REVIEW:  Enamored by Shoshanna Evers

REVIEW: Enamored by Shoshanna Evers

Enamored Shoshanna Evers

Dear Ms. Evers:

I think my expectations played a part in my dissatisfaction with this story.  I was expecting something a little more serious and perhaps dark and angsty; but instead the relationship between the two came off as more flippant.

Marc Wilde and Mistress Lauren are very good friends. They play at the same club and they are both dominants. They make a bet and whoever wins gets to top the other for a week.  Marc wins and thereby shows Lauren how good it can be as a submissive.

Rather than the two tussling for control, Lauren’s easy capitulation was a bit of a downer as was her reason for being a domme. In fact, her reason for being a dommme when contrasted with Marc’s (he was born that way) was really frustrating. But why couldn’t Lauren enjoy being a dommme because that was her kink, just like it was Marc’s kink? The only answer really is that because Lauren’s need for dominance is wrapped up in an emotional issue, it’s easier for her to let go and be the submissive in the relationship.

But that arc really runs afoul of the setup of Lauren as this amazing dominant who the male submissives fight over to sit at her feet. So not only is Lauren stripped of her domme status in this book, but Roman, a friend of theirs, helpfully tells Marc that “Roman had said that every woman had a little bit of a submissive streak in her.” Unlike men, of course.

There was no way in hell Marc would ever be a submissive, not even for a woman as amazing and sexy as Lauren. It just wasn’t in his nature. And if he knew Lauren—which he did, quite well—she probably felt the same way.

It’s just that when you set up a male and a female as dominants in the bedroom, one would expect a struggle over control but there is none. And while I don’t expect all BDSM books to be heavy, dark, and emotional, this one tipped too far over into the other side. My feeling at the end of this book was that I had read the fraternity boy equivalent of a dom getting it on with his BFF, who just experimented with being a domme during those years of college when everything was on the table.

It’s not that the sex wasn’t hot or that Mark and Lauren didn’t make a good couple. Instead, it was that I really didn’t believe in the setup and was pretty disappointed at the sexual politics. I suspect that many people will enjoy this book and I’ll definitely try another Evers. But this particularly story didn’t work for me. C-

Best regards,


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