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Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Sasha
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 13:42:03

    I just discovered Sandra Hill, and her time traveling SEALs. Down & Dirty is the first book of hers I read, and I loved it! Plan on picking the others up soon.

    Don’t get thrown off by my saying ” time traveling”. It’s almost more like a reincarnation thing at some points.. it’s hard to explain, but very well done and enjoyable. I’d classify the books as contemporary romance, with cool plot twists. LOL

    Highly recommended.

  2. Janine
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 14:27:32

    As usual I am curious about what is in people’s TBR stacks or TBB lists this month. I don’t know why, since it’s not like I don’t have enough books myself, but I don’t get tired of hearing what other people are lining up to read or planning to buy.

  3. katiebabs
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 15:00:33

    Heartsick and Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain. I think I have a crush on her. :D

  4. LDB
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 15:29:30

    I always read never post, but I just read a wonderful new historical fiction which featured a very good romance called Midwife of The Blue Ridge. The historical detail was so fresh and it take place in a period of American history hugely ignored early colonial. Anyway this just reminded me of the kind of historcal romance I love where I really believed the h/H loved each other and the history was anything but wallpaper. The author is Christe Blevins.

  5. Liz
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 16:54:23

    Over the past few months I’ve been reading as much Heyer as possible because I never had before and thought it was time to rectify the situation. So far I’ve read 8 of her novels and while I haven’t liked some of them as much as others they were all enjoyable and I felt all those people who recommended her had not steered me wrong.

    Until last night. I’ve been trying to read An Infamous Army for a week and was only half way through. I finally gave up last night because I was so bored I was ready to beat my head against the wall.

    Not only do I hate giving up on a book half way through, but I hate giving up on a Heyer. I feel as though I’ve somehow failed. I’m not giving up on Heyer though.

    Sasha: time traveling SEALs? I am so there. I’ll have to add that to my list.

  6. MaryKate
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 17:55:18

    I just finished Trial by Fire by Jo Davis. Hot firefighters get me every time.

  7. Lori
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 19:01:47

    I’m reading The Road to Hell by Jackie Kessler. Loved Hell’s Belles and now the third of the series is out (Hotter than Hell) so I need to get caught up.

    I’ll be a Kessler fangrrl *g* I love her humor, I like the dark sides to what she writes and the voice just sounds natural to me.

    Jackie, I think I lurve you.

  8. Jen
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 19:12:22

    I loved “Trial By Fire” as well. It had likable characters and good dialouge. There were several characters that I really wanted to hear their story. I am very much looking forward to her next books.

  9. Emmy
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 19:42:18

    Just finished Shiloh Walker’s The Missing, which was full of teh awesome.

    I recently read Lynn Viehl’s entire Darkyn series, which we loved, but not as much as her Stardoc books. Yeah, Imma sci-fi nerd.

    I’ve just started Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley, and it’s ok thus far. I’ve not read any of the others in the series, but it’s looking like I might have to. (side note: Joy Nash is giving away 50 copies of Immortals: The Crossing here.)

    My TBR stack is insanely long, and I don’t know where to start. I’ve been pulling the ARCs out to read first (including The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta, which I must mention because Ms. Acosta wrote such a cute note inside). The rest is a whole bookshelf of omfg. I have signed copies of Amie Stuart’s Built, Nailed, and Hands On that someone highly recommended I bump up in the cue, so I may start with those.

    I’m considering a bonfire for my Twilight books, the last of which sucked hairy donkey ballz. Meh.

  10. Peggy P
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 19:52:27

    I just finished reading “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson, it’s his debut novel and, oh my god, can this guy write! This book has a little of everything and is certainly hard to describe but it’s a very strong and strange love story of 2 people who have met over and over since the 14th century. This story is set in current times and flashes back to their previous lives but the male does not remember any of the past lives and the female finds him and tries to convince him of their history together. That’s a bare bones outline of a fairly complicated story – I highly recommend this book, it’s not a straight romance nor is it a straight historical, it has humor, angst and some mystical parts but whatta story!

  11. Cindy
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 20:28:16

    My TBR pile is out of control, I couldn’t even begin to state what is in it. But my favorite August read, so far, is Teaming Up by Abby Gaines. That;s the second book I’ve read by her and she’s had me in tears both time. The NASCAR setting is the icing on the cake.

  12. Christina
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 20:29:15

    My TBR list is long and I can’t wait to get to them:

    Heyer (I’ve been buying the Sourcebook re-issues)

    The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray (after suffering through the Twilight series, it’s nice to read about a girl who wasn’t going to settle for her position in Victorian England).

    Wolf Tales II-VI by Kate Douglas

    Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor

    Various books by Sylvia Day

    The Dark Series by Christine Feehan

    The Lords of the Underworld Trilogy by Gena Showalter

    Plus my 100+ books listed on my book rental site (if the post office wouldn’t take so long, I could get through that list faster).

  13. Maya
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 23:02:33

    just finished ‘Melusine’ by Sarah Monette, a dark fantasy – blew me away. can’t wait to start the second in the series (of three, so far), ‘The Virtu’

  14. Maya Reynolds
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 23:20:51

    Reading Kat Richardson’s “Underground,” the third book in her Greywalker series. It’s an urban fantasy set in Seattle with a female PI who died for two minutes after being beat up by a suspect. When she finally came out of her coma, she discovered she can see the Grey, the space between our world and beyond. Now she works as a PI for the supernatural beings in Seattle–the vamps, witches, etc.

    Someone has really put some serious marketing into these books. I noticed the first two paperbacks because B&N had a free-standing book display for them alone–“Greywalker” and “Poltergeist.” Now a month later, here’s book #3 in hardback.

    You can see her growth arc. Book #3 is much more self-assured and smooth than the first one. Didn’t find any of the male characters in the first one very attractive, but that’s changing. I recommend the series.

  15. Kati Cunningham
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 23:58:00

    I recently discovered the Reaper novels of Charlotte Boyette-Compo and am devouring them one by one. The characters are creatively crafted and the plot lines are absolutely breathtaking. You think the story is going in one direction but then she whips you around and you wind up somewhere else entirely. The read is invigorating to say the least! Her world building is flawless, the sex is hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July, and the heroes are to die for. I am looking forward to the next Reaper release from Ellora’s Cave. If it is half as good as Dancing on the Wind, I’ll be in heaven.

  16. kyra heiker
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 07:42:28

    Just a shout out to:

    Jayne Castle, Angela Knight, Roxanne St. Claire, Lynn Viehl, and Shiloh Walker (alphabetically :-)

    for responding to emails I sent with questions and/or comments, for being friendly, and, hey, free bookmarks….

    Kyra Heiker

  17. Angelia Sparrow
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 08:32:20

    Janine, I have the TBR list from Hell.
    Right now, I’m reading Bubbas of the Apocalypse ed. Selina Rosen and Paths of Iro 2: Carved from Gold by Mike Shade.

    In the stack: It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis (dystopia), Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (dystopia), Steampunk ed. Anna and Jeff Vandermeer, Another Fine Mess ed. Syd McGinley (gay anth) and Cheating Chance by James Buchanan (gay author, not the president).

    My list of books for the year is at my Live Journal.

  18. RStewie
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 08:35:51

    I just finished reading Julia Spencer-Fleming’s first two on e-book (from the free giveaway), and now I’m off to find the rest of the series. Wonderful stories, and I am NOT a mystery fan. Her romance is so subtle, too, it’s great to see it develop.

    Also, my Tor free e-books, In the Midnight Hour by Patti O-Shea was great and I read Battlestar Galactica by Jeffery Carver, which is making me want to watch the series on Sci-fi. I have In the Garden of Iden to read still, also, by Kage Baker, but I haven’t mustered enough interest to start it.

    Now that they’re all out, too, I’m going to enjoy reading Jacqueline Carey’s latest Kushiel series and follow Imriel’s story.

  19. Laura
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 09:32:06

    RStewie, I was in your place with regards to Julia Spencer-Fleming’s series earlier this summer, and plowed through the remaining books as though my life depended on it, even going so far as the buy the latest, in hardcover, something I very rarely do. I hope you enjoy them as thoroughly as I did.

    In addition to JS-F’s series, I’ve been reading a lot of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga this summer – Diplomatic Immunity, then the short story “Winterfair Gifts,” then Cetaganda, Memory, and Borders of Infinity, along with a re-read of A Civil Campaign. Now I’m delving into a variety of short story collections by authors ranging from Dorothy Sayers to Elmore Leonard.

  20. rebyj
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 09:43:27

    I went to Kenyon’s book release party here in Nashville. Enjoyed the book although I haven’t found a lot of places to post about it and pick it apart yet lol.

    I picked up two Nora Robert’s books. Blood Brothers and The Hollow. Much better books than I expected. Her descriptions of the town, Fox’s farm and the woods were excellent and the story had enough BOO! scary scenes in it to keep me interested. Good suspense, good stories, now I have to wait for stinkin December to get the third in the trilogy. Highly reccomend even though I’m picky and choosy about which NR I like. These… I liked!

    Finally read “divine by blood” P.C. Cast’s final book of the goddess series. I was disappointed somewhat. It lacked the cohesiveness the other 2 books had. It wasn’t her best work but I’ll keep it just because I have all her other adult fiction and it looks purty on my bookshelf.

    Oh! I’ve been playing with Shelfari too. I had no idea I had close to 300 books in the house till it counted them for me lol. I NEED MORE!!!

  21. Jessa Slade
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 09:47:24

    My TBR pile has becomes piles spreading from my primary bookshelf to a secondary bookshelf as well as the coffee table and now the couch. Must read faster.

    I have a question for other readers:

    How do you feel about heroes/heroines that come back as the main characters for multiple books in a series? Sometimes, because my TBR pile is so intimidating, the thought of investing another four or seven books worth of time to get a complete story and HEA turns me off, even if I love the characters. Or do you prefer the more complex stories that come out of an unresolved series?

  22. Liz
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 09:50:27

    RStewie, be warned, the Julia Spencer-Fleming books are like crack. You’ll find yourself staying up way too late to finish them. Hanging out on street corners (or by the library) waiting to get the next one. And then you’ll read book 5 and 6 and you may feel as though Spencer-Fleming has taken a 2 inch spiked heel directly to your heart. And then spun it through a meat grinder for good measure. Possibly let the dog play with it a bit.

    My point is, I love the series, and am anxiously awaiting news of a book 7, but good lord these are not light and fluffy books.

  23. Jia
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:02:20

    just finished ‘Melusine' by Sarah Monette, a dark fantasy – blew me away. can't wait to start the second in the series (of three, so far), ‘The Virtu'

    The Doctrine of Labyrinth series is awesome and ranks very high on my list of excellent traditional fantasy books.

    I went to Kenyon's book release party here in Nashville. Enjoyed the book although I haven't found a lot of places to post about it and pick it apart yet lol.

    I’ve been debating picking up Acheron. I haven’t read a Dark Hunter book in years but I admit, I’m really curious about this one.

  24. Kitty
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:03:26

    For me, it’s not so much a TBR pile as a “got a chapter or two in and can’t get into it yet” pile. I just got done with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron.. and while I enjoyed the book I have a lot of thoughts on it that I wish I could get out without doing an Amazon review.

    I’m waiting with bated breath for Karen Marie Moning’s Faefever which comes out September 16th, I believe. Love that series, though things better start heating up soon!

  25. Shannon C.
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:44:24

    My TBR is massive. You don’t even want to know.

    Right now I’m in the middle of Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsey (will probably finish it, but won’t be moving on to the next one), and I started Warrior by Angela Knight. (Interesting, but the sci-fi elements are almost too cheesy for words.) Because of Katiebabs’ recommendation, I hope to read some Linnea Sinclair at some point soon, and I have the ARC of the latest Ann Aguirre book to get to really soon.

  26. Shannon C.
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:47:16

    Oh, I should mention… I’ve been having a long, in-depth and far-ranging email exchange with Kirsten Saell, so I really need to put her first book near the top of the TBR as well.

  27. Sarai
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 11:04:09

    I have to say the TBR pile is out of control which is why I joined a ban on buying books until I read 50 already in the pile.

    Right now working on Outlander and Beneath a Marble Sky then on to some Carressed by Ice and Dark hunters *g*

  28. Mireya
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 12:08:11

    I have seriously reduced the number of books I purchase. I joined Booksfree for that reason. More often than not, I end up giving away most books I bought for not considering them “keepers”. Right now, I am finishing Lynsay Sands Argeneau vampires series. I am also finishing Lisa Marie Rice’s “Dangerous Secrets” as well as Angela Knight’s “Warrior” (both authors are autobuys for me). My latest order of purchased books includes: Robin D. Owens “Heart Fate”, Jennifer Ashley’s “The Redeeming”, Anne Gracie’s “His Captive Lady” and Nalini Singh’s “Hostage to Pleasure”. I have to decide what to read next. More of my very favorite authors have releases coming out in September.

    Sasha, Sandra Hill has been a personal favorite since I started reading romance a bit over 5 years ago. I love her off-the-wall humor.

    I finished Asheron in one sitting. I liked it a lot but in retrospect, was a bit anticlimactic (I felt the second part was too short and a bit rushed).

    In ebooks I am going through Marie Harte, N.J. Walters and Charlene Teglia’s booklists.

  29. Jennifer Estep
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 13:33:54

    I just finished “Kill Me Twice” by Roxanne St. Claire. It’s the first one in her Bullet Catchers series. I really enjoyed it and picked up the second book in the series over the weekend.

    I also recently read “The Unhandsome Prince” by John Moore. A light, fun, fairy tale spoof. If you’re tired of angsty fantasy or in the mood to laugh, try Moore.

  30. Claudia
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 13:45:13

    I’m almost done with Trail by Fire and am loving it. I also finished Just one of the Guys last week. These great, breezy reads have been a welcome return from my break from romance.

    I eagerly bought the Enchantment Place anthology and Sherry Thomas’ Delicious, but a recent Carl Sagan youtube binge will likely result in my buying and reading to Pale Blue Dot first.

    I’m also thrilled to see the RWA conference recording are finally available :) I wish Billspro offered down

  31. MaryKate
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 15:27:14

    Claudia – I also loved Just One of the Guys. Higgins was a new to me author, and I immediately bought her entire backlist. She’s got a really light hand with humor, and I’m not usually a fan of “funny” romance. But this book made me laugh out loud several times.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Trial by Fire. It’s one of my favorite reads of the summer. I think Jo Davis is tremendously talented.

  32. Janine
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 16:47:05

    Angelia, Sinclair Lewis and Margaret Atwood! That’s some heavy reading.

    RStewie, how funny, yesterday I started Julia Spencer-Fleming’s In the Bleak Midwinter. I like it pretty well so far though I’m only two or three chapters in.

    Also, my Tor free e-books, In the Midnight Hour by Patti O-Shea was great and I read Battlestar Galactica by Jeffery Carver, which is making me want to watch the series on Sci-fi.

    OMG, that show is the best, and I mean best, television show I have ever watched. I don’t know what I will do after the final episode airs next year. I’m heartbroken just thinking about it.

  33. Keri M
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 17:49:44

    I just finished Higgins Catch of the Day in one 3 hour sitting. I inhaled the book. I giggled and laughed through the entire thing. I just wish the love scenes were a bit more detailed. (Her dates mirrored some of mine when I was internet dating and could really relate.) I am on my way to get some of her back-list. I also finished all 3 of Carr’s Virgin series…I could kick myself for not picking up this great series sooner. Currently I am reading Gregg Hurwitz’s Minutes to Burn.

    Top 10 in my TBR pile:

    Susan Crandall – A Kiss in Winter
    Jeffrey Deaver – The Cold Moon
    Jordan Dane – No One Heard Her Scream
    John Lescroart – Dead Irish
    Lora Leigh – Nauti Nights
    F. Paul Wilson – The Keep
    Karen Robards – Obsession
    Pamela Claire – Surrender
    Michael Palmer – Critical Judgement
    James Rollins – Excavation

  34. Brooke
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 17:59:50

    My TBR is fairly extreme as well. I am a huge Bookmoocher— that helps bigtime. It cut my buying in half.

    Right now i have 2 Higgans books, a few backlist of Lori Foster (b/c i just read Hard to handle and liked it), a few Catherine Mann.

    Just finished Suz Brockman’s Into the Fire (she is one of my top 5)

    I am currently reading Sea Fever by V. Kantra—- LOVE her.

  35. Mad
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 23:27:13

    I’m currently reading TRIAL BY FIRE by Jo Davis….not too far into it though.

  36. Keishon
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 00:00:59

    Heartsick and Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain. I think I have a crush on her. :D

    LOL. Hmmmmmm-isn’t she great?

  37. Keishon
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 00:01:56

    Let’s see my goal is to read stuff that I got in the mail today plus Your Scandalous Ways by Chase and an oldie, Sleep Tight by Anne Frasier and Vanessa Jaye’s new ebook, Felicity Stripped Bare (I hope I got the title right).

  38. Sasha
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 03:14:34

    Liz, the time traveling SEAL’s are highly enjoyable. I’ve picked up the others in her series too. they’re in my TBR pile, calling my name LOL

    Mireya, I just discovered her. I admit it, the title, DOWN & DIRTY caught my attention. LOl And I’m glad.

  39. Malin
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 07:52:46

    Okay Janine, here goes! But you really should be careful about what you ask for!

    (The reason the list is so long is that it’s summer and I have more time and money on my hands than I usually do. I’ll be tightening my belt soon.)(Plus, one store I’m ordering from has free mailing this August which makes what offerings they have the cheapest around – the usual rate is ridiculous so I’ve never ordered from them before. Now I’m going crazy ordering books that I’ve been thinking about for a while but haven’t bought because of price and priorities. And sorry, it’s a local store so it’s of no use to the rest of you.)

    Immortals After Dark (series) by Kresley Cole
    (Have first 2 books, have ordered 2, gonna get rest soon. SB Sarah’s summer reads made me try the first one)
    Mageverse (series) by Angela Knight
    (Have a book & an anthology story, now I’m trying to decide if I want more and if so, do I want it now or can I wait? First introduced to me in Bite (anthology). Hawt!)
    Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie (SB Sarah’s summer reads)
    Delicious by Sherry Thomas (DA review)
    Touch of Darkness by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp (Damn Tor freebies! The three I’ve read have already resulted in 3 books bought and 5 waiting to be bought)
    In the Midnight Hour by Patti O’Shea (Tor freebie I want to hold. Already got In Twilight’s Shadow.)
    I’m also considering getting some Lois McMaster Bujold. I read The Mountains of Mourning from the Baen Free Library and liked it a lot. (And the reason I got it at BFL was mentions here at DA and at SBTB)

    Just got (in the past week):
    Dark Light by Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz (gobbled it immediately)
    Playing Easy to Get by S. Kenyon, J. Black & K. Cole (gobbled up right after DL)
    Master of Wolves by Angela Knight (chomp chomp)
    True Confessions by Rachel Gibson (TBR, bought on SB Sarah’s summer reading recommendation)
    The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown by Julia Quinn et al. (TBR soon)
    Strangers in Death by JD Robb (reading now, arrived today and mailman woke me up ringing doorbell)

    Waiting for:
    The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne (DA & SBTB recommendations, got curious)
    Almost Forever & Mackenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard (missing some of her backlist, patching as I come across)
    On Tall Pine Lake by Dorothy Garlock (autobuy for years, got distracted by new reads and forgot to check when book was out in pb)
    Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas (sounded intriguing, have to see if it’s a good as it sounds. I think it was a combination of DA, SBTB and Sherry’s blog that convinced me)
    Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp (Tor freebie that I want to hold in my hand – easier on the eyes than reading on my laptop. Also got Touch of Madness)

    Looking at that list I’m thinking I should check my financial situation before I order more. (Or maybe I’ll order the essentials and then check my financial situation *g*)

  40. Laura
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 09:00:37

    I'm also considering getting some Lois McMaster Bujold. I read The Mountains of Mourning from the Baen Free Library and liked it a lot.

    Malin, if you go here there are links to free excerpts of some of Bujold’s later work to further whet your appetite (I hope).

  41. Amie
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 09:49:30

    Katie I picked up Heartsick last weekend!!!

    I finished up the latest Carrie Vaughn book (Kitty and the Silver Bullet) and just loved it. I think it was the best yet.

    And I read Lisa Gardner’s Say Goodbye–also a great read but a little preachy in places. Very sad and twisted book….contains graphic violence against children so if that bothers anyone, you might want to skip SG.

  42. Amie
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 09:58:02

    I just finished reading “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson, it's his debut novel and, oh my god, can this guy write!

    Peggy I’ve been waffling about this one! (and I read an excerpt). Good to see someone liked it!

  43. Janine
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 18:03:56

    Wow, Malin, that’s a lot of books! Thanks for typing all that up!

  44. Malin
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 18:40:22

    Laura, thanks so much for the link. I’ll definitely be getting Cordelia’s Honor. At least.

    I think I can safely say that Mageverse will have to wait. I’m hooked on LMB! Now ‘scuse me while I go read some more of Shards of Honor…

  45. katieM
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 20:14:27

    I read Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega from the anthology On the Prowl and I immediately ordered Cry Wolf. I read that in a day. Now I don’t want to read anything else because those two stories were so good! My TBR pile is bordering on the dangerously unstable, and I just want more Briggs. I haven’t even finished the rest of On the Prowl. Every time I pick it up I reread Briggs’ story.

  46. Gabrielle
    Aug 31, 2008 @ 21:36:11

    I have read two books this month that I think are worth sharing. The first being The Shack by William Young that I know isn’t terribly relevant to this thread but was very thought provoking. The second is Tragedy & Triumph by a new author Charity Hegglund that I found to be a very sweet story.

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