REVIEW: Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez

REVIEW: Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez

Dear Mrs Lopez,

boomerang-love.jpgI decided to try “Boomerang Love” when Samhain offered it to us because I need a contemporary every once in a while to balance out all the historical stuff I read and I love to listen to Aussie men talk. Yeah, so I couldn’t actually hear Cohen or his brothers but I could imagine!

“Simple lust or lasting love?” The description of your book uses this phrase. By book’s end, it’s supposed to be the latter that we feel but in all honesty, I was left feeling that the relationship between American Hayleigh Davenport and the hot Cohen Thorn was more the former. Okay, maybe with the possibility of eventually being lasting but when a couple has only met once before, a year ago and then spent most of that night trying out various Kama Sutra poses in a pickup truck it doesn’t help me suspend my disbelief that this is lurve.

And then when most of their time during the current visit is still spent swapping body fluids at a rate that makes me think Cohen must be using Viagra in order to maintain all those erections….well, I just don’t buy Hayleigh’s seemingly overnight decision to ditch her career aspirations after getting her masters degree and transplant to not only a different country but a different continent and the outback at that.

The sex is hawt. Very hawt. Sizzling hawt even, so as romantica the story works. But as romance — well maybe not so good. B-


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