Dear Author

REVIEW: Enduring Promise by Tempest Knight

Dear Ms. Knight:

Enduring PromiseThis novella is about the size of an anthology story and gives you an opportunity to have a full fledged story. Armand is the human servant and lover of vampire Giselle Dubois. A mob comes to kill her and Armand insist’s the Giselle save herself and promises that he will reincarnate and rejoin her on All Hallow’s Eve. For some reason not explained, Giselle believes this and she, the predator and hunter, leaves her mortal human servant and love to die at the hands of the vampire mob. HUH?

Evan Harris is a thirty five year old photographer whose car breaks down. He finds an abandoned home and is compelled inside. Of course, Evan is the reincarnated Armand and Giselle recognizes this immediately. Sexual hijinks occur. I would say that the sex to story ratio is about 60:40. The real problem and downfall of this story is that you introduce two conflicts. First, Armand has changed and Giselle must deal with the change and second, Armand must make an important decision regarding his future. The problem is that neither conflict is explored with any depth and both seem only cursory attempts to make this more than a sex romp. I think that this could have been a very good novella but it spent far too much time on the sex and not enough time on developing the characters and their conflict. C-.

Best regards,