Dear Author

REVIEW: Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy...

Dear Mrs. Vincent,

Book CoverI don’t have children, well human children that is. And I’ve known for years that I probably am better off not having had any. That’s why I was quite surprised to find myself clicking on this title at Fictionwise and then actually buying it. What the heck am I doing, I thought? It’s not as if this will help me make a birth plan or anything. Yet something in the excerpt caught my interest, held it and then compelled me to try this book. The humor certainly but also the honesty and joy with which you tell your professional life grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. The many stories of your clients preparing for then living through the birth of a child were infectious and usually delightful. The many varied responses from mothers, fathers, siblings and in some cases casual passers-by to the miracle of birth kept me flipping pages (or in this case actually pressing the advance button on my ebook reader). I am seriously envious of people who have found that dream job, that perfect profession that feeds their souls along with putting food on the table for their families. This book is that job laid out for the rest of us to read and enjoy. It is a delight and I am happy that I decided to take a chance on it, no matter how odd a choice it was for me. B+


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