REVIEW:  A SEAL’s Surrender by Tawny Weber

REVIEW: A SEAL’s Surrender by Tawny Weber

Dear Ms. Weber:

This is an out right maiden in distress storyline.  Eden Gillespie has no money and a new vet clinic.  Her mother has taken out a loan against the mortgage and is traveling the craft fair circuit selling erotic sculptures.  Eden has about three weeks before her first loan payment is due.  She decides she will try to convine the rich bitch set (her description) to do business with her and that will pay off the loans. When her high school crush shows up, she decides she will seduce him and have a fling.

 A SEAL's Surrender (Harlequin Blaze Series #739)      by     Tawny WeberCade Sullivan grew up next door to Eden. He’s had to rescue her from everything from trees to a seduction gone wrong with her last boyfriend.  While he’s been gone for twelve years, he does come back from time to time to sleep with some old classmates and visit his family, mostly his grandmother.  This time he is back because his father has had a heart attack.

Everything in the book is over emphasized from the number of times that Cade has had to rescue Eden to his abilities in the bedroom to the cattiness of the country club set.  There was even a name for the women that wanted to screw Cade. The Cade Ettes. Despite him being gone for 12 years he has a fan club? With their own name?  Cade even refers to his own “rock star” dating status in town, without any chagrin or irony.

Eden, for her part, loves to be rescued by Cade.  She even has fond memories of the time when she and her lover, Kevin, tried to  have sex against a tree and Kenny broke his foot necessitating a rescue by Cade.  Cade has mixed feelings toward Eden; so mixed, in fact, that they seem contradictory.

Wrong, his brain screamed. Eden was the sweet girl next door. The same girl he’d been rescuing for years. She wasn’t supposed to inspire this degree of lust. The kind that made him want to take her, right there against the tree. He didn’t care that they’d only said a dozen or so words to each other in years, or that her friend was over there, face pressed against the window of the wrecked car, watching.

And then later in the same chapter:

Except looking at her. That was as simple and easy as breathing. And talking to her. He’d never had any hesitation there. Listening to her laugh was pure pleasure. Hell. “C’mon, I’ll give you a ride home,” he said

and even later

They had a friendship. The closest he’d ever had with a woman.

So Eden was his closest female friend with whom he never had any problems speaking with but they’d only “said a dozen or so words to each other in years.”  Cade’s life is kind of pathetic if the closest friendship he’s ever had with a woman is with someone he’s exchanged only a few words with each year.

Eden opening her own vet business seems kind of foolish.  Why not apprentice herself with the existing vet? Particularly in a small town?  Of course, if she did, how else would she be in a position to be rescued by Cade? This time not only is she poor, but her house has two loans two loans on it, she just crashed her car, and she has no business.

Even though Cade, the rock star dating status guy, was turned on by a few smoldering glances, I thought Eden’s come-ons were kind of weak:

Then her gaze changed. Went from amused to smoldering. She leaned back a little and made a show of giving him a long look. Down. Then up. Then back down again. His dick throbbed. Her actions were probably some kind of sexual Morse Code for do me and do me now.

Further, despite Eden being the object of scorn and gossip for years, she works hard to sell Cade on how staying there with her was the right thing to do.  Why not her leave the town and start a new life somewhere else?  I think I’m getting tired of these women who are portrayed as such victims in need of rescue. I get that she rescues him emotionally from the pain of the loss of his SEAL buddy but she is portrayed as inept in every other way.  Her way of saving Cade is essentially allowing him to repeatedly save her.  C-

Best regards,


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