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REVIEW: Blindsided by Leslie Lafoy

Dear Ms. LaFoy,

I’d enjoyed lots of your historicals and was curious to see how well you’d do with a contemporary. The answer is well enough that I’d love to see you write more of these. I enjoy sports romances and even though I didn’t know too much about ice hockey when I read this, a hockey mom friend of mine assured me that you got the details just right.

Cat Talbott never expected to inherit her half brother’s minor league hockey team. But she does know that she’s got to do something fast to turn things around or the whole franchise will go bust. She’s had a few offers to buy it but wants to give it at least one season to see if she can keep her brother’s dream going. And the man she hopes can help her turn the Wichita Warriors around is former player and friend of her brother, Logan Dupree.

Logan used to be a Warrior before he got called to the pros. Now, he spends his time drinking on his houseboat in Tampa and trying to forget the sudden injury that ended his pro career. He’s got enough money to ignore Cat’s offer of the coaching job but something makes him head out to Wichita to see just how bad her team really is. And somehow at the end of an evening, he finds himself the new head coach.

Cat isn’t some hot young heroine but actually an Older Woman who’s also a single mom and who tends to mother her team (or her “boys” as she calls them). She doesn’t know too much about hockey but she’s willing to learn and to give the team everything she’s got. Logan knows hockey but just needs to get Attila the Hen to let him do his coaching thing. And when they do decide to do something about the attraction between them (which isn’t over complicated with mental lusting), they really scorch the sheets.

The secondary characters are fun and there for a purpose while hockey neither takes over the story nor gets pushed too far in the background. There’s a great friendship thing going between Logan and a friend he ropes into helping him out and Cat’s relationship with her 12 year old son feels realistic and never like a sitcom. I’m not sure if you’re going to do any more stories based on any of the secondary characters but I’ll be waiting to buy any books in which you do. This turned out to be an impulse buy that was well worth it. B for Blindsided.


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