsey… were r u going to get a signed copy of eclipse???? is it in NY state???!!!?!?!?!? thant would be awsome!!!!!

  395. kelsey
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 16:02:59

    um no im mom is ordering one by mail from one of the stores Stephanie Meyer is going to. hopefully the first one in Illinois so that i can get it ASAP loller… eeeekk!!! ttyl


  396. kelsey
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 16:09:19

    Stephanie Meyer has the tour schedule on her website. Its under “calander”… bye!

  397. kelsey
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 08:38:26

    OH MY GOD! 3 DAYS!!! AHHHH CRAZY WITH ANTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. kelsey
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 10:57:36

    2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAH GAWD IM GOIN CRAAAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    if you see this, i hope you have alot of fun on the 7th at the signing! im still insanely jealous of you tho! love ya babe!


  399. kelsey
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 11:41:36

    haha i’ve just figured out how to youse the quicktags!!!!! yay

  400. kelsey
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 11:27:20

    1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek!

  401. kelsey
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 14:49:56

    so the book doesnt actually hit the barnes and nobles near me until the 8th which sucks just a tad… but o well… i can wait one extra day! hopefully! i might die from the anticipation first though! :-(

  402. kelsey
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 10:25:32

    Eclipse comes out tomorrow! ahhhh! the moment has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally! k bye


  403. Tiffanie
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 11:43:46

    OMG THERE IS 11 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES UNTIL THIS BOOK COMES OUT!!!!!!!IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  404. kelsey
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 15:42:24



  405. Taylor
    Aug 07, 2007 @ 08:51:25

    ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I know I’m not allowed to go one here, but this is soooooooo as special occasion!!! LOVE YAS!!! EEEEKKK!
    I’m going to a book signing today!!!!!!!!EEEEKKK!! HMMMM> I NEED TO BREATH. On the news Stephenie said she’s already working on the fourht book.!!!

  406. kelsey
    Aug 07, 2007 @ 11:00:41

    lol woah taylor calm yourself!!!! and it said on stephanie meyers website that she finished somethin with “The Host” and now she was working on either “Midnight Sun” or “Breaking Dawn” not sure which… well ttyl happy to talk toya again!!!


  407. kelsey
    Aug 07, 2007 @ 16:04:49

    i love eclipse so far! bye going back to reading

  408. ♥TaylorMarie♥
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 10:42:20


    ♥NEW MOON♥

  409. kelsey
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 12:00:24

    i thought it was good but it was a tad disappointing… it wasnt as good as i thought it would be. in twilight and new moon there was a sense of something being finished and there wasnt a sense of something being finished in eclipse. new moon might have been a cliff hanger but at least there was something that was finished. edward came back. but in eclipse, you know that certain things will be done but nothing was completely done. *sigh* here’s to another year of waiting for the next book. “Breaking Dawn”

  410. tiffanie
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 16:59:36

    ok….i need some one to tell my if it was evil to hate edward through like most of the book????!!!!! like…there were parts were i was like ” I LOVE YOU EDWARD” … but for the entire beginning i was like “why wont you let her go see jacob you stupid over protective jerk!!!”….. was that just me????? most of the time i wanted her 2 end up with jacob cuz i was most upset when she want with him…but when she was with edward i was still extremley happy other than when i thought of jacob being with out bella…. i dont think what i just wrote made sense but it does in my head so it doesnt really matter…. i really like jacob like a trillion times more in this book though!!!! but i do still love edward but jacob i actually like more than edward… i cant belive im saying this!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with me?????? omg i soooooooooo cant wait for the next bok!!! i fell very hyper right now…. i finished eclipse about 15 minutes ago then i went and nade chocolate chip cookies cuz i was hungry 4 chocolate and then i came on here…. i m a lil strange…so im goin 2 NC 2 marrow so i might not be on 4 a while…unless my cousin brings her lap top… so im gunna go run laps or something insane…i hate running by the way, im just REALLY hyper!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    omg i just realized why my favorite song is my fav!!!!!!! ok u need 2 listen to “wait for you” by elliot yamin and tell me you dont hear jacob!!!!!!!!!! its on my myspace now!!!!!!

  411. kelsey
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 18:26:19

    i understand what ur saying about jacob and edward but personally im glad she is staying with edward. i do feel horrible for jacob tho. part of me is suspicious that jacob ends up the best man at bellas wedding… maybe thats just me hoping… i think both bella and edward changed alot. bella was a bit of a vicious person, rather selfish but then agian she just didnt want to loose either jacob or edward. then edward was a little pathetic how he purposfully made it so that jacob heard bella say that she was going to marry edward… that was dirty fighting. but i still love edward. and im glad that they are getting married. and i feel bad for jacob but i still like edward better.

  412. tiffanie
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 10:08:06

    hey… i guess thats true… ur right, but i still truely fell in love with jacob in this one!!
    ~ :) Tiffanie :) ~

  413. kelsey
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 10:18:12

    lol i did too but its still edward for me… they both fight dirty in this book… jacob goin around kissing bella… edward letting bella say that they were getting married when he knew that jacob was right out side the tent… they both did mean things… poor jake tho… “The clouds, I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.” :-(

    btw i love “Wait for me” but i hope that bella doesnt go with jake. i will be devistated.

  414. kelsey
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 12:45:24

    woops i meant “Wait for You”…

  415. kelsey
    Aug 10, 2007 @ 13:00:45

    another song that could be sung by jacobs perspective is “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. it could also be sung by edwards perspective but i will be completely devestated if it is. completely devestated. i love jake, truely i do, but honestly she is meant for edward! she is! i think im going to try to write to stephanie meyers producers or something to try and make sure that she doesnt make bella end up with jake. i cant imagine that she would but idk… i would cry for a week, and need anti depressants if she made it happen like that.

  416. kelsey
    Aug 12, 2007 @ 18:31:09

    do any of you guys on here think that there is any possibility that bella will leave edward to go to jake? please please please please tell me there isnt!!!!! i love edward way to much to be able to deal with him not being with bella!!!!!!!! i would be mortally devestated and depressed if they dont stay together for the rest of eternity!

  417. tiffanie
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 21:26:02

    hey kelsey… dont worry, there is no doubt in my mind that edward and bella will end up together… its not possible for there to be any other way!! i would be soooooooo upset if bella wound up with jacob….. im kinda hopin that jacob will imprint on some one else… although i think her already did with bella… i just love them both so much and i want them to both be happy but thats not really possible with 1 girl and 2 guys so im kinda hoping that another girl will come into the picture…. ldk wut do you think???

  418. tiffanie
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 00:06:34

    aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! its 1:00am… im not tired but theres no 1 2talk 2… o welll. back 2 myspace

  419. Liz
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 02:22:19

    I’m here Tiff, How are you?

  420. Liz
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 02:25:50

    So yeah my personal bias in the book was that I wanted Jake to just go away. I was freaking out the whole time, because she HAS to be with Edward. He loves her so much, and Jake really isn’t the guy. But Bella, most of the time in the book she was really annoying, especially when she hurt Edward. I was ready to scream. I mean, this guy is completely crazy about her, and yet, she just kept hurting him. She put him through so much when she was crying over Jake that I couldn’t help but hate her. He didn’t deserve that, and I want Jake to just go away so Bella and Edward can be happy. Now I have to wait another year for Breaking Dawn, so I can get some resolve with this. Anyway, e-mail me @ [email protected]

  421. kelsey
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 10:13:41

    oh my god Liz i totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!! i was freaking out the whole time with her kissing jake and all that crap and im just like what the heck?!?!?!?! you cant do this to edward!!!! well ttyl

    kelsey :-) team edward! woop woop!

  422. kelsey
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 10:16:51

    oh and tiffanie, thats what im desperatley hoping… that jake will imprint on somebody else so that he’ll be happy… i dont think that he imprinted on bella because they’re not exactly the perfect match, but maybe thats just me being bias… edward is her match and nobody cant change that.

  423. Liz
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 10:49:53

    Haha, yeah I’m defintely on team Edward. I don’t think Jake imprinted on Bella because he already knew he was attracted to her, it didn’t just happen. He liked her before he was a wolf. I was kind of hoping he would imprint on Leah Clearwater at the end…well, who knows. Maybe he’ll just not come back and stay a wolf forever. Thx for the post Kelsey

  424. Rhiannon
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 11:42:00

    I don’t know, I mean I really like Edward and all and it seemed like he was her perfect match but I’m still not sure. I really liked Jake a lot this time, except for the first time he kissed her and she ended up punching him, but I totally see where he’s coming from. New Moon left me so confused and this one left me even more confused. I liked it better than New Moon, definitely. Does Stephenie have a date yet for when the next one is coming out? And what’s with Jake running away and wanting to stay a wolf?

  425. kelsey
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 13:51:44

    I dont want jake to stay out of the picture completely, like i’d really be esctatic if bella stayed with edward and jake imprinted on somebody else, maybe even leah because then practically everybody would be happy! and i dont want jake to run away and never come back, that would be a little extreme and i did fall in love with jake in this book just not enough to want him to be with bella.

    i understand what you’re saying about how alot of people (myself included) fell in love with jake. but i want bella and edward to stay together forever. i think “Breaking Dawn” is coming out in august of 2008… so basically in a year. in case you didnt know about it, here is stephanie meyers website. everything is on here. personally i was rather dissapointed in “Eclipse”. yes it was still amazing just because it was the vampire love saga thing and i fell in love with it just because it was tied to “Twilight” and “New Moon” but it didnt exactly live up to my expectactions at all. but i’ve already talked about this so i wont elaborate.

    and everybody else on here… I GOT MY SIGNED COPY OF “ECLIPSE” IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! I SCREAMED FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!! i was on the phone with my friend and my mom was like “kelsey you have some mail down here” and im like huh? i never get mail cept on my birthday. and then i went down the stairs and i saw the package on the step and i started screaming so loud! AHHH so happy. ttyl!

  426. kelsey
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 13:55:02

    wow that link didnt work… ok well here lets try this one

    just copy that into the search engine and it should be fine… or just type in the search engine…

    the official website of stephanie meyer

    and it should be the first link on the page. :-)

  427. tiffanie
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 18:46:33

    heyy!! so i want you guys to understand something. when you think about the whole plott it seem like you think “bella should end up with edward”… when i think of it i think ” edward should end up with bella”, if that makes any sense… like i see things taking in all options… and thats what i did from bellas point of view, and in this book jake was a major option which is why i fell in love with him i guess…

    so ne ways now that i think about it i think im kinda hoping lacob will imprint on leah… i dont thing she is or ever will be good enough for him, but it would even out the playing field and make way for a happy ending in the last book if you know what i mean…

    so any ways… give me some feed back if ya want…
    [email protected]

    oo and i watched this vidio interviev of stephenie meyer and thought i would share it with you if you havnt seen it yet so heres a link to the page its on… ENJOY!!( its really not THAT interesting)

    luv yas!!!
    ~ :) Tiffanie :) ~

  428. kelsey
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 06:25:35

    so ne ways now that i think about it i think im kinda hoping lacob will imprint on leah… i dont thing she is or ever will be good enough for him, but it would even out the playing field and make way for a happy ending in the last book if you know what i mean…

    wait so does this mean thhat stephanie is stopping with the 4th book? *hyperventilate* im going into hysterics!

  429. kelsey
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 09:11:28


    well I just watched that video on… a little sad that “Breaking Dawn” is pretty much the end of bella story… but im glad that she’s still doing some stuff with edward like “Midnight Sun” and im kinda thinking that that’s going to become like a secondary series to “Twilight” “New Moon” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. but i do hope that those books on Edward will be very long. I hope it takes me forever to read them just so I can make them last longer. because she said on her website that Edward over thinks everything, so they have to be long books dont they? God I hope so! I will miss Edward and Bella very very much… this will be almost as bad as the end of Harry Potter! not quite as bad though beacuse Harry Potter was kinda part of my childhood. i was about 6 when i started reading those books, and my sister was in 5th grade when the first book came out. so Harry Potter is even more part of her childhood than mine. ahh well… why do all good things come to an end? love yas!

  430. kelsey
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 15:18:29

    oh my lordy im so so so so so so so soooooo BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaargh! *wimper* idk what to do with myself! :'( gawd!

  431. Rhiannon
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 16:32:29

    I personally don’t really want Jake to imprint on Leah ’cause it just doesn’t seem right, to me anyway.

  432. kelsey
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 20:04:50


    yea I see what you mean… I dont really care about Leah being happy, it’s more just about Jake and wanting a happy ending but Leah is kinda bitter(not that she doesn’t have a right but its still a tad annoying that she pushes it on the rest of the pack) and annoying… I dont care who Jake ends up with I just want him happy. I want Bella and Edward to live happily ever after (that line sounds so hokey when used in a normal conversation, even via internet. lol.) and I want Jake to firstly come back from the woods (no way is he aloud to stay in the forest and leave himself behind. no stinking way.) and secondly I want him to imprint on somebody else so that he can be just as happy with her as Bella is with Edward. I only want 5 things out of this book and if you think about it they’re pretty dang obvious. well bye! btw why do I always seem to end up with such long comments? I need to shorten them up man!!! loller love yas!

  433. Rhiannon
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 08:01:58

    Yeah I can see what you mean about just wanting Jake to be happy. I mean I want him to be happy too in the next book (and you’re right, he can’t stay a wolf).
    I don’t know if I’m completely “team Jake” or not cuz I still really want Edward to be happy. But the thing is, to stay with Edward she has to basically end her life. If she went with Jake and the vampires left than he could you know stop being a wolf completely and they could like age together and have that happy family Bella pictured.

  434. kelsey
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 09:28:27


    Yea I get what you mean about Bella and Jake being together, they could both be human together, and have children. But Bella isn’t capable of surviving without Edward and the same goes for Edward without Bella. I am mostly just team Edward but I still want Jake to be happy. love yas!

  435. kelsey
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 09:30:48

    idk why i cant write my name at the bottom… usually i sign it with a

  436. kelsey
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 09:31:54

    what the heck?!?!?!?!?! maybe i just cant do that… hmmm how about Kelseyxoxo

  437. kelsey
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 09:33:44

    yay and OH MY GOD i just realized that “First Time” by Lifehouse is a perfect connection to Twilight and Bella and Edward and the glory of first love and what not… AHHH love it

  438. Rhiannon
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 15:12:47

    I don’t know, I just want the book to come out, then Stephenie can figure it out for me lol.

    I don’t see what she’s gonna write a whole book about. Unless Edward does change Bella and its a lot of her trying to not you know kill people.

    I just hope it’s a happy ending…for the most part anyway. I mean I don’t want it to be like the perfect ending cuz that’d just be annoying, if you know what I mean. Which you probably don’t cuz that doesn’t make sense lol.

  439. kelsey
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 16:32:53

    lol well i do see what you mean about it not being a perfect ending and maybe it would be annoying but i still want everybody to be happy… maybe thats just me being a sap LOL! and i dont really like how you made it seem like its only a possibility that Edward changes Bella… i cant let myself believe anything other than the fact that they are going to get married and Edward is going to bite Bella. lol im such a phsyco path!!! RAWR! hehe

  440. tiffanie
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 16:56:33

    its ok kelsey…. ur not a total sap cuz i completely agree with you…. but maybe were both saps lol… o and i havnt even thought of the fact that he doesnt HAVE to change her cuz in my mind i just know that its gunna happen ya know…

    i really dont care who jake imprints on i just want him to do it… cuz no matter who it is he will be extremely happy…. i mean uqill imprinted on a 2 year old (which i find extremly disturbing) and he is gunna end up happy….

    in my mind edward will change bella and they will leave for a year… in that year jake will imprint on some one else and have a happy life…. but after the first year bella and edward will come back and they will be friends like forever…. lets just forget about the whole smell thing lol

    well ttyl
    luv ya

  441. tiffanie
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 21:21:54

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i replyed to you this morning!!!! still no response… i think i now know how kelsey feels!!!!! i guess this is how u feel n e ways… when ppl dont respond

    :) im bored

  442. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 08:48:52


    im sorry im here!! i dont think that Quil imprinting on a two year old is all that disturbing… not the way Jake explained it. when shes a toddler he will be her protector. when shes a kid he will be her older brother. when shes a teenager he will be her best friend. when shes older they will be the perfect couple. its really not that bad. but everything else u described sounds perfect. :-D

    love yas and this took 4ever to type bc im goin slow and quiet bc my sis is asleep. so sorry!

  443. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 08:53:32

    oh yea and about us both being saps, Tiff… well who cares? we’re already crazy (thats the laymans term for ppl who hear voices in their heads.) why not saps too? and did u notice that the whole of “Eclipse” was like a big love triangle? it was liko a soap opera but not cheesy!!! lol k bye!


  444. Rhiannon
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 10:18:11

    haha Eclipse is like a big love triangle. I never expected Edward to be jealous of Jake cuz you know Bella is like as obsessed with Edward as he is with her.

  445. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 11:31:59

    lol yea you’re totally right, Rhiannon, but like Edward said in Twilight all the human emotions were more powerful bc they were fresh… and he wasn’t totally irrational by being jealous of Jake, bc Bella did love Jake… this whole thing is probably the craziest love triangle, and thats not taking into account the fact that 2 of them arent fully human, and the 3rd wishes she wasnt human. LOL!

  446. tiffanie
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 11:45:39

    i love how when we talk about these books they sound so damn cheesy!!!! but thats really like the exact oposite of what they r…. with out any question.
    o and kelsey, i totally agree with you, we are both crazy saps!!!! so im typing really slow 2 cuz last night i went and got tips on my nails… they look hot, but its really hard to
    so ttyl
    luv yas

  447. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 12:34:41

    lol i know what u mean they sound cheesy when we talk about it because we dont have the talent that Stephanie Meyer has LOL!

  448. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 15:29:11

    *sigh* im so bored. it rained for about 20 minutes… i was supposed to be sunny today through sunday garaunteed… ah well i usually dont put much stock in the weather people… LOL! well i guess i have nothing left to say now… bye

  449. tiffanie
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 15:32:09

    well ha ha 4 u cuz its been in the high 80s here for the last week!!!!! yeah im pretty bored 2 but in 1/2 an hour im goin out to dinner and then me and my cousin r goin 2 c the invasion… ill tell you how it is if ya want

    Luv yas

  450. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 17:41:55


    have fun! i went to pizza hut for dinner today and everything was amazing! and they gave us a free order of breadsticks lol it was really loud there so it was prolly bc we were their quietist customers that night! hahaaaaaaaa well u gotta tell me what the invasion is about!!! i’ve never heard of it… its a movie right? lol i live under a rock so u have to be patient with me!!! alrighty then love yas!

  451. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 17:49:32

    oh yea btw it only rained for like idk 10-15 minutes? it was weird… it was like a really short storm, it poured rain, and it thundered once (but it was enought to make me imagine vampires playing baseball in their little clearing *Emmett and Edward raced eachother to the base, and when the got there they collided and it sounded like two bolders slamming against eachother.* and then all of the sudden it stopped, the ground dried in like 5 minutes, and it became sunny again!!! yay i love the sun but i wouldnt mind living in forks if i got a vampire of my own loller!!!!!!!!! ttyl love yas!


  452. kelsey
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 20:54:37

    ahhh im gonna watch Disturbia with my sister!!! she conned me into it and im kinda scared because i dislike scary/thriller movies and thats what this is. But on the up side Shai LaBuff is HOTTTTT!!!!! bye good night

    kelsey xxoo

  453. tiffanie
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 22:00:36

    well if you dont like scarry/ thriller movies then you probanly wouldnt like the invasion.. its about this space ship that we sent out and crashed when it came in cuz there was this virus thing in it and when it crashed debree with the virus on it feel in random places all over the country…. eventually it infected every 1 in the worl except nicole kidman and her son and a few other ppl…. then they had to find a cure or they would become “zombie thingys” also… idk…. i thought it was as really good movie… its sounds cheesy the way i explained it but it was good
    luv yas

  454. kelsey
    Aug 18, 2007 @ 09:53:44

    that almost reminds me of the movie that Bella goes to see with Jessica in the beginning of New Moon!!! lol well Disturbia was amazinggggg!!! yesterday i thought my mom was just defending me because i didnt know if i wanted to watch in and she’s like “no i dont want kelsey having nightmares” she said that to my sis… and i watched it last night and apperently she meant that as a no u arent aloud to watch it because she got really ticked that i watched it last night. i didnt get “no ur not aloud to watch it” out of “i dont want kelsey getting nightmares.” w/e… its done and over with so there’s nothing i can do about it i already watched the movie. sorry that im always away when u come online Tiff!!! i spend alot of time reading so thats usually why im not on the computor!!!!


  455. tiffanie
    Aug 18, 2007 @ 16:18:01

    heyy… well thats ok, i read a lot 2 just not now cuz im like on vacation w/ my cousin so she thinks im mentally challenged when i read… because of that i try to restrain myself when im around her.

    well i think you had every right to watch that movie unless ur mom said to ur sister when you were not there that you were not allowed to… and ur sis probably would have said something to you about it if she did so you were not in the wrong…

    oh and that movie did remind me of the 1 bella and jessica went to see, but it wasnt very gorry… just a lil creepy, ya know.

    so ttyl!!
    luv yas

  456. kelsey
    Aug 18, 2007 @ 18:09:35

    lol OH MY GOD i missed you again god!!!! im so sorry!!!!!!!!!! well i hope ur havin fun on ur vacation anyways… and im pretty sure that my mom didnt say anything to my sis because then she would have warned me… me and my sis are pretty tight, we used to fight all the time but now i grew up and she became a little more tolerant and im not as annoying so its better… we have 6 years between us but it doesnt realy matter to me… im sad though bc she’s moving to a dorm in like a week… so i wont see her as often it’ll be like my best friend is moving away… but i just suck it up and deal with it… i wont say anything to her because shes happy about it so w/e i wont ruin it for her. bye now! love yas!


  457. tiffanie
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 00:06:50

    hey its ok i dont mind if u miss me and i know ur gonna this time cuz its 1 am…have u ever noticed that were it says the time on these lil boxes, its an hour late… jus an observation…
    well ur really lucky. my older sister is only 18 months older so we fght all the time and were always so competative n stuff.. ya know. like i love her 2 death but i hate it when we fight which i just about all the time so it sucks!!!! i feel really bad4 u though… im sure u and ur sis r closer than me and mine and i know how i would feel…

    well 2 marrow is my last day here which meens it will soon b 2-3 times a week so ttyl
    luv yas

  458. kelsey
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 08:29:43

    2-3 times a week u come on here? well dang that sucks now im gonna be alone!!! unless Rhiannon comes on which she hasnt in a few days… well love yas xoxo


  459. kelsey
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 12:15:24

    OH MY GOD!
    THAT IS ONLY 2 HOURS AWAY FROM WHERE I LIVE! I MIGHT GET TO GO!!! ITS ON A FRIDAY AND IT STARTS AT 7:00 PM SO I COULD LEAVE FROM SCHOOL, GET PACKED UP, AND WE COULD GO ON A WEEKEND TRIP TO CANADA!!! EEEEEEE!!! AND MY MOM DIDNT SAY NO YET EITHER SO IT MIGHT JUST BE POSSIBLE!! i’ll have to get my sis to read the books before then so that she can understand why im so excited about this! ahhhh and Tiff u could go too! Canada is so close like if u really think about it, 2 hours? yea!

  460. tiffanie
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 23:14:48

    yeah i think its 2 hours 2 canada but like 5 hours through it to get to toranto or some thing like that… but ill definatly ask!!! that would be soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    my last night here- imnot sleeping so ill b able 2 on the 12 hour drive home
    luv yas

  461. lucy
    Aug 20, 2007 @ 13:05:55

    I really enjoyed Twilight but have not read newmoon yet. I get to read it in a week and i can not wait. what happens at the end do Edward and bella get back together

  462. kelsey
    Aug 20, 2007 @ 15:43:19


    well i cant tell you!!! but heres a tip if u read the comments above it will tell you basically whether or not bella and edward end up together.

    thats all im saying because u have to figure it out for yourself!!!!!!! lol byees love yas


  463. tiffanie
    Aug 20, 2007 @ 19:11:39

    lucy you sooo should read the book b4 you read ne of this! i remember when i was reading new moon for the first time i couldnt stand it ne more and read the last few chapters to make sure that a certain something happened and i was really mad at myself at the end for being sooo impatient…lol

    but really… wait till you read the book till you read this ok…

  464. lucy
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 02:23:35

    Hi Tiffanie & Kelsey

    Thanks for the tip! Just waiting for the book to arrive…CAN’T WAIT!!!! Will let you know when I have read it xxxxxxx


  465. lucy
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 03:06:51

    Hi again.
    im going away for a night this weekend to a hotel.I wish i was going away to spain or some place hot. But my mum and dad are getting married in april and we cant aford it.My mum says we can go on hoilday next summer. Are u guys going any where?


  466. kelsey
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 10:11:20


    nope the closest i’ve ever been on vacation is 2 weeks in the mountains in Kentucky. woooh big fun right? lol question… are you british? because you say “mum” and i say “mom” lol hehe but maybe thats just me steriotyping… woops… no offence meant tho! love yas!


    p.s. congrats on ur parents getting married!!!

  467. lucy
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 12:51:11

    Dear kelsey
    Thanks! Hope u liked being in the mountains!! im british i’ve always lived in manchester.Where r u from?i’ve just got newmoon and its fab!!. Have u got ne pets. Ihave a hamster with only one eye its really gross.
    Do u watch lost?
    love ya


  468. kelsey
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 16:08:58


    well the mountains were rather boring. there was nothing to do. and thats so cool!!! its weird talking with ppl from all over the country and even from different ones!!! im from New York. I have 2 dogs named Banjo and Scooter… they’re mini dachsunds also known as weiner dogs… how come ur hamster only has one eye? what happened to the other one? no i dont watch lost… love yas!


  469. lucy
    Aug 22, 2007 @ 02:47:46


    I woke up one morning and her eye was poping out!
    I got newmoon yesterday its brill.Do u watch ugly betty.
    I cant believe u live in new york. My mum parents went there once on hoilday.Thet loved it.I also go riding in the weekend at my nans stables she has 3 horses and 1 pony.

    see ya

    p.s what it like living in new york?

  470. kelsey
    Aug 22, 2007 @ 12:54:05


    OH MY GOD thats so weird about ur hamster. did u like freak out when u realized that it was popping out? i wont say my oppinions on New Moon because i dont want to ruin it for u. No i dont watch Ugly Betty… i actually hate New York. but im gonna stay here for college because New York has the highest standards. like say i was going into medicine, if i got a degree here it would be valid in every other state. but if i went to say Montana (why would i? lol just an example) and moved to new york looking for a job in a hospital, i would have to get a new degree. i cant beleive ur grandma has horses!! thats like a dream man! lol bye! love yas!


  471. lucy
    Aug 22, 2007 @ 15:22:56


    I wish i had a dog. But my dad hates dogs. He says they should be drowned at birth(he’s only joking)
    whats the weather like over there , it has rained all summer over here and I am sick of it!
    I did freak out when my hamsters eye popped out it was so gross.
    What kind of music do you like? my fave is Pink.

    love ya


  472. kelsey
    Aug 22, 2007 @ 16:36:52


    my dad is the same way about cats. he never used to be a dog person but my mom changed him… now u should see him with Banjo and Scooter its awesome lol. lol its been rainging all weekend and monday and tuesday… it was mostly sunny and warm. but now its getting cold. ugh. i like pretty much all kinds of music. the only people i dont like are green day and actually pink. but thats not because of their music… its something diff

    love yas!


  473. lucy
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 02:20:46

    I can’t believe u dont like pink!!!!!! she is my all time fave singer!!!
    well today the sun is out but we too have had lots of rain. I’ve read newmoon IT WAS REALLY GOOD.
    i cant believe that edward left her. Bella annoyed me when he left her!!

    When do u go back to school i go back on the 4th september after 7 weeks holiday, this weekend we are going to Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare is from and then on Sunday we are going to a medieval castle called Warwick Castle it should be really cool.


  474. kelsey
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 10:22:45


    yea i know i dont like pink… o well lol i just dont like some things about her. it doesnt really have anything to do with her singing though. Bella annoyed me more in “Eclipse” but in “New Moon” she was just trying to survive. thats really cool how ur going to where shakespeare lived… and a medieval castle? thats pretty neat… theres a place called Fort Niagara thats in New York i went there in 4th grade on a feild trip… it was pretty interesting… we’ve had a lot of rain lately too. like it was sunny pretty much all summer but this past week i think the sun was out like 1 time. its been thunderstorms non stop. it was warm and sunny this morning and all of the sudden it gets cloudy again and starts thundering. i dont understand it. lol well ttyl!


  475. lucy
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 12:05:21


    Its the same over here. This morning it was sunny and now its cold and windy. I dont think Eclipse is out over here yet. I’ve been in loads of books shops and i can’t find it!!What other books have u read and enjoyed??
    My other fave book is called blind beauty
    love ya


  476. kelsey
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 13:04:19


    well actually i put a whole like list thing in here a while ago… i’ll copy and paste it in

    D.J. MacHale-Pendragon series (first book, The Merchant of Death discription off the back “DENDURON Bobby Pendragon is a seemingly normal fourteen-year-old boy. He has a family, a home, and even Marley, his beloved dog. But there is something very special about Bobby. He is going to save the world. And not just Earth as we know it. Bobby is slowly starting to realize that life in the cosmos isn't quite what he thought it was. And before he can object, he is swept off to an alternate dimension known as Denduron, a territory inhabited by strange beings, ruled by a magical tyrant, and plagued by dangerous revolution. If Bobby wants to see his family again, he's going to have to accept his role as savior, and accept it wholeheartedly. because, as he is about to discover, Denduron is only the beginning.�)

    Michelle Paver-Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (sort of a Native American based book, with Native American legends and stuff discription on the back “Six thousand years ago. Evil stalks the land. According to legend, only twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf-cub companion can defeat it. Their journey together takes them through deep forests, across giant glaciers, ant into dangers they never imagined. Torak and Wolf are terrified of their mission. But if they do not battle to save their world, who will?�

    Diane Duane-So You Want to be a Wizard? Series (first book is called So You Want to be a Wizard discription on the back of the first book “A library book like no other… Nita Callahan is only looking for a place to hide from bullies, but when she ducks into the library late one Satrday, she finds something even better, something that will make her problems with her classmates a thing of the past and introudce her to a whole new universe of danger, adventure, and to-the-death friendship….â€?)

    Alison Croggon-The Land of Pellinor Books (first book “The Naming� 2nd book “The Riddle� discription off the back of the first book “The Naming� “Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child after her family is destroyed in war. She is unaware that she possesses a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the School of Pellinor. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true heritage and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now she and her new teacher must survive a journey through a time and place where the dark forces they battle stem from the deepest recesses of otherworldly terror. Alison Croggon's epic fantasy is the first in a projected quartet, a glittering saga steeped in the rich and complex landscape of Annar, a legendary world ripe for discovery.�)

    those are the backs of the books like a summary of all of them… i also like Eragon and Eldest… they’re really really good. oh and on Stephanie Meyer’s website, she has a tour schedule under calander… u can usually order a signed copy after she’s been to one of the stores… it was about 30 bucks to have one sent from Illinois to New York… idk how much it would be to send one from the states to Brittain… prolly alot more because its a different country and everything… well bye! love yas!


  477. lucy
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 14:16:23


    Those books sound really good!!!!!! I’ll have to look out for them!!!
    What kind of things do u watch. Lost is my fave!!!!
    my fave film is John tucker must die. Have u seen it???
    love ya


  478. kelsey
    Aug 23, 2007 @ 14:22:15


    yea i have seen John Tucker Must Die… it was really really funny lol… i watch shows like What I Like About You but that ones canceld… Reba, Eureka, The 4400 but that one is kinda stupid now… umm oh the Half-Hour News Hour its a comedy show that makes fun of things happening in the news its really hilarious… it comes on at 10 sunday night on fox news channel… idk if you get that over in Manchester but its really funny… I used to watch Army Wives but my mom didnt want me watching it anymore… she said theres a reason it comes on at 10 at night lol. so i stopped watching that and thats pretty much it. i think my favorite films are Disturbia and The 300. Disturbia has Shia LaBuff in it he is soooo hot. and then The 300 has got Gerard Butler in it he plays the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. hes hot too lol. what grade are you in? or u dont have to tell me… im in middle school. what are your fav subjects in school? mine are probably English and Science. im in advanced math and and Advanced science this year. usually i would take physics this year but instead im taking bio. im a good writer. i think thats what im going to go into when i get to college, english. i never used to think i was good until my 5th grade teacher told me that i already had my own style of writing at the age of like 11. and then we had to write a story about these pictures… i wrote 10 pages on mine and i got a hundred on it and my parents told me that if i expanded on it i might be able to get it published which would be awesome. it would put Christopher Paolini (he wrote Eragon and Eldest. he was 16 when he wrote Eragon.) to shame. not really because his book would prolly be 20 million times better. i love his books. k bye! love yas!


  479. lucy
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 03:00:59


    My fave subjects at school r Englishand art!!!
    I hate maths!!! I’ve not read Eragon yet but some people i know who have read it said it was brill!!
    Do u like hilary duff or Tom crusie????
    what do u want to be when your older?? I want to be a writer!

    love yas


  480. kelsey
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 09:16:29

    im not sure what i want to be when im older… im kinda thinking surgeon but also writer but im not sure. i hate hilary duff… tom cruise he played in war of the worlds right? yea i dont like him either… eragon is brill… i like art to… i never thought i was artistic but last year i had a really amazing teacher so i got like 95 in it


  481. lucy
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 10:46:52


    I am going away this weekend so i cant talk to u for a night.
    Yeah he was in war of the worlds
    Ive just been bowling!! What have u been doing??

    love yas

    p.s who do u like??

  482. kelsey
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 11:41:40


    um out with my sis running a ton of errands!!! first there was no milk or anything else for breakfast. then we go all the way to UB (my sis’s college) so that she can turn something in, but she needed my dads sig. then my dad took his truck which we needed so we could pack all my dorm stuff in it. so we couldnt get his sig for the stuff my sister needed. so yes its been a wonderful day. um i dont really have a favorite actor unless its Shia LaBuff… i like certain actors because theyre good looking like johnny depp, orlando bloom, vigo mortensen, Shia LaBuff, Gerard Butler yea


  483. lucy
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 02:20:34

    Yeah i like orlando bloom and johnny depp!
    well its 8 in the morning and we’re all in a rush to get to the hotel
    So see u later


  484. kelsey
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 06:48:53

    haha yea its 7:30 in the morning and we’re all in a rush to get to the dorm rooms for my sister haha how similar these situations are! bye


  485. lucy
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 10:59:09

    Well im back!!
    We got to see where Shakespere lived and where his birthplace was it was fab!!!!
    Today we went to Warwick castle!!!
    I got to see how they lived back then,it was wicked!!!
    u could go to the top of a 200 foot tower!!
    But im really scared of hights!!
    r u ?

  486. kelsey
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 11:59:49

    um sort of… idk it depends. im really really bored. we moved my sister into her dorms yesterday. i wanted to have a friend come over for a movie night and watch Disturbia and 300 with her but she couldnt come. maybe sometime this week i might call her and ask. but my mom didnt sleep very good last night so she’s sleeping. my dad had to work last night so he’s sleeping too. im so bored! i could read but i dont want to. eh i’ll probably read my favorite parts in the Twilight Love Saga. have u been on Stephanie Meyers website lately? they changed it its pretty cool… i still go on there every day to check for news about stephanie meyers books. i cant wait for “Breaking Dawn”. its gonna be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are your favorite parts in “Twilight” and “New Moon”? in “Twilight”, its the chapter called “Confessions” where Edward and Bella are in the Meadow. in “New Moon” its “The Truth” where Edward tells Bella why he left and all that. in “Eclipse” its the chapter called “Compromise” but i wont explain why because i dont think u’ve read “Eclipse” yet. well bye!


  487. kelsey
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 12:24:47

    guess what everybody!!! i emailed the webmaster for stephanie meyers webite telling him about this website so now he might post it on stephanie’s site!!! OH MAN!!! so to the two Ja[y]nes, ur site is gonna get soooo much more publicity!!! eeek yay! ok just wanted to tell yas! bye!


  488. lucy
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 14:20:23

    Yeah my fave chapter is also when they are in the meadow too – can’t believe it I bet that is everyones fav bit!! Then in Newmoon my fave bit is when Edward comes back to Bella (or really Bella comes back to Edward)

    Just watching X Factor with my mum and dad, its a bit like Pop Idol but with all different age groups and groups are also allowed, the judge is Simon Cowel (not that keen myself but my mum and dad like the reality shows!! SAD)!!

    Take Care xx

  489. kelsey
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 15:18:26

    lol my mom and dad HATE reality shows its hilarious if u mention like survivor or something, they go on a huge rant about how they’re stupid and ppl are disgraceful on them and blah blah blah… its funny to get them started as long as u have a nice long daydream stored up. usually all i have to do is say Edward in my head and that keeps me goin for a good 15 minutes maybe more. loller. btw u HAVE to get Eclipse so we can discuss. also have you ever heard of Henry Cavil? he would have been the perfect Edward he is exactly how i imagined Edward and he is HOT HOT HOT! my sis agrees. we were looking at his myspace and oh mi god he is amazing. hes a model naturally and he’s an actor. obviously. but still he is sooooo hot! loller im trying to get my sister to read the Vampire Love Saga but she’s starting school again tomorrow… she’s not going to have much time to read at all. unless its a text book for homework. lol! bye love ya all!

  490. lucy
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 02:59:28

    I have 1 more week
    My dad gets to have me and my little sis while my mum is at work!!
    What in like having a older sis!???
    What r your dogs doing??
    I’ve just woke up my hamster, this computer is really loud
    love ya


  491. kelsey
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 10:04:41

    my dad works nights. so he’s asleep right now its 11:00 am. what time is it there? because u usually come on here and its at like 3 am for me… lol. well having an older sis kinda sucked when i was younger. but then i grew up and she’s been like my best friend since i was in 6th grade. my dogs are probably sleeping. they’re lazy. my comp is in my sisters room. i used to have to wait until she woke up to go on here because me typing would wake her up. but now i dont have to worry about it because she’s not here. and my parents are trying to get vacation time on November 2nd so that we can go to Canada to meet Stephanie Meyer!!! OHMIGOD!!! its not a garauntee but still! im sooooo happy! it will be so awesome!!! lol well byes! love yas!


  492. lucy
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 11:54:36

    I hope u have a good time how great would that be meeting Stephanie Meyer!!!
    Watced Tristan and Isolde today and Henry Cavill was in it! Well im really bored so im going to read Twilight again!!!
    love ya


  493. kelsey
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 12:14:49

    wait wait wait whats it called? Tristan and Isolde? OHMIGOD! whats it about? hes so hot. hes my new fav actor but i’ve never seen him in any movies… yea when im bored or upset i read my favorite parts in the twilight series and i calm down. lol. its hilarious because i still cry in “The End” when Edward leaves. and when Bella is racing to save Edward’s life, my blood still races and i still sit there whispering “no! no no no” when the clock tolls and Bella thinks she’s too late. and when Edward is explaining why he left half my brain is with Bella saying “dont promise me anything” and the other half is screaming “believe him he’s telling the truth! i’ve seen the future, Bella! He’s telling u the truth and ur gonna end up getting married to him!!!!!!!” lol. i cant help it. the same parts still affect me the same way its HILARIOUS lol. but not when im reading it. well bye! im takin the dogs outside

    kelseyyyyyy sorry this is soooo incredibly long.

  494. tiffanie
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 20:00:04

    omg kelsey i cant believe youve never seen tristen and isolde!!!! its a classic! like better than romeo and juliet if you ask me…
    well sorry its been so long since ive been on… ive been really busy hangin with my cuzin b4 he left to go back to england… my whole family is from there, and a few years ago i went over for a month and i plan on going back for at least that long in 2 years with my friend…

    so wut have u guys been doing??? tell me everything!! im bored now… ill see if i can work 2marrow so i can go back on the computer… but my computer is a lil screwed up cuz my stupid prat of a cousin did SOMETHING to it.. but i dont know what, but he does have his own playlist oin my i-tunes lol

    luv yas

  495. lucy
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 02:05:11

    Hiya guys its 8 in the morning and I’m just chilling out. Another fav film of mine is Pride and Prejudice, I’ve watched it loads. This is my last week before I’m back at school so am gonna make the most of it!! LOL!!

    Anyway speak soon


  496. kelsey
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 07:12:33

    well i havent really done anything but i’ve enjoyed it. no i havent seen tristan and isolde but i really want to see it. i googled henry cavil and he’s going to be in the movie called “Town Creek” in 2008. cant wait for that one because i am deffffff going to see it. i didnt know u were from england!!! were u born in america? or england? because it would be so cool if u were born in england. lol. o yea and we moved my sister into her dorm room on saturday. and my parents decided that they are going to try to take off of work for novermber 2nd to take me to the book signing in toronto!!! ahhh! im sooooo excited so excited!!! lol well ttyl! love yas!


    i have exactly a week left til i go back. UGH lol. well no if u include today its 8 days but w/e. well its 8 in the morning right about now for me. im gonna go get some breakfast. ttyl love yas!

    Kelsey xxxxxx ooooooooooooooo

  497. tiffanie
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 12:01:36

    yea so i go back 2 school on sept. 6th… i dont feel like counting how many days that is but u can if you care that much lol…
    and Kelsey, no i wasnt born in england, but my mom was and alkl of her siblings and like her antire family still likes there but my grandma moved here 2be wit my grandfather who was in the air force… its cute isnt it

    so whats that movie about.. “Town Creek” right… im sure it will be good if it hasd henry cavil in it lol

    luv yas

  498. kelsey
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 12:35:02


    lol i go back on september 5th. ugh. My parents actually met in the air force. lol well im of the same opinion for Town Creek. i think its a suspense/horror flick. im not big on those things but im gonna go see it when it comes out anyways. most likely with my sister. shes big on horror films. well ttyl love ya’ll!

    Kelsey x o x o

  499. lucy
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 14:26:14

    Just been told that school is shut for an extra week !! Cant believe we have an extra week off!!

    going reading twilight

    speak to u soon


  500. kelsey
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 15:08:58

    oh my god lucy im so jealous of u!!! UGH! why??!! why cant that be me?!?! lol bye

    kelsey x o x o

  501. kelsey
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 07:35:49

    hey where is everybody? *sigh* i guess i’ll go read “Eclipse” again. well bye!

    Kelsey x o x o

  502. lucy
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 08:46:10

    Hi guys
    just been down to fleetwood beach!!

    Im reading newmoon again!
    What r u guys doing?


  503. kelsey
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 09:05:08

    im reading Eclipse again. i just got through with a part that hurts me real bad. yesterday i had a uber busy day. i had a school supply sale to go to around 3. then i had an orthodontist appointment at 4:30 and then my sis came over for dinner. and then i had a doctors appointment at 7! ugh! so that just made the day go too fast and another day was lost before school. :-( well ttyl. oh yea and tiffanie? now “Wait For You” by Elliot Yamin makes me cry!!! it hurts to read that certain part and even though its one of my favorite songs, i cant listen to it, especially around my family because that would show how crazy i am. i start cryin at random just because a certain song comes on? they would have me commited! oh but it is pretty much a deffinate on me going to canada!!!!!! IM MEETING STEPHANIE MEYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. im savin up my money because the store wont allow you to have Stephanie Meyer sign any books that weren’t bought at they’re store. do u think i should go there sometime before hand to buy the books? idk… i’ll run it by the parental units loller. byes!!

    Kelsey x o x o

  504. Rhiannon
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 06:35:24

    omg Kelsey! you are so lucky lol
    Dang, I wish I could meet her. I am SO bored right now…ugh. School starts so soon and I still have homework to do!
    Well see ya all later.


  505. kelsey
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 09:13:17


    homework? did u have a summer reading list or something? i didnt. well maybe there will be a signing when she comes out with Breaking Dawn that you can go to! but do u think that she will read any thing from “Temper” “Compromise” or “Needs”? well bye!

    Kelsey x o x o

  506. Rhiannon
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 11:15:22

    nah not a summer reading list actual homework from a textbook for my world history class…idk she’ll probably read one of the most exciting or interesting parts so maybe lol

    and she’ll never come anywhere near where I live I can almost guarantee it lol

    see ya

  507. kelsey
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 11:35:47


    what state do u live in? maybe she’ll come to a state nearby, so u can travel there or something. maybe she’ll read the part with Edward and Victoria fighting? i hope so. thats the most exciting part aside from “Compromise”. and i dont want her to read that one. and that sucks that u had homework for history over the summer. oh yea my new favorite song is Clair de lune bye Debussy. lol. can u guess why??? byes!!!

    Kelsey x o x o

  508. kelsey
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 12:58:30

    im rereading “Eclipse” again lol. the bind is utterly destroyed. its pretty pathetic. i betcha i could make the front and back covers touch. not that i want to because that would most likley destroy the book completely. well bye!

    Kelsey x o x o

  509. Rhiannon
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 18:01:03

    well let’s just say I live in northern new england you know where it’s like uber boring. yeah it does suck doing homework over the summer but thats what you get when you sign up for AP i guess lol
    i reread twilight for the first time this summer a little while ago and i want to read new moon but i only have twilight and eclipse…i guess i could like skip new moon cuz I didn’t like it as much. I’ve never been the kind of person who reads books again so this is like a first lol so my book looks pretty much like new lol. oh well
    talk to ya all later, eh?

  510. kelsey
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 19:20:59

    I had no idea that u lived in england!!!!!!! omg i have brittish friends. do u know what a big deal this is for me? OH MI GOD. im not trying to come off as selfish, its just awesome that i have friends that dont go to my school. actually i seem to relate with people better when the dont go to my school. how odd. ohhh perhaps i’m like Bella. maybe im the kind of person that doesnt relate to people, only monsters like vampires and werewolves. to bad i dont live in Forks but i am seriously concidering it. lol. well that does really suck that Stephanie Meyer hasnt gone to Brittain, but u never know right? because she did have a signing in Italy in Volterra. well love ya all!!! bye!!!

    x o x o Kelsey x o x o

  511. lucy
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 03:53:20

    Want r u guys doing?
    ive been reading blind beauty this morning is one of my fav books!!

    love ya


  512. Rhiannon
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 06:26:31

    I live in northern new england

    I don’t live in England lol. I live in New England like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, stuff like that. Sorry if I got your hopes up about me being from England lol. I am so bored! I wish I lived in England or like anywhere in Europe…


  513. kelsey
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 08:23:39

    oh. lol well now i feel stupid. hehe… and no u didnt get my hopes up, i just thought it was cool…. wow i feel like an idiot. I’ve been rereading “Eclipse”………… i wuz up til round midnight reading and then i woke up around 8ish and read some more.right now im having these little sandies cookies… mmm breakfast lol j/k i’ll have cereal hehe!!! well good bye!!!!

    x o x o Kelsey x o x o

  514. kelsey
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 10:26:48

    I am a little upset with you. u have other favorite books besides twilight new moon and eclipse? lol j/k i do too. its pretty much harry potter, eragon, eldest, and the twilight love saga for me. well ttyl all!

    x o x o Kelsey x o x o

  515. lucy
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 02:26:22

    hi guys
    im just reading the end of my book than im going to my grans house!
    dont have time to talk!

    love ya


  516. kelsey
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 12:26:20

    have fun at your grans house!!! bye!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  517. kelsey
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 15:56:37

    ohhh im incredibly bored… i’ve already reread “Eclipse” and believe it or not im not all that keen on reading “Twilight” again. i had to force myself to read all of “New Moon” after “Eclipse” came out because its very painful for me. Usually i just skip to the parts that i like. obviously its the ones with Edward in them. I try not to read “The End” because it makes me cry, usually im impaired by my sobs for a good 5-10 minutes. those pages of the book are all wrinkled from my tears LOLLER!!! so theres only one chapter that i actually like and thats called “The Truth”. Don’t get me wrong i like Jake but still. he’s not Edward. lol. im rambling to pass the timeeeee… i think im going to call my friend, Cat, again. byeeeees!

    x o x o Kelsey x o x o

  518. kelsey
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 19:10:54

    Lucy and Rhiannon,

    do you guys have screen names? well thats all folks

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  519. lucy
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 07:18:54

    Hi guys
    i dont have a screen name…
    Watching T.V

    see ya


  520. Rhiannon
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 08:01:42

    yeah I have a screen name

    ugh only like 3 days until i have to go to school


  521. kelsey
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 08:13:40


    whats ur screen name? mines lionandlamb1901 hahaa i made this one just last month. it suits my style i think. im gonna keep it for everrrr. i go back on Wed. :-( and i start volleyball on tues. :-) i wish it could stay summer forever. but that would also mean that november wouldnt ever come and that would just suck for me. lol


    what were u watching on tv? u should make a screen name. lol. well love ya all!!!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  522. Rhiannon
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 08:17:28

    haha thats cool
    i havent changed mine since i was like 9 so its pretty dumb
    what is it for?

  523. kelsey
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 11:51:45


    whats what for? my screen name? so that i can talk to you in like an actuall conversation on line instead of leaving each other messages all the time on here. lol. well i was just at brunch for my grammas bday. ugh. it was boring and long. well byeeees love yall

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  524. Rhiannon
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 16:38:43

    i mean like AIM or MSN or Yahoo?
    I went to a bookstore cuz I was gonna get New Moon cuz I have Twilight and Eclipse but not New moon and they didn’t have it lol.

    see ya all later

  525. kelsey
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 17:31:28

    uhm i dont think it matters whether its aim msn or yahoo. at least i dont think so… idk. so didnt u read new moon? or did u rent it from the library? well ttyl my sis is in from the dorms for the night so im gonna watch America’s Next Top Model from it. ttyl

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  526. lucy
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 04:12:58

    im really tired! I cant keep my eyes open.

    love ya


  527. lucy
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 04:14:16

    im really tired! I cant keep my eyes open

    love ya


  528. Dene
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 05:53:13

    Look kids, if anyone knows how to get ahold of Stephenie Meyer, or even Catherine Hardwicke it would be very useful for that information. an e-mail address or even a mailing address would be useful at this stage. thanks guys


  529. Rhiannon
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 08:43:54

    I borrowed it from the library.


    Yeah I’m pretty sure none of us know how to contact her. Well, I don’t. On her website it says that she doesn’t have a public email address. I think the only way you’d be able to contact her would be by the printing company’s address. idk. You should just look at the website if you haven’t already. Just wondering, why do you need the information so badly? I guess it’s none of my business though.

    See ya all later,

  530. kelsey
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 11:24:45


    oh i see…… i wonder if my library would have it… they dont have very many good books but oh well…


    Yea I tried to look for an email adress or something and didnt come up with anything. but if u go to LittleBrown, or something like that i think its their website, you could write to them and they might might i have no idea, pass it on to Stephenie Meyer. bye!

    love yall

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  531. tiffanie
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 20:51:04

    heyy!! so im back! lol… so school comin way to fast!!
    so i need to see if there are n/e more signings near NY that i could make it to!!!

    well im bored so talk to me!! lol
    Luv Yas

  532. tiffanie
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 20:51:31

    heyy!! so im back! lol… so school comin way to fast!!
    so i need to see if there are n/e more signings near NY that i could make it to!!!

    well im bored so talk to me!! lol
    Luv Yas

  533. tiffanie
    Sep 03, 2007 @ 20:54:52

    oops i think i hit tab enter as i was typin my lil signature thing and then it did it twice.. sry im a retard

  534. Dene
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 04:01:46

    Hey kids,
    thanks for the information, I’m looking up some leads for it. Shouldn’t be long, but in any case, thanks. Oh, I need the information for a very good reason, I’d just lost contact that’s all. I’m supposed to be in on this project, great stratagies to lose my mobile phone on that one. Thanks again,


  535. kelsey
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 07:50:07


    IM SO GLAD UR BACK! lol. so im not looking forward to school (tomorrow :-( ugh!) bc i just got in a huge fight with my old friend and now she might spread rumors about me and make my life at school suck. i hope she doesnt. i start modified volleyball today… idk if im excited or not. lol. well ttyl!!! love yall!!!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

    btw u are not a retard! lol when ever i press the submit button twice it tells me “woops! it looks like you already said that!” lol. bye

  536. kelsey
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 16:41:18

    ahhh!!! school starts tomorrow!!! im a little excited now… lol. i started volleyball today… bye everybody love yall!!! i’ll try to come on every day to leave a comment. bye!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  537. kelsey
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 17:19:16

    the new vice principal and principal banned hoodies. completely. its RETARDED lol… but other than that i like all my teachers and everything… bye!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  538. lucy
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 04:29:27

    hi guys
    going out in a sec.
    What r u doing?

    love ya

  539. Rhiannon
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 04:47:15

    Hey Lucy…
    ugh its like 5:58 in the morning
    todays the first day of school
    yay! ha not

    Well see ya all later

  540. lucy
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 11:53:15

    Hi all

    I’m on count down now – 3 days to go!! Not looking forward to going back but not much I can do about it, I’ve been off now for 8 weeks!! Only 6 weeks at school and then I’ll be off for a week again – can’t wait LOL.

    Bye for now

    LUCY xx

  541. Betty.v
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 13:02:33

    hello! To all i’m Betty.v i am 79 years of age .
    Ive just read the book New moon it was very exotic and inspiring. But i did read Twilight before it. Edward i’d love to marry Edward. I come from Ireland its great!! My grandson, Joe has a parrot and the silly thing called me a silly old bat. Then it flew over me and, than by suprise it flew down and stole my glasses and now i need new ones. Later today i have to cancel my tea party with my good friends, billy and Mary to go and get some new specticles from spec savers (2 for 1 what a bargain!)

    ok chaps

    P.S i hope u have a graet life by the way my grandson Joe taught me how to use this scary computer.

  542. kelsey
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 18:59:21

    are you really 79? thats cool… what did you think of the Twilight series? are you really from Ireland? i’ve always wanted to go there… computors arent really all that scary i dont think lol… my first day was alright… the banned hoodies then parents called to complain and they reinstated them but if we’re caught with the hood up they’ll ban that personn from wearing them lol its so lame bye!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  543. lucy
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 02:12:56

    hi guys
    how you all doing.
    im really tired.

    speak to u soon


  544. Betty.v
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 10:57:51

    Hi folks,
    How are you all doing on this fine evening? Yes i did enjoy the books. Also yesterday i went got my spectacles from speck savers it was still 2 for 1. It has been a very sad day. At 9 am this morning i recieved a phone call from my grandson, Joe. Unfortunatly his parrot died in the night. It was sixteen years old. R.I.P.
    We had a ceromony for it. Joe was there and, audrey his lovely wife. i was there with billy and Mary and pipsqueak the dog. ( pipsqueak and the parot, Rainbow were best friend. Rainbow use to sit on his back and sing twinkle twinkle little star. He was very clever as we trained as he got older and died) Me and Mary are planning on going to this old film what we use to watch when we were little girls.( BACK IN THE 4O’S)
    it was so long ago i cant remember these things.

    that all for now folks


  545. lucy
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 12:26:00

    im so sorry about, Rainbow. Ru sad?
    If you dont mind me asking, what does the v stand for?

    love ya


  546. kelsey
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 14:07:06

    yea that really does stink about Rainbow… and poor Pipsqueak also because they were best friends…. well im going to go jogging because i dont have volleyball anymore because the coach made the wrong choice in who she cut from the team. so im gonna train and im gonna make junior varsity because im gonna prove the coach WRONG so ttyl!!!

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  547. tiffanie
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 20:08:24

    i totally agree with you!!! you r gunna make jv.. i cant believe your coach cut u even though this was your second year!! that really sucks!!
    so schools goin pretty good for me.. im in drama wit my sis- she got the lead in the wizard of oz cuz shes an AMAZING singer!- but sadly im just a stupid citizen of oz. but its only my first year doing it.. for the last 2 years i played soccer…
    well ill write as often as possible but school makes it hard so
    luv yas

  548. lucy
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 02:34:13

    hi guys
    i went on the internet and looked up real ghost videos
    omg it was so scary. Me and my friend,Ray were really freaked out.



  549. kelsey
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 09:21:24

    thanks for believing in me… u know that girl i was telling you about? she appologized to me so i’ll be nice to her but i still hate her guts lol because she really is a mean girl and everything… and usually a real friend would encourage you and help u if u wanted to do sumthin like i do, jv, but she decides to let me know that its practically impossible to make jv and im not gonna make it. im like what ever im not letting anything discourage me. she’s like im not trying to discourage u im just letting u know. and im like i know ur not but it still would have but im not letting it discourage me. shes so mean. my xvball coach tried to get me to go out for soccer because the modified has only 5 players and they need 9 on the field and some on the bench… but im through with modified. im done.thats really cool that ur in the wizard of oz! im not a very good actor… lol… ttyl!


    u amuse me lol. well bye

    love yall

    x o x o kelsey x o x o

  550. lucy
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 12:30:27

    dear everyone
    ive been reading all afternoon. In the morning we went looking at some houses. ( my mum and dad r thinking of moving)
    love ya


  551. lucy
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 13:11:43

    im so happy and i dont know why! just call me weird
    love ya


  552. kelsey
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 07:41:35

    has anybody noticed this thing that comes up in red above the comment that you posted where it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” what does that mean? and yesterday i posted a comment and it wasnt there late… is there a second page or something? whats goin on? ugh! lol im so confuzzled.


  553. kelsey
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 19:24:41

    oh my god. on the Eclipse web page for this site people are so mean! they were like dissing the books and saying that they sucked and critisizing all the characters saying bella was a beyotch, edward had no personality, jake was an immature annoying peice of crap it ticked me off! if u hated the books so much why go searching for a site and comment on how much u despised the books? stupid stupid stupid!!! honestly!

  554. kelsey
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 19:26:33

    also some people read the reviews before reading eclipse and some of them were like “oh im not gonna like this book because the revies are horrible” um if you have a brain think for urself! establish ur own oppinion of the books instead of letting critics who are supposed to report all the flaws of a book make ur oppinion for u!

  555. Kelsey (edward is mine not bellas.)
    Sep 10, 2007 @ 15:51:34

    oh my god! im sooo distressed! i just found out that if i make it into area allstate for violin the practice will be on none other than November 2nd. the day im supposed to go to a stephenie meyer book signing. and if i make it in i know what my choice will be but its horrible. i’ll go to the allstate thing but i dont know if i’ll ever get another chance like this ever again! but the violin, ive been working at this for pracitcally my whole entire life! since i was 3! i feel like crying because i was so pumped up for the signing so completely exctatic. stephenie meyer is my hero and if i make it in i have to let this chance to meet her go. but im not sure if i’ll make it in because there are tons of better ppl that are better than me, with scores like 100 101 102 103 and i got like a 97. thats still good but idk if its good enough. and its a big dilemma because i half want to make it in and half will be relieved if i dont. and i feel horrible because violin has practically been my life and i should be sooooo excited that i even have this chance. but reading Twilight literally changed my life lol. it changes how i look at things. it changes how i look at the sun, how i feel about school, i mean for gods sake it changes the way the guys look at school!!!!! but i still really want the area allstate thing. well ttyl i feel better now that i’ve gotten that out lol. if i told anybody but u guys they would have me commited. locked up in a straight jacket and a padded room.

    good bye all!!!

    kelsey. btw i changed my name, but its the same Kelsey as above.

  556. Kelsey (edward is mine not bellas.)
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 05:52:12

    remember 9/11 support our troops and their cause

  557. Lucy
    Sep 12, 2007 @ 11:03:09

    Hi guys
    sorry ive not wrote for ages. My stupid computer wasn’t working.
    To my suprise im enjoyng school.
    It was good to see my friends again.
    im reading a book at the moment called soul sisters. Have any of you guys read it?
    Do you really play the violin? I play the keyboard
    see ya later


  558. Kelsey
    Sep 12, 2007 @ 12:55:36


    Im actually enjoying school for now also. i hate hate hate the work load that i have this year, but otherwise its OK. Soul Sisters? i think i’ve heard of it or seen it in Barnes and Nobles or something… yea i play the violin, i have since i was 3. i enjoy it alot. we have a piano that we’re trying to sell but idk if i want to play or not. i think i’ll just stick with the violin because thats already plenty what with 4 subjects of homework every stinking night and theyre long assignments too. well ttyl! love yall


  559. Kelsey
    Sep 14, 2007 @ 19:30:01

    wow it was a long week at school. it is sooo nice to not have to do my mountain of homework right as soon as i get home lol. this has prolly been the most welcome friday of my life! im using Twilight as my book report for English lol. i dont even have to read it again because i pretty much know it by heart lol. but i will anyways lol. well bye!

  560. Lucy
    Sep 15, 2007 @ 02:26:13

    Im enjoying school
    It can get a bit boring.

    love yas

  561. Kelsey
    Sep 15, 2007 @ 20:25:52

    chyea it can lol. im in accelerated math (algebra 1) and my teacher is the most boring person ever!!! i sit right in front of her and i have to fight to keep my eyes open almost every day. as if i dont already have enough worries about maintaining a good grade in that class. but my worst class (social studies) should go pretty good this year because my teacher, B (nobody knows how to say his name if u look at it but it sounds like besignal.) is a super good teacher. well bye!!!


  562. lucy
    Sep 16, 2007 @ 10:11:03

    I hate maths. Its my worst subject. My favourite subjects are English and history. I loved learning about the Aztecs and the Greeks.
    I think im getting a bit obsessed with Twilight i cant stop reading it!
    Im doing this at my Grans house. She is going away on Tuesday to Australia to see my uncle so we just came round to say goodbye she is going for 6 weeks. When i get home im going to watch Lord of the rings again its one of my favourite films

    love yas


  563. Kelsey
    Sep 16, 2007 @ 12:07:10

    lol u and me are pretty much alike. im not much of a history girl tho. i like science and english alot. pshh ive been obsessed with twilight since the first time i read it lol. i LOVE lord of the rings lol. there are these books that i highly recomend theyre kinda like lord of the rings style. first ones called The Naming, second ones called The Riddle, and the third one just came out tuesday called The Crow. they r good bye!

  564. Catherine
    Sep 16, 2007 @ 18:34:56

    I haven’t read it all but I found a typo on page 177, and I am trying to find a way to e-mail the publisher, if anybody knows how I can do that it would be great! Thanks

  565. Chloe
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 12:49:39

    hi guys
    im chloe. i dont no my email so im doing this on lucys computer and heremail address. Im her friend. So when i write to u it will be on lucys computer.

    i so love Twilight

    How old r u

    i demand an anwser.
    just joking lol

    please tell me

    dont think of me as rude but sometimes i can be a bit selfish
    im begging please tell me how old you r


  566. tiffany p
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 15:40:10

    OMG all three of her books are wonderful. i have read them all in about a week while attending high school. i recommend everyone reading these books

  567. Kelsey
    Sep 17, 2007 @ 17:56:22


    so are going to try to write to the publisher just because u found a typo? lol thats kinda silly… plus i dont think that they would be able to change it, ya know?


    i dont feel comfortable with sayin how old i am lol i mean anybody could come on here and see this stuff and theres nuthin u could do about it… lol sorry!!!

    Tiffanie P,

    your new to this site right ? because theres another tiffanie here but she doenst have the P unless u changed it or somethin… well ttyl all!! and i’ve been recommending them to everybody in school. my friend dezeree wrote down all the books titles and the author of them and she’s gonna try checking them out at the library. well bye!


  568. lucy
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 11:37:31

    hi guys
    Its nearly my mums birthday so i’ve been really busy lately
    getting all the presants. schools been ok…

    well speak to u soon


  569. Kelsey
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 14:52:51

    tell ur mom i said happy bday!!!

  570. tiffanie
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 20:11:06

    hey guys!!
    sorry that i havnt wriien in forever but ive been soooo bust=y with school n then drama n then homework n then work!! omg such a busy schedule.. plus my nannys(grandmothers) friends r visitin from england so i spend all un busy time over there so yeah.. ne ways howv you been..

    tell ur mom happy birthday!!
    my birthday is in like 7 days…

    ok im like lovin school cuz i get to see all my friends again but im dreadin it cuz there so much WORK!!!!

    why didnt you e-mail me back?? n my name is spelled wit an “ie” at the end so if it doesnt have that than its not

    so write back.. ill do the same asap but you know how it is lol..

  571. Kelsey
    Sep 20, 2007 @ 14:00:09

    hey tiff,

    sorry!!! i thought i did… hmmm………. maybe my mom deleted the email or something. idk i’ll have to check. if not just email me again. and ur bday is on the 27th then right? YAY i’ll send u a beautiful picture. lol. luvya!!!


  572. Tiffanie
    Sep 21, 2007 @ 13:33:59

    lol… no the 26th

    so if your not playing vollyball, wut r u doing?? like 4 a sport i mean.. so me my sister n my cousin were ridin to school this moring- my sister just got her license- and ill wait for you came on and we all r upsessed wit the books so we were freakin out n like singin wit it even though were like all sick lol…

  573. Kelsey
    Sep 21, 2007 @ 14:11:01

    lol well im not doin any sports and thats fine because i have a massive hw load like everynight. lol when ever i hear wait for u its my fav song but it makes me wanna cry for jake. like usually i almost cry when ever i hear it. like im happy for edward. im glad him and bella are staying together, but it doesnt stop me from hurting for jake ya know? i cant get any of my friends to read it!!! its ticking me off man!!! lol well cept for dezeree but she has to find it in the library first sooooo ya

    ttyl luv yall


  574. Kelsey
    Sep 21, 2007 @ 14:12:39

    AHH OH NO!!! comments for this site are closing october 21st!!! LUCY AND RHIANNON I NEED UR EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  575. Jane
    Sep 21, 2007 @ 20:19:16

    I changed the settings so that the comments will stay open for this thread.

  576. lucy
    Sep 22, 2007 @ 05:20:46

    hi guys
    just been swimming than ive just had a shower
    ive got loads of homework so i think im going to go and do it.
    What r u guys doing?

    see ya


  577. Kelsey
    Sep 22, 2007 @ 08:23:26


    oh ok lol. i didnt expect this to stay open forever but it just seemed like yesterday that i commented on this site lol.


    its saturday here so im gonna do some homework and then im babysitting tonight. this weekend was definatly welcome.

    well bye! love yall


  578. tiffanie
    Sep 22, 2007 @ 18:53:56

    wow its a good thing that its still open cuz id like freak and be like, “What am i doin wrong, it wont open!!!” lol

    so i went sky diving yesterday.. there arent even words to describe the feeling so i wont try, but yuo havnt lived until you jump out of a plane thats 9000 feet in the air!!!!

  579. lucy
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 02:34:55

    theres know way im ever going sky diving ! your so brave! im terrified of hights. just talking about it makes me feel sick.
    see ya


  580. Kelsey
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 11:21:40


    omg ur so funny. and u are brave i wouldnt ever be able to do that.


    dont worry it makes me feel sick also

    bye love yall!!!


  581. penny
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 11:44:29

    these 2 books are reallyfab![i havn’t read eclipse] i live in england. So i cant read Eclipse cas its not out over here yet.If u dont mind me asking but is
    Edward in Eclipse alot cas he was hardly in Newmoon

    weel see you


  582. penny
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 12:14:41

    Boys are so stupid{except from Jacob and Edward}. im taking about my dumb older brother.{hes 27}. He dumbed his girlfriend and made her really upset. this was 2 months ago by the way. So i was saying now he relizes what a big mistake hes done and he wants her back. Too bad for him. Shes moved on with a posh older more handsome man and there engaed
    (now hes really upset)

    What do u think of boy?
    love ya


    P.S i live in England by the way

  583. megan
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 12:53:57

    im lucys younger sister megan shes always on the computer writing to you lot. i havent read twlight or new moon. i am reading a diffrent book at the moment called emily windsnap. i am 8 years old. i cant wait to read twlight is it really good?
    love yas [ my sis says you do that]
    please reply

  584. Kelsey
    Sep 23, 2007 @ 13:25:10


    well i dont really think about anybody except Edward. at all. he is my life. that kinda sucks about your brother though. like thats kinda sad for him but he should have realized the mistake before….


    hi!!! what is windsnap about? is it good? ur going to adore Twilight. i garauntee it. dont let any of the kids @ ur school make u stop liking to read. because i know that almost everybody at my school hates to read and think that im a freak for enjoying it. so dont let that bother u and just keep it up!!! it makes me happy that there are other kids in the world that arent like the ones at my school. lol. and yes we all say love yas that was what my friend on here named Taylor started and we all pretty much picked up on it lol.

    well loveyas!!!


  585. lucy
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 02:10:28

    sorry about my sister guys i didnt know she was on writing to u guys. i love her to bits but shes eally annoying
    well see ya


  586. Kelsey
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 09:53:58


    its no problem she sounds like a good kid. im sick i was up since midnight throwing up :-( now everything is sore, specially my stomach. well ttyl!!!


  587. Betty.v
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 11:11:44

    Hello Ladies ,
    Ive been down to London with my Grandson his wife as well we went down for a week or two we went to see Buckingham Palace we stayed in a lovely hotel. I was very very tired every night and by surprise him and his wife are both twenty one They both sat down when we they told us (my son and daughter In-law)they were expecting a little bundle of joy!
    Also when i came back ive just read that i think the young lady Lucy asked what the V stands for ,well….. when i was your age we went to the swimming baths and i always got a verruca so every time my very charming best friend Mary and i went to the Baths she used to call me Betty .v (Marys the one who went to watch that old film with me we,re still best friends after all this time)we had lots of fun in them days chasing after boys!
    See you soon Darlings


  588. Kelsey
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 13:02:46

    Betty. v

    you are a very nice lady… im so happy for you!!! your gonna be a grandmother!!! yay! whats a verruca? lol… well bye


  589. tiffanie
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 18:48:15

    hey kelsey.. how r u feelin?? so im me 2marrow.. i can talk to you like n/e time in school but it might take me a few min. to get back to you, kk?

    so does n/e 1 know 4sure that the next book is coming out next year??

  590. Kelsey
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 19:01:50


    im doin better im slowly working my way through a water bottle bc my mom says im not drinking enough… and i prolly will txt u tomorrow im almost positive that im not goin to school…….. if i dont im u tomorrow that means that im in school and cant talk bc i dont have unlimited texting or chances to text during classes… im pretty sure Breaking Dawn is coming out August 10th ’08… its such a long way away:-( lol well ttyl love yall


  591. lucy
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 10:22:03

    dear kelsey
    i hope you r feeling better.
    yeah my sis is alright(rarely)lol
    A verruca is like a blister you get on your foot…

    its great that your going to be a grandmother!
    tell me when u know if its a girl or a boy!

    Dear everyone,
    well ive got to go now. i writing to my friend in 5 mins
    on msn so see you


  592. Kelsey
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 11:02:33


    thanks! i am feeling much better now. i found a new song by A Fine Frenzy called “Almost Lover” when i first heard it the first thought that jumped automatically into my mind was “HOLY COW THIS IS LIKE NEW MOON WHEN EDWARD LEAVES!!!!!!!!” so now thats 2 songs that make me cry. Wait For You by Elliot Yamin when im crying for Jake and then Almost Lover when im crying when Edward leaves even though i know that he comes back. ahhh im crazy!!! well gotta get back to the hw that i missed yesterday… my friend Cat is coming over later today to bring me the stuff that i missed today and hopefully she’ll help me out with some stuff that i dont understand.

    seeya later!!!


    btw i remember that willy wonka said something about a verruca on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. lol.

  593. Kelsey
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 12:08:21


    hey thought you might like to know that Stephenie Meyer is going to the UK!!! heres where and when

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007
    at 7:00pm
    Waterstone’s, Bluewater Shopping Centre
    Greenhithe, Kent, UK

    maybe if its close to you you could go! ttyl


  594. Twilight/NewMoon/EclipseOMG
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 23:26:35

    I absolutly LOVE Twilight New Moon and Eclipse! They’re the best books I’ve ever read. If only Edward was real. *sighs* That would be a miracle.
    Hehe, strange though I live in Arizona too. :D

  595. lucy
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 13:35:22

    thanks Kelsey!Long day at skool.
    going to go and watch America’s Next Top Model.

    well see ya


  596. Kelsey
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 13:58:19


    lol maybe youll end up moving to forks and finding out that Edward does actually exist just as i am totally convinced that he does. What is ur name?


    OMG i love that show so much lol

    well ttyl!!!


  597. megan
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 14:03:13

    how are you lot? i have had the longest week i thought it was friday and it was wednesday! im having some one round to my house this thursday. the girl whos coming roound is called Megan walshaw. like me shes named megan but im megan grundy.
    love yas!
    Megan Grundy

  598. Kelsey
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 15:10:40


    well today was like Monday for me but its really Wednesday…. but thats bc i was sick Monday and Tuesday :-P

  599. lucy
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 09:48:10

    Hi guys
    how r u all doing. My sis has a friend over and ive got tons of homework.
    i cant be bothered. lol

    thank for replying to my sis. She was thrilld when she saw u had wrote back

    well see ya


  600. tiffanie
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 13:46:57

    omg!! it is so funny that you watch americas next top model when you like dont even live here lol.. dont the have like “britains next top model or something???

    sotty i texed u in school 2day.. i forgot what u said then i just re-read it and felt like a total jerk!! so sorry…
    luv yas

  601. Kelsey
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 14:01:51


    ur welcome!!! im glad i made her happy…


    idk if i even got it! lol i had the volume turned off so… lol i’ll have to check.



  602. Kelsey
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 14:14:29


    uhm i didnt even get anything lol it must not have come thru…. so it doesnt even mater lol


    no problem! im glad i made her happy…


  603. lucy
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 14:43:52

    u no the film there making of Twilight?
    i watched a clip of it on the computer it looks fab, Bella is dead pretty but Jacob and Edward aren’t to bad!
    is it out over there yet?
    Dear Tiffanie and Kelsey
    do u guys Know each other?
    well see ya


  604. Kelsey
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 17:46:47

    what what what??!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!???????????? WHAT???!!! WHERE DID U FIND THAT CLIP??!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yess we know eachother thru this site lol…. give me the url!!! i needdd to see it!!!!!11

    kelsey loller

  605. lucy
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 10:53:51

    u know at the end of Eclipse do Bella sand Edward get back together. Cas i was on this other website and someone was saying that Bella moved away from Edward. Is that the truth because i cant get it out of my head and i just wonder…lol.. nah never goin happen.

    Kelsey, i tried to get on the website with the clips and videos but i fogot it.
    i keep trying to get on. SORRY.Please fogive me


  606. Kelsey
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 10:05:20


    hey! and thats ok about the website… i thought this site had closed down or something i couldnt get on yesterday…….. hmmmm lol

    well tty!!!

  607. lucy
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 13:04:40

    dear Kelsey
    … i couldn’t get on yesterday hmmm….lol
    well see ya


  608. lucy
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 13:07:47

    Kelsey, i replied your message n the Eclipse website
    write when you have read it!(please)

  609. Kelsey
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 13:33:28


    yea i saw it and i emailed u too!!! lol so yea i guess i’ll ttyl


  610. lucy
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 10:33:48

    dear Kelsey,

    its out!Eclipse is out over here and i bought it!!!!!!!
    im so glad!i was just looking and there it was.

    well see ya got a book to read


  611. Kelsey
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 13:27:49


    YAY!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo lol well have fun reading it!!!!!!


  612. lucy
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 10:43:18


    i am reading it non stop (except from now) well ive had a really bad(dull)day

    see ya


  613. Kelsey
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 14:33:23

    lol that sucksabout ur day… enjoy reading!!!



  614. lucy
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 02:12:48

    thanks!! i just finished reading it!!
    It was one great book!


  615. Tiffanie
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 09:58:13


    now you have to tell us all of your opinions!!! wut did you think??? be specific!!!
    luv yas

  616. lucy
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 12:54:45

    Dear tiffanie
    yeah it was really good. my fav bit was when rosalie was telling Bella about when she was human.but like Breanna was saying on the Eclipse website something excited should have happed towards the end.
    Dear Kelsey,

    i got you email, so i sent u one back have u got it?
    well see ya


  617. Kelsey
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 15:12:23


    totally agree with you and breanna! lol i sent u an email.

    <3 always


  618. lucy
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 10:16:02

    Kelsey i sent u one back. Please email me back!! i can’t wait for u to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(did u get my email?)

    well see ya


  619. Kelsey
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 19:46:01

    lol yes lucy,

    i did get your email. lol and i answered u back so hurry up and replyyyy!!

    kay <3 always xoxo


  620. lucy
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 10:18:15

    yeah i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  621. missy
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 14:08:03

    Sorry, i dont feel right telling you. I am very polite and i thing its not very polite in my religon.

  622. Kelsey
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 14:26:02

    thats ok Missy, and whats not polite, if u dont mind asking? putting ur email online?

  623. lucy
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 13:40:34

    hmmm yeah Missy whys it not polite
    hey kelsey did u get my emails?

  624. lucy
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 14:51:15

    hey kels
    my mums reading twilight!!!!
    how weird!!

  625. Kelsey
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 16:42:23

    OOOOOOH THAT MAKES ME HAPPY it cant just be kids reading them ya know? its gotta be adults too, bc they know more ppl (in some cercumstances) and that means that they can pass the word on right? right.


  626. lucy
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 13:36:56


  627. Jane
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 14:06:14

    All Meyer related threads will be closed tonight at midnight. CST.

  628. lucy
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 15:23:29

    ahh why??

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