REVIEW: At the Scene of the Crime – Anthology

REVIEW: At the Scene of the Crime – Anthology

Dear Authors,

078672055701lzzzzzzzThis anthology is subtitled “Forensic Mysteries from Today’s BEST WRITERS.” I’d heard of some of your names but forgive me if I say that mysteries, though I enjoy them, aren’t my first reading choice so there are some of you I’d never heard of before. What can I say except – I have now. And the stories live up nicely to the claim of having been written by the best writers.

I applaud Dana Stabenow not only for her contribution but also for her editing of the collection. Marty Greenberg and John Helfers rounded up the writers and got the project published.

The stories are located across America, from the heat of Florida to the bone chilling cold of Alaska. The people solving the crimes are from varied backgrounds and hold different titles. The ways the crimes are solved utilize everything from spy satellites, knowledge of sports, tax implications of a home sale, CPR, OCD, dental records, the victim’s job, and, of course, some post mortems. All are solved by the clues left behind and the intelligence of those determined to see justice done.

If you like CSI style shows, if you enjoy reading about forensics, if seeing how good, old fashioned detective work can dovetail with the latest in technology fascinates you, then give this collection a try. But don’t peek at the endings because that’ll ruin half the fun. A-


This book can be purchased in trade paperback from Amazon. Found in Kindle edition only.