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GUEST REVIEW: Servant: The Awakening by L. L. Foster

Dear L.L. Foster,

042521874001mzzzzzzz.jpgI just finished your new book Servant: The Awakening and before I expound on its virtues first let me tell you how excited I was to find out that one of my favorite erotic authors, Lori Foster, had a darker side, L.L. Foster. I even joined the Dark Muse Society – does that make me a Lori Foster addict? Maybe.

As I am a huge fan of strong male leads butting up against stronger female leads, especially one as complex as Gabrielle Cody, this book drew me in and kept me hooked. Normally a fast reader I took my time on this book making sure I understood the many facets to this woman’s personality and what past experiences have shaped her. We find out fairly quickly that the paranormal is normal for her, that her perception of herself is definitely not how others (who really look) see her, and that despite all the good she’s done she believes she is unworthy of friendship or love. Yet she wants them with the same enthusiasm as she fights them off and that makes for an interesting tug of war between Gaby and the two male characters she interacts with.

First Morty, because who doesn’t love an awestruck, if somewhat spineless, man who finds that there is a little hero inside him after all? He is friendship personified, no matter how many times Gaby physically and verbally pushes him away he dogs her every step in an effort to bask in her presence, prove himself a worthy sidekick and be there should she ever need his not so graceful heroics. Normally weak characters don’t strike me, but his was a facade that I was happy to see beneath.

Now Luther on the other hand was too hot to handle from the first touch, Gaby knew it even if she didn’t understand the nuances of the male/female dichotomy that is sexual attraction. I could feel his pain when she asked innocently for more clarification on sexual acts she witnessed and over her angry admission that the awareness of her own sexuality that he’d awakened was not a welcome addition to her already complex emotions. The way he throws her off balance is clear in how she reacts to every move he makes, every word he speaks. Her brand of antagonism is laced with attraction, worry and her strong determination not to let anyone get to close.

Add in the plot which is in no way secondary to the relationships, in fact the plot and the relationships build together in a harmonious dance that I know Gaby hasn’t quite figured out yet. Taught from early in life that her purpose as God’s henchman is a solitary job she fights against evil and personal entanglement with the same fervor. But I interpreted this book to be the foundation of a new beginning in Gaby’s life where she no longer has to shoulder that gruesome responsibility alone on her own slim shoulders.

It may take the full series of books to convince her that she just might need these two men as her support system and that three is definitely better than one when fighting evil (normal or otherwise) and I for one look forward to watching it all unfold. Write fast, please :) –Gina

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Guest Reviewer


  1. Barbara B.
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 10:54:41

    Thanks for the review, Gina. I’ve read several negative reviews about the book and your positive review made me curious. I bought this at Fictionwise yesterday. Hope I enjoy it as much as you did.

  2. Jocuri
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 01:41:24

    Tnx alot for the review.I’ll try reading it too.It seems interesting :D

  3. Adam
    May 23, 2008 @ 22:41:30

    Sounds like the many character development in the tV series Lost.. strong male lead, strong independent female and we finally see the macho male show some concern and care.

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