Dear Author Recommended Reads for August

Dear Author Recommended Reads for August

Going to the bookstore this week? We’ve perused our advanced reading copies and come up with a buffet of books with something that should appeal to a wide range of tastes with everything from Highland romance to contemporary drama to erotic fantasy romance.

Bewitching the Highlander by Lois Greiman made for a surprising read with its mix of magic, humor, and search for treasure. Keelan is a charmer whose best gift is his way with words and he uses this skill to embroil himself with the evil Lord Chetfield who is not who he says he is. Cherrie is using her bosoms and a facade of vacuity to insinuate herself into Chetfield’s household. Both Keelan and Cherrie want some of Chetfield’s but getting it will take some teamwork and a bit of magic. Recommended by Jane.

Mad Dash: A NovelMad Dash by Patricia Gaffney. This one is for anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship and wondered “what if.” Dash Bateman starts to ask these questions after the loss of her mother and the departure of her daughter to college. Dash, the polar opposite of her uptight husband, Andrew, runs away from home and ponders her future. Andrew is befuddled and confused but is tired of being the straight man. The story is told from both Dash and Andrew’s point of view. Their road to rekindled romance is bumpy, emotional and triumphant. Recommended by Jane.

The Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullaney was read by both Jayne and Janine and both would recommend it. Told in alternate first person by Philomena and her tonnish faux suitor, the Honorable Mr. Inigo Linsley, this book is delightful spoof that lovingly jabs at the conventions of Regency romance. Philly, the wealthy merchant daughter, is looking for a man who, like a good bonnet, will not “wear out or bore me after a brief acquaintance.” Inigo, the near penniless third son of an Earl is trying to enjoy life before he sells himself into marital servitude. They create a faux engagement to help Philly snag a husband and to get Inigo’s family off his back only their affianced togetherness allows for real feelings to grow.

Tangled Up In YouTangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson. Gibson brings her trademark humor and deft characterizations (particularly of the guy who dialogues to himself at one, heated moment “God, was she going to talk the whole time?”) to the romance between writer Maddie who has a whole lot of secrets and bar owner Mick whose dislike for entanglements is widely known. It’s a book that will make you laugh and kick you in the gut. Recommended by Jayne.

Wild Wild WestWild Wild West by Charlene Teglia is an erotic romance that will make your toes curl. Wild, Wild West contains three intertwined stories of the men of Montana and the women of new Montana. It’s sensuous and romantic and hot enough to set the state on fire. What I liked particularly about this novella were the believable romances and the accessible fantasies. Recommended by Jane.