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REVIEW: Warner Books Answers the E Publishing Question

After I moaned and wailed about not finding Annie Solomon’s books in e-format, I contacted the publisher as to what Warner was doing about getting its books into e-format. Here’s the answer I received from the man in charge, Mr. Neil De Young, Director of Digital Media.

Generally speaking, we try to get as many romance titles on the list as possible, it's a top selling category in eBook form. However, we are currently limited to about 15 total titles across all publishers and imprints a month due to limited resources (that's about as much as our conversion house can do and we can accurately traffic in any given month). We are slowly ramping up production and think we can push the list to about 20 titles a month by the fall, which will allow us to publish more Forever titles in eBook form.


If you have any questions for Mr. De Young, he did indicate that he would be willing to answer some so go and post. It probably won’t be until this week that he will answer them.